President Trump moves his Knight into position, putting McConnell’s Rook (blocked by pawns) in a position where he has only one move to make. It appears he will either stay in place hoping Trump’s Knight will let him stay, or he has one move and after that one move….Trump’s next move will knock him off the board.

In a truth or dare letter, President Trump exposes McConnell for the spit wad, sell out that he is.

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“The Republican party can never again be respected or strong with political “leaders” like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its’ helm. McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse. The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle – they’ve never had it so good and they want to keep it that way! We know our America First agenda is a winner, not McConnell’s Beltway First Agenda or Biden’s America Last.

“In 2020, I received the most votes of any sitting President in history, almost 75,000,000. Every incumbent House Republican won for the first time in decades, and we flipped 15 seats, almost costing Nancy Pelosi her job,” he said.

“Republicans won majorities in at least 59 of the 98 partisan legislative chambers, and the Democrats failed to flip a single legislative chamber from red to blue. And in ‘Mitch’s Senate,’ over the last two election cycles, I single-handedly saved at least 12 Senate seats, more than eight in the 2020 cycle alone—and then came the Georgia disaster, where we should have won both U.S. Senate seats, but McConnell matched the Democrat offer of $2,000 stimulus checks with $600.

“How does that work? It became the Democrats’ principal advertisement, and a big winner for them it was. McConnell then put himself, one of the most unpopular politicians in the United States, into the advertisements. Many Republicans in Georgia voted Democrat, or just didn’t vote, because of their anguish at their inept Governor, Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and the Republican Party, for not doing its job on Election Integrity during the 2020 Presidential race.”

“It was a complete election disaster in Georgia, and certain other swing states. McConnell did nothing, and will never do what needs to be done in order to secure a fair and just electoral system into the future. He doesn’t have what it takes, never did, and never will.”

“My only regret is that McConnell ‘begged’ for my strong support and endorsement before the great people of Kentucky in the 2020 election, and I gave it to him. He went from one point down to 20 points up, and won. How quickly he forgets. Without my endorsement, McConnell would have lost, and lost badly. Now, his numbers are lower than ever before, he is destroying the Republican side of the Senate, and in so doing, seriously hurting our Country.

“Likewise, McConnell has no credibility on China because of his family’s substantial Chinese business holdings. He does nothing on this tremendous economic and military threat.

Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our Country. Where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First. We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership.

“Prior to the pandemic, we produced the greatest economy and jobs numbers in the history of our Country, and likewise, our economic recovery after Covid was the best in the world. We cut taxes and regulations, rebuilt our military, took care of our Vets, became energy independent, built the wall and stopped the massive inflow of illegals into our Country, and so much more. And now, illegals are pouring in, pipelines are being stopped, taxes will be going up, and we will no longer be energy independent.”

“This is a big moment for our country, and we cannot let it pass by using third rate “leaders” to dictate our future!

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“There is no question former President Trump bears moral responsibility,”MCCONNELL wrote yesterday, Feb. 15,2021 in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal of the riot. He most foolishly stated:

“His supporters stormed the Capitol because of the unhinged falsehoods he shouted into the world’s largest megaphone. His behavior during and after the chaos was also unconscionable, from attacking Vice President Mike Pence during the riot to praising the criminals after it ended.”

McConnell says Trump Supporters STORMED THE CAPITOL. How does that set with you all, now knowing HE WAS IN ON THE PRE-PLANNED EVENT!

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This swamp mess is shameful, self-serving, and without any moral compass whatsoever. McConnell knew the plans and those plans were going to endanger many lives and there would have been many deaths had the pipe bomb not been discovered. It would have blown many innocent people to pieces along with the republican side of the capitol. Was Mitch going to look all sad at the massacre and blame Trump and all the radical supporters? These evil people think of you as fodder. Your lives mean nothing. All they want is their high corporate positions and your tax dollars to pad their personal accounts and the power of their seats to make deals with nations. Sinful and eye opening as to the deceit, of all the filthy hands who greedily kiss the rings of those who govern the swamp, all for the almighty dollar. Shameful. God is coming to their door. He is knocking on it now. Do they hear the knocking? There is no where for them to hide. No where!

Vengence is mine, saith the Lord. Amen.



  1. YeahYouRight says:

    Evil. Stop calling him “Turtle.” He’s Cocaine Mitch, after the feds busted his Chinese shipping magnate in-laws with enourmous load of Cocaine, $50million iirc, and he helped them cover up their crime. Cocaine Mitch is the kindest I can be. “Turtle” is too kind to Mitch, and an insult to turtles.

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  2. anonymous says:

    The turtle needs to go back into his shell.
    He does not know how to lead by any stretch.
    He wants the moeny flowing in for him and his family and his ” insider group”.
    Too bad for the American who has to make a living and not live off the sweat of the American tax payer as he and Nancy and Chucky have for too Long.

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  3. Bigmama says:

    Proverbs 6:16-19, “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to Him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among the brethren.” EVS.

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  4. Unless our president ( Trump) is acting it certainly seems like we’re stuck with this cabal until primaries and 2024.
    Personally Iim very concerned about his safety. They know he won the election and they know he would win again .
    When the CIA and FBI and demonic politicians are your enemies he certainly needs protection from above.

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    1. trnathens says:

      The only power Satan has, is that power granted by God.

      I trust in the Lord.

      God’s hands of protection are granted especially to those who do His work.

      One can explain JFK, RFK, and MLK, among many others, as necessary so that the pattern of behavior could be detected, recognized…SEEN…by those seeking wisdom and understanding, because patterns can only be seen by LOOKING BACK.

      The “stories” in the Bible, both real and parable, were laid down as markers, so that those looking back, those studying the Word of God, those seeking wisdom and understanding COULD SEE THE PATTERNS they represent.

      Jesus said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

      He was speaking of “the people”, who didn’t realize that they had been manipulated into calling for Jesus to be persecuted and ultimately crucified, by the Pharisees and Scribes.

      Those “people” were to be forgiven.

      The “people” NOW cannot hide behind “we didn’t know”, because the marker was laid down 2000 years ago.

      They have been, and are continuing to try to destroy a man for telling the Truth, only.

      THEY won’t succeed.

      But those who don’t recognize the pattern will be just as guilty as those leading the charge.

      Love God. Love His Son, Jesus. Hold in awe, and Love the Holy Ghost.

      Pray for forgiveness, for wisdom and understanding.

      KNOW that the Bible is real. All of it.

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      1. Their success is in causing damage and they are causing untold amounts of damage. And yes they are successful. They have an iron grip on this nation and they know it. The problem is, you don’t know it. You do realize to be a Christian means to take action, right? Faith without works is dead?


    2. I’m standing by my gut feeling that Trump called the insurrection act for the world to see. This is what McConnell meant by Trump crossing the line. Remember McConnell is a Beltway Boy….they play by their own set of corportate political rules. Their own set of give and take and Trump ain’t their boy! Pence had to be in on the entire treasonous act or he would have called the 25th amendment. He knew in advance he would be defying the military and the constitution and his involvement would be exposed. So then Pelosi shouted for Scotus to get involved and they him stayed clear. So she went on her rant inventing and re-interpreting impeachment rules of which Roberts said, I am not going there. So rattlesnake Senator big shot Leahy acted like some big shot residing over the most illegal impeachement sham ever. He committed treason along with the rest of the bunch. Where was Harris? She’s been missing in action. Still not in the VP mansion…and I doubt she’s in the Blair house as they have said.


      1. Corner Stone says:

        Thanks Dianne for all your hard work in connecting the dots.

        Do you remember in the first televised address to the nation last spring about the dem-PANIC flu how President Trump after answering a question then added in a non-plussed, causal way that “I’m a war president now.”

        President Trump does not waste words……and he means what he says….

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    1. He is playing it all out legally. According to the law of the land. Not their NAZI games which are going to last through the spring and possibly summer but will end in the fall…maybe the end of the fall? There will be a lot of evil revealed and a lot of pain for the people who are taking vaccines in the summer, and a lot of other evil hitting us. But look to the fall and winter and God will lift us up and the world will be rejoicing. And the pain will be hard for many who believed a lie.


      1. There won’t be a lot of pain but a lot of deaths. Do you realize Trump completely screwed up this plandemic and you are not only giving him a pass on it but patting him on the back? He called it the china virus which then directed the narrative and then let Fauci go on and on which is why we are in this mess now. Either Trump is an idiot or he is in on the charade. Fauci has been around forever and you are telling me and others Trump did not know that he was not only a snake but one of the biggest in the snake pit?


      2. It may take four years…or forty? Depending on what God wants to do. But we will have an answer by Spring, but that is when the battle begins…that is when they send their soldiers into the streets to create mayhem and those who got the vaccines will be waiting out their 3 to 7 month incubation period…and it is way from over. But there is a light at the end and actually not until winter will we have a sense of stability. Watch and see.


    1. Daniel 2:43 does indeed tell us.. something…. in addition to the cloning and mixing seeds of man with animals and now making microbe meats…which Gates is pushing. My thoughts went directly to mRNA which Dr. Tenpenny says will result in mass sickness in 3 to 7 months. By July most all who took the vaccine will have bad things. It looks like it can also apply to what they have done to the world with this vaccine…. mingled with the seed mRNA damages the DNA, it does even though they tell you it does not. It is an experiment on a human population. More mingling that does not mix. Note there are two references. One reference is miry clay the other is clay. Hum??? 43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.


  5. Rj says:

    We have been infuriated by communist for decades and many tried along the way to warn and nothing but ridicule came to those who were warning us who already knew.
    How did President Trump allow the communist wife of Mitch to hold a public office ? Those of us with two brain cells have spotted who the communist are and those who are going to be successful in the transformation of this country without a shot being fired until they come for us one and all.
    All the evil is in our face along with every politician and educational institutions who has taken billions without repercussions from any law enforcement or the IRS, Every alphabet agencies is now transformed into the communist counterparts except they still carry their American coverage for now and it will not be long before the carrot and stick is pulled completely because they are not coming.

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  6. While Trump was in office, he had to work with who he had to work with. Unsavory as it was. He’s out of office and he doesn’t have to hold punches. Instead of having to help RINOs like McConnell, he can actively work against him. At least now.

    Trump has made deals with devils during his administration. All bets are off.

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      1. The most important thing was to wake people up or none of this would have mattered. Trump cant call out fake news and them not see it. If the sleeping giant didn’t wake up the whole movement would eventually end no matter what Trump did. This was actually brilliant. Maybe lost the battle but the war has just begun.

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  7. gre81 says:

    Understand that Trump can try all he wants but has no power. All of the government is against us and at some point they will be unleashed against us. Prepare now for what is to come. Get out of the blue cities.

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  8. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    I don’t know about you hemp4shemp says – When you say: Do you realize Trump completely screwed up this plandemic and you are not only giving him a pass on it but patting him on the back?

    This article just came out this morning and I think you are forgetting andrew cuomo. I don’t have time to prove how dr. farce did his damages, or how bill gates wants to destroy the planet….but….we can look at cuomo’s past in this article:

    Who is your ‘fearless leader’ in this mess? Why are you here? How do I politely say: “you are a distraction”?

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  9. Joan Downey says:

    Standing with the Constitution, our Republic & President Trump.
    The traitors & their treasonous plots are being exposed, day by day. They will never succeed! ♥️🙏🏻🇺🇸


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