If you think COVID-19 vaccine is being mandated by the same people who faked the entire hoax to implement Lockstep to RESET the world to their tyrannical government controlled order is safe, you have successfully bought into their gaslighting. If you believe it is needed, and you need it then that is your belief and choice. Don’t bother to read any further because this article is for those who want to know what is really going on behind the scenes. The things that are happening that we are not being told. That being said, the purpose of this blog is to discuss what is taking place in a world out of control, and NOT A BLOG FOR OTHERS TO COME IN AND ACT LIKE FACEBOOK FACT CHECKERS, we’ve all had enough of that. Thank you. HOWEVER, questions and comments are welcome that lend to opinion and debate for learning. For we are all learning the truth, and each has something to lend to one another for edification.

There has never been a RNA vaccine, and they can call it anything they want, but this thing will get inside your DNA and it will alter it! If you want your human gene code rewritten that is your decision. How be it a very poor one, in my opinion. Some of these videos are old, but, apparently people haven’t understood the warnings they are lending, so I am reposting them for deeper awareness.

Have people forgotten that this vaccine DOES NOT stop you from getting their fake/manmade virus, and it does not mean you don’t have to wear their oxygen depriving, germ breeding masks. Nor does it mean anything positive, for you will possibly get flu like symptoms, deathly sick, resperatory issues, possible paralysis, nervous system disorders, muscle weakness and atrophy, fatique, weakness, and death.

They are not telling you that this is all experimental, nor having you sign a consent form to try their experimental vaccine nor listing all of the possible side affects you may or may not experience, because they simply do not know yet how many or what type of side affects this vaccine will produce. They are trying to create a vaccine that your body will allow to get into your DNA to alter it. They want the nuclei of your cells reprogramed and they are using real humans to play Frankenstein on.

I feel sorry for those in the medical field who know these things and look the other way. It is a sad day in the world that governments have been in league to genocide their own people and children. What does that tell you?

Many honest doctors have told us it may take years to see all of the gruesome side affects. None which are good.

I am waiting for Gates and Fauci to answer for their crimes against humanity.

Bill Gates has no qualms about putting vaccine drops in the mouths of babes in India and South Africa. He has no medical license but, I guess because he has billions of dollars of vaccine profits that gives him permission to dose children. In August 2018 Gates polio vaccines created over 490,000 cases of paralysis. His new COVID-19 vaccine also creates paralysis…wonder what they might have in common?

Oral polio drops linked to paralysis in India

[NEW DELHI] While India’s oral polio vaccine (OPV) drives have eliminated polio from the country, they have also resulted in over 490,000 cases of paralysis during 2000—2017, says a new study based on national surveillance statistics. 
India, a country of 1.3 billion people, was declared polio-free by the World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2014 in what was considered a landmark in the global drive to eradicate polio. Currently, the wild polio virus, which attacks the nervous system leading to childhood paralytic disease, is confined to Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.
Read full article: Oral polio drops linked to paralysis in India – Asia & Pacific (

“In the absence of wild polio transmission, it was expected that cases of paralysis would reduce to an acceptable rate of around two per 100,000, but this has not materialised”

Jacob Puliyel, St. Stephen’s Hospital

Dianne Marshall


  1. Larry Mac says:

    My wife can’t stand Trump but wants this vaccine. She is scared to death of Covid because she has been disabled from a Nuero disease for 12 years. Her health is not good to say the least. I’m really scared for her to take this….

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Larry, I’m so sorry…. This is such a difficult time we are facing, and the fears of our loved ones are very real. I’m wondering if your wife might be willing to look at some of the evidence (videos, articles, etc) that you have seen, the ones that have helped you to reach your own conclusion. Sometimes, letting the professionals speak for us is exactly what might open up our loved ones eyes. My husband was going to take the vaccine. After listening to a video, I got a great suggestion from it. It suggested that we ask people.. “WHY are you getting the vaccine? WHAT reasons have you concluded will be worth it?” In other words, the idea is to get them to consider WHY, instead of WHY not. My husband hadn’t really critically thought it out until we talked about it in detail. Then he was open to looking at more of the video and article evidence. Now, he’s decided NOT to take the vaccine. (Thank you, Lord.) I pray that the Lord will open a door for you to talk to your wife. Do whatever you can, she’s worth it, and with the Lord’s help, perhaps she’ll reconsider. Praying for you two….with love!!!

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      1. Okay everyone, I saw the comments Dixonator was making. I also saw he had no personal info and made the decision to block his troll arse. I will not allow someone like that to come on and attack good people. Questions or disagreeing because you have another point of view is one thing, but down right attacking and condemning others with nothing to add is nothing more than an evil spirit of disruption and he/she/robot/it is gone. I had been busy writing and did not know the extent of his attacks. He went to far.

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    2. david says:

      The ultimate solution is by a SINGLE prophet as a leader of prophets. Now there is the first line of defence kit. By July will come the EDUCAP, to have the legal right of showing IMMUNITY for freedom of movement. NO virus will get through it. It was given by G-d as a chance to save those with eyes to see and ears to hear, and be saved.
      You can gain this by Dr William Deagle. his web site is You can gain further understanding from him as the FOREMOST advanced medical genius on earth. It was given by me in the spirit to know truth, and I found both him and the one called by the spirit of Elijah to gather Ephraim as the first fruits have already done. For greater understanding to search the matter out, go to AND LIVE !!!

      TAKE NO VACCINE, FOR IT will KILL MANY. These attack the vmat 2 region of the brain. The reptilian portion of the rage control and over emotion, sex, hunger. The victim becomes an empathy free easily angered person. Like the GMO frankenfood, it alrees the DNA and as for the moderna, contains not just dangerous adjuvents, but hydrojel and Luciferase, with the self assembling nano tech to replace every portion of the ones that survive the process. By means of the cray five supercomputer systems in strategic location, the primary node at Falcon Colorado, the GDELT project of LEO satellites, are able to use their database of frequencies, including use of the smart grid as the GWEN system by G-5 and G6, to manipulate and control emotion. Recall the Arab spring!

      Thought control is as yet beyond capabilities, no matter what a couple of the aware doctors will tell you. It may well be later, but this is not yet possible. The primary node is HQ for the mark of the beast.
      Also HQ for the secret space program. After the uprising of Antifa and BLM when taken into custody, we can expect a time of false peace, until the beast dictator is revealed.
      Trump will return to his office, as the true appointed king, not the false jackel that is a self appointed king. Judgement is upon these political liars that serve darkness.Many are facing tribunal, prison, and death for treason just as Hitlery Jezebel Clinton was put to death by hanging at gitmo. Man of these of the synagogue of satan will be removed from power, as even now, judgement is on them, and the ones that stand in the way of Trump’s return, will be arrested. It remains to be seen, if the he will become the beast or will not be that man of perdition, as we know he has that potential as exchequer over earth.

      G-d uses Trump for the LAST MOVE of his spirit on earth, to call the ten lost tribes out of the whore religions, out of confusion, out of Babylon and idol worship, and into relationship. For those that keep the covenant, all things are added unto you as in the blessings of psalm 91, into fellowship unto the restoration of all things, including the restoration of the years of Methuselah by means of that genius, and by the supernatural power and anointing of G-d being brought to save G-d’s people that have LOST THEIR OWN IDENTITY. Satan comes not but to steal kill and destroy.
      Pray that G-d’s prophet over Ephraim who is now in the wilderness with the brothers and sisters, will be given the lost books to be revealed. These are not merely the 66 books, but are the number of completion. 777.

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  2. Anne says:

    My question is this….if President Trump is on our side, why would he want us to have such a risky and experimental vaccine injected into our children, family members, loved ones, etc??? I’m really trying to understand his logic and this is not meant to be a sarcastic comment. Thank you….

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    1. Me too. I was told several stories. How it was a flu shot and military tests it to make sure it is safe. Yet, the side affects are still taking place, including death. Fear? No fear here. Just sadness for those who believe it is necessary. It does absolutely nothing to prevent. It makes no sense. I am listening to the front line doctors and Robert Kennedy Jr. As well as my own common sense.

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    2. Dioskouros (Διός Κούρος) says:

      Hello from HELLAS (Greece).

      Dear Ann and Diane, I never heard DJT say that the vaccine is mandatory. What I think he has said repeatedly is that the vaccine is here for whoever WANTS to do it, not that he HAS to do it. He could not do otherwise. It is up to us to investigate and put our logic (common sense) to tell us whether we will do it or not. Do not expect everything from one person, especially if that person has to make other chessboard moves that we do not know and understand. Each of us must individually put our hand and decide for ourselves. Its a good way to help him.

      In my opinion the problem is not the vaccine. If someone wanted to hurt me, it would be stupid to do so with something so blatantly suspicious. I think the problem is the virus test. With this long swab, is the epiphysis (pineal gland) affected? Be sure that those who want to hurt us, know very well our psychology and know how to fool us. So they show us the “tree” (which is the vaccine) and we lose the “forest” which is the operation on our epiphysis (pineal gland) through the test.

      There are many Hellenes (Greeks) who believe in the president (and the team behind him) and are waiting for the result of the “war”. Vaccines and tests are only two of many battles. We Greeks know from our ancestors that “as above, so below”, meaning that everything that happens in the etheric and astral realms, is transferred to our own realm (and many times vice versa). Believe me, the signs are here. The Gods are here. But we must not be apathetic. An ancient Greek saying goes “σύν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει”, meaning that in order for the Goddess Athena to help us, we must also help ourselves by helping the Goddess.

      Be in joy my friends.

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      1. BarbedStar says:

        Not only the potential damage to the blood/brain barrier in the testing, but what are they doing with all the dna gathered in the process of testing in such a manner??? Who gets all those dna covered swabs with the individuals information attached? Taking the shots was left to individual choice, buy why take it when there is so much information on recovery rates and and harmless meds? Propaganda has removed critical thinking ability. Take off your damn masks and clear your brain!

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    3. I was an O.R Nurse for many, many years, I can tell you that you listen to the Doctors and Drug Reps who “Know the in and outs of the product.” They are the so called listened to the experts/President Trump listened to the CD and that deep state mule Fauci. He got the same info we did. We can no more blame him than ourselves . I will say I always thought Fauci was a snake in the grass. Turn coat, and lair.

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  3. dixoncider69 says:

    FACT CHECK TIME (This is the free internet where free speech is free after all)

    FIRST OF ALL I don’t know where you went to school Diane but that’s not how mRNA works at all. mRNA does not alter your DNA. Never had, never will. It can’t even enter the cell nucleus where DNA is. You’ll never find it there. One is single stranded, one is double stranded. They don’t even use the same nitrogenous base pairs for crying out loud!! This is stuff you’re supposed to learn in EIGHTH GRADE. No wonder people think Christians are crazy.

    Second of all NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO GET THE VACCINE. Don’t want it? Don’t get it. It’s that simple.
    I got it and now I’m retarded. Just kidding, I’m only mildly autistic now and sometimes at night I turn into a giant antenna and broadcast AT&T commercials for my neighbors. Beep beep


    1. There has been 501 deaths from the start of getting the ‘vaccine’ just until 1-29-2021. There is an adverse effect homepage and 501 deaths have been reported from the ‘vaccine.’ This is just those who know about the homepage. The amount of deaths are many more. Explain that.

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      1. dixoncider69 says:

        You know for a fact there are many more deaths than 501? Ok bud. Let’s pretend there are 1000. Out of 138 MIION vaccines administered, that’s… wait for it… .000007% mortality rate. Average age of death? SEVENY SEVEN. Compare that with 3.1% mortality rate from COVID 19… but no you’re right the vaccine is the real problem.

        And where are you getting that mRNA magically changes your DNA?? As I have explained already, the two are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Please show me where you’re getting this divine knowledge that runs counter to every scientific observation and experiment involving the ability of mRNA to change your DNA. Because right now you just sound like an idiot who’s scared of imaginary boogeymen.


      2. DRKC says:

        Here we go again with the manipulations. I read the other day Biden’s instructing his Health team not to record the Vaccine side affects or deaths. That’s how they roll

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      3. dixoncider69 says:

        Hey again pot4stooge, here are the numbers on covid vaccines.
        But since you don’t agree I’m sure all the numbers are faked. Cuz everything’s fake except your high and mighty Bible. And the only evidence you need is your conviction. Why do I even bother with you people? Disagree with whatever facts disprove your point, believe whatever you want, and drag America into the conservative dark ages with you.


    2. Henry says:

      While I take issue with the condescending tone, Dixon is right about the biochemistry of mRNA. As a doctor, I know a thing or two about genetics and cellular replication, and he’s right on the money . And I must admit, I got a chuckle out of that last paragraph. Ha, ha!

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      1. Henry says:

        Absolutely not. I was referring to the second paragraph of his first comment where he made a wisecrack about being an antenna. I am sad to see he has resorted to name calling.


    3. debjbalk says:

      “People” think Christians are crazy, you say, dixoncider69. Yes, I’m crazy in love with Jesus, and proud of it. Tell all those so-called “people” that we Christians welcome them into our “crazy” fold, anytime, anywhere….come join us. Eternity in heaven with the Savior of the world makes a silly little label like “crazy” oh so worth it. God bless you, crazy friend.

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      1. Dixon has believed the lies of Fauci and Gates. So sad. I thought he was so smart. I was wrong. He is a parrot and a memorizer full of inaccurate statistics. Memorizers memorize the data and don’t know how to critical think. They love to memorize and repeat robotic statements. He would be great working for CNN.

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    4. fireflamestoves says:

      dixon is a rude leftist liar! He claims the mortality rate for the Kung Flu is 3.1%, and we have known for many months that false figure was used as a weapon by WHO and the CDC to induce panic and fear in the masses so that they could cower us into submissiveness as they took away our freedoms under the guise of safety! Dixon’s goal is chaos and division; same as his master!

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      1. Dixoncider69 says:

        “Waaah waaah all the statistics point to me being wrong, that must mean everyone else is wrong!!!”
        Gotta love conservatards, they never fail to amuse. Or is it disappoint?
        Seriously, there is not one person here who is able to refute anything I’m saying except with “THAT’S FAKE.” Where’s your evidence? Up Trump’s butt? Yeah I’m a jerk, but I’d rather be rude and leftist than…whatever it is you guys are…


      2. fireflamestoves says:

        They say that the loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room, and my experience has shown that the rudest one in the room is the most miserable one in the room. I feel sorry for you, Dixon, because you are the loudest one in the room and the rudest one in the room, which suggests you are weak and miserable; a hateful human being. It’s really quite sad, and I pray God shows His Mercy on you and allows your hardened heart to repent and receive Him!

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      3. dixoncider69 says:

        Oh I’m miserable all right. I’m sick of people like you with nothing of substance or value to add to an argument, so you just resort to denial in the face of facts and empty platitudes. Do I hate you guys? Nah. Just everything you stand for: fear, denial, and stubborn conviction. Face the fucking music, stop burying yourselves in conspiracy theories, and give me ONE GOOD COUNTERARGUMENT to anything I’ve said. Then maybe I’ll be less miserable.


      4. I saw the comments Dixonator was making. I also saw he had no personal info and made the decision to block his troll arse. I will not allow someone like that to come on and attack good people. Questions or disagreeing because you have another point of view is one thing, but down right attacking and condemning others with nothing to add is nothing more than an evil spirit of disruption and he/she/robot/it is gone. I had been busy writing and did not know the extent of his attacks. He went to far.


  4. Qliebersahn says:

    Dianne, I really don’t understand what you are so worried about here since the military is in charge and Trump is going to assume office again. That much is obvious with all the evidence around us. Why would Trump and the military allow us all to be vaccinated with something so bad?

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    1. These are crimes against humanity. Our children and the children of the world are at risk for their billion dollar reset fake covid games. That is my fear. Any adult who wants to take it – that’s their choice. I am just showing them what is really happening, the news isn’t showing anything but lies and fear. And if I don’t speak up now, tomorrow it WILL AFFECT ME – the days of mandating it or no buying or selling are around the corner if something doesn’t stop the insanity of giving healthy people a vaccine that the pharmaceutical company has no liability for. And built in gov. money in the billions by mandating it. There is a mandate state by state to push so many a month. It is not legal, but they are mandating it. The next step will be forcing it.

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      1. dixoncider69 says:

        Wow is your name shemp because you’re a stooge? mRNA IN NO WAY alters your genes. mRNA tells your body to make the viral capsid protein, and is then degraded. Google “the central dogma” if you’re having trouble understanding the difference between DNA, RNA, and proteins. Or just ask any 13 year old kid. And QUANTUM DOTS??? Oh my goodness, somebody call the police!! Did you just make that term up? Quantum dot?? Hahahaha ok stooge. No more hemp for you, clearly been smoking too much.


      2. Your condescending remarks do not reflect professionalism which would be reflective of thorough knowledge on the subject. If you are comfortable with vaccine, then take it. It simply defies logic and common sense that the world’s population needs a vaccine for a virus that has close to a 99% recovery rate. It is not the bubonic plague. Millions are not dying rapid horrible deaths. Yet, most cow tail to the lopsided ‘science’ without regard to the full spectrum of research including wearing a mask which is not going to protect you or others. Fauci has flip flopped on that several times showing no scientific evidence exists. Now those same people rush to get a vaccine that does not ‘fix’ the problem since wearing a mask, socially distancing, etc. is still required. The bottom line is God gave us a brain for a reason. Common sense and basic logic shows the pandemic to be more of a societal conditioning tool than an actual life threatening illness.

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      3. Henry says:

        Dixon, while your points are scientifically correct, you are being a total jerk to people who are some combination of ignorant and fearful on the matter – a combination that does not respond well to antagonization from the other side.
        Patient education is an art, not a science, and if patients don’t want to change their minds then that is their decision. I hope you come to see that the way in which you talk to people is just as important as what you tell them.

        To anyone else listening, I am a doctor who has had the vaccine and is trained in vaccine administration. All my colleagues have had it and I know of nobody who has had an adverse reaction as of yet; however, I recognize that this is purely anecdotal evidence. Adverse reactions are a risk of any vaccine – of any injectable substance really. They continue to be a valid concern.
        My point is that, if you want the vaccine, take it. If you don’t want it, don’t take it. But at least be informed in your decision. And posts like these are counter to scientific knowledge, reflect a lack of technical understanding, and may be seen as fear-mongering. The only valid criticism I have seen on this post was posted by Mr. Flores:, but even this post ignores the fact that that ADE has not been associated with the covid vaccine and that the mRNA induced production of the viral capsid protein mimics other effective vaccines such as HiB (Haemophilus influenza type B).
        Clinging to the idea that mRNA will somehow change your DNA and other such notions, which have no evidence backing them whatsoever, will not strengthen your arguments against the vaccine. I condemn the screeching vitriol seen here by Mr Cider (though he is factually accurate), but I am happy to discuss the vaccine with others here if you wish.


      4. Henry says:

        Dixon, while you are technically correct in your arguments, stooping to condescension and name calling will do you no favors. Patient education is an art, not a science, and you have a lot to learn if your true aim is to convince people that you are right. You are speaking to people about a subject of which everyone is some combination of ignorant and fearful. Insults are a poor response to this mix of emotions. If you’re going to stick to childish rants, why don’t you back off and let the grown ups do the talking?

        To everyone else, I say this. I am a doctor who has had the vaccine and am trained in administering the vaccine. All of my colleagues have had it without adverse effects. However, I acknowledge that this evidence is purely anecdotal. I got the vaccine because I believe the rate of adverse events pales in comparison to the rate of mortality from coronavirus. But adverse reactions are a risk of any vaccine – of any injectable substance, for that matter. And it is irresponsible to gloss over the fact that death is a possible side effect.
        If you want to get the vaccine, do it. If you don’t want to get the vaccine, don’t. But regardless of your choices, at least be informed.

        I am commenting because I have been following Dianne for some time, and while I agree with her on many issues, her posts about the vaccine reveal a lack of technical knowledge about genetics and vaccines. This serves to misinform at best, and fear-monger at worst. Certain posters here have inelegantly highlighted why mRNA will not alter your genes; I will not rehash that argument in this post. The only anti-covid vaccine post here that I believe has merit is the one posted by Mr. Flores here, but even this post fails to acknowledge that no evidence of antibody-dependent enhancement exists for this particular vaccine It also fails to address that the proteins produced by the vaccine mRNA elicit immunity act similarly to already existing vaccines, such as HiB (haemophilus influenza type B), the key difference being that the mRNA causes your body to produce the vaccine in this case, rather than just being injected with it. I understand that certain commenters here have spoiled the party, and for that I am sorry. But if anyone wishes to engage in a respectful dialogue with someone who is intimately familiar with the vaccine process, I will be here.



      5. I saw the comments Dixonator was making. I also saw he had no personal info and made the decision to block his troll arse. I will not allow someone like that to come on and attack good people. Questions or disagreeing because you have another point of view is one thing, but down right attacking and condemning others with nothing to add is nothing more than an evil spirit of disruption and he/she/robot/it is gone. I had been busy writing and did not know the extent of his attacks. He went to far.

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      6. Mary says:

        Dixon may know SOME things But the problem is “how” this gene therapy works and disrupts the intricate operation of our cells. He can SAY it doesn’t alter the DNA, but when data & videos from MANY scientists & doctors throughout the world, who have worked With this type of “therapy”, it is clear that it plugs into your DNA strand. It replicates. The way it enters the cells, creates spike proteins, & then blocks the Exit pathway for toxins released by the spike protein is causing blood clots, neurological disorders, & many other significant issues.
        !! How I arrived at MY decision:
        1-I went to reliable sources: (FDA(Review the 24 pg “Provider Info” & THEN review the “Participant Info” that is ONLY 4 pages re: Moderna. It’ll blow your mind.(it states “birth defects as a top side affect), CDC, NIH, Lifeboat, “Medical researcher” sites that are involved, etc). Robert Kennedy Does use actual common sense stats. Note: I have extensive experience over 24 yrs in the area of genetics & virology becuz I have a son with a rare Chromosome anomaly & I contracted a Monster virus (CMV) during a 9 hr surgery in 1990. Doctors had NO answers so I was forced to do my own research.
        2- I changed by Safari browser on my iPhone to DuCK DUCK Go, & Downloaded the App! They are much more reliable. Note: G@@gle invested in RNA research years ago. They have “skin in the game.” FOLLOW the MONEY, folks.
        3-I did simple “MATH”: How many people Contracted C19, How many Died FROM COVID-19, VERSUS how many died WITH C19.
        Note: I have a friend who died in a motorcycle accident. He was DOA at the hospital from the Accident. The parents received the death certificate & it stated COD: C-19. (they are suing the County becuz the coroner refused to change it. A friend in hospice dying from cancer was added to the stats for C19. It’s CLEAR to me that the STATs are Extremely skewed, from my own observations, research, discussions with ER physicians I know, & whistleblower doctors that reveal the same. Note: I believe in the “Great Barrington Declaration” form of dealing with pandemics(btw, this definition was changed recently!)
        4- Cost/ Benefit Analysis: I make decisions weighing risk/reward. I also look to see if there is Alternative treatments should C19 affect me. There ARE inexpensive treatments. Period! With early treatment They Prove to be successful. Take care of your health. LOSE weight if you are obese.
        5- post-vaccination!: Read the VAERS report, & know that this only represents 1-3% of cases of adverse reactions/deaths. I do NOT know anyone who has died from C-19, BUT I Do know a pharmacist who was administering vaccines on a large scale. He died mysteriously of acute renal failure 2 months ago. Another friend died last week. 2 months after receiving Pfizer vax he developed a bizarre Painful neurological disorder that wrapped around his head & jaw. He checked into the hospital. His blood work was perfectly Normal. 2 days later they said he had pneumonia, 5 days later they said he had Acute Leukemia. 3 days later he died! This friend went to his MD Every 6 months. His blood work was Always perfect!
        ~~the VAERS reports line up exactly with simply the above 2 cases.
        6- again, READ the 24 pg “Provider Info” re: each “vaccine”. If THIS DOES NOT convince people NOT to get the experimental shot then nothing will. We MUST rely on SCIENCE & Data. WhY on earth should my children, or Anyone, get the shot when they have a recovery rate of 99+%.
        !!!: NEVER get pressured to get it. The CDC Director clearly stated in front of Congress that No one can be forced to take an experimental “vaccine.” Most of the people IN the Industry have NOT taken it! But their bank accounts have the $$$$ “injecting” into their accounts.
        ~~~~~this experimental shot should be PULLED from the market NOW. Write to ur CongressPeople now.
        ~~~blessings to all

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    1. david says:

      Here is part of the education people will need
      Any that want the medical protocol for viruses can get it from First line of defence kit. As a veteran of ten years, I began my own research in the days of 9/1 when I lost my mother. I was trained as both a combat soldier and in military intel. I have been in the underground, as far back as 1981 and I am fully aware of many programs and extreme technologies to 38 levels beyond Q level clearance. This is a good blog to replace the one I left and removed from the internet. It was not appropriate for me to teach, until I was properly brought up through the ranks to develop my own anointing, and learn what that will take to accomplish, in years of dedication to live according to Torah, and to have the testimony of Yeshua. Today, I have even on my own, discovered many things that would shock mankind, as G-d answered my prayer to know truth. There is NO mistaking G-d answering you. He shows you in a way that no person could ever take from you, as long as you hunger for such depth of love it could only be expressed in tongues. G-d allows me to draw near to him in his enormous room that I may wail for the loss of the innocent between the porch and the alter.
      Someone like me is not supposed to get access so far beyond my former pay grade because of all the compartmentalisation, but it didn’t work I’m something of an anomaly.

      Then, because I had been on my face seeking our G-d of Israel, I was found of him. I have been saved more than once from demonic attack and remain alive. I discovered in 2006 one that is the lamed, calling the prophets and evangelists. He is the direct descendent of Moses, the second witness of Rev 11. In 2007 I found the first witness, whom had the anointing of Elijah, that had already planted the seed for the return of the ten lost tribes, blowing the shofar and yelling as loud as he could on instruction by one of his two angels, for Ephraim to come home, and I continue those specific prayers as well as those for the innocent being torn apart by sacrifice for demonic power.

      I met that prophet in 2007, never realising who he was either in my spirit or my natural mind. I continued with the second witness until having gone as far as I could, returned to Elijah by email, asking if he knew of anyone in SW Ontario that could tech me. Shortly thereafter, I discovered it was he that called me in 2006.
      This is all in Malachi 4:4,5,6 and in Zechariah 8:23, and yes… all the first fruits know each other, and some have even fallen away just as Elijah said would happen. We are the leadership of the remnant, the first fruits, continuing to prepare ourselves for the time when millions will come out of the whore church. Out of Babylon / confusion, out of false doctrine to be virgins and G-d will receive them too.

      Some of us are now in the wilderness, and I am in the process of getting out of Gomorrah, which is Canada, above Sodom which is the USA. Elijah has told us all to FLEE America. The longer people stay, the harder it will be to leave.


  5. John Waudby says:

    Everyone should be compelled to read the book by Eleanor McBean called “The Poisoned Needle”. Written by a professional for professionals. Very heavy reading with tons of bibliography to back up her claims. Once read, you will NEVER subject your self to this dangerous practice again.


  6. TonyKapp says:

    It is dangerous to place your faith in men or governments. What we are seeing today is a total corruption of the truth, across the world. And for a time, they have succeeded. But God is the ultimate judge and He will hold them accountable for their wickedness and deception.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Alex Flores says:

    Karl Denninger posted a laymens understanding of mRNA vax.
    Serious (And Ignored) Vaccine Risk

    A just a note about snarky comment posters questioning another persons intellect and education, etc. Seriously, you arent making points or pals here. Maybe try sharing opposing pov with common curtesy in an effort to improve the discussion and finding objective truth, otherwise you come off as being a k ucklehead troll and no one listens to those.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Henry Acres says:

    Until ‘we the people’ see in concrete evidence, that all other forms of death have been completely wiped-out, and are now null and void, and the plain and simple fact is that the corona paranoia virus, is the one and only killer on the planet, this so-called vaccine, the ‘please, can you see if I am contagious’ testing, can all be thrown into the trash can. I will rely on my common sense, knowing that my immune system has gotten me to the year ’66’…and if I feel to sick to do my daily chore, I stay home.

    The last shot I got was the Shingles Shot, and I have never been so sick in my life.

    The glaring fact that they want to push the envelope of requiring a vaccine in order to go to a concert, go shopping etc., is enough to see that their goal is to push the mandatory rule in our faces, and those that do not comply, well, you get my point.

    When my dad was in the Navy, I got numerous shots everytime we either left America, or came back into it from abroad. Seems like every year and a half, I was plunged by so many needles, that in time, you would think I am either gonna get sick from being allergic to one of them, or build a strong immune system. Well, I’m here.

    I agree to a certain point that some vaccines or shots work, especially, when going into a country known for it’s foul sicknesses, but the science of today is not what it used to be. Politics has polluted it’s once reliable source, and made it into a monster to which it’s hard to believe in anymore. As far as I’m concerned, the needle is a bullet, and made of more harm than good. With that being said, feel free to do what you choose, it’s your life, and should be ‘your’ decision, not their’s. I ain’t no guinea pig…

    My great uncle once said,
    ‘The difference between you and a doctor is,
    A doctor has a license to practice’

    To the tune of Johnny Paycheck’s, “Take This Job And Shove it”

    “Take your shot and shove it
    I ain’t lifting my shirt for you,
    You’re so-called bug has ruined my taste
    And, disposable diaper’s ain’t true.”

    One final note here…ain’t it strange how all of a sudden, things are looking to be opening in another month…never trusted this SOB for a minute…I voted for Donald J. Trump, because he was to my knowledge, the less of the two evils, to which there are plenty.

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  9. Found this interesting: The jab is not a Vaccine it is gene therapy. Read the actual package inserts online not the written at 5th grade level fact sheet (double speak) they give you that passes as informed consent. You will find that it is still in trail for 24 months from the second dose. What does that tell you fellow lab rats.

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  10. Kay George says:

    THIS is a must read article on SARS COV2 “vaccine” which isn’t a vaccine by the legal definition AT ALL. It’s a gene therapy CHEMOTHERAPY that will lessen symptoms for those that contract the virus. It’s a giant scam heaped upon all the other scams & lies. They must call it a “vaccine” because then they’re not liable. This must be exposed!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Henry says:

    Hello all
    Please ignore my duplicate post, the first one was not visible when I logged back in so I tried to write it again. I’m gettin to old for the internet it seems.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. debjbalk says:

      Doc Henry, I appreciate the effort you’ve made here to document your views about the vaccine. Equally, I appreciate the opposing views and how they’ve stated their stance. My favorite line that you’ve stated is that “if people want it, then get it….if they don’t want it, then don’t.” That truly is the bottom line, and I think we can leave it at that. I would just like to add, from my perspective, that a lot of other factors go into a person’s decision, not just the scientific evidence….for example, family values, life experiences, perhaps medical history, the people or organizations promoting the vaccine and how each individual values (or devalues) their recommendation (eg. Bill Gates), and I’m sure a host of other personal thoughts. While you’ve done an awesome job of documenting your statement, I remind us that no one here has stated “Yay or Nay” as to whether or not they are going to take the vaccine (or, not take it)…. So, we leave it at that….each individual’s very personal choice. I’m sure we will all find both Dianne’s and your views important in our decision-making. Thank you, Dr. Henry. May God bless all of us as we process through the information to make a solid, yet personal, decision.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Henry says:

        Thank you sincerely for your kind response. I see how much thought and care you have put into it. My aim is only to provide you with information, so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself, which, as you stated, is multifactorial. I wish you and yours the best during these unprecedented times.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Geneva says:

    Just wanted to say I love your page and appreciate the information you put out. Never understood why some people find a need to seek out things just so they can bash it. Dont like a post on a platform, simply scroll on… dont like what someone chooses to post on their personal web page… dont seek it out. Pretty simple concept I would think. Keep on spreading your message! Many hear you and agree with you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. dixoncider69 says:

      Maybe some people are tired of other people saying things that are flat out wrong and have no basis in reality, and using that to whip their followers into a fear frenzy. Misinformation is different than just a shitty opinion. You wanna believe that mRNA somehow changes your DNA? You wanna make up your own virus statistics that fit your own conspiracies? Fine. But you better believe I’ll be there to let you know why you’re wrong so that other people don’t fall for the same BS. Have a nice day.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. debjbalk says:

    Dixon, I like how very passionate you are….and, that fire in your belly too. You’ve thoughtfully invested a lot of time and care to pen your comments here throughout this post. This last one of yours helps me to understand a little more where you’re coming from. If I understand you correctly, it seems really important to you to help guide others toward the direction you believe as truth. That’s a great quality to have, caring for others well-being and guiding others toward truth. I can see how frustrating it’s been for you when others don’t “get it” like you do. I can relate, we all run up against that on occasion. Do you suppose others are just as passionate and firm in their beliefs as you, and that’s part of the stalemate?….And, is it possible these times may present the opportunity to “agree to disagree?”. I’m just wondering what you might think…It’s something that I’ve been trying to practice myself, and am finding that it helps to minimize my frustration and moving beyond stalemates with people. It’s just a thought. I don’t mean any disrespect to you. I see how much you truly care about your convictions. Thanks, Dixon.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. debjbalk- You are always so good to others. I watched the dixoncider comments and he met the no tolerance list that God showed me last night. There is patience, and there is tolerance. He wailed at almost every person on here, including me, like wack a mole. He hit the no tolerance level. He went to wordpress jail.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. debjbalk says:

      Thank you, Dianne. I will continue to pray for a softening of Dixon’s heart. God has led you in your decision, and He knows best. Bless you, dear one, for your leadership.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In every debate their are guidelines. He displayed none. I was the first one he slapped upside the head. I let it go. When I returned later, I was ashamed that he had attacked almost every person commenting. Good people and people with concerns. It had to be done.

        Liked by 2 people

  15. debjbalk says:

    It will be a glorious day if & when Dixon meets Jesus. I can just imagine how the Lord will use that firey spirit in him to do good…he reminds me of Saul before he became Paul. ;+) You made a Spirit-led decision that was best for all involved. I believe God will use it as an opportunity for Dixon, “if only” he is open to hearing from Him. Thank you for caring about our experience here, Dianne. I know that feeling you describe when someone “beats up” another person after slamming you. I’m an online chat coach for Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc (BGEA) called Search for Jesus (SFJ). We have a lot of visitors come to our site who hate Jesus, want to argue, criticize, and basically just beat us up. One big difference between here and at SFJ is that when we see the same hostile visitors land in our InBox, we can choose to not answer. Many times, the chat coaches and I take turns trying to talk with them. Also, like WordPress jail, we can “flag them,” giving them timeout to change their tone. It’s more difficult in this setting because there’s no option of “not” answering them in the InBox. Once a comment is written here, it leaves its impact, good or bad. You had to take a stand, and I’m grateful for it.


    1. DixonCider420 says:

      Deb, of all the people here, you are by far the best. I posted a response to you until Dianne blocked me, but I’ll try again.

      As far as agreeing to disagree, this is one of those topics where I can’t let that slide. I’m happy to let you guys have your beliefs. Believe that Tesla invented UFOs. Believe that CERN is opening portals to hell. Believe in your god if it makes you happy. But what I can’t do is let you believe something that will put other people in danger: that covid is fake and that the vaccine is more dangerous. If people here choose to believe that, fine, but you better believe I won’t let you just think that without a fight, without showing everyone how wrong they are.

      My friend was 22 last March when he got Corona, studying abroad in Italy. He was one of the first Americans to have it. Totally healthy guy, had to be out on a ventilator for two weeks. My uncle just died four months ago from it – he thought it was a Democrat hoax. My aunt still posts these stupid blog posts to her Facebook, which is why I know about this place. One of my friends coworkers just died from it, leaving her eight year old son an orphan. I personally had it and was fine. But to say that it isn’t a big deal is misinformation at best and lethal at worst.

      That’s why I come here and post all that stuff. I meant to start off in a lighthearted know it all kind of way, but the stubbornness I’ve seen here, people attacking me for “being mean” without actually countering any of my arguments, is what pissed me off and led me to go scorched earth.

      I’m not hateful of people, just their beliefs if they use them to hurt others. Aren’t you Christians like that about gay marriage and abortion?
      I don’t expect to change many minds on here. Certainly not Dianne’s, she’s basically the president of Crazytown. But if I can convince at least one person, one visitor to this blog, that my points are valid, then that’s good enough for me.

      Thanks for being willing to engage with me here.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. debjbalk says:

        Thanks for coming back to talk this out, Dixon. My sincerest condolences for the trauma you’ve experienced in losing those you love to COVID….I cannot even begin to imagine losing one person, let alone all the ones you’ve mentioned. How devastating that must have been….It’s no wonder you are so passionate, and rightfully so. I am that way too when it comes to life experiences that have personally affected me. You are using your experience to bring knowledge and understanding to others….that’s a good way to not only help others, but also to help you make something good out of so much pain and loss. I want you to know something about me…. Just because I am here and reading all this information, Dianne’s posts and the others, doesn’t mean that I’ve automatically taken the information on as my own personal beliefs. For example, you mentioned Tesla and UFO’s….actually, when I post a comment, I’m usually extra careful NOT to share my personal beliefs, but instead I just try to comment in generalities. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope you are not “assuming” that I (and others) believe certain ways, just because we are here reading the information. We are all on a journey of discovery, investigating, and integrating new learning into our present knowledge base and belief systems. I try my best to keep an open mind and then draw various conclusions….many of those conclusions, I often keep to myself, and at other times, I’ll share them here. Why? Partly because I still am not sure how I feel about the information and am still trying to integrate it into my beliefs. You have shown your desire to help others, and I can only imagine that your 22-year old friend, your uncle, and your friend’s coworker would be very proud of you for taking a stand to make their deaths count for something good. You are a treasure for wanting to honor them this way….keep advocating for others, and hopefully others will see that your “fighting spirit” comes from a place of concern and care for their well-being. Thank you for chatting, Dixon. May God bring lots of people along your path that will benefit from hearing your message.


  16. Ron says:

    Vaccine or gene therapy, to me the denomination is irrelevant.
    it is not properly tested (of at all), the list with possible ingredients and side effects is way to stark, it does not provide immunity, it does not remove the “need” for masks or social distancing and there are way to many direct links to people seeking population control and even genocide in whatever form.
    Way more red flags than my hands can hold.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. debjbalk says:

    Hey Dianne…. Since you got voted the “president” of Crazytown….I’d like to run for V.P….as long as no Dominion machines are used…..and, I promise not to pull a “Pence” on ya!!….Now, THAT would be crazy!!! (grin, wink, wink) ;+)

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Juan says:

    Dear Diane,

    I recently discovered your fine website and am very impressed with your research.

    Please do not take this the wrong way, but there is a video that you posted, above, that does not serve anyone who wishes to make an informed decision on Covid vaccine safety.

    This DarkHorse podcast, presents two “celebrity” biology academics, Bret Weinstein and wife, Heather.

    I first assumed their discussion would be based on the title of their youtube video, “Potential long-term hazards of COVID vaccines”.

    Actually, it is a Darkhorse of a different color.

    Around the 13 minute mark, their discussion shifts to their true agenda and apparent obsession with, what Weinstein terms,”free riders”

    This obsession takes the form of judgement, if not condemnation, of anyone who might be concerned regarding the real or suspected adverse effects of vaccines (including but not limited to), the Covid vaccine.

    Mr. Weinstein, goes out of his way to separate the (less bad) Covid vaccine-concerned group from the (despicable) “anti-vaxxer movement”.

    He then insinuates that there is a selfish motivation in “a fraction” of the concerned parties, regarding the adverse effects of vaccines.

    Weinstein states,

    “We’ve got a problem with the anti-vaxxers”
    “We’ve just described a free-rider problem……people who are late in the sequence (being vaccinated), are getting the benefit of everybody else being vaccinated (presumably, herd immunity) WITHOUT PAYING THE COST OF THEIR OWN RISK (my emphasis).

    He uses terms like, “collective well-being”, to justify taking the vaccine.
    Is Weinstein attempting to shame anti-(covid) vaxxers through perceived peer pressure, all for the GREATER GOOD?

    After the 17 minute mark, the Weinsteins briefly elude to the (cherry-picked) FDA study they referenced. This particular study, along with Weinstein’s comments, give the distinct impression that there are only TWO known adverse effects of the Phizer Covid vaccine, so far:

    1. Anaphylaxis (allergic) reaction
    2. Bells Palsy (facial paralysis)

    This is patently false and they know it.

    Please refer to

    Source: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
    October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation —

    The 22 potential adverse effects listed on the official Food and Drug Administration website are:

    Guillain-Barré syndrome
    Acute disseminatedenc ephalomyelitis
    Narcolepsy and cataplexy
    Acute myocardial infarction
    Autoimmune disease
    Pregnancy and birth outcomes
    Other acute demyelinating diseases
    Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation
    Venous thromboembolism
    Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
    Kawasaki disease
    Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
    Vaccine enhanced disease

    In my opinion, the Weinstein’s are nothing more than disinformation agents that one typically hears on NPR (National Pubic Radio) ‘controlled narrative’ blather. They are nothing more than vaccine-shill apologists.

    In the context of this podcast, the Weinstein’s DEFEND the less-than- stellar safety performance, wholly at the expense of past and potential victims of this vaccine sham.

    It doesn’t take some highbrowed academic to see who butters this disturbing duo’s bread.

    Vaccine truth- start here (not youtube)

    Dr. Simone Gold – The truth about the CV19 vaccine (2021)

    WARNING FOR HUMANITY / Covid-19 vaccine .

    Vaccine Reaction Stories – From January 2021

    Best regards


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