NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY PLANNED TO DO AND DID FOLLOW THROUGH ON. They just didn’t succeed. Never forget that Pelosi  and McConnell were in charge of Capitol Security. They arranged all of this. They had planned to blame Trump Supporters and Trump and go after all of you. They fired the Capitol Police Chief and others, to insure no one would talk. The plans back fired big time and now…they will be held accountable for their real premeditated, organized siege on the capitol and treason.

They finally got reinforcements ready…they were tired of waiting.


These social media censor giants are guilty of conspiring with those who desire to commit genocide and overthrow the government. Isn’t that treason?

99 percent of people who get it recover just fine!! Death from it is rare and not likely in the average covid case. Stop living in fear!

 Here’s what they think of you….

And then we have more lies or is it the handler talking in the ear piece who is lying? I lose track anymore.

Fauci: ‘I Prefer Not to Comment’ on Gov. Cuomo Mishandling Coronavirus

Image result for fauci

“You know, Jim, I can’t,” Fauci replied. “I mean, I’m sorry. I’m really — I’m honestly not trying to evade your question, but I’m not really sure of all the details of that, and I think if I make a statement, it probably could either be incorrect or taken out of context. So, I prefer not to comment on that.”

It’s looking like Fauci is all but done. Where’s Birx these days? What’s taking place at the CDC? Why can’t Biden roll out his COVID plans? What are they?

Where is Harris?

National Guard troops patrolling in Washington, D.C.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved a plan to retain 7,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen in Washington through March 12 and then 5,000 indefinitely beyond that date, Army and National Guard officials have said. There are now about 6,200 National Guard soldiers and airmen supporting the security mission in Washington, a Guard spokesman said Monday. But the number includes some troops who are scheduled to leave soon. Martial law? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck – it is a duck.

So, these are the distractions…the real war is raging behind the scenes on levels we can’t comprehend. We are fighting a new type of war, dealing with layers and layers of RESET options, and deadly bio warfare, along with space based weapons, weather wars, propaganda, censorship, betrayal, complete with Gates introducing microbe meat grown in a lab and acting like he is some doctor and scientist pushing deadly vaccines and toxic meat. But we don’t really know for sure what the cravings might be for transhumans who survive the altering of their DNA and RNA? But, I’m just a conspiracy theorist and none of this is taking place because someone is going to be sure and tell me how stupid I am for thinking this way. Wait for it. After all, the cabal is just a myth and everything is Trump’s fault.

Hold the line and peak behind the veil. God is watching all of this too.



  1. anonymous says:

    Morning Joe doesn’t know what is reality. A taco stand is how a small business makes it money. The capital building houses government that is living large off the citizens of the US. Many of the people in government –Nancy, the Turtle and others have much more money now than when they were private citizens –(A LONG TIME IN GOVERNMENT). Morning Joe is a Democratic talking head.

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  2. Admin says:

    Thanks for the great blogs! We are finally seeing the truth! God always wins! American people aren’t stupid they see the double standards. The People are waking up!

    Trump is just about to start, inflicting pain by drops of information!

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  3. Henry Acres says:

    Meanwhile, out in Kalifornification, we see the asshats trying do the same crap yet again…

    “As California Gov. Gavin Newsom prepares for a potential recall election this year, the state Legislature passed a bill on Tuesday that would require all active registered voters get a ballot in the mail ahead of the election even if they didn’t ask for one.”

    “Lawmakers’ aim is to slow the spread of the coronavirus by encouraging people to vote by mail rather than show up in person. The Legislature did the same thing last year, back when counties had millions of dollars in federal money to help put on a presidential election during a pandemic.”

    You send me a ballot and I’ll drive down from the hills, to L.A. to vote :IN PERSON”…with a finger raised at that asshat newSCUM..!!

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  4. Randal says:

    That video of Joe and his handler wife is so sad it almost makes me feel sorry for him. Almost, then I remember that he is a commie POS and has been stealing my money for the past 47 years. So no, I don’t feel sorry for him.

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  5. John Kozar says:

    I absolutely love your posts. My wife and I look forward to them and on work days we come home and spend our bedtime reading this to each other and watching the videos.

    Spot on with everything we believe is happening. I personally don’t see an alternative that makes any sense.

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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  6. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Start local!!! Go stand on corners with Impeach biden signs, No Mask, No Lockdown, No Vaccine signs, Stop the Continued Steal signs. This HAS to be local all across the USA. Call all your friends and family who are on the same page to do the same. This has to be the movement NOW! We have to build on this and not stop. We need to get local/national news stations to not have a chance to turn a “blind’s eye” on this!!

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  7. Thewholeshebang says:

    Belief in this is an easy endeavor. However, nothing, NOTHING is being done. Joe is flying on AF1, etc etc. It’s done and ppl have been lied to, mislead and played. The day keeps getting pushed, pushed and pushed. We don’t believe anything will be done about all the stuff going on. Is it true, yeah. Will justice be served. Nope. Tired, exhausted and burned out…

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    1. sojournerwt says:

      Great post, Dianne. Thank you….again!
      A couple of thoughts perhaps thewholeshebang might like to read??

      Interesting that Sleepy Joe has not bothered to concern himself with the situation occurring in TX and other states…but the first thought which came to my mind was a couple of articles where President Trump was preparing military with certain training. This might come in useful during this “artic blast” with the weather?

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  8. Donna Lee says:

    Diane – I’ve seen where President Trump has lost his fortune, which if true is total injustice to his duty. Would it be possible to get his new Office address so I could mail him $10 cash, or even $20. Cash so that it cannot be tracked and thus becomes free income. While $10 or $20 is not much in and of itself, if EVERYONE who voted for President Trump the second time sent this to him and First Lady Melania, they would recoup their losses. This seems only fair in light of what he did, is still doing, as a thank you and a blessing from God above.


  9. celeste says:

    I agree with you Donna Lee. I am willing to donate $20 myself. And everybody who voted for Trump will do the same, that is the least all of us Patriot can do for our President Trump. Trump did so much for us and continues to do so. We can send cash certified mail with tracking so we know it will reach him definitely.


  10. Henry Acres says:

    Have you ever wondered about what the Government has been hiding…well, here’s to sift and sort. I wish I could a more updated site, but hopefully, the white hats have been eliminating a whole bunch more. As much as I love my country, this really shows what our world really is…Slaves & Masters..!


    ….”The Denver complex is larger than the city above & is meant to be the New D.C. complex. All factors of government are here for transition upon WWIII start.

    This is the main hub for ALL U.S. facilities & is tied by MAGLEV trains that average 17,000 mph to ALL other units, World-Wide. Has massive Mk Ultra facilities with many Delta Orion teams with end-time programming.

    Storage of all supplies necessary to support 1 million for 150 years. It has a large lake as well as parks with full flora & fauna many miles in diameter,powered by 2 fusion reactors as well as tied to the free energy Earth Tesla grid system. The underground facility goes to 88.3 miles deep & is basically 8 cities on top of each other”.


    ….”When Martial Law was to come in America, the UNISF and UNMNTF (United Nations International Security Forces & United Nations Multi-National Task Forces) troops located in DUMBs, in the U.S. &Canada were to be deployed to round up the millions of Americans whose names appear on the C_A Red List & the C_A Blue List. These troops are Chinese, Russian, German, Polish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Saudi Arabian, Pakistani, Mexican, Honduran, Salvadorian, Chilean, Vietnamese, & other foreign trained military Mk Ultra Delta Forces.

    Mass detentions in FEMA camps & the DUMBs, along with mass executions were planned to occur (see previous Gene decodeshowing FEMA cars & coffins). A simple search of FEMA camps will show many converted WALMART & converted military bases for this purpose. Current estimates for troop forces that were to be deployed is 6 million”.

    Hope this hits home about our good old state of affairs.


  11. Henry Acres says:

    I forgot one of the locations of interest…located in Oregon…
    …”An underground concentration camp exists here (some of the 911 airship crews & passengers believed to be here)”.



  12. Henry Acres says:

    YEP, I agree, just being a messenger for now…I am sick and tired of seeing so many wusses and pansies walking about. Freedom Is NOT Free. And concerning your previous reply above, I recall the old movie, Next Of Kin…that brings into focus, the simple fact of they have no idea’r as to whom or what stands behind every tree, bush of mountain. HELL Yeah!!

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  13. Carla Crawford says:

    So how do we all get the word out to send President Trump money for all he has done for America and what’s his new address?? I’m willing 💖🙌🏼🙏🏼👍🏼❤️


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