With Biden in the dark and having taken office with no vaccines available…yawn…it appears he needs to find Fauci. Fauci always knows what to say to the masses to keep them fearful. Biden seems to just get a yawn, and if lucky a laugh.

Fauci just doesn’t look the same with his presentations. This one is from two weeks ago. He looks like he just attended the Biden Inauguration. Does he sound different to you or is it just me?

This presentation is from one week ago. Again, he looks like he just attended a Biden Inaugural Event. Not as smirky as usual. Look at this closely. To me it sure looks like one of those computer generated images. Watch his mouth and words. Listen closely. Compare these newer videos to the Fauci ones under Trump administration.
Yea…now that’s the gravel toned voice I’m used to hearing. Can anyone else HEAR THE DIFFERENCE? Can you see the difference? Are you beginning to catch on now? If you can’t see it, can you at least hear it?
To be fair, here is another video. Do you hear his groveled throat speech? I sure do and it is missing in the videos coming out now. So, the question is, where is the real Fauci? Also check his ears and features close.

Meanwhile, Lyndsay Graham, is going on a “Peace Mission” to Mar-a-lago, or so he will attempt to do so. What are his post Trump numbers? I’m not sure, but I bet they are as low as McConnells.

Forgive me for this one…but, I just had to post it….

Stay strong!


37 thoughts on “COVID OR BUST… WHERE IS FAUCI?

    1. Jennifer Pitts says:

      All you Fauci lovers should read this. Queen Elizabeth is suing over COVID.
      Court documents from the UK about covid

      Sunday, February 21, 2021
      8:17 PM

      NEIL FERGUSON, IMPERIAL COLLEGE [4TH DEFENDANT]­___________________________________________________________________

      Served by email at 21:02:21 on 21/02/21.

      Dear Sirs,,

      RE: R [PUB] v HANCOCK & OTHERS [2021]

      You are hereby served NOTICE OF INTENDED PRIVATE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION, in relation to the following charges of fraud by false representation and non-disclosure, pertaining to the statements you and the other defendants made, regarding the purported ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’.

      For all the elements of fraud by false representation to be in place, under section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006, the following must be proven:

      a. Party A knowingly relied upon a false statement.

      b. Party B was caused by Part A to rely on that false statement.

      c. Party A did so with the intent of causing losses to Party B or for the purposes of procuring material gain.

      Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the defendants have knowingly relied and caused Parliament and the British People to rely upon multiple false statements during the ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’, with the intent of securing the maximisation of UK ‘vaccination’ uptake, as well as past and future material gains.

      a (i) You knowingly and falsely claimed that COVID-19 [SARS-CoV-2] is “the most serious public health threat since the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic”.

      (ii) Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that statement is plainly false because expert witness testimony and FOI requests show that neither SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 have ever been empirically proven to exist and therefore cannot be the cause of a genuine pandemic.

      b (i) You knowingly and falsely claimed that “without the social distancing of the entire population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their family members”, 510,000 British people would die from COVID-19.

      (ii) Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that it is an indisputable matter of fact that this prediction has been mathematically proven to be false by the expert witness testimony adduced in this case.

      c (i) You knowingly and falsely claimed that the UK Government’s COVID-19 policies “…will need to be maintained until a vaccine becomes available”.

      (ii) Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that this statement is demonstrably false, on the ground that an obviously viable alternative was treating the unproven Coronavirus in accordance with pre-existing public policy, without adopting any of the lockdown policies imposed, thereby avoiding the unconscionable suspension of civil liberties and devastating financial losses the taxpayer.

      All of these false statements are contained in the summary of the Imperial College Model, written and published by the 4th defendant on 16/03/2020, on the Imperial College website. However, additional evidence shows that the defendants began relying upon the erroneous computer-generated data on or before 01/03/2020, when the COVID-19 Battle Plan was announced by the 1st defendant and quickly implemented by the UK Government, without public scrutiny or meaningful parliamentary debate.

      It is alleged that, in causing both Parliament and the British People to rely upon these plainly false statements, the defendants acted dishonestly, knowingly conspiring to maximise ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK, whatever the cost, in order to secure past and future material gains.

      Thereby causing public sector borrowings, charged to the UK taxpayer, to rise to 100.8% of UK GDP [as of 20/11/2020]; and the house arrest of the entire population, which was all done by government diktats, each of which was founded on the plainly dishonest statements contained in the 4th defendant’s fraudulent Imperial College Model, which was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [which, for the sake of brevity, we will refer to as the Gates Foundation].

      Since there are public records which reveal the material gains secured by the defendants’ mutual commitments and contributions to the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ in the UK [and the rest of the world], the prima facie and circumstantial evidence in support of these serious allegations amply demonstrates that all the elements of section 2 fraud by false representation are in place and that the defendants should be indicted as charged.

      For all the elements of fraud by non-disclosure to be in place, under section 3 of the Fraud Act 2006, the following must be proven:

      a. Party A failed to disclose certain information to Party B.

      b. Party A was under a legal duty to disclose that information to Party B.

      c. Party A did so dishonestly, intending, by that failure, to make a gain or cause a loss.

      Upon the evidence, the prosecution alleges that the defendants knowingly failed to disclose information you had legal obligations to disclose to both Parliament and the British People, with the intent of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK, in order to secure past and future material gains, at the devastating cost of civil liberties and the solvency of the nation.

      a. You knowingly failed to disclose that the so called science and data relied upon by the World Health Organisation [WHO], in declaring SARS-CoV-2 to be a worldwide ‘pandemic’ on 11/03/2020, was none other than the discredited Imperial College Model.

      b. You knowingly failed to disclose that SARS-CoV-2 was no longer classified as a High Consequence Infectious Disease on 13//03/2020 – before the 1st defendant presented and commended the Coronavirus Bill 2020 to the House of Commons, on the 19th and 23rd of March 2020, respectively.

      c. You knowingly failed to disclose that the supposed latest science and data you relied upon to justify a declaration of a Public Health Emergency was Neil Ferguson’s unscientific Imperial College Model; and that it was known by 24/03/2020 at the latest that said model had been wholly discredited, when the New Scientist published the 4th defendant’s admission, before the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology, that he had reduced his prediction of 510,000 UK COVID deaths to 20,000, in the event his proposed lockdown policies were not imposed in the UK.

      d. You knowingly failed to disclose that the executive agency the 1st defendant controls, Public Health England [PHE], received $500,000 from the US Government to “fast-track the COVID vaccine”, on or around 19/03/2020.

      e. You knowingly failed to disclose that multiple WHO approved flu ‘vaccines’ are known to cause fatal adverse events in 377 out of every 100,000 healthy adults injected, whilst ‘influenza’ normally kills around 388 per year. [The ingredients in every UK licensed COVID ‘vaccine’ are believed to be very similar to these 2019-21 mRNA spiked flu ‘vaccines’, in which case they will have comparable mortality rates.]

      f. You knowingly failed to disclose that none of the 2019-21 flu and COVID jabs are actually vaccines [they are mRNA treatments or gene therapies], which lays open the floodgates to future civil proceedings for misrepresentation, fraud and damages [irrespective of the purported indemnity granted to ‘vaccine’ companies and those who administer their products in the Coronavirus Act 2020].

      g. You knowingly failed to disclose that there is a direct mathematical correlation between the 2020-21 flu and COVID ‘vaccine’ roll-outs in the UK and the deaths which the defendants claim to be COVID deaths during the same period.

      Given the unbridled seriousness of the allegations made, the prosecution is applying for summonses to be issued against the defendants without delay, to have you appear before a senior judge to plead and for the case is listed to be heard by a jury at the earliest opportunity.

      A second application seeks a declaration, under the inherent jurisdiction of the court to act in the name of justice, that:

      a. Upon the prima facie evidence adduced and in accordance with the opinion of Lord Sumption that the Coronavirus Act 2020 is constitutionally unlawful and therefore void and unenforceable, it is declared that, in the interests of providing finality to the families of those who are recorded as having died from or with COVID-19 and for the purposes of providing evidence in R [PUB] v Matt Hancock & Others, autopsies must be carried out and death certificates certified as if the 2020 Act had not been enacted.

      b. For a period of at least 90 days, all flu and COVID ‘vaccinations’ are suspended, pending further criminal investigations into the allegation that the treatments concerned kill a minimum of 377 out of every 100,000 healthy adults injected.

      For the avoidance of doubt, these proceedings are being brought in the absence of parliamentary, police or parliamentary intervention, without ill will, frivolity, vexation or malice, under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.

      In sincerity and honour,

      Trustees of the People’s Union of Britain

      All Rights Reserved – Errors & Omissions Excepted

      h. You knowingly and dishonestly failed to disclose this information, when you had legal obligation to disclose it to Parliament and the British public, and you did so in service of the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ uptake in the UK and the rest of the world, for the purposes of securing their own material gains and those of their accomplices, knowing that the cost to the British People and the economy would be catastrophic.

      i. You had a legal obligation to disclose these facts to the British People, on the ground that the 1st defendant, upon the advice of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th defendants, pledged on 01/03/2020, in the UK Government’s COVID-19 Battle Plan, that: “Public safety is our top priority.”

      The prosecution alleges that, had public safety been the defendants’ top priority, all of the foregoing information would have been disclosed to both Parliament and the British People, as soon as the information became available.

      Moreover, in the mind of any reasonable person, knowing this information is essential to understanding that the entirety of the justifications given for declaring a Public Health Emergency were and remain founded on a series of profoundly dishonest statements, which have been relied upon by the defendants.

      It naturally follows that the public disclosure of the information described, by either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd defendant at the UK Government’s daily press briefing, on or before 24/03/2020, would have been tantamount to a confession that there was no justifiable cause to declare a Public Health Emergency.

      Furthermore, the public disclosure of 8 e could and should have resulted in the suspension of the National Influenza Immunisation Programme and a thorough investigation of the allegedly lethal WHO approved mRNA spiked flu ‘vaccines’, which are considered all too similar to the substance of the COVID jabs subsequently licensed by the UK Government for mass administration.

      However, it naturally follows that, without a ‘Public Health Emergency’, it would not have been possible for the defendants to cause the lockdown of the nation “until a vaccine is found”, with the fatally flawed advice you gave in your official capacities as Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and the WHO and UK Government’s Senior Scientific Advisor on Pandemic Preparedness, Policy and Response.

      The data-based evidence adduced by the prosecution also shows that, on the balance of probabilities, the vast majority of the deaths recorded as COVID deaths since September 2020, were, in reality, fatal adverse events, caused by the 2020-21 WHO and UK Government approved flu and COVID shots, in addition to those who died at home, in care homes and hospitals, who were denied palliative care “to save the NHS” from and “flatten the curve” of a ‘virus’ which has never been proven to exist.

      Upon the evidence, the defendants committed section 3 fraud by non-disclosure, under the provisions of the Fraud Act 2006, on the basis that you knowingly and dishonestly failed to disclose information you had legal obligations to disclose to both Parliament and the British People, which you could and should have done in the House of Commons, as well as during the UK Government’s media briefings, at various times from 01/03/2020 to the present day, when you had ample opportunities to make public safety their top priority by fully availing Parliament and the British People of the latest science and data, as you repeatedly pledged to do, without ever actually delivering it.

      Since there are public records which reveal the material gains secured by the defendants’ mutual commitments and contributions to the maximisation of ‘vaccination’ in the UK [and the rest of the world], the prima facie and circumstantial evidence relied upon in support of these criminal allegations amply demonstrates that all the elements of section 3 fraud by non-disclosure are in place and that the defendants should be indicted as charged.

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  1. Ri-chard says:

    There are 3 questions to ask your Doctor, Nurse or PA to determine if you should take the shot..
    If I take this shot will it make me immune to COVID-19?
    If I take this shot will I have to continue to wear a mask?
    If I am harmed by this shot. are you, your superiors or the manufacturer libel?

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  2. Straight up foolishness. Any intelligent individual can do their own due diligence and know the truth. All the beds in the hospitals are full in Tucson and the parking lot overflowing. Now all are wearing masks. Trump was an idiot and caught covid because he wouldn’t wear a mask. Covidiot. If he didn’t have access to Regeneron and the medical crew he had he probably would have died. And this self proclaimed genious told us to inject or drink clorox. The same Intelligence that said build a moat by the wall and fill it with crocodiles and poisonous snakes. The racist who called Our Mexican neighbors rapists and thrives. The best buddy of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in myriads of photos with him. Sends Ghislaine Maxwell good wishes. Hmm… Wonder why. Hoping she’ll keep quiet. He paid off sex worker Stormy Daniels. Worst of all he downplayed the danger of the virus and more than 400,000 have passed on from Covid. Seditionist! Caused 5 deaths at Our Capital. Impeached twice. History will tell the truth about Donald and it won’t be pretty. And this isn’t the half of it. The number of outright lies he told the American people is a travesty and an insult to our intelligence. I know how to do deep due diligence and can’t be tricked with fake news and doublespeak. Shame in that man. All the millions mourning the deaths of their canned and friends. And Donald had a chance to act early but NO he called covid a Democratic hoax. Mr. Quid pro quo is definitely going down in history as the worst president in history. Definitely going down in history

    On Sun, Feb 21, 2021, 8:02 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” With Biden in the dark and having taken > office with no vaccines available…yawn…it appears he needs to find > Fauci. Fauci always knows what to say to the masses to keep them fearful. > Biden seems to just get a yawn, and if lucky a laugh. https://twi” >


    1. Ri-chard says:

      There is one question you should ask your doctor.
      Do the mask that people are wearing protect them from COVID, and where is that study for proofing.

      Those with common sense know the answer by following the science.

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      1. Rj says:

        Wear two masks and jog a bit and see what happens. Then do what some are not saying to wear hosiery on top of that. Surgeons are limited to time in surgery without taking a break because they get brain fog and ask a doctor about microns and see if he or she knows what a N95 mask will stop as far as microns go. N95 will stop nothing under 3 microns and ALL viruses and biological weapons are 1.5 micron and smaller. Do a test yourself and put a mask on and have someone blow smoke in your face. Smell a candle or throw baby powder in your face and if it gets thru a mask will do absolutely nothing.

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      2. Actually, there should be multiple studies, not just one. For a study to be valid, it should be replicated scientifically and if it cannot, then it is not worth the paper it is written on.


    2. Jas says:

      Kinda sounds like you’re parroting the news media. How do you know Trump caught covid for not masking? He probably got it from someone in his inner circle who got it from somebody else. Even the most diligent of people are not exempt from possibly getting it… I’m glad you’re on here though. It shows you’re looking. Maybe there’s a question you have.

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  3. Dr. Fauci is our tireless hero who has done and is doing all he can to make a difference. He was fed some erroneous numbers and had to work out the reality for himself for which the press attacked him. Wonder who was behind that?
    Politics today are not that difficult to figure out to one who knows where and how to dig.


    1. Ri-chard says:

      I think you may want to consider it was that so called WHITE House virus expert Dr Anthony Fauci reportedly backed US tax payer funding for a controversial lab in China that is blamed for causing the Covid-19 pandemic.
      Yes, he actually backed gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses. Study up on what the gain of function is and it was banned in America.
      This why so many in America believe Fauci is a evil self-serving fraud.

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    2. DawnC says:

      You might want to do a little research before slinging mud aaronrobertkravetz. You are going to find that you are trying to spar with intelligent people on this site who do their own homework and they do not rely on biased news for their intel. You might want to first find out if those patients you are referring to in those hospitals received any sort of vaccine prior to their admittance. The FDA cannot even approve a vaccine unless it makes 20% or more of the population ill. That is how they judge whether or not it works. Also ask yourself why our government officials are no longer tracking flu cases? Did COVID cure them? A good book to start with is, “Plague of Corruption”. Dr. Fauci is in it. After you are done with that one, do a dive into VAERS for COVID facts on adverse events. After that, read, “Vaccine Safety Manual”. Lastly, read “Fear of the Invisible”. As far as Trump being connected to Epstein. Nice try, but false. 5 deaths at our Capitol? Do you have those obituaries by any chance? Nobody can seem to find them. The rest of your statements are just plain wrong.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:


    Biden vs CoVid Vaxx

    How about…

    Biden vs Insulin

    Under President Trump the American People paid $60 per month for their much needed & live saving Insulin

    Under Biden the American People now pay between $500 to $2000 per month for their Insulin … Did you know that?

    And did you know Biden also quietly shut down President Trump’s EO on Death Tax

    Where the kids could afford to inherit the Farm after Mom & Dad died without that steep tax

    Biden’s gang both Foreign & Domestic are waiting to steal their property when the kids can’t afford to pay the Death Tax under O’Biden’s America Last Policies

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  5. JASPER MARTIN says:

    We’ve been doing much digging. We found Fauci’s name on the list of those scheduled for execution by the US Army. But Fauci
    has been given a reprive so he can help President Trump.

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      1. debjbalk says:

        But realistically, Jasper & Lois, when a powerful statement like that is made, backing it up with a reference, a resource or some type of data will lend credibility to it and may serve to legitimize it. At this point, it’s just an opinion. Coming from you, and given to us. We all have an opinion. But, Jasper, where did you get this hot piece of info? Was it from a trustworthy, tried & tested source? Please understand, I’m sincerely not trying to be difficult. Rather, we are all in the middle of a very serious information war. Don’t we owe it to ourselves and each other to do our due diligence when sharing info? Unless, of course, we’re sharing our opinion only. Thanks!! I truly hope you understand.

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