If you have loved your freedom or simply just expect it as a right, then know this, we are under a digital Pearl Harbor. The world is at stake and there is no room for failure, this is it. That being said, the next set of questions are many.

Watch historical footage of Pearl Harbor hours after the devastating  Japanese attack on December 7, 1941

Why is everything so unclear, and why aren’t we told what is going on exactly? Imagine how we have allowed fake news to lie to us for years, and our government to go as far as incorporate themselves and take away our freedoms yet, we yell at Trump for not telling us what he is doing? We are yelling at the wrong people here. Perhaps this is what we need to understand. We have allowed liars and thieves to control our lives, and enslave all of us to lives on a hamster wheel of laborious days with taxes, taxes, taxes. And then, when the one sent to stand up to the cabal comes and is smack dab in the middle of the war – comparable to Moses telling Pharaoh that if there is one more plague on Egypt it will be by your own hands….the people demand that our Moses (President Trump, who we expect to deliver us)should tell us exactly how the plague is going to be done and what we are going to get as we leave Egypt, and all the details of the promised land. 

But what of this plague?  Why allow the vaccine to go through the land if it is toxic? Why tell the people it is there for those who want to take it and not tell us the truth? Why inject the elderly with it? This is the one concern I have had, and many others I have spoken with. It has been perplexing. I have been able to follow what is taking place by critical thinking and the discernment from the Holy Spirit. Amazing, how the Lord has shown me things…and later, I am confirmed as being correct through others who are working with the White Hats. Now, I have NO WHITE HAT connection, my connection has been the Lord and how he has prepared me over the years and granted me a passion for seeking truth.

 It is the years of experience of being told I was a conspiracy nut, and years of finding the truths with all the naysayers laughing at me that has prepared me for this day. My Lord was never laughing he was showing me all the things I was asking about. He was taking me by the hand into meeting people that there was just no way I could have met, and he brought them to me. I didn’t have to go out of my way to find them. It was an amazing journey. The years of uncovering BIG PHARMA and vaccines, before they threw COVID at us. The years of researching Chem Trails, GMO’s, toxic water, Climate change hoaxes, child trafficking, secret societies, New World Order, HAARP, space based weaponry, ancient civilizations, antediluvian days, Bible scripture, religious teachings what is true and what is misinterpretation,  all these things at a time when almost no one was questioning anything as being untrue, except all the things I was discovering.  LOL. It’s true.

 So when Trump came down the escalator and said, “I know their agenda and it’s not mine”, I knew he was talking about Agenda 21 and I was on board! Today, as I ponder the question, why did they do this or that…the answer that is being shown to me is that it is up to the people to open their own eyes and see. Then shout for themselves. Shout for their freedom, for their liberty, for their rights. We have a constitution and our health is not for sale. We have rights and we must each learn to stand up for ourselves first and then stand up for others.  It is time to get involved like others have done… those who got involved when it was a lonely road…but, always very rewarding to know the truth.

Coming to the knowledge of the truth is a process.  Everyone’s process is unique and their journey is a special one designed for them to find their particular calling, their purpose, their one “ah hah” moment when the truth flickers and they see what they are meant to do with their life here on earth.

pictures of a life's journey | map of your life journey | Journey mapping,  Home decor decals, Inspiration

Each person has been prepared throughout their lifetime with temptations, decisions to be made – their own forks in the road where each must decide, do I go to the left or do I go to the right. Each choice brings with it a different set of challenges, for each choice is for a growing experience.  I believe, this is why the Lord said to the crowd who sought to stone the woman who they accused, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” One by one, the people in the crowd dropped their stones.  Now before he said those words, the Lord stooped down and with his finger wrote on the ground, and again after he had said them. I always wondered what it was he wrote.   Whatever it was, it changed the minds of those who sought to set a trap for Jesus at the temple.

What Did Jesus Write on the Ground? - Bible Study

John 8:7 Context

4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. 5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? 6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. 7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. 8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground. 9 And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest, even unto the last: and Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst. 10 When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee? 11 She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. 12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

As we each try to make sense of what is taking place, we are discovering what we are made of. We are clay, being molded by the great potter. And to work with raw clay one must first squeeze it and pound it and roll it, and work it a bit. And like a flower that grows, there is a point in working the clay where adding water is necessary to help shape and form the image, especially when adding the details. Add too much water and the clay is ruined, add not enough and the clay can’t be worked with.  That being said, God is the Potter and we are the clay and God knows what each piece of clay is going to be as he forms it. The clay does not say to the potter that formed it what it is going to be.

Yom Kippur: "Like Clay in the Hands of the Potter"

Jeremiah 18:4

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.

These are the days of change.  In order to enter into the new, the Lord is working each one into a vessel that he deems good. How he does this, is between him and the one he is molding into his purpose.

Therefore, in these days of uncertainty, there is only one potter who can guide you through the darkness into the light and that one is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who sent his son, Jesus, the Christ our Lord to show us each the way.

Open your eyes and see. As to those who will not see, leave them alone.  Let the blind lead the blind and they, if they shall decide to open their eyes, God will lead them away from the ditch. (I am not quoting scripture here, I am paraphrasing my own thoughts.)

Isaiah 42:16

“And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.”

In ending, I want to specifically address the COVID -19 Vaccine that is unsafe.  There is an outcry of controversy and warning against BIG PHARMA that has never been so loud since COVID -19 vaccines have been in our faces. People are asking – WHY HAS TRUMP ALLOWED THIS TO BE GIVEN? Once again, it’s Trump’s fault. I too have wondered why he has allowed a toxic vaccine or any vaccine at all? Knowing what I knew it made no sense.  Then, as always the big picture comes together when I begin writing. Remember the swamp is being drained and remember BIG PHARMA is owned by the great merchants of the earth who own the corporations and specifically run the London, Vatican, and UNITED STATES, INC.  Their Foundations fund the medical field, the research, the medical colleges, vaccine research…they fund the depopulation drug companies. I recalled how in the ‘90’s it was said that prescription drugs were the number one cause of death in the USA. Now they say it is the third cause of death.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death (and look at all the blood thinners that contain rat poison in them and other bad pharma) and Cancer is number 2 (and look at the side affects from radiation and chemo therapies. Destroyed immune systems all Big Pharma.) That being said, I believe prescribed drugs are still the number one cause of deaths in the USA.

Which brings the spotlight on all the people who do what they are told because they do not question authority.  And all the elderly who do as they are told, because they grew up at a time when they were taught to respect their doctor as knowing all things.  Back when doctors did make house calls and were educated in medical schools  by true biology and how the body works as a system and not as a part, and definitely not as dictated by Big Pharma as it is today. Today, nutrition is not part of medical study, that goes to the nutritionist who learns the FDA food groups and guidelines and passes the government decisions on your diet on to you. I can direct you to hundreds of  doctors who are screaming the truth, and thousands of stories, but this space is limited.  So, the bottom line is, in looking at this toxic vaccine, we are able to see that the same mRNA in it, are the same mRNA and other toxic substances they have been putting into the flue vaccines all along. Let me repeat that… the same mRNA and other toxic substances in it, are the same mRNA and other toxic substances they have been putting into the flu vaccines all along. Where is the outcry against BIG PHARMA for the flu vaccines? They are the exact same concoctions! 

Trump has never been for these toxic concoctions and people were blind. Robert Kennedy Jr. has spoken out on toxic vaccines and hired by President Trump to investigate them. Now, the only way to drain the swamp of big pharma was to show you what you have willingly allowed them to pump into you and your babies, your children, and the elderly all these years!

YES IT IS A WAKE UP CALL! EXPOSE BIG PHARMA and LET YOUR VOICES BE LOUD! President Trump has always spoken out against these in the way they have been used and formulated, but he only had one voice…he is not a dictator…your life has a voice and your voice is the voice for your children and the elderly. IT IS TIME TO USE YOUR VOICE!  RESEARCH ALL THE MAIN DRUGS THEY PUSH AND YOU WILL BE SHOCKED, AND HORRIFIED!


May God speed be with each one.



    1. possumzero says:

      Looks like anti-vaxxers like myself have been 100% correct all along. Until the sheep pull their proverbial heads out and begin to do their OWN research regarding the dangers of vaccines, we will continue to see thousands upon thousands of depopulation deaths as planned by the cabal elites. For the rest of us “conspiracy nuts”, well…we will continue to be healthy and happy in our “conspiracies”.

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      1. Karen Stoloff says:

        Please give me direction on how to do our OWN research regarding the dangers of vaccines. I would have thought this information wouldn’t be available on the internet. I do not want to take the vaccine but want studies to share with others who think they are safe.


  1. Purdyboy says:

    I would believe the word conspiracy has come from past generations of the cabal we know, for thats their word of degrading individuals or groups that have called out there lies!

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  2. anonymous says:

    People need to investigate and not just blindly go for the jab of the vaccine.
    It should not be called a vaccine as it does not cure you or prevent you from getting the HOAX covid-19. There are ingredients in the “vaccine” that can cause all sorts of side effect and problems that are worse. There is an ingredient in both the Moderna and the Pfizer “vaccine” jab that can cause blood clots. There is sucrose in both of them. People who have some health issues should not be getting the jab. The main thing is that people need to research for themselves and not be blindly led by the “elite” or even the medical community.

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    1. Marcie Phillips says:

      This is amazing. I couldn’t hold off any longer and had to get the vaccine (first shot in) that was released and pushed by Trump and it’s poison? So you don’t trust Trump or ya do? Also, Tracy Beanz literally stated that Q was a larp meant to keep us lazy. She doesn’t support this as you wrote to everyone. She posted that comment on twitter well before you say she endorses it. It’s not true what you wrote. Period. I’ve been doing this for over 4 years now and the gut wrenching fact that not one single arrest has been made or one single date has been met. The day I had to get my vaccine was the day I knew Satan won. I’m livid. After my endless fight every single day for over 4 years and I just lost? Just like that? Fck all of this bullsht!!! Tell the truth!


    2. CharityinTruth says:

      Frontline Doctors: Experimental vaccines are ‘not safer’ than COVID-19 | News | LifeSite ( January 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In an extraordinary recent presentation exposing “the serious and life-threatening disinformation campaign” being waged against the American people and the world, Dr. Simone Gold of the American Frontline Doctors (AFLD) laid out the facts on the Wuhan Virus, safe highly-effective treatments, and particularly what she calls “experimental biological agents,” otherwise referred to as the COVID-19 vaccines. Good to know; for your discretion:

      LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page.  View it here.

      I just signed – please join me:
      ‘Vaccine Bill of Rights’ to protect citizens from forced shots:


  3. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Great piece Dianne, I too have been doing my own research on the “dangers” of all what you have been searching out. What I call lies that man keeps selling to those who buy it.
    I do however think that if people are comparing Trump to Moses,,,they better open their eyes because he is no prophet. He can’t deliver.
    Also, didn’t President Trump tout that he had his “warped speed” shot available? And why say he has always been against “toxic concoctions” when that is what has always been in “dirty vaccines” (also known as retro vaccines), which he came face to face with Barron.

    Personally, I think that people are barking up the wrong tree when they think President Trump is going to get us out of this mess. There is none that can get US out of this, as you said in the end of your piece..TIME IS WASTING AWAY WONDERING WHY, and I might add WHO! But God!

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your writings!

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  4. D. Higgins says:

    What did Jesus write with his finger? Well, for starters….he wrote the commandments on the tables of stone…..given to Moses (pre-incarnate, of course)…..and he wrote same on mans heart (Ro 2:15), by which the conscience accuses/excuses each of us.
    But when the Pharisees brought the woman taken in adultery (in the very act), it is conceivable that Jesus stooped and wrote: Lev. 20:10 / Deut. 22:22.
    Then, from the eldest to youngest they dropped their stones (having hearts of stone Ez 36:26, a telling picture of the adulterous wife of God the Father, receiving a pardon from Christ after Jacobs Trouble Zech 12:10).
    These miserable judges could not judge righteously….because they were guilty themselves.

    When Moses led the people from the Red Sea in the wilderness…..they found bitter water (Marah, Ex 15:23). Did Moses recommend it to the people?
    A Shepherd leads….. people have always been like sheep (Immanuel Kant …Enlightenment). Moses cried to the LORD, then cast in a tree (type of cross), wherein bitter becomes sweet. Life can be hard, but Jesus (the Great Physician) can make it alright. Jehovah-Rophi (the Lord our Healer). I guess some people think Trump can do no wrong….but I’ve yet to hear him sing praises to the Lord Jesus Christ for His guidance…..or steer people away from poison vaccines. And I think he’s the rightful winner….I support him.
    Purim – 4 days !

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    1. zali-tabea says:

      once I read a very good writing about what Jesus could have written in the dust, on the ground? which truly abides in me forever: (and the only word in the Bible that is about writing in the dust) Jeremiah 17:13.
      “They that forsake thee shall be ashamed: and they that depart from me shall be written in the dust, because they have forsaken the wells of the living waters, O Lord.”
      We can assume that Jesus wrote the names of the judges and Pharisees, one by one, in a row on the ground, and so their conscience brought up their sins one by one and they went — writing on the ground is swept away by the wind or trampled on — so will it be with them.
      O Lord, the hope of Israel,
      all that forsake thee shall be ashamed,
      and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth,
      because they have forsaken the Lord,
      the fountain of living waters. KJV.

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  5. inesnido says:

    You are spot on!! I have friends who took not one, but two vaccines!! God help them. I only took the flue vaccine years ago in order for my mother not to get sick, but not this year. This year I decided to boost up our immune system the natural way and Thank God I have. God help all these ignorant people out there.

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  6. Curtis says:

    I believe Trump knows about the dangers of vaccines but he had no choice he had to counter the Deepstates global reset they never expected a vaccine this fast and it ruined there plans. Warp speed was designed to stop the fear, he knew his supporters and people that are awake would not take the vaccine but it wasn’t for us. Rember we have 330m people. Alot of them are so scared that they’re afraid to walk out the door, and if they do venture out, in there minds they will surely drop over dead in the first 10 seconds. It all had to do with squelching the fear and stopping the great reset because they were about to make this plandemic a thousand times worse. With millions dropping “dead” no one would be paying attention to the great reset, now we see the DS trying to start wars to distract us it truly is a game of chess a very serious game of chess where pawns and knights actually die.
    That’s my view.

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    1. This is convoluted crapola from a Trump worshipper. He let Fauci have the mic and it was all she wrote from there. The Trump worshippers leave out convenient details like this. Without Fauci, we would not be in this mess and because Trump didn’t bag this guy, we are in this mess. You can have your own opinion but you can’t have your own facts.

      By the way, Curtis, lots of Trump supporters have take the vaccine. Let me guess: You’ll state now they will only get the saline solution?


      1. trnathens says:

        1 John 2:15-17
        15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Click to open the Bibles content
        16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. Click to open the research content
        17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

        People must make a choice: rely on human, mortal solutions…

        Or rely on God.

        When you rely on human solutions, you are subject to human consequences.

        When you rely on God, you are protected by Spiritual reality.


      2. Your response to me is at best a non-sequitur. I am not a Trump worshipper and I live in this world by I am not of this world. Perhaps you meant it for someone else, but if you meant it for me your response is bizarre considering what I wrote to this Curtis. Jesus warns to avoid virtue signaling but you are one of the biggest ones here. Remember: Do not be like the hypocrites who pray in public for everyone to see but pray in private to your Father in Heaven. So, unless you have something searing or on target for me, save it.


  7. What you have written is so very true. I thank you so much for I thought I was alone in thinking that Trump had to do what he did. I sit and watch my friends and family take the vaccine thinking that it is a cure and my heart goes out to all of them. I pray for you because I know how hard it is not to come across as a conspiracy theorist of fear monger because that is what most of my friends thought of me…not so may now as most see what is happening. Even if we get through to one person that is one more person that will not succumb to the evils of these hideous creatures and God willing they will play it forward and many more will be saved. God Bless.

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  8. Dennis Gale says:

    President Trump had a lot on his plate and had Birx and Fauci as part of his problematic advisory, pro vaxxers. And perhaps not all the vaxes are at same level of toxicity?? Certainly all those vaxes supported by Gates are highly questionable. Diane, thanks for your work but you need to go back to the blackboard on your supposed anti vax Robert Kennedy Jr. On duckduckgo, if you go to you will discover he is a hypocrite. He is heavy pro vax. Sydney says to follow the $s. If President Trump hired him as you state, that is beyond me.


      1. I don’t trust the ones in bed with Big Pharma like Dershowitz. He pushed the masks. I can’t stand to listen to him when he acts like he’s a constitution expert. From what I’ve seen following closely, Kennedy told it straight on Big Pharma. And Dershowitz I trust not.

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      2. Gary Nemeth says:

        I can’t back you enough Dianne
        Dershowitz is a satanic snake in the grass.

        Like all wicked Anti-Christ Jews they know
        or understand nothing of justice. However,
        they are experts in the Law and greed.
        Masters at deception and chose, total slaves
        to sin and every unclean thing. Vipers, whose
        poison is in their mouth.

        Biden’s Justice Department is a collection of the
        most staunch Anti-Christ Jew traitors in America’s
        history. With an agenda of domestic tyranny with-
        out equal within our borders.
        For the past 100 years this brood of vipers have
        been preparing for this day.

        Infiltrating at all levels and positions of power.
        corrupting every thing they touch. Totally behind
        kicking Jesus out of the schools. Working with
        insane intensity to destroy Christian morality of
        the youth. Perverting ever form of entertainment
        (Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave).

        Ask your self Patriots; Why is, what I said here
        so forbidden?

        It’s no mystery why cowards would flee in terror,
        but why would Patriots turn their eyes away for
        something so obvious ?


      3. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        RFK’s own family ‘allegedly’ went against him…the media will do and say anything to get rid of anyone questioning their ‘moral authority’…
        ‘He is wrong’: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s family calls him out for anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

        As I continue a daily beat down of different issues, (my husband, and grown kids)….I think about RFK. I think about how Dr. Mercola has been thrown under a bus as well as Dr. DAVE BROWNSTEIN, (NOT to be confused with Dr. ‘john’ Brownstein). I was going to post an article from Dr. Dave Brownstein and guess what? My articles have been scrubbed… sick of it….yet, the other brownstein shows up giving us wrong information.

        But I will anyway:

        He uses an inhaler of some sort (like for asthma patients) but puts I think peroxide in the inhaler and has healed over 200 patients….I believe he has been written about in Dr Mercola articles which will require some digging. They all make it so easy for us don’t they? Oh, and I have been banned from farcebook since Jan. 22nd 2021.


  9. trnathens says:

    This is not a NEW psyop. It’s been in play since 1951. At least this part.

    There have been different levels of preparation, psychologically, each working individually, and in conjunction with each other.

    The Korean War, so quickly after World War 2. The first time the UN was a leading force, and American forces were not under our own command.
    Assassination of JFK, RFK, MLK. Each had a devastating effect.
    Add in social upheaval, and Vietnam, and there was a whole generation who KNEW that their elders had no idea what to do.
    Economic malaise in the 70’s with high interest rates. Businesses out of business. No hope for the future. Drug culture accepted.
    Reagan wasn’t supposed to get elected. That’s why they tried to kill him. Who would have benefited if they’d been successful? Interesting thought, eh?
    Once he was out of office, thirty years of war started. Lots of blood and treasure lost/wasted.
    Introduced not only Big Tech, and the militarization of police forces with excess military equipment, but opioids became ubiquitous.
    2001. Break American Spirit, or destroy the Middle East. Either/or. The effect was the same.
    Patriot Act and all that brought us.
    Reorganizing Americans into small subgroups, and fomenting dissent amongst them.

    This has been an ongoing operation for decades. To soften the target.

    Lots of credit, gets people feasting on instant gratification.

    So NOW, when things take time, people are impatient. I WANT IT NOW!

    We forget, that the lead-up to World War 2 took weeks. It was what…five weeks AFTER England declared war before hostilities started?

    And for some, the war in Europe lasted SEVEN YEARS!

    TODAY, if it’s not wrapped up in six months people say we should quit, and run.

    They’ve been preparing us to be weak. To doubt. And look, skepticism is good, but when you add in the fact that they’re trying to abolish critical thinking, and GOD, then you get a lot of people who just don’t know.

    I love God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. My job is to do THAT, and treat others respectfully.

    I think Dianne said it a couple of weeks ago, but wanting to know WHEN THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN, is like demanding to know the day you’re going to die. It’s an unanswerable question, so stop asking.

    It’s on a NEED TO KNOW basis, and until God speaks to you…you don’t have a need to know.

    Our job easy. Focus on THAT.

    Just sayin.

    Thanks, Dianne!

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  10. david says:

    The vaccines from both Moderna and Astro Zeneka are not the same as others. These are those that have the hydrogel and luciferease with the self assembling nano tech, designed to signal back a frequency once completing the application. People are asking the wrong questions and making assumptions that are wrong. How does Moderna or Astro Zeneka know efficiacy ? They don’t !
    Do they measure response of the ace receptor binding domain? NO Do they have any long term animal studies ? NO Do they say once you had their vaccine, that you no longer need a face diaper or social distancing? NO So where do they get their efficacy?
    They talk about spike protein and think it’s efficacious. That has nothing to do with efficaciousness. It means they injected you with RNA to make your body generate the spike protein antibodies, which doesn’t protect you but does make your immune system HYPER.
    There was one test using parrots. They all got a cytokine storm and died. This is nothing more than deadly pathogenic priming with serious consequences.
    A virus can not infect you as a naked crystal condition in the atmosphere. The virus must first be in a vesical covered by a membrane with RNA & DNA proteins etc… Like a virus bus having all components. Then it has to attach to a specific receptor, the sigma one protein to get into your cells by taking over RNA polymerase. Now… you have a problem, and the corona virus is airborne AIDS.
    This was spread using the same process as the soldiers that were injected with the tainted vaccine before they went off to the Spanish civil war, and over 100 million died. Rockefeller foundation financed the vaccine work done at Fort Lupton Kansas. They combined pigs infected with a human flu and created a chimera that grew deep in the lungs of people as they caught the virus causing an inflammatory reaction in people and went into respiratory failure, similar to covid 19.

    The cause is the vaccine, and millions will end up taking it thinking it’s the solution. This first one out of Wuhan is the first of several layers of vaccines planned to implement the mark of the beast system, and of those in Wuhan there are now 20 million cell phone numbers no longer in use. Under the belt and road initiative, vaccinated workers were sent to several countries like Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Trump has access to the information of who is responsible in China. He also has the videos of a few people that tried to use them to control not just the USA by having dirt on both sides of the political spectrum, but also the UN and 1.4 billion in China. There are three of them that sent the evidence to the DOJ, but a white hat sent a copy to Trump. That’s why the CCP, is going to collapse. Xi replaces the commanders with those loyal to him, and bada boom bada bing, no more CCP, no more mass media funding to lie to the masses, and Trump re-emerges, while the Taiwanese military and the Indo Pacific marines move to occupy mainland China to have REAL elections so the planet can have a temporary rest from destruction as the red wall collapse like those in Germany.
    Back to the virus.

    So covid attacks the mitochondrea, produces hydroproxy radicals that cause damage to the mitochondrial production of ATP and NADH.
    The free radical hydroproxy radical cross links the von willi brand clotting vascular factor producing a vasculitis in the lung fields and in any tissue which has the ACE 2 receptor causes mitochondrial damage. This can also cause hepatitis, pancreatitis and damage to the brain and temporal lobes.

    Incubate the sigma one protein with dendritic cells/memory cells. Take the micro vesicles out of them within 5 to 7 days which are exuded by them. Now put them in a capsule, so the gut doesn’t destroy effectiveness before it has a chance to work. So basically you educate the cells and the virus has no chance to infect. However, until that protocol is available, go to the genius that came up with it. Dr Bill Deagle. Take at least the core protocol products from the first line of defence kit. That dear readers, is from 50 years of p[ost doctoral research from a medical genius.

    Not to let a disgusting act go to waste, the foremost expert on the contents is Cliff Carnicom, as the blog host knows well I would bet.It’s all like one of the vaccines, but you breath it in.Those with too many toxins get morgellons as any researcher knows. Espanola Ontario had a lot of people end up in the emergency room after they got finished spraying there. I was there at the time, and had tingling on my scalp for months off and on. I became one of the researchers that got to know the first group to reveal it.
    Dr Nick Begich was the first publisher, Paul Grignon the first videographer, Will Thomas the author in BC, Oh… and my good friend now having paid it forward, Dr Mike Castle of Castle Concepts. He was a pilot and a polymer chemist. He wrote a couple of white papers that have been largely ignored,but are known to those that have done their homework.
    The geoengineering continues to this day. We had many an email and got into the chem busters using his designs that I never got to finish building. I still have the big copper tubes, the pennies and the buckets, but not the rest of the items.
    Today there are hundreds of people that have worked on a web site, thousands of articles written about it. Many millions effected globally, and more researchers dead for going deeper than anyone else in scientific directions this NAZI synagogue of satan didn’t want exposed. But after all… even Star Trek displayed the black goo that got Riker yelling to Data saying… Something’s got me. Including those responsible, called the Gorn, but were a 60’s look of the reptillians at the top of the alien food chain from Alpha Draconis, a planet no longer inhabited, since it’s P-2 giant sun went supernova 671.2 light years ago, as the plague was killing millions in our earth’s history of the year 1348 until 1665.

    Not many researchers recognize the connection of their vengence and hatred of mankind, nor what that supernova will do to earth’s population. Think Apophis April 2029, and a pole shift. Now your getting to the heart of the matter about the urgency these globalists have toward the pope’s UN agenda 21/2030.You could brush up using for a well documented web site on that game changer.

    Geoenergetics, against plate tectonics and weather warfare. Bioenergetics against all life forms. A scalar bomb could heal an entire region and nobody would be the wiser. Psycoenergetics, against the mind and emotion. This gets a lot deeper, and then you have to add the connection of the five and six G technology to see how it is used to put the masses into the martix of the global electronic cage.

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    1. Thank you. Fascinating on the Morgellans and you being a part of the research. They fought to make that go hush fast. I remember those with the facts getting ignored and denied they understood what they were talking about and people could not get help. They were labeled as crazy with excoriation disorders. And the nano bot things like insects would emerge from their sores. Horrible.


    2. There is no covid. It’s never been isolated and verified by 1000 EM photos. Even if there was a sars cov 2 virus, cosmic radiation would make it an eunuch before it got into into your system. David you write some good things but I think some of what you write is slanted by your apparent adoption of Q.


  11. Ran Man USA says:

    Hi, Diane.
    I enjoy your web page, thank you.
    It’s shocking to me, how many people think God has a plan to save our country from these Demons…including you…tell me, why would He? I see plenty of shaking fists, but very little repentance.
    2nd Chronicles 7-14 comes to mind. The American church totally void of Leadership…most have gone full blown social justice Kool aid drinkers…shocking how the Church will eventually usher in the Anti Christ…wake up people!!!
    I Support President Trump, however he has misled us Big Time…Tell me, who has been brought to justice in the last (4) years…name just (1) corrupt Swamp Rat?
    * Trust the plan…
    * Enjoy the show…
    * Patriots are in control…
    * These people are stupid..
    Sound familiar?
    It’s getting close…He’s ready to pull the Trump card…Trump knows there playbook..
    Meanwhile we’ve been trusting the plan, leaning into, and believing Trump…
    So far, we’ve seen nothing but Marxist and socialists shredding the Constitution, and burning down the country
    Now China Joe, and his demons are going to finish off what’s left of the USA.
    Should we grab another bowl of popcorn…I cannot be the only person that feels like the biggest idiot on the planet…for being played like a fool…
    Oh, that’s right, the “ Best is yet to come”
    If most Americans were honest, they would know deep down in we don’t deserve to be saved by our Creator, His Son, or anyone else.
    If we don’t engage at the grass roots level, we’re done…Trump is not going to save us…if you still think so, please show me “ Scant” evidence…if it exists.
    I’d LOVE to be proven wrong, believe me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good posts. Too many people here don’t want the truth, just their ears tickled. Trump vacated the office because the PTB have the tapes on him and confirmed by Maxwell. People are wasting their time on ovaltine stories instead of preparing and setting up a line of defense. If Trump was going to save you, he would still be president. This Trump narrative spins more than a washing machine.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ellemy says:

      The big picture is to know your true enemy who would draw you away down so many rabbit holes and various war strategies, ratcheting up emotions and fleshly response to world situations. Jesus has called us out of the world (Babylon’s churches and institutions) and to not be partakers of its sins. This would include its corrupt political systems. Trump was brought in to play the wrecking ball to manipulate and engender division, hatred, strife and variance to the degree that it landed at the Capitol on Jan. 6. These are all works of the flesh (Gal, 6) and part of the Hegelian dialect to conquer. Those participating in Trumpism, however, are still asleep to the enemy’s agenda and the Hegelian designs of the matrix.. The carnal, apostate church has disobeyed and was taken in hook, line and sinker by Donald Trump who was playing his part of the divide and conquer strategy as controlled opposition. A Trojan horse tactic. We are in a time of God’s testing and judgements. Judgement always begins in the house of God, whose house we are. As followers of the way of Christ we were never mandated to change the world through political stratagems (the devil’s playground) but through the preaching of the gospel in season and out of season. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Donald Trump has been used as a judgement against the rebellious and those walking carnally and continue to seek carnal solutions for spiritual problems. The apostate church is full of these false prophets who line their coats with money and speak, “thus sayeth the Lord” to those who love to have their ears tickled and their carnal deires fulfilled. World peace will only be known through knowing the Prince of Peace.

      This is a good video which simplifies and explains the psyop within the psyop.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Gary Nemeth says:

    Great article Dianne
    It seems like our enemies are in full
    attack mode on every front.
    Every corrupt Globalist organization on
    earth has massed its forces against us.
    I agree – “This is it”

    Liked by 1 person





    1. Gary Nemeth says:

      Wait a minute!
      SeaShell to accuse Trump of incest with
      his stupid daughter Ivanka is just a little
      too heavy, don’t you think?

      And, all those, (so called) studies the left
      bombards us with, are bullshit.

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  15. DawnC says:

    I do not understand why President Trump said that these COVID vaccines are safe either. A million thoughts were swirling in my head the moment he said that. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt though – we do not understand what is going on right now on a global scale. He has said over and over that these are not mandatory. There are exemptions for employment he said. He even made it option for the military – that is unheard of. He has also been walking around without a mask, making fun of this COVID thing for a long time, he said there are alternatives for treatment, etc. He has tried to show the public the truth – despite being crucified for it. People have to start thinking for themselves or they will never be safe in this world. That poor man has had so much thrown at him. Are these deaths and injuries part of exposing Big Pharma? Did you know that the day those trucks were enroute to deliver the first shipments, it was announced on the Australian news that 123 loyalists to the CCP were working at Pfizer and AstraZeneca? Right after that story broke, the U.S. news announced that there was a “delay” in the delivery.

    I do know that so many people are putting their faith in a man – when they should be focusing their eyes on God as He has instructed us to do. I can see how easy this will be for the antichrist to swoop in and deceive the masses. Many prophets are saying that incredible things are coming though very soon. Where are we without hope?

    I do believe that Trump is a good man. I reached out to him probably 12 years ago asking him to stand with Jenny McCarthy and her Generation Rescue team (saving Autistic children). Her own son was vaccine injured. I just found out that shortly after I sent that fax to his Trump Tower in Chicago – he donated $10k to her cause that very same year. All of these years I never knew. I just stumbled upon the information last month.

    As far as where Trump stands on the vaccine issue – this is a must read.

    None of us know where this is going. As Christians, we know who wins though!!


  16. lmmoonlight says:

    A few months ago I would have thought this was absurd. But if you accept the idea that we are unwitting extras in this movie being passed off as our reality, then this is plausible.

    Maybe the real vaccine has been switched out for a placebo. And maybe the reports of death or injury from the vaccine are fake too, along with the rest of the fake news.

    This would be a great plot twist and would be hysterical! Just my humble opinion.


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