House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, walk outside to watch an honor guard carry an urn with the cremated remains of U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick down the steps of the U.S Capitol, Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021, in Washington. (Michael Reynolds/Pool …

New polls show Senate Minority Leader McConnell is in the tank with an 18% favorable rating and 64 percent unfavorable. Note he is now the Minority leader and in more ways than one. I swear he is looking more and more like Joey every day. Do these guys morph after a certain length of truth exposure? Kinda like what happens to vampires in daylight? If so, let’s keep exposing their liar deeds and evil acts!

They can deny, deny…but truth is the weapon they all FEAR. They can’t run from the truth and their liar press can’t stop truth from surfacing when patriots spread it. They try and censor us all to keep their lies from being known…but they had no idea that after this length of time and being kicked off Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, even taking down Parler, that the TRUTH OF THEM ALL TAKING PART IN ALLOWING A STOLEN ELECTION WOULD STILL BE THE TOPIC GOING VIRAL!

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These guys don’t ever look happy. They are supposed to have won…they look more like losers who’ve been caught and on the way to the principles office, don’t ya think?

The new Senate Majority Schumer comes in second with a 31% unfavorable view and 42% favorable. Come on Chucky…what happened? How did you win an election and a month into the new term you have 31% ratings? You must have gotten Dominion over your opponent. That’s the only way it looks like you got to stay in your seat.

Third place loser is House Speaker Pelosi, coming in at a 37% favorable view with 53% unfavorable. However she did win first place for the best liar of the Demon rat party and an emmy for Best Wrap-Up Smear during the Trump Administration.

Back in the day, Nancy was able to smirk and even share her tactics.
One year ago…Pelosi was melting…..
This week she was rattled, fearful, nervous, angry and banging her podium.
Listen close to each word from this evil vial liar. He was responsible along with Pelosi for Capitol securioty and refused the pleas from the Capitol Chief of Police to call in national guard when they were over run. Nor did he heed the Chiefs cautions for more help days before. He also new since Feb. 1, 2021 the full report from Capitol Chief of Police Sund, that the Trump supporters did not break in, and it was ANTIFA and organizer actors. Now this man stands up and condems CITIZENS, MAINLY LAW ABIDING CIITIZENS LIKE YOU AND ME in front of the world. Are you going to let him get away with saying you are a mob and beat cops and breeched the capitol while he knows it was ANTIFA AND HE HELPED COORDINATE THE BREECH?
Mitch McConnel NEEDS REMOVED FOR TREASON NOW. He needs to be charged with the crimes he committed and all of his LIES NEED EXPOSED!

McConnell has accused all the Trump Supporters who went to Washington of being a MOB, and charges YOU BEAT THE COPS AND BREECHED THE CAPITOL. HE SAYS YOU MUST BE DEALT WITH!


It’s time to recall all of these evil losers who have no idea what the constitution really says, means, and stands for or worse, they just don’t care. We are at war and the enemy is in our congressional and senate seats…not sure what exactly is in the White House, but that needs flushed out too, along with whoever is handling Biden. Expose their lies and bring them out legally!! All of them!



  1. Rona Ward says:

    Yes!! About time!

    On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 9:59 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” New polls show Senate Minority Leader > McConnell is in the tank with an 18% favorable rating and 64 percent > unfavorable. Note he is now the Minority leader and in more ways than one. > I swear he is looking more and more like Joey every day. Do these gu” >


  2. Darrin says:

    Love this Marshall Report, you guys/gals or whoever is OZ here are consistently firing on all cylinders, crisply. Read tons of blogs online and this publication is always spot on, painting a masterful portrait of the facts as precisely the way they should be consumed. My level of genius. If everyone could view and understand the fraudulent and corrupt issues that are currently tearing us down through “this lense”, rapid change would be absolution.

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      N a recent nterview on newmax, Sydney Powell said she is eagerly anticip8in’ the Dominion lawsuit against her… she’s lookin’ 4ward 2 tkn depositions from all the execs at Dominion…who say their machines r perfectly perfect….

      This shud b a trip!!

      She’s most especially eager 2 hear the testimony of VP of Dominion, Eric Coomer…

      Y’all remember him…the idiot braggin’ on a zoomcall with his antifa besties, “Trump won’t win, I made f***in’ sure of that. No f***in’ way Trump will win!”….

      I want 2 hear that testimony 2….he’s been n hidin’ since the hrng on the PA vote fraud…said he wud testify, but nevah showed…

      I’m surprized the CCP dint whack him just 4 bein’ stupid!!!…the CCP were not amused!!

      We know Dominion received $400 million from the CCP B4 the n a Swiss bnk…traced…

      Gov. of Ga, Kemp has ties 2 Dominion, and SOS Rattensperger took a $10 million bribe from Dominion, placed n a fam members name n a bnk n Hong Kong…(aledgedly)…

      On top of all the evidence of voter fraud Sydney has…and the witnesses…who hav givn testimony abt Dominion bein’ connected 2 the nrernet…and Dominion reps everywhere at the vote cntn’…and all the vid footage…

      As Q said, NEVER nterfere with an enemy who is n the process of dstroyin’ himself!!

      Dominion will regret goin’ after Sydney…hahahaha…

      Mic Drop!!

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    2. debjbalk says:

      Darrin…such a lovely compliment to Dianne…a most deserved one too. Thank you for reminding us all how blessed we are to read her analysis. And… God bless you for sharing.


  3. Dennis Bender says:

    And still there are no indictments, no investigations as the corruption and lies pile up higher and higher. Coverup after coverup, a President that can’t even function as a normal human being. They’re going to take the guns before somebody gets brave enough to use them.


  4. The supreme court has already shown us their true colors . At this point I don’t think the citizens can legally stop this globalist communist takeover and It seems the time has passed for a revolution in the streets .

    I’m loving the awesome information and work miss Dianne puts into this and I’m thankful that most of her followers are Christian because prayer is our only hope.

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  5. J. Larry Walker says:

    They need to be ‘flushed out’ not drained! I have owned swampy farmland in the past. When you drain swamp land, it always returns over and over again. When Trump first said he will ‘drain the swamp’, I immediately said, NO WAY, you need to ‘FLUSH’ out the swamp! When you ‘flush’, everything goes immediately and you have ‘Fresh Water’ to deal with! ‘FLUSH’, FLUSH, FLUSH’, not drain, drain, drain!

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  6. anonymous says:

    Nancy is an evil person. The devil incarnate. There have been only three people or so who have held her seat from California. She has been there for more years than many have been alive. A woman who will be 81 in the next month needs to go off and eat her ice cream in JAIL!! She has cheated her way in everything. Insider trading is one of the things –sure she has done this.
    So as she says–“Good Morning”– time for her to be recalled.

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  7. Jeff says:

    First it was go to DC and protest, then it was go home your job was done. Now we have Flynn telling us it has to be a grass roots movement that it wasn’t enough to vote ( we the people have to change things) but it may take months and years…Let me guess.. we vote them out ? Are you kidding me with this crap? If biden isn’t the president why is gas 3$ a gallon and rising, why are millions of illegals about to get amnesty? why are illegals coming across the border ? why are millions of people now laid off? why are people freezing to death in texas ? To show the people ? this is getting old, americans are dying! Soon they will pass gun control which will lead to confiscation like every other country that has fallen for this crap then what? will we still hear (hold the line ) ? ( trust the plan) ? ( god has a plan)? I have been trusting the plan and praying since trump was elected. If the people can;t see the corruption by now then they never will, Time to sh!* or get off the pot.


  8. McConnell was just reelected. He’s entrenched in there for another 6 years. It would be nice if Kentuckians would primary him or just simply not vote for him. That opportunity was lost over 6 years ago when they held a strong enough majority that ousting McConnell, even resulting in a democrat JUNIOR senator, was still a viable solution to the McConnell problem. But, Kentuckians won’t stop electing him.


  9. Leon Hays says:

    Most or the vast majority in congress will either be dead or in prison in Gitmo! These people are Satanist and do unspeakable, horrible things. The PLAN will be successful so “hold the line” ” keep the faith” and pray for God’s help. For some of you here this is what I hear” Oh ye of little faith.” So thank God that people in history didn’t hang down their heads, thow up their hands, and say ” wow is us”! Does any of those descriptors sound like you?? If so, snap out of it, have faith in our God and know he will not let Satan win.

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  10. nieveslt says:

    The polls don’t matter when our national election has been globalized and the global fix is in. There’s no incentive to repair the breech and those with the power to do it will not so what’s the point? We saw that in the GA run off. Trump promised it would be watched but the same election tampering with the same Soros-supplied dominion machines were hacked and votes switched. I’m a gloomer as far as “wait till next time”


    1. irisheyes17 says:

      That was a quote from Julian Assange, dude!!…he knows where all the bodies r buried…

      Remember, he has the Podesta emails…givn 2 him by Seth Rich….hahaha…

      I blieve he has held on2 the most xplosiv, damnin’ emails 4 his own safety and insurance policy….the best is yet 2 come!!

      Btdubbs, where r John Podesta and his bro Tony?!?!…major pedos…

      Wikileaks John Podesta email: Last night was fun. Still n torture chamber.

      Wikileaks Killary email: I’ll b sacrificin’ a chicken n my backyard to Moloch tonight.

      Killary is n her coven conjurin’ up spells against Pres Trump right now!!…hahahaha…

      Durham (appointed by 4mer AG Barr) is still nvestig8in’ the Clinton Foundation (front 4 child sex traffickin’)…and the Biden Crime Fam …

      Fake pres Bidung wants him gone!!

      Good Luck with that fake pres Bidung!!!

      Did yall know that politicians left and on the right, journaliats left and on the right, the DEEP ST8, ppl from all ovah the wrld follow these sites?!?!…

      I posted last yr abt the first slave owner bein’ a BLACK MAN, Anthony Johnson, Va. colonist.

      He was an ndenture (Black and white were ndenture), servin’ 4 7 yrs and released with sum land and cattle…when he was released he wanted his own ndenture, BLACK MAN, John Casor…when time 2 release Casor after 7 yrs, Johnson refused and fought n the Va crt 2 hold on2 Casor 4 life…

      Johnson won and Casor bcame the 1st legal slave n Va…Johnson held 5 slaves 4 WHITE, 1 BLACK..he bcame a wealthy tobacco plantation owner…

      SOURCE: Wikipedia

      A man left a reply 2 me that read: A girl who knows her history. You go girl! signed Sean Parnel, USMC ret.

      Sean Parnel was runnin’ 4 Congress n the 17th district of PA…nevah know who reads these!!…

      The prophet Mark Taylor( who prophesied a Trump presidency n 2011!!) jus cited an article on the Marshall Report…prophet Mark Taylor is followin’…hahaha…



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