Does anyone think that the Trump team has sat back and just waited for 6 weeks to see what evidence the Dems and RHINOs were going to present and do no investigation of their own on the mess at the Capitol on January 6, 2021? How lame a thought is that, especially when President Trump was still acting President? We The People have compiled our own record of events and put our heads together immediately. We shared, got kicked off social media, shared some more, got kicked off some more, shared again. Found new platforms and shared again, and again, all the while digging deeper. If we have done this and found out what we have, imagine what one could learn by having access to all Capitol cameras, the abililty to interrogate DC Police Officers, drill Captitol police and look at Nancy’s laptop along with all the other ones they confiscated? Those are just a few things they can do.

That being said, does anyone truly believe the attorneys only have what they were handed two hours before they were to start defending Trump? If that answer is actually yes, then they all need fired and Trump is dumb as a box of rocks for allowing it.

I want to thank Irisheyes17 for dropping the following link to this video. It has all the information anyone needs to determine exactly what took place. And we who know, know.

Everything Wrong With The Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less (

Last spring, Twitter guru, “soulwar” explained the devious actions of those who wish to RESET, and do the grunt work for their masters in the Cabal. During the COVID WAR and what I call Operation Spread the Fear, soulwar’s input was precise. His thread covered much more…but these explain the playbook. The same playbook they used to stage the Capitol break in.

So rest assured, Trump and the military know the drill, they know the law, and they know the constitution….most of all THEY KNOW THE ENEMY! Something tells me they already won this thing. But, let me tell you all, it stinks the way we have to watch the snakes hiss!

My hunch is…well, I’m going to keep that to myself as I will start a firestorm of mixed comments. Mostly, telling me how stupid I am. Smile. But many that will say, “spot on!” So some things, I’m learning are best kept private. Smile and keep the faith!

Stand strong all ye Patriots of the Kingdom!

Dianne Marshall


  1. Don Alberda says:

    I was glad to hear that woman wasn’t killed while she climbed into the window! After watching that video I shared as much as I could! Sadly the officer did die and he was a President Trump supporter too. He died from a reaction to the pepper gas from what I have heard.

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  2. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    I figured it out as soon as I started seeing but a few videos, especially the way the gun was facing compared to “her neck”. This was so much like many of “red flags” we have to suffer though that tries to fool people. Do they really think bad actors can accomplish what we see in movies??? I would definitely call this a B- movie. Hats off to!

    We can only keep praying for truth to be seen by Americans that have bought the lies of evil creatures.

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  3. James Morris says:

    Every time I think the good guys have a bombshell to expose the cabal, it never sees the light of day. They’ve had numerous occasions to act but nada! Fact is the bad guys will always win because the good guys always play by the rules and the bad guys just change them. I thought Trump would be different but so far I’ve been disappointed. I mean to win the election then be told you lost and impeached again is just in-your-face above the law behavior. I weep for my fallen nation tonight! No doubt Christ will come and set it right some day. But then we already knew that.

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    1. Purdyboy says:

      Calm down, it will come, do your research. You have to dig deep, pondering on it does no good. It’s out there on the internet, you just have to find it….. sure the hell not goin to find it on utube

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  4. Gregory Moniz says:

    Thank you for you column. I appreciate your help with information and I appreciate your insight. Keep the faith and stay bringing the truth. God bless you and God bless President Trump and America

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  5. Dianne Marshal I don’t understand the new voice of the American colonists? Guys, – – – – your kingdom. There is Canada, which will replace the states with all and all the meat of the bipedal rabble who believes in the Teran God, then Trump is bad for them. Now daddy’s can is bad. You are like capricious children, whose pacifier is periodically pulled out of everyone’s holes.


    1. and what about Melania’s tweet saying they were signing the deceleration of independence on July 4, 2020
      Melania Trump 45 Archived
      Jul 4, 2020
      Wishing all American’s a happy and safe #4thofJuly! Looking forward to celebrating the birth of our great Nation & the signing of the Declaration of Independence with @POTUS at the @WhiteHouse this evening!
      lol, this wasn’t walked back or explained. I’m about to put down my sailing for dummies book and go buy some champagne


    1. agon7777 says:

      I’ve heard that from other sources as well. It sounds crazy but perhaps Xi wants out of the CCP. Something to keep tucked in the back of your head and to use with discernment as more stuff comes out.

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    2. the only thing not in a bubble right now is silver and zero hedge ran a bunch of articles saying the reddit raiders are gonna squeeze to possibly 1K, effectively destroying swamp banks like morganChase, who manipulate the silver paper market for untold fraud. No one who plays the game will escape justice said Q. Then the next blow on Goliath was a stock named Gamestop< these guys(WSBets) must have help. Some unknown unseen force is changing the landscape silently but dramatically

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  6. Corinna Bianchi says:

    🌷😃😉👏👏👏👍👌💕💞 THANK YOU !!!

    El sáb, 13 feb 2021 a las 5:49, THE MARSHALL REPORT () escribió:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Does anyone think that the Trump team has > sat back and just waited for 6 weeks to see what evidence the Dems and > RHINOs were going to present and do no investigation of their own on the > mess at the Capitol on January 6, 2021? How lame a thought is that, ” >

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    1. These are old, and some of the videos have since been removed in one of them. But here is the story(s) Remember Putin and Trump work well together, they both love their nations. Putin already kicked central banks out of Russia. He hates the Cabal.





  7. isolatedinsmalltown says:
    ·Jan 6
    he overheard a police radio saying shots have been fired.

    3 things went on at the same time: (keep in mind some other things were going on while Trump was talking and this would have been around 11:00? ish?)

    1. When the ‘GOP’ Leader (kevin Mc) said to Bill Hemmer: he heard the shots fired approx. 3:00ish….

    2. If you see this video, what were the antifa gang doing in the Gallery around the same time? Plz check at 5 minutes in and you will see the big clock in the Gallery with the horn man: (almost 3:00) There is also ‘cops’ escorting the antifa around in the Gallery – why were they there and not helping the cops who were trying to ‘control’ the wild crowd as they were busting (fake) windows to go into a hallway? Who was escorting the congress members down the steps, or helping them to get out from under their desks? And who was helping a.o.c.? Oh that’s right, she wasn’t there…

    3. Video of mike pence and other’s leaving the gallery before 3, (because horn man and his friends were already inside the Galley) people ‘hiding under’ desk at this time as well?, and at the same time seconds before Ashlie’s ‘shooting’, you can see members of Congress roaming the halls…then she gets shot, while there’s a party going on in the Gallery?

    The video of the shooting is sheer chaos – too many people with phones filming – (their jobs)….I believe it was all a ‘distraction’ …and whatever happened to the Japanese reporter who first spoke about the discrepancies? Her name is Masako Ganaha and I have not heard from her in weeks: (not since Jan 13th, when I first saw this video from WND):

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  8. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Here is Some Very Important Information And a Couple Videos That Are Worth looking At. One Tells Us Who The Actors Were On The 6th Inside, And It Also Shows And Tells What really Happened There. Very Interesting Stuff! The Whole Thing Was Planned And Set Up!

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  9. I love this post! Donald J. Trump is skilled at Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War!” And I’m so tickled that he was acquitted…AGAIN! LOL And did you see the tantrum Nancy Piglosi threw while holding a press conference and calling conservatives cowards? Priceless! Don’t you just love it when bullies self-destruct? 😀

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