On January 17, a few days before the inaugural event of the new CEO, General Micheal Flynn expressed his confidence that Trump will serve as president in 2021. He also stated that we are in a national emergency due to Foreign interference in our elections. They have evidence and proof that Germany, Spain, Italy, Iran, China, and Serbia have committed election interference with the United States of America elections.

General Michael Flynn said, “On the 30th of November, 2020, the FBI and the homeland cyber security agency came out and said that on the 30th of October, 2020, and the 3rd of November, 2020, both, in what is called an intelligence advisory, the FBI and CSA issued an advisory that Iran is mucking around in our election system.  They were doing it on the third of November which is the day of the election. The FBI and the Dept. of Homeland Security both said there is foreign interference in our election, on election day by the country of Iran.”

All President Trump had to do was exercise some of those procedures that are within that order…and to believe he did not, would be very off the mark. President Trump always follows through.

This is a very serious threat and this nation is definitely under attack by foreign nations. Due to the magnetude of the situation, it will take extreme secrecy in the military strategies to arrest this situation and take care of all the players involved.

This is not just about an election with home grown domestic fraud. This is about a deep state coup involving foreign nations and a foreign corporate cabal operated out of D.C., designed to overthrow the US presidency and bring the people of the United States under totalitarian control. We’ve already witnessed the executive orders and heard the cries to arrest conservatives and Christians for their radical views and peaceful protests that are, in their view, threatening their democracy. The news has sickened the stomachs of millions just to hear the report.

Meanwhile, rest assured the military is in charge. Fake news and the media can squawk all they want and Joe can sign all the pieces of paper he likes. The writing is on the wall that the military has other plans.

So while photos are floating around the internet showing no guards are posted in front of the White House and the lights are out, President Trump is at Mar-a-lago, with lights on and covered with guard. Warrior 32 posted that his home in Palm Beach has a historical history of being the “winter White House”.

  Ironic? Or meant to be? There are quite a lot of safety features and bunkers there. The Ironic History of Mar-a-Lago | History | Smithsonian Magazine

Meanwhile Newsmax covered a story on the CEO and showed this picture. It looks like he was getting off Airforce Done…and has some undercover, non saluting by standers. Maybe just in case he falls, they will catch him?


Did they release this picture This looks like something out of Saturday Night Live. But you can decide what program it reminds you of. This is priceless.

Rest assured your President Trump is in good hands.

Pray for peace and safety.

Dianne Marshall  


  1. Carol Avner says:


    I want you to know that your short news clips are helping me. I have been keeping my worry & anxiety pretty well to myself, but I’m so hoping that President Trump comes back soon. I hope General Flynn is correct.


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    1. Larry Mac says:

      Carol… Flynn is a crazy nut job.. nothing he has said has come to pass.. just like Diane.. they are insane conspiracy theorist religious nut jobs. Trump has disavowed the new Patriot Party, that means he has nothing to do with it and is not participating in it… look it up!!!!!


      1. Operationmockingbird says:

        Wow! Someone likes Diane a lot. 😂 no one was talking about the Patriot Party on this part of the page buddy it was only disavowed by Jason Miller, maybe you should read articles before writing something stupid like you do on the rest of the comment sections. Stay under your rock troll

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      2. Catherine Haessig says:

        Sadly You are stupid if you believe this is not true. It’s all very true & those that choose to remain blind, should not look to be saved later. I’ve done research for well over a decade & I have no idea who Jason Miller is off the top of my head. I’d guess his another Sores funded propaganda fake fact checker or debunker. I’ll go look up who this puppet is, probably a big time pedophile himself or he’s protecting his pals. Do your own research & stop thinking any one that cries wolf, Is been honest. You can’t trust everyone that says, what you want to believe. The world is far from Black & White. We do after all, live in the era of Deception & it’s as obvious as day. Now that we’ve flipped from Dark to Light, it’s exposing all the ugly side of these Reptilian & Nephilim breeds, that pretend to be human. They are not human at all, more like Vampires

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      3. Catherine Haessig says:

        Playing blind when you don’t like something, doesn’t make it go away. If it was that easy, these last few years that drove them to this exposure of evil, was when President Trump started rescuing thousands & thousands of their future Adrenochrome victims. Their ugly reared it’s evil side right before our eyes. They exposing themselves, yet half with their 3 D thinking still can see. They need to raise their vibration thru knowledge

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      4. thekatman says:

        The reason Trumo disabled the Patriot Pay is because he knows that that pretty ‘s behind the scenes sorry is from other factions that have nothing to do with him. It is a fake pussy proposal. Trumo knows that he owns the Republican Psy and didn’t need a 3rd party. Plus we all know that the 3rd party candidates can’t win and just dilute the vote.

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      5. Catherine Haessig says:

        He’s not starting a new party, where do you get your info ? TV ? That’s not news, that’s purely for entertainment


      6. I will pray that your eyes open before you get the shock of your life that is coming….you will see so many things…every eye shall see it. Coming soon. Very soon. Everything he said is coming to pass. And you will soon owe a few apologies. Enjoy the show.

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      7. Patricia says:

        Thank You with all my heart for your strength, courage, devotion to what you believe in and your love of freedom. I am enjoying the show..

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      8. Catherine Haessig says:

        Do you know him personally ? Don’t talk about someone, bad mouthing them, when you have no clue what you talking about. You send me a link, showing me where you heard or read that. Never have I heard anyone talk mad about him till you .. and naturally the Obama set up gangsters. Shame on you spreading lies & misinformation


      9. You do not get to say things, that are not only untrue, but also knocks a man’s character. When you want to spread lies, like MSM why don’t you provide links that prove the BS you speak, could be true. I think you someone that wants instant gratification. Trust the Plan & hold the line, how damn hard is that.

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  2. Newsflash: Biden’s EO’s are costing Americans their jobs. Whenever I hear this person or that group is in charge and then nothing happens, then it is all rubbish. If Trump and the military have the goods on the perps, why are there no arrests? It’s all hopium and this is actually a sin and injurious to people’s minds and spirits.

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    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Pres. Trump had 2 allow this 2 happen…Q said, it had 2 b this way…how do u show the ppl?..sometimes u hav 2 walk thru the darkness 2 get 2 the light…

      The miltary recruited then-citizen Donald J. Trump, and promised him they wud nsul8 him and his fam…and they hav done just that…the Cabal hav tried 2 asassin8 him 60×…once with a missile launched from a CIA sub off Whitby Island when Trump was flyin’on Air Force1 2 Singapore…it was shot dwn…

      How wud y’all know all the DEEP ST8 rats if it hadn’t happened this way?!?!…they wud hav remained n the shadows, lurkin’ 2 strike again, Repub and dems…now they r bein’ xposed….1 rat at a time…I blieve 1 of those rats Portman has cut a deal, rather than b prosecuted…he is not runnin’ again!!

      Trump is drainin’ the swamp, jus like he said…Gov Kemp of Ga has ties 2 Dominion, and SOS Rattensperger took a $10 million bribe from Dominion, placed n a family members name n a bnk n Hong Kong…easily traceable…hahaha…

      Gov Ducey of Arizona also has ties 2 Dominon…many, many Repubs hav been bought off…Attorney Lin Wood tweeted, Kemp and Rattensperger will b goin’ 2 jail…he said he lisrened n on a ph convo. of SUPREME Crt Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Breyer discussin’ how 2 get Trump out…he said he heard Roberts say, “I will make sure that mother f***er never gers re-elected!”…

      Lin Wood also tweeted, there r ppl who will b goin’ 2 jail…Mitch McConnel, Chief Justice Roberts and VP Pence, put them at the top of the list!!

      And how many of those ppl losin’ their jobs voted 4 Biden?!?!…y’all reap what u sow…New Mexico is now regrettin’ their choice of 5 electoral votes 4 him…

      2 L8!!!

      The Washington Monument goin’drk , and the WH goin’ drk were a signal that the military r n control…then afrer the WH went drk, there was a huge dsplay of firewrks that went off bhind the WH…do y’all blieve that thing was any1 on the Biden team?!?!


      Let the plan play out!!

      Trump and the military got this!!!


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      1. Larry Mac says:

        99% of what you read and see is garbage on the internet!!! Lin Wood just posted an article on Telegram supporting that China and Russia are amassing troops on our borders !!!! How crazy stupid is that?


    2. fireflamestoves says:

      If this site is merely hopium garbage, then why do you keep coming back? There must be a reason. Could it be that this site provides at least a modicum of comfort to you and others here?

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      1. Notice how you can’t refute my comment just wonder what my motives are. That is not a refutation. Why is Brady still playing football at age 43? Because he can. Why do I post here? Because I can with and the desire to wake people up. Trump is not coming back. This is like the ovaltine scenario in the movie A Christmas Story. One narrative follows another which follows another but it goes nowhere. It keeps people stuck.


      2. Eileen Trent says:

        Dude!!…how do y’all know there hav been no arrests?!?!…jus bcuz the FAKE NEWS doesn’t report on them doesn’ mean there arnt any…it jus means u havn’ heard anythin’…remember McCaine jus b4 he was xecuted 4 treason was back n the Senate, wearin’ a medical boot…he said it was 4 bcuz of his cancer treatments…on his BRAIN?!?!..hahaha…

        That was a covah 4 the ankle monitor he was wearin’…he had been arrested 4 treason dude, and was summarily xecuted soon after…hahahaha…

        If he had been gettin’ treatment 4 Brain cancer, his head wud hav been shaved, or losin’ hair from chemo…it was NOT!!!

        But y’all nevah knew he had been arrested…now y’all know why Cindy and Meghan h8 Trump!!…hahahaha…

        Btdubbs, Bush sr.(poppi) was also xecuted 4 treason…he jus went n2 the hosp and nevah came out…now y’all know why the Bush fam h8 Trump…hahaha…

        Bidung jus called another lid on his WH, 4 4 days….he’s TIRED, y’all…others r sayin’ he 2 has an ankle monitor…idk…and everyday 4 the last few days at the same time, it’s been lights out at the WH…and the Washingtin Monument is still drk…

        Q said their symbolism will b their dwnfall…ck out the real reason 4 the Washington Monument…it’s actually a monument 2 their god Isis…these ppl worship satan….the god of the underwrld…AND DARKNESS!!!

        The military jus took out their god, by turnin’ out the lights…and signalin’ 2 these demonic creatures they r no longer n control…

        Luv our military!!!

        I’ve seen vid of Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor givin’ a speech, returnin’ 2 his chair, which is mpty…and standin’ ovah his mpty chair and arguin’ with sum1, who we don’t c and motionin’ with his hand like 2 say GET OUT OF MY CHR!!……HE saw sum1…then sits dwn…I wudn’t hav blieved if I hadn’t seen it!!!…

        Q has always told us, these ppl r sick and evil!!

        Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, rulers of DARKNESS and spiritual wickedness n high places…

        Trump and our military know what they hav been fightin’…and their spiritual powers r real…and they hav sold their souls 2 the devil…as has most of Hollyweird…ck out Jim Carey and lady gaga…2 name 2…seems they like ‘spirit cookin” with their bestie Marina Abromawitch, Killaries bff…

        Google: Marina Abromavic…and ‘spirit cookin”…real witch…

        When all this is revealed the whole wrld will b shocked…what these creatures hav been n2…is byond anythin’ y’all can comprehend…human sacrifice, wrld wide sex traffickin’ of children…pedophilia… adrenachrome drnkn’….

        Google: Adrenachrome and celebrities…Stanley Kubric tried 2 show u what they’re n2 n his movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’…and they killed him…

        And btdubbs, Epstein is alive!!!…hahaha…

        REFUTE THAT…hahaha…

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    3. Larry Mac says:

      Amen brother… but, you can’t speak in rational terms with these people, they are tuned in to their own radio station/echo chamber. If its not what they want to hear, it just passes right through the brain cells (or brain cell). Diane just announces “the new patriot party with Donald Trump”. Easily fact checked in less than a second that Trump camp has disavowed this party!!!!

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      1. debjbalk says:

        I’m infuriated at MSM & Big Tech for the damage they are doing. The psychological and emotional trauma they are spewing on millions deserves that special place in hell. As a ” retired” licensed counselor and a lifelong advocate of young people, it rips my heart to the core to see the misleading, misguiding, and manipulation of these powerful forces. Please join me in daily fervent prayer that God will dismantle and rip down these enemies, and that the hearts, minds and souls of our fellow mankind begins to heal and see truth. The damage seems insurmountable to me, but not to our Almighty God. Thanks all, and thank you, Jesus. Amen!

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    4. hocuspocus13 says:


      Our Military is handling this very carefully so not too incite a Civil War or an attack by the CCP

      Biden’s “popularity” numbers must 1st go down which will indicate the American People are disagreeing with Biden

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      1. Keep thinking that. Remember the bs was Biden must steal the election first to get busted and then we did there were going to have mass arrests at the capital. Then goal posts were moved to Trump would be president on March 4th and now it is April 4th. I am too smart to buy into drink more ovaltine please. Let me guess: You were a mask too, right? They have your mind and you aren’t even navigating it now. GTFO!


    1. Dead Dire Wolf says:

      Correct. I thought I was the only one that noticed. I want to know the Newsmax link that this picture was supposedly taken from. I’m looking for real facts and info. Not false reporting and hopium.


  3. Dianne, covering note to my above re-blog > RB NOTE: Awaking in the fifth hour on dear Nina’s birthday, I couldn’t get back to sleep because this title dropped into mind as possible news headlines in foreseeable future.‘USA SURRENDERS TO CHINA – BIDEN & DEMS UNDER HOUSE ARREST’

    Here’s more: ‘VOTER’S REJECT 2020 ELECTION. TRUMP RETURNS AS POTUS’ – ‘2ND TERM PROPHETS VINDICATED’ But now on booting up PC I find this attached Marshall Report issued at 8am today!

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      1. fireflamestoves says:

        Larry, we have no need for nasty insults here. If you disagree with certain viewpoints, that’s one thing, but to disparage others here with hateful rhetoric is uncalled for!

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    1. debbylooloo says:

      The military is in control during the transition from America Corp. to the new republic, meanwhile, President Trump is still the President & his new title on 03/04/2021 will be the 19th President.

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    2. Eileen Trent says:

      Dude!!…y’all want the truth…can’y’all handle the truth !?!?

      And I think I might b the 1 y’all r referencin’ abt cryptic abrev…my bad, I did it again!!…

      Sorry dude!!..text speak–I text like a lot and I abrev as much as possible…goes quicker!!

      Watch the vid here:


      Watch the vids:

      Notice Of Unlawful Orders & Treason

      The Ticking Clock—A Keyless King

      This is John Michael Chambers–MAKING SENSE OF THE MADNESS–he xplains the old corps and returnin’ 2 the Republic…and btdubbs, Biden aint pres…hahaha…

      Biden does not hav the nuclear football…and I havn’t seen him on Air Force 1 yet…in fact the WH looks unoccupied…he does not have all the keys…the military will not let him hav them all…

      This is where I get most of my nfo…



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      1. I frequent those 2 sites, yes their info is good. You are correct the WH has been empty since the rescue of the children from under it. This happened around the 18th – 20th of February. I do believe the New WH will be in Texas & is currently been built. President Trump, wants the DC WH demolished & the area turned into a Bird Sanctuary. He said it’s too evil to allow to stand. Too much pain & suffering were felt in those walls, by innocent victims. Perhaps among the birds & nature their souls will find peace.


  4. hocuspocus13 says:


    Video of American Workers that have recently lost their jobs due to Biden speak up

    One man bought a lot & started to build a house for his family now he’s lost his job thanks to Biden & he’s not sure but thinks the bank will probably foreclose

    Another American Worker bought for himself for the first time a brand new shiney car right off the show room floor now he’s not sure he’ll be able to keep it because of Biden he lost his job

    Many more stories out there with workers in tears because of Biden

    Biden’s “approval” rating dropping like a hot potato

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  5. Eileen Trent, I agree, I laughed out loud when I read Air Force Done! It is subtle, dry humor of which I am a great fan. Not everyone is quick enough to get it or appreciate it. To each his/her own. But I say, “Thanks Dianne for the informative and entertaining reports. I look forward to every one!” Any hints on why Senator Blunt was arrested? I heard that on other reports as well.


    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Y’all hav 2 hav b smarter than a 5th-grader 2 process that…btdubbs Dementia Joe has by Exective Order, ( how many is that now, I’ve lost cnt?!?)…dmanded we must stop callin’ the covid 19 ( which he referred 2 as covid 9!).. the China Virus…his CCP Master Xi is gettin’ upset…

      Little bit!!….



      1. Eileen Trent says:

        Why does everytime I post the blonde, blue-eyed little girl emoji, it comes up the boy!!!


        SUM1 FIX THIS…hahahaha…


  6. EllieMae says:

    The photo showing Biden getting off an aircraft with a couple of guys on either side at the bottom, is from a 2016 visit to Iraq. I was able to find it quickly doing a duckduckgo search in images.


    1. Eileen Trent says:

      Hey dude!!!…I saw a vid of Gen Flynn and his fam takn the pledge 2 the Constituion…and they (all 8 of them!) end by lookin’ at the camera and shoutin’.this :


      Then Gen Flynn posted it on twitter…

      I blieve that’s the way Q ends the Q drops….


      I’m thinkin’ Gen Flynn knows more abt the military intelligence op than do y’all!!

      OFC that comment says 2 me y’all hav the IQ of a fruit fly…..hahahaha….

      PROPS FLYNN!!!


    2. Eileen Trent says:

      Dude!!!…Trump NEVAH lost…it was stolen usin’ an Italian military satellite, Leonardo…the woman who broke the story–MARIA ZACK–NATIONS IN ACTION…talked 2 the dude arrested from Leonardo Defense Contractors, n jail…and he told her he was the person who uploaded the software 2 the Leonardo satellite, which nstructed the satellite 2 switch the votes from Trump 2 Biden, dwn 2 the CIA server farm, n Frankfurt, Ger. (remember the raid n frankfurt?! ) 2 the Dominion servers, dwn 2 the Dominion machines n US …

      He gave her photos, data, affidavits, signed confession, pics of the CIA dudes nvolved…she has it all..and she got this evidence 2 Pres Trump on Christmas Eve n Mara Lago…

      All evidence is on file n Rome crt…10 ppl from Leonardo Defense hav been arrested…the Italian gov is on the verge of collapse…Renzi and Conte r losin’ control…Conte was nvolved 2..

      The Italian gov is after Obama, who planned the steal of US election with 4mer Prime Minister Renzi, usin’ Italian military satellite Leonardo, with help from CIA, EU, MI6, and st8 dept…all pd 4 by Obama’s 14 pallets of cash he secured 4 Iran…dint go 2 Iran..went 2 dif accnts…$5 million has been traced 2 a bnk n Calif4ia…hahaha…

      Vid was circul8in’ 2 wks ago on twitter of Mike Pompeo n Italy, walkin’ ahead of sum1 n handcuffs..ppl say it’s the US Envoy…shots were heard at the Vatican…Vatican went drk 4 sev hrs…now the pope is n hidin’…or arrested, mayb?!?!

      Watch the vid here:


      Subscribe 2 fk and y’all get notifications when a new vid is posted…1 was just posted 6 hrs ago…

      #italydidit #contecomeclean #bidennotmypresident #bidenerasedwomen

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      1. Exactly. I recently found a you tuber who while in DC filming truth was told by a swamper in Montana that the reason Trump is out is the people let him down. That was a crock of crap. He was also told that the supporters let him down on Jan. 6th when they didn’t stop the rioters from entering the capitol. That was also a bunch of crap because what is now proven, and those attending learned, is that the break in started while Trump was still giving his speech. No one ever leaves a Trump speech early to go somewhere??? They always stay for the ending and his waving and dance. So, the guy bought into the gaslighting and told people in the video that we let Trump down. I shook my head, yelled a few words at the video screen, and realized how easily duped and gaslighted people are. Men especially because they go on face value and what someone tells them and few use intuition, the gift of intuition seems to be in the possession of women – moms with eyes in the back of their head, mothers who seem to know when their children are distressed and need them, moms who always find their husbands car keys, etc. So it takes both, boots on the ground…the warrior and a woman’s intuition who can whisper…not now…okay go now. The Cherokee always left it up to the Clan Mothers to discuss the subject of war. It was their council to determine if the Chief should go to war or not go to war. They trusted their insight, and respected them for they took care of the men and children and taught them the ways of the Cherokee Nation. Our own government modeled a lot of their governing structure in the formation of the United States Gov. Make your own decisions and be not deceived.


  7. Catherine Haessig says:

    General Flynn the People’s General. ❤️ he will make sure the Truth is told to the people. ❤️ A good, decent man. They tried to defame. Those Demonic DemonRats are a evil bag of Snakes, yes and some of the right too.


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