You asked for the book, “Burning Whispers”, here it is. Temporarily out of print, it was written in 2007 and published in 2009 (It will be available again in the spring). The purpose of writing it was to awaken a people of the war between good versus evil and that time is NOW, therefore, I am giving it to you free now.

It was written to help others understand world history and it’s progression, in order to understand the dangerous direction our nation was headed. Because of the nature of the work, and not being a pastor or a theologian, nor historian, I wrote it as a “fiction, Christian based” genre with the “Dragon” telling his story to his trusy minion, “O’Hellion”. The history is accurate, the events show how spiritual warfare works and how the devil whispers into the minds of those in the flesh to achieve his purpose. For the devil can do nothing on his own. His only power is through the flesh who will do his wickedness here upon this earth. The choice to do good or evil is left to each person to decide which master they shall serve. For we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers in high places. Free will is yours, choose who you shall serve wisely. Please see my other books, “The Spear of Destiny – The Journey Begins”, and “The Spear of Destiny II – The Journey Continues” at Amazon.com : The Spear of Destiny by Dianne Marshall


        The Final “New Deal” Revealed

By Dianne Marshall

   All Bible translations are from the New King James Version respectfully.

Table of Contents



A Meeting With The Dragon, The Final “New Deal” Revealed

Chapter 1:  New York and The New Deal

Chapter 2: The Beast Rising Out of The Earth

Chapter 3: The Beast Takes Shape

Chapter 4:  Eliminating Obstacles

Chapter 5:  Wars and Rumors of Wars

Chapter 6:  World War I

Chapter 7:  World War II

Chapter 8:  Armageddon Thwarted

Chapter 9:  The Beast Rising Out Of The Sea

Chapter 10:  Mixing Iron And Clay

Chapter 11:  Give Me Liberty Or Give me Death

Chapter 12:  One Nation Under God?

Chapter 13:  True Liberty

Chapter 14:  An American Advocate

Chapter 15:  Stealing The Minds Of We The People

Chapter 16:  Divide And Conquer

Chapter 17:  New World Disorder

Chapter 18:  The Final New Deal

Chapter 19:  The Grand Finale

Epilogue:  God’s Promises To A Nation Called By His Name


     “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!  How you are cut down to the ground, you who weakened the nations.  For you have said in your heart:  I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:  I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the furthest sides of the North.  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.  I will be like the Most High.  Yet, you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the lowest depths of the pit.” 

Isaiah 14:12-15 NKJB

     This story is about the ongoing spiritual warfare between the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdoms of this world – the BEAST. 

    The old dragon who is also known as Satan, Lucifer, the devil, and the prince of the power of the air, was once one of God’s most glorified angels.  The book of Enoch tells us that one day, he grew to covet God’ power and glory and tried to usurp God’s authority.  He lied to and seduced one third of the angels of Heaven to follow him into battle against God’s throne.  The dragon lost.  So he and his followers were kicked out of heaven and cast to the earth.  The dragon was unable to defy God to his Face in heaven, and so, to this very day, the dragon and his minions attempt to disrupt the purposes of God on earth among God’s Image – His human creation of man.

     As captain of the fallen angels, the Dragon led them into continuous rebellion against all of God’s Creation.  They mated with earthly women and had offspring that were giants in the earth.  When God had enough of the lack of repentance and all of the evil, he bound most of these fallen angels in the earth, and killed their offspring (the giants) and all those that were corrupted, in a great flood.  He cursed the evil spirits of these offspring to roam the earth, since they were part heavenly and part human, there was no place found for them.  They were accursed.

     The only ones who were spared were the righteous.  Noah and his family.  This, God did in order to repopulate the earth, and to fulfill His promise to Adam to send a Savior through his seed.  His only Begotten Son, to save the souls of the world from the curse of sin.  The day is coming when everyone who was ever created, under heaven and on earth, will have to bow and confess that the Son  of God, Jesus Christ is the Savior and Lord of the world!

          “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth.  And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”

Philippians 2:10-11 NKJB

      Daily, the dragon and his minions go about tempting man to lust after all the things his kingdoms can offer.  He apposes Biblical Truth and attempts to be the god of this world through all forms of material things, lust, power and greed.  He has no authority, nor ability to grant eternal life.  He is a liar and the author of it.   He messes with peoples souls concerning his false promises to pursue what he calls – power and wealth.  This comes with a price that is full of stress, inward destruction, and ends with death.  His reward is as fleeting as the time we have on earth.

     He slanders God to the people and slanders the people to God.  He slanders people to one another and to themselves.  His sole purpose is to harm people and create havoc in the natural, political and social world.  He is a destroyer and a tempter presenting lies and convincing reasons for sinning.  He has great influence over unrighteous political systems.  His trademarks are tyranny, injustice, oppression, false promises and greed.

     He is the prince of the power of the air, directing his army of minions to tempt, deceive, and corrupt!

     His goal is to  get people to believe that his kingdom is the only one to trust in, and that God’s Kingdom does not exist.  He does this by producing and magnifying human fears.  He is the author of lies and the master of manipulation.  He creates false philosophies of life, and promotes false religions, and teachings like evolution.  He leads people into immorality and all manner of sin.  He slanders and accuses God’s people.  He causes disease and mental disorders.  He and his minions (evil spirits) can enter into the lives of unbelievers, possessing them and creating hateful, evil people (anti-Christ’s). 

    The dragon and his minions oppose spiritual growth and create warfare on the Christian life.  It is a constant battle on earth between the forces of God’s Good and the dragon’s evil.  But at every point of this battle, it is good to remember that God and His Angels are the Primary Spiritual Powers.  And to help each of His children withstand  in this spiritual warfare, the Lord has provided to all who believe, His awesome – ARMOR OF GOD.

     “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 

     Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 

     Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. 

     And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and all supplication for all the saints – and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in it I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.”

Ephesians 6:12-20  NKJB

     The dragon and his minions fight at us daily, unceasing,  to ruin God’s purposes, but, his days are numbered.  He was only given power to rule the world until the Lord returns to fulfill God’s Day of wrath.  And then God will cast the dragon, his minions, his kingdom, his followers, and all his false leaders into the lake of fire and brimstone.  Burn it up and destroy it!

     “These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is lord of Lords and King of Kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.”

Revelations 17:14 NKJB

     “Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet  (the second beast with two horns like a lamb, that spoke like a dragon), who worked signs in his presence  by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast (his monetary system) and  those who worshiped his image (the apotheosis of democracy).  These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

Revelations 19:20 NKJB

     This is a promise to all of the Lord’s people.  Watch therefore, for you know not what hour the Lord will come.  But, He gave us the signs, and we are witness to the signs being fulfilled on a day to day basis.  We also have the  promise as followers of Christ, that when we put on  the armor of God, he will assure us Victory over this beastly system and put an end to the dragon‘s plans. 

      The Lord will persevere.    As Christians we have the promise that our Lord will come with ten thousands of his saints to execute judgment on all, and to set up his Heavenly Kingdom on this earth!  That is the true hope in our time of peril.


     The story of Burning Whispers, is part fiction, part fact, and definitely prophecy being fulfilled at this very moment.  The intent is to create an awareness that we as a nation are in a sad state, and that it didn’t just happen.  It is a result of our complacency as a people of God. 

     We the people have not only taken our part in it, we have turned our heads the other way and  tolerated a lukewarm society that has resulted, to our shame, in a great falling away and loss of our true liberties.  The result is a dying, corrupt nation that has only one hope, and that hope is God.

      All the money in the world will not heal its wound.  Only a profound, heartfelt, shout of repentance from “We The People Of This Poor Liberal Nation”. 

                   Dianne Marshall

The Final “New Deal” Revealed

    The scene is set in Manhattan on top of the ever famous Empire State building.  The Dragon, also known as (Satan, Lucifer, the Serpent, and the old Devil), and his favorite minion, O’Hellian, are sitting atop its’  majestic spire overlooking the entire New York City skyline.  The view is awe inspiring. 

     Off in the distance, the lovely goddess of liberty stands proudly like the queen of heaven, ready to thrust her tablet against the breast of that great city, that great harlot riding the beast – Manhattan.

     With torch of fire in hand, she illuminates the waters that beat against her shores.  In silence she listens…as though she hears, ever so closely, the trumpet that soon will sound her fall.

     The dragon has called a special  meeting  with O’Hellian, to discuss and brag about his pride and joy, Babylon the Great. And to reveal his plans for that great city that rules over the nations – Manhattan. 

       And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.

Revelations 17:18 NKJB

Chapter One                         

New York And The New Deal

     “Welcome O’Hellian.  Look around, smell the air.  Do you sense it?  Can you feel it?  It’s reaching its final count down.  The cries of give me liberty or give me death ringing through the wind.  Well, ya can’t have both.  Not in my world.  I gave’em liberty and look what they did with it!  What’s left?  Do I ever get any thanks from any of them?  Do I ever hear – Thank the dragon for democracy?  I gave it to the Greeks.  I gave it to the Romans.  And I gave it to this last generation.  It’s time for a little gratitude for the dragon.”

     The dragon pauses and grins as though he had found a hidden victory.

     “When all Americans were struggling in the great depression, I myself, whispered into the ears of corporate giants.  I taunted and tormented them with words of who would be the one to build the worlds’ tallest building.  Who could and would build it first?  I got this idea from the old days with Nimrod.  Where all the people got together of one mind and under one leader, (Nimrod), and sought to build one giant tower that reached into the heavens.  But instead of having everyone band together and make one giant tower; I thought it would be more amusing to watch many men racing to be the first, the very first to build the biggest and tallest building in all the world.  None of them knew then, nor do they know now that their pride and greed has and is building my world empire.   No body ever took any of my buildings with them when they died.  Why they never even thought about it.  I kept them too busy to think about anything but this world and the things to have and to do in it!  Thank me, the dragon, for progress!

     Let’s see now, it was 1929…I was gathering souls left and right that year.  The New York stock market had just crashed.  (This was one of my test runs for the future).  I had guys jumping out of windows, and shooting themselves in the head.  Just try and tell me folks don’t love the things of my world.  Once they taste it, they want more.  Why just the mere thought of living without it kills’em.  That was a very good year for me.

     The great depression was just beginning.  People were without work.  They were starving,  poor as poor could be in what was once a wilderness full of plenty.  It was the perfect time for my remaining corporate tycoons to capitalize on cheap labor.  Jobs were hard to find and people would do anything to feed their families.

    My corporate tycoons were able to build so many towers of monumental size at pennies on the dollar for labor.  They used the tried and true hungry born again Christians to build most of them.  I had hoped those born again do gooders would have complained and really gotten their belly full of such waste of money, especially at a time when they  themselves had nothing.  But, there was something strange about those guys.  They weren’t bitter at all.  They were thankful  to have the work.  And they worked hard.

     It took only one year and 45 days to complete this great building.  It was the tallest building in the world in 1931.  Since the day it was crowned, many taller buildings have been built, but none with the appeal of this one.  This building was not only an icon of New York City (one of my best hot spots for corruption), it was a symbol to my twentieth century man race and his attempts to achieve the impossible.  It kept its status as the world’s largest for 41 years, until I built the world trade center! 

     I had not experienced such pleasure since Nimrod built the tower of Babel.  This Empire state Building is my ultimate reminder of the beginning of my last days race to pierce into the sky.”

     Dragon looks up and takes a deep sigh.  He’s feeling a bit nostalgic and continues to share more about his accomplishments.

     “Ahh, the summer of 1932, me and my very own Franklyn D. Roosevelt.  My Governor of New York.  I whispered in his ear all the ideas and the promises to tell Americans that got him nominated as the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States.  I gave him the “New Deal”.  These promises won him the election by a landslide, and when he took office in March of 1933, he got right to work administrating banking reform laws, emergency relief programs, agricultural programs, all the programs that insured that the Federal  Government would always have their hands in Corporate America. 

     I had him throw a few bones to the average Americans, I had to in order to keep them voting for my master plan.  He added union protections, and the social security act.  He threw some money into the pockets of the unemployed to simulate the economy.  That gave a small relief to some folks, but as I planned, it only made the economy worse.

     The “New Deal” got nicknamed the American Foundation for Abundance.  That was man’s original intention, but when I got done, it actually assured that my corporate monopolies would continue to grow.  It laid the ground work for the nation to eventually go off the gold standard, and to the creation of my world monetary system. 

     Gold has always been the ideal medium of exchange.  Throughout the history of my world it has always been coveted.  Gold needs no endorsement.  King Solomon had more of it than anybody in ancient history and no one will ever have as much as he had in the future.  Six hundred and sixty six talents of gold came to him every year.  The guy on the throne upstairs gave him that new deal.  I’d never be that generous.  My deals are tricky and full of fun for me. 

“Behold, I have done according to your words; see, I have given you a wise and understanding heart, so that there has not been anyone like you before you, nor shall any like you arise after you.  And I have also given you what you have not asked: both riches and honor, so that there shall not be anyone like you among the kings all your days.

1 Kings 3:12-13  NKJB                                                                   

     Roosevelt- now that’s my guy.  On April 5, 1933 he issued executive order # 6102 declaring the possession of gold coins, bullion or certificates unlawful and subject to criminal penalties.

Those that did not comply were subject to a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison or both!  And they had a deadline – May 1, 1933 – less than a month! (Told ya I was not that generous).  It was the first step I gave him to dismantle the people. 

     Some of his reactionaries protested, saying it was a dishonor, especially since I had F.D.R. pledge to defend the gold standard in his political campaign.  But hey, what’s another lie or two?   Anyway, F.D.R. couldn’t just not honor the Reserve notes and government bonds that were backed by gold.  So, I gave him another idea.

       In May the Thomas Amendment to the Agricultural Adjustment Act was passed, and F.D.R. had $3 Billion dollars in unbacked bills made up!  That reduced the Gold value by half.  Finally in 1934 he got the Gold Reserve Act in place and all the gold held by the Federal Reserve Banks were seized by the United States Treasury.  In exchange, my idea was that the banks got something called “gold certificates”.  These could not be exchanged for actual gold, but it functioned for receipts for the gold stolen!  Ha! No one stands in my way!

      This was the beginning of how the value of the U.S. dollar became based on the ability of the American Taxpayer to pay his taxes, as it is today!  Oh how my plans are unmatched.  As it stood, no American could cash in their money for gold, but all foreign exchanges could.  Just my way of protecting some of my international bank cartel that were a part of   the Federal  Reserve board. (By 1944 F.D.R. had succeeded to establish my international monetary fund and world bank system).

     These “New Deal” programs were financed by tripling federal taxes from 1.6 billion in 1933 to 5.3 billion in 1940!  I had’em raise excise taxes, personal taxes, inheritance taxes, corporate taxes, holding compensation taxes, and excess profits taxes.  Taxes, taxes, and more taxes.  The excise taxes were levied on alcohol, cigarettes, matches, candy, chewing gum, margarine, fruit juice, soft drinks, cars, tires (including the tires on wheel chairs, Ha!), telephone calls, movie tickets, playing cards, electricity, radios – taxes on anything that I could think of that affected the average person!

     The agricultural act of 1933 cut back farm production and put black tenant farmers out of work!  It forced Americans to pay more for food.  I loved the Anti-Chain Store Act of 1936 that banned stores from any kind of price discounting and the retail Price Maintenance Act of 1937.  Folks were forced to pay above market prices for goods and services.

     This was a wonderful scheme against God’s America. The New Deal Taxes were job destroyers.  Why the National Industrial Recovery Act alone, cut back production and forced wages above market levels, making it more expensive for employers to hire people!  And it took all the money from the folks that were working just to eat and try to make ends meet.  All the while the moneys used to support the New Deals came from tax payers, keeping them broke and the depression kept on a steady track.

  Chapter  Two                           

 The Beast Rising Out Of The Earth

     “ It is time, O”Hellian to hit’em up hard.  Yank the rug out from under them!  Stop the do gooders for good!  We need to pull the plug on the prosperity lifeline!  Crash the markets, give billions to the C.E.O.’s that rule the Manhattan skyline and shape the world! 

     Meanwhile, we attack the folks like in the days of F.D.R.  We give’em a new deal called change!  Slow’em down fast!  They won’t be able to stand it.  They will cry for what they had.  We will mold them into accepting our new positions for them, cause they love my stuff.  Their mouths will not only water for what they had, but for all they dreamed of.  They will be molded with false hopes and promises!  They will get in line begging for the way they thought things were! 

     After all, their forefathers fought to establish this for them!  They deserve it.  It is their God given right.  Ha! The truth is O’Hellian, their forefathers won their independence for them but their freedom from my mark was never loosed.  They were still a part of my world’s central bank system that produced currency.  I’ve always had it.  They never discerned it for themselves.  Remember, I told ya about  the differences between my deals and the One on the Throne Up Above’s deals.  Solomon‘s deal with God was true wealth without debt.  The book says no one ever had such wealth before in the world, and no one ever will have

such wealth and abundance again in the world.  I must say, what that book says is true! 

      Now you have to play by my rules to get the worldly wealth. And ya only get it with interest, nothing is free here in my world!  The one up above on the throne is and was the only one that ever set up a system that was fair and balanced.  I never claimed to be fair and balanced.  I claim souls! I seek slavery and devotion to my idols purchased with my money, my mark! 

     You see O’Hellian, my system doesn’t just supply the money, it loans it with interest!  And the beauty is that no one can buy or sell without it.  By decreasing or increasing the supply of it, I regulate the value of it.  Why every single dollar produced is loaned at interest.  And depending on how much interest I want to charge (voila!) that’s how much it’s worth!  Pure and simple.  My central banks have a monopoly on all the money in the entire world and they loan each dollar out with immediate debt

attached to it!  It’s my best plan ever, my mark!  And do you know O’Hellian where the money to pay back the debts come from?”

     O’Hellian thinks,  he sighs,  he fidgets, then he shrugs his shoulders in a gesture that only states clearly that he doesn’t know.

     Eagerly Dragon yells out, “ From my central bank! Ha!  My bank perpetually increases the money supply to cover the outstanding debt created and that in turn adds even more debt.  The end result of this system O’Hellian is SLAVERY!  Everyone who takes part in my world is indebted to me.  Ya can’t escape it.  It is impossible for a Government and its’ people to ever come out from this self generating debt.  The founding fathers were well aware of this.  They had hoped to break this chain and never come under it again with their new independence.

     President Thomas Jefferson even warned that banking institutions were more dangerous to the people than standing armies.  Jefferson warned that if the American people ever allowed private banks to control the issue of currency, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” 

     The dragon smiles, “That day was, and was not, and yet is, and the dang fools still can’t see it.  It’s like I said before, keep’em busy and they don’t stop to think.  Just keep’em wanting.  And to think O’Hellian, these fools have allowed their leaders to maximize my mark into the trillions!  And all it took was whispers.  Whispers that trillions will fix the problem that the millions and the billions created.  I showed ya the secret of the interest, you do the math. Ha!  And now there is no end to their slavery, the prophecy of Jefferson is fulfilled.  Oh who is like unto the beast?  Who can make war with him?  He is the war! Ha!”

 Chapter Three

The Beast Takes Shape

    “My special thanks go to the 19th century and the greed of the Rockefellers, the Warburg’s, the Rothschild’s, the Morgan’s and all of their hard work toward creating my end time central bank.  They knew that the government and the people were against a central bank institution so I whispered in the ear of J.P. Morgan to publish rumors and lies that a prominent bank in New York was bankrupt.  This, (like I planned) created mass hysteria and folks started taking all their money out of the banks for fear that their bank might be going bankrupt too. 

     Banks were forced to call in their loans, people didn’t have the money to pay so they were forced to sell all they had.  This created a downward spiral of bankruptcies, repossessions, and foreclosures.  A great upheaval emerged!  It was one of my best slaps on America.

     It wasn’t long though, and a do gooder named Fredrik Allen wrote an article in LIFE Magazine exposing how my guy Morgan took advantage to create the panic of 1907 and guided it shrewdly as it progressed.  This led to a congressional investigation headed by Senator Nelson Aldrich.  Fortunately for me, he was one of my guys and had close ties with the banking cartel. 

     I sat in on the commission led by Aldrich and whispered when I needed to (But, hey, these guys were doing great on their own) and with Aldrich’s leadership, they decided to establish a central bank to insure that something like 1907 would never happen again.  Oh, how I am clever, sighed the dragon proudly.

     “Let’s see”, whispered the dragon as he stroked his chin, “It was 1910 and Rockefeller and a group of international bankers held a secret meeting on  Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.  It was there that I whispered and they created the Federal Reserve Act. 

     Take note O’Hellian, this act was written by bankers, not by lawmakers.  It was the birth of the Central Bank for America.  It was so important for me to keep their meeting secret, I whispered for these guys to all use alias names when in route to Jekyll Island.   After this bill was written, I had them give it to my guy Senator Nelson Aldrich and he got it pushed through congress. 

    Then,  in 1913 two days before Christmas, when most of congress was at home with their families, it got voted in through congress.  I next whispered  to my President Wilson and my guy  Wilson signed the “Federal Reserve Act” into law.

     Years later he felt regretful and wrote what he thought was an apology I guess.  You see, before his election, Wilson had made a deal with most of these big bankers.  He  promised that if they’d help him get elected then he’d sign this Act into law.  And after he did it, well, he never felt quite right about it.  But, ya can ask Judus, ya just can’t go and undo a deal ya make with me. 

     His words were, “ Our great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit, our system of credit is privately concentrated.  The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men…who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom.

     We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.  No government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of a small group of dominant men.”

     The dragon sighed with a smile, “ Come on now O’Hellian, ya can’t tell me the old guy didn’t have his hand out all the time for stuff.  And who’s he blaming?  After all, he’s the one that traded his signature for his seat. Ha!”

  Chapter  Four                       

Eliminating  Obstacles

    “Now, a congressman named Louis McFadden reared his head. He was one of those do gooders and he wasn’t happy with the bill and he wasn’t quiet either.  He argued that a world banking system was being set up here.  He called it a super state controlled by international bankers acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure.  Declaring the federal reserve had usurped the government.  But I had whispered to the right people to assure and tell the public that the Federal Reserve System was an economic stabilizer and inflation and economic crisis were a thing of the past.  (Just as I had whispered it to them, they repeated it so).  Another lie the people chose to believe.

     Then from 1914 through 1919, I whispered for the Federal Reserve Bank to increase the money supply by nearly 100%  They doubled it!  This resulted in extensive loans through the small banks to the public. 

     Then in 1920… I had the Federal Reserve Bank call in massive percentages of the outstanding money supply.  This resulted in the banks having to call in huge numbers of loans, leading to bank runs like the one in 1907, complete with its hysteria, bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, and causing over 5,400 banks, outside the Federal Reserves to collapse.  Thus, O’Hellian, it created a bigger monopoly for my Federal (central) Reserve Bank.

     “Let’s see”,  pondered the dragon, “I think it was at this time that do gooder Charles Lindbergh stepped up and accused my bankers.  He said that under the “Federal Reserve Act“, panics are scientifically created, and that the present panic was the first scientifically created one worked out as we figure a mathematical equation.  Now that was just unfair O’Hellian, we were just testing it out.  Ha.  So I whispered and my guys increased the money supply again.  From 1921 to 1929 we released 62% more money into the system.  With another little test that I whispered into their ears called the margin loan.  This was designed to encourage more people to invest in the markets. 

     You see, O’Hellian, I had to throw these other do gooders off the track.  They had figured out the first part of the equation.  So, I had to get creative and mixed things up.  I allowed the stocks to be purchased with what I called a margin loan.  This allowed investors to buy stocks with only 10% down.  That 10% down gave them control over the 100%, the other 90% was loaned to the broker.  Simply put, a person could own $1,000 worth of stock with only $100 invested.

    This method was very popular in the roaring twenties.  Everyone seemed to be making money in the market.  Ha, but there was a catch to this loan.  It could be called in at any time and when called in it had to be paid in 24 hours!  Gotcha!  I love my mark!  That’s why I called it a margin call. 

     I couldn’t wait to call it in and see what chaos that would bring.  I think it was a few months before October in 1929 that I whispered to Rockefeller and other insiders to quietly exit the market.  Cash out.  And they did.  Then on October 24, 1929 I whispered to the New York financiers who issued the margin loans to start calling them in, in huge mass amounts.  They did and this sparked an instantaneous massive sell off in the market.  It triggered mass bank runs that caused over 16,000 banks to  collapse!  This enabled my international banks to buy up these smaller banks at a discount price and entire corporations for pennies on the dollar!  I then whispered to the Reserve to stop issuing money.  This combination caused the great depression.  It was unbelievable!  My calculations were perfect. 

     I was flying high and then that do gooder congressman Louise McFadden showed up again.  He’d figured out the scam I put together, and brought accusations against the Federal Reserve Board and wanted to impeach them.  He said that the crash and the depression was a carefully contrived occurrence.  He accused my international bankers of bringing about a condition of despair so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.

     I couldn’t have that, so, I had to get rid of McFadden.  It took whispers upon whispers and two assassination attempts that didn’t work, but finally before he could push for the impeachment proceedings my guys had him poisoned at a banquet.  After that, well…things muddled along until I got my good old friend F.D.R, in the White House.”

 Chapter Five                         

Wars And Rumors Of Wars

     “O’Hellian the plan is simple.  Control the money and control the wars, and you will control the people and the entire world.  It always works. 

     So, after I set up my bank system I developed my strategy for world chaos.  The plan was to have world war 1, followed by world war 2, the Korean war, Vietnam, middle east conflicts, and world wide side wars, genocides, and suicide bombings, and filling the gap with my ultimate weapon – Jihad!  Terrorist Jihads leading to war in Iraq,  and ultimately bringing every body down to Armageddon. 

     The indefinite key being – terror war.  That is something that has no end.  It can go on forever and my banks can make money from just the sound of it!  Ya know why O’Hellian?  I’ll tell ya why, cause it makes it mandatory for people to borrow even more money from my Reserves with INTEREST!  It’s the most lucrative thing that can happen for big bankers.  It makes nations dependent on other nations, and with all the right whispers – the world is dependent on me!  It’s at my mercy, going in circles, desperate for peace!   Peace, peace, and there is no peace.

     Folks look for a world answer, Ha!  It’s my world and my money, and it’s always the same answer!  I make my leaders think they know what they‘re doing, keep them wanting global dominance and wham!  Each one thinks they can out smart or out maneuver the other one. 

     It‘s like with my old guy King Ahab when he and his wife, Jezebel, thought they were running Israel.  I really got tired of Jeze’ telling Ahab what he was gonna do next, and in her heart she always took the credit for it.  She thought she was the master planner.   She was really getting on my nerves.  Sure, she had my baal temples all over the place, and she had all my false prophets telling Ahab how great his battle plans would be and stuff.  But, I’d had it with her and him both!  

     So, on the day that Ahab was asking Jehoshaphat, the King of Judah, to join him in battle against the King of Syria; I whispered and gave Ahab the mindset to ignore the warning of the prophet he had summoned.  The prophet that had the real message from the One Upstairs On The Throne.  Let’s see, I think the prophets name was Micaiah.  Yea, old Micaiah.  You see, he told Ahab that the One on the Throne up Above said that he’d die in the battle and all his men would be scattered like sheep without a shepherd.   So, I whispered a master plan for Ahab.  I told him to dress like a common soldier and no body would know he was king and so, no one would try to kill him.  All he had to do was lay low and then when the battle was over, return alive.  Thus he would defeat Micaiah’s prophecy.

     This was so easy ’cause Ahab hated Micaiah because Micaiah always told him the truth.  And Ahab hated the truth.  He loved to believe a lie.  So he went out to war and wham!  I got him!  Gone, toast, food for the fodder!  Oh my good old valley of  decision.  And Ahab made a wrong one!  Ha!

       It wasn‘t long after that and I got even with old Jezebel.  I had some eunuchs push her out of a window and voila!  Food for the dogs!  Nothing left of her. 

     O’Hellian, folks need to know that I require loyalty too!  I don’t care who they are, I always win, and when I’m done with’em, I’m done.  I don’t have the patience like the guy on the throne upstairs.   It’s all about war, winning, and having fun along the way.

     The question was and always is – whose side are ya on and what are ya willing to do in order to serve the one ya choose?  It’s always a personal decision. Ha!

Chapter Six                           

World War I

     “I remember how Europe was so easy to influence, but those dang American people wanted nothing to do with war.  On the other hand, O’Hellian, my bank cartel at the Reserve were chomping at the bit to make more money with it.  So, I whispered to one of my greedier souls – President Wilson’s top advisor and mentor, Colonel Edward House.  You see, he had connections with international bankers and wanted in the war.  I whispered that he should meet with Sir Edward Grey, the Secretary of England.  I knew Grey would show him how to get America into the war.  And that he did. 

     Grey suggested that if the Germans were to sink a ship, like an ocean liner with American passengers on board, well, that would do it!     So on May 7, 1915, by the mere suggestion of Sir Edward Grey, a ship called the Lusitania was deliberately sent into German controlled waters.  It was full of stored ammunitions.  I whispered and the Germans torpedoed the ship killing 1,200 people!  This caused a wave of anger throughout America and (Voila!) – Wilson was in the war! 

     By the time the war was over in 1918, it had cost the American people over 323,000 lives.   Leaving widows and creating impoverished families.  But, my banking cartel won big, why  J.D. Rockefeller, alone,  made over 200 million dollars off the venture!  Not to mention the entire war cost about 30 billion dollars for Americans in new debt, most of it borrowed from none other then my Federal Reserve Bank, at INTEREST!  This gave more profits to my international bankers!  I love my mark,”  sighed the Dragon.

 Chapter  Seven                       

World War II

     “Let’s see, O’Hellian”, smiled the Dragon, “After I had gotten F.D.R. well entrenched with his new deal programs, I assigned several minions to take over.  I had a new project that needed my attention.  You see, my minions had found this nonentity, and failing artist.  This guy had no leadership skills at all.  He was willing to do anything to be noticed.  My minions made an easy pack with him, he wanted it all and signed away all. 

     After lots of whispers in many ears, my minions got this guy, Adolph Hitler, positioned as Chancellor of Germany.  He had just built his first Nazi concentration camp and now it was time for my expertise.

     I showed him how to take his dictatorial powers and institute anti-Jewish laws.  He listened so easily, next thing ya know he had built a massive movement of German military power and started invading territories.  By 1939, after I had him invade Poland, we were in World War II!  He allied with Italy and later Japan to create a nice axis!  Me and my minions were going all over the place at that time.  Remember O’Hellian?  You did marvelous work with those concentration  camps.   Your  Holocaust idea was one that still has folks hurting. 

     Now I had to think of a way to get F.D.R. into this mix.  His family had been New York Bankers since the 18th century and his Uncle Frederich was on the original Federal Reserve Board.  So, as you can imagine O’Hellian, he was already very sympathetic to get his heels dug into this war. 

     The only drawback was the dang American people.  They didn’t want any part of it.  So I whispered and had F.D.R.’s secretary of War, Henry Stimson,  give him ideas on how he could maneuver the Japanese into firing the first shot.  It had to be the Japs to fire first or American people wouldn’t go for it. So I had F.D.R. do all sorts of stuff to anger the Japanese.  First, by claiming neutrality, he publicly stopped all trade to Japan.  He froze Japanese assets that were in the U.S.  He broke international war rules by aiding Japans enemies making loans to China and supplying military aid to the British.  F.D.R. had Japan so mad they were going to attack. 

     The Australian intelligence sent old F.D.R. warnings of the coming Japanese task force moving in to attack on Pearl Harbor, but F.D.R. ignored it on purpose!  So, on December 7, 1941, the Japs moved in on Pearl Harbor killing 2,400 soldiers!  Before that bombing,  83%  of  Americans were  against the war, but after that day, one million americans volunteered to fight!  Now that said a lot, considering the entire population was only a little over 120 million people (including, women, children, and the elderly)!  Killing innocent people will get them every time.  Ha!  War to avenge my war, and I win every time and my banks make money!  My Christmas present to America! 

     My axis of evil was enraged with a burning desire for wealth, power and greed.  Jealousy over the American Dream of the West! 

     While I was getting drunk on all the war, holocaust, and positioning my axis generals, F.D.R. pulled a fast one on me, he met with Churchill and they came up with an Atlantic Charter.  This charter undermined my league of Nations.  (Which F.D.R.’s America never became a part of.)  It would have all countries choose their own form of Government.  All countries would trade freely.  They would all share prosperity.  All countries would reduce their weaponry.  No country would seek another’s territories unless it was agreed mutually to exchange.  They would help each other with their economic developments, labor standards, and social securities.  They would resolve to destroy Nazi tyranny and establish peace.  This peace would allow freedom of the high seas and oceans.

     See what happens when I’m not there to whisper in all the ears!  While I was busy, they actually had Russia, Great Britain, China and F.D.R.’s United States sign this thing on January 1, 1942!  The biggest four of my Nations.  I knew I’d have to do a lot of whispering later, when I could get freed up.  That’s one thing I really hate about the deal between me and the one upstairs on the throne.  He only allows that I can be in one place at a time.  Minions are great, but they don’t have the abilities that I got.  No offense O’Hellian.”

     “None taken“, replied O’Hellian

     “This made me so mad, that I knew it was time to get F.D.R. to do something really bad.  The timing was right to whisper about the atomic bomb.  After all, that’s what they made it for.  It was the free world’s only hope.  But, O’Hellian, I got there to late.  Old Roosevelt was holding his head and as I whispered the plan about the Atomic Bomb, he said, “I have a terrific headache”, and then he fell over.  And that was that.

     My plans for F.D.R. were great.  I made him great too.  I let him win four terms!  He served me for twelve whole years before, well he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died.  I really miss getting to whisper my ideas to him.  Nine times out of ten he listened.  I needed that in order to get all the ground work set up for my final New World Kingdom!  He listened to my whispers and I loved it.  That’s why I let him run this nation longer than  anyone else.

    You see O’Hellian, this is my kingdom.  The world right now belongs to me.  Every person has to pass through it.  The one upstairs on the throne doesn’t make decisions for’em, and He set up a barrier so we can’t either.  We can only whisper and sometimes re-arrange a few things. That’s why we have to keep things stirred up.  Keep whispering to everyone we can at the same time.

     If one wants to build, then we have to convince another to tear down.  There is an art to stirring up arguments and starting side wars.  If we can create enough strife then the whole world gets crazy.  We can whisper all kind of lies and people get scared.  They quit trusting anyone.  They listen to false promises and try things they never would have tried before.  We help them like it.  At least long enough to get sucked in and then, (Just because its fun) I yank it out from under them.  That’s when they really get crazy and do stuff without thinking.

     Our only real enemy right now O’Hellian is the Holy Spirit.  That is the only counter attack to our whispers.  If people ever really catch on that they can rebuke our whispers in the name of the Lord, we got a problem. 

     My job is to keep people so busy lusting after my world that they don’t have time to think about it.  Keep people so upset that they always try to handle their own problems without using their God given help.  Never give’em a chance to repent.  Keep’em busy hoping for the American Dream or some world cause!”

Chapter  Eight                       

 Armageddon Thwarted

     “My war was still raging and I had lots of work to do.  Especially since I made sure F.D.R. never told his Vice President about making those bombs.  While Truman was busy swearing in as President, I visited Henry Stimson, the Secretary of War.  I whispered that he had to tell Truman as fast as he could.  I set fear in him.  He listened.  As soon as Truman was sworn in as President, Stimson told him about it. 

     Truman was dragging his heels.  He formed committees to decide whether they should warn the enemy first or not.  They had committees to decide if they should use it or continue with conventional bombing because they weren’t sure of its power.  They had committees for committees!  This was driving me crazy!  Then a group of scientists sent a petition to Truman trying to deter and delay.  They didn’t want the thing dropped.  So I whispered in the right ears and had this petition delayed.  There were more debates, more delays. 

     This guy Truman just didn’t listen to me.  Finally, to say the least, they tested a plutonium implosion bomb in the New Mexico desert.  And it worked!

     World wars can be so frustrating when you have to deal with guys that just don’t listen.  Conscience is hard to deal with.  It’s the Holy Spirit raining on my parade.

     And then, just when I thought I had everything in place, Britain, China and the United States just had to issue what they called the “Potsdam Declaration”.  This declaration demanded that the Japanese Empire surrender immediately or face prompt and utter destruction.  Come on, they were at war already…shees-s-s!  Anyway, I whispered lots of good ego stuff to the Japanese generals and leaders, so, on July 28, 1945 Prime Minister Suzuki of Japan announced that their government would ignore the declaration. 

     So finally, Truman gave the order and they dropped the dang bombs.

     What followed, even I was surprised.  That Jew Einstein got it right.  On Monday, August 6, 1945 they dropped “Little Boy” on Hiroshima!  And on August 9, they dropped “Fat Man” on Nagasaki!  They had no clue to the devastation it would do!

     These bombs descended with a fiery shrill, followed by bellows of thunder, upon thunder, upon thunder.  Civilians on the ground were instantly blinded by bursts of white light.  Thousands, upon thousands melted standing on their feet.  Cries and shrieks of terror were soon silenced as the two cities, one by one were leveled to the ground.  It  was a sight to see.  Rolls and rolls of smoke overlapping one another, mushrooming into the sky – higher than the tower of Babel!  And then came the ominous black rain (radiation fallout).  Clinging and hovering over survivors like my grim reaper coming to gather the dead.  There’d been no survivors at all if it hadn’t been for those dang angels!

     Then that Archangel Michael!  That holier than thou Michael!!  His words are still ringing in my ears!!!

     In a child like mocking, the Dragon chimes, “I have been sent with a message from the One above who sits on the Throne.  He and He only is the One who decides the day of Armageddon.  You must thwart your actions this day”.

     “How dared he?” bellowed the Dragon, “This kingdom was given to me!  Then he mocked, “The one above who sits on the throne… I was so sick of hearing that.!”

     “I hear ya master,” sighed O’Hellian.

     “I wasn’t ready to mess with Michael, so I decided to just lay low, count my Federal Reserve profits,  and let the war end.”

Chapter  Nine                           

The Beast Rising Out Of The Sea

     “It was then that I turned my attention back to that dang Atlantic Charter.  But, by the time I got there, they had already made this the basis for their new United Nations Charter.  It seems that while I was busy in Germany and Japan, they made a United Nations declaration, formed a United Nations Charter, and held a conference in San Francisco to discuss this new thing.  They only invited the nations that declared war on Germany and Japan and who had subscribed to the United Nations Declaration.  These guys had been very busy.  They had gotten 26 countries to sign this thing, and another 21 countries to sign as adherents to it.  This was the brain child of my good old friend F.D.R. and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Winston Churchill. 

     To look at this dang United Nations Charter, I thought I was back in 1776 at the signing of the Declaration of Independence!  It was not original at all.  They started it – “We The Peoples of the United Nations….United for a better world…” 

     They had nineteen chapters in this charter, full of articles and stuff that undermined all of my efforts.  I had to think of how to turn this disaster around.  And turn it around I did!  It was easy.  If these countries wanted to form a sort of United States of the world, they first had better remember that this is my world.  So, I used the same strategy that I did for the first  United States.  You know, the second beast that came up out of the earth with two horns that looked like a lamb, but when I got done, spoke like ME!  Ha! I just used the same strategy.  After all, I already had them internationally banking together, and warring together.

     I let them start out feeling blessed by the one up above on the throne.  Then, I let them build their little circle of unity, enthroned them with democracy.  That’s my specialty.  That and its’ side benefit – beurocracy.  (Ya can’t have one without the other.)  And wham!!  I had ‘em!  I let them write all the goodie junk they wanted.  Then, me and my minions started whispering, and they couldn’t stick to any of it!

     I got them all agreeing to go in the same direction and then…”   Dragon paused and said with a sneer, “Greed, power, lust, envy, strife, ego, jealousy, and religious beliefs took over!  Ya just can’t mix power and pagan with the One on the Throne up above and expect it to meld together.  Ya just can’t.  He won’t allow it, and ya know where I stand.  Ha!  It’s like mixing iron and clay, it just don’t stick together.   And to think, F.D.R. and Churchill laid the ground work for me. 

     They had no clue that I would turn their efforts into my greatest beast ever!  My New World Order!  I’d been working on this since the days of Nimrod, but the One on the Throne kept interrupting my plans.  Every time I got some tyrant going in the right direction, He’d either stop it Himself or send His Angels.  He even called out prophets, full of dreams and visions to create some repenting awareness.  I’d make visit after visit complaining and condemning, but never got anywhere. 

     Then he sent His son, and that’s when my plans really back fired on me.  I whispered and got the Pharisees, Sadducees, hypocrites, and high Priests all stirred up.  With their zeal and jealousy, we got His Son publicly condemned, nailed to the cross, dead and sealed in a tomb.

     Just when I thought I was home free, the next thing I know, He’s down there at my Gate.  Death didn’t hold him.  He had the nerve to let out all my captives!  I was so angry, I went up to the One up above on the throne to condemn and complain as usual, but, that led to all out war and Michael and the angels kicked me out for good.  I should have seen that one coming.  Remember O’Hellian how mad that got me.  I’m still seething over it.  That’s why it’s all out tribulation and war down here.  I hate these offspring of Adam and Eve’s, and loathe the ones who have the testimony of the Son!

     That’s when I used my Roman leaders to create the greatest tribulation the world had ever seen!  Killing, torturing, destroying in ways no other tyrants had ever conceived.  I had Nero put shirts of wax on Christians and tie them on poles in his garden.  Then he set them on fire to provide light for his parties. 

     I had the Jerusalem Temple utterly destroyed, burned to the ground and whispered to my roman Tyrant Nero to use the gold confiscated from it, to finance the rebuilding of the Coliseum destroyed by his fire.  (which he blamed on the new Christians).  I also whispered to Nero to enslave the Jewish people and converts with cruel force for the purpose of rebuilding the Coliseum.  And he did!  I loved it.  Using God’s gold and God’s people to rebuild my Rome!  My Democracy!

     It was my grandest display of the use of tyranny and corruption through my very own legs of iron – my Democratic Roman Empire!  My great wrath was unleashed tenfold when He sent His people out to try and convert all my nations into His Kingdom!  So after Nero, I sent out my Emperor Domitian.  He made a rule that unless a Christian denounced his faith he would be killed.  After that I sent out my Emperor Trajan, then Adrian, Antonius, Severus, Maximus, Decius, Valerian, Aurelian, and Diocletian.  These tyrants served me well, but, people continued to convert in spite of torturous death.  So I had to think of a new plan.” 

 Chapter  Ten        

Mixing Iron And Clay

     “My wrath was just building martyrs of His Righteousness.  It was time to try uniting.  Unite these converts into my Roman Democracy and combine their beliefs with those of my people.  I did this under my lukewarm Constantine the Great.

     Like my modern day leaders of the twentieth century, Constantine was great at mixing Christianity with paganism.  I whispered for him to make Christianity legal and he did.  This brought about some wars with the other Romans, but, Constantine got it done.  He established the ancient Greek city of Byzantium as his new capitol of Christianity in the West. 

     It wasn’t long and I had him put the picture of the the queen of heaven Semiramis and her son Tammuz on coins and had him tell the Christians it was mother Mary and her Son.  “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s Ha!  He successfully combined my religion of sun worshiping with Christianity and turned the mother of the Son into the new queen of heaven.  This uniting idea worked so well, it became my cornerstone for all of my future projects.

     “You see O’Hellian“, smirked Dragon. “Once you unite them, they think you are all on the same team.  That’s when you can start to alter things little by little.  You can corrupt them by convincing them that you have all of their best interests at heart.  And the irony of this is – they believe it!

     By the twelfth century, I had the church of Rome ignoring the truths of the scriptures, especially all that love one another stuff.  I whispered for them to kill all who opposed their new false doctrines.  I had’em killing each other and then sent them out to kill in holy wars against other religions.  This was one of my best master plans.  It worked then, and it’s still working today! 

     O’Hellian do you realize that I’ve had more Christians killed in these last 100 years, than in all the years combined since I started my great tribulation?  Now that’s some progress.” 

Chapter  Eleven                      

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

     Dragon pauses and pierces his eyes into the bay.  “Look out there O’Hellian,” he smugs, “Tell me what ya see;”

     “The Goddess of Liberty?” guesses O’Hellian, as though unsure of what he is supposed to be seeing. 

     “Right,” laughs Dragon.  “My dang Roman Goddess of Liberty!  And Americans just love her.   Why the whole free world loves her.  She’s my symbol of Roman Democracy, my Queen of heaven.  One of the facets of my Roman Goddess Artemis.  She was first displayed on a coin with my roman guy Bassianus Antonius, better known as Caracalla.  And the founders of the United States put her on their coins too!  Why, she’s still on them!  They have her perched on top of their Capitol Building.  New York has her on its’ Flag.  Just try and tell me Americans don’t love my world. 

     In the days of their founding fathers the essays of Trenchard and Gordon “Cato’s Letters”, were published in London and made their way to the colonies.  These essays condemned tyranny and corruption in government while advancing the principles of liberty.

     I whispered for them to whole heartily entrench their thoughts in the classic Roman history of Cato the younger, (who was the great grandson of the roman statesman Cato the elder).  He was an enemy of Julius Caesar and the champion of liberty and republican principles.  His son in law, Brutus helped assassinate Julius Caesar.  Ha! Another example of people uniting for good and ending up with corruption. 

     With a few whispers I had the founding fathers model their whole beginnings from the works of Trenchard and Gordon’s book “Cato’s Letters”.

     True liberty, ha!  Cato the younger followed Pompheii’s democracy.  Nothing wrong with allowing the wealthy nobles to own slaves and leave no jobs for the Roman citizens.  They were starving, and Julius Caesar seized the opportunity to take over Pompeii’s Rome under the guise of Liberating them! One of my best -led revolutions.  One that led to tyranny of dictatorship.  Julius rebelled against Pompeii’s Rome with a promise to stop the noble’s monopoly on work by ending their slavery!  Liberty for all!  Something that would repeat itself many times in this new United States.  The same bone of contention replanted in the new colonies.  Rome had once again been revived!  Pompeii’s democracy.”

 Chapter  Twelve                     

One Nation Under God?

     “Little did the founding fathers conceive that the very nature of lust for a better way, a better day, would turn about the reins of the clamoring chariots of Rome and the ushering in of Caesar’s truth, justice and liberty for  all, complete with the Roman Goddess Queen of Heaven (Liberty) along with the ultimate symbol of democracy the Roman Eagle!

     These symbols adorn their great seal, their Capitol, their coins and Liberty lights their harbor.  Rome’s own blind justice, her own civil war, to be reincarnated in the battle between the north and the south, Pompeii verses Julius!  One nation under God.  But which god?  Rome had so many.  How many have entered in through the harbor of  Liberty?  

     One need to look no further than the nations capitol building its self to see the art that would send the founding fathers reeling in their graves if they ever saw it.  In the rotunda of the capital building we find the great work of art by my servant Constantino Brumidi, titled “the apotheosis of George Washington”, which means “the raising to the ranks of a god!”  It’s George clear as day, a life size heavenly vision.  Guided by two aspects of the Queen of Heaven herself lifting him – Liberty to his left, and Fame sounding a trumpet and holding a palm in a symbol of victory to his right.  And thirteen female aspects standing in a circle around him representing the colonies.  A work of art – Ha!

     Surrounding George and my goddesses, I have the apotheosis of my greatest achievement of all – Democracy – being raised to the ranks of a god!  Six groups of my god’s and goddesses – each working closely with the people of this nation!   Starting with my tribute to War is my goddess Armored Freedom with sword and shield, her cape flying, protected by her helmet she tramples Tyranny and Kingly Power (war tramples all).  Along her side is my eagle carrying arrows and a thunderbolt.  You see O’Hellian, these are my symbols for me, and they don’t even see it.  Ha! 

     Next my salute to Science and the goddess of wisdom, and the arts of civilization, Minerva.  protected with her helmet and spear she points to an electric generator that creates power stored in batteries, next to a printing press.  Benjamin Franklin, Samuel F.B. Morse, and Robert Fulton watch on.  To her left, a teacher demonstrates the use of dividers.  Ahh – the people mingled with my iron. 

     And then there is my god of the sea -Neptune, complete with his trident and crowned with seaweed. Brumidi has him riding a shell chariot drawn by sea horses.  While, Venus my goddess of love, who was born from the sea, helps lay the transatlantic cable  which was the birth of my power of the air to man.  An  iron-clad ship with smokestacks bellows in the background, while the people adore the sight of these gods. 

     Next, a tribute to my god of commerce Mercury.  Half naked, with his winged cap and sandals and  caduceus he hands a bag of gold to Robert Morris, financier of the revolutionary war.  On the left, men move a box on a dolly, on the right, men are tallying the goods, recording the profits of wealth.

     Hail to Vulcan my god of the forge.  There he stands, big and brawn at his anvil with his foot on a cannon, and plenty of cannon balls nearby.  He is surrounded with people helping the effort.

     And last but not least a tribute to my goddess of agriculture – Ceres.  Brumidi has her crowned with a wreath of wheat and holding a cornucopia while seated on a McCormick reaper.  Young goddess of America is in a liberty cap holding the reins of the horses, while my goddess Flora gathers flowers.

     It’s a shame about Brumidi though, O’Hellian.  Before he could complete the paintings, he fell off the scaffle and died three months later.  Later I found Filippo Costaggini and whispered for him to finish it.  It took him nine years but in 1889 it was done.

     Over the last two centuries millions of people have traveled to tour the capital building and view this work of art.  Few, if any, have ever questioned the artist’s intent.  Americans stare up at its beauty in awe. Never questioning its message.  My gift to America, the apotheosis of her Roman gods, from the prince of Rome whose deadly wound was healed!

     And now, through the uniting of all the nations, a revived world empire, disguised as masterfully as any Caesar could have done.  A New World Order.

     My greatest empire of all is growing.  A great beast combining all of the great empires since Nimrod in Assyria, the Pharaohs of Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, the Kings of Persia, Alexander’s Greece, Pompeii and Caesar’s Rome, and all the Kings of Great Britain combined into one.  The completion of the succession of all my great empires and the unveiling of my Beast.  Resting snuggly in that great State of New York.  Headquartered amidst the Manhattan skyline. 

     My one world monetary system, my world health organization, my world food, world civil rights and liberties, world police – one world everything! 

     And the beauty of this beast is that it can’t decide on anything, nor can it stop wars!  It actually allows more chaos, more discord, more mass starvation, more anti Christianity, more anti-Semitism, more terrorism, and more elitism. 

     It is the home of my ultimate Prince preparing the way for world war III!  Armageddon and the ultimate wiping out of Israel in the middle east and the grafted in Israel of the west, not to mention the remnant of stragglers throughout the world. 

      Dragon laughs and sings, “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere New York, New York, Neeewwwww Yorrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk!”

 Chapter Thirteen

True Liberty  

      “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!”

2nd Corinthians 3:17 NKJB

     “You see O’Hellian”, the Dragon arises, as he raises his arm and extends his hand out, palm up directed at the harbor, “as long as folks look to my lady in the harbor as their hope for liberty, I got’em!  And as long as they look to my coins with her on them, I got’em.”  The dragon sits back down and continues, “the problem with folks these days is that they need visuals.  They need to see the thing to believe it.  And ya can’t see true liberty.  It’s something ya have to have faith in it.  The Guy on the Throne gives it out to folks who believe.  It’s another one of those faith things and I work hard to get rid of those faith things.

     True liberty is freedom from my world.  Freedom from my bondage, and as long as this is my world, it will always be democracy over liberty.  More government, less we the people.

     That gal in the harbor, she’s my goddess.  I call her liberty because that’s what we the people want to hear.  That’s what we the people want to see.  When they come to look at her they stare up in awe.  Folks think she stands for God, America, and apple pie.  But my liberty is blended in with my democracy.  My Roman democracy and my Roman goddess of liberty go hand in hand.  They are my symbols of bondage.  And as long as I can keep folks to busy to think, they’ll never figure it out. Ha!

     She’s their symbol.  The thing they can see.  They can’t see faith, and as long as the modern day Pharisees can’t explain it, they’ll never get it.  Why?  Because O’Hellian, I got her so ingrained in this generation’s head as truth, justice and the American way that no one wants to be called anti-American by exposing her.

     It’s faith they can believe in.  America’s cause to protect her.  Why?  Because they can see her.

Folks will die to protect my democracy, and fight to spread it throughout my world.  Why?  Because they can see it in all of my symbols.  My images.  The only ones that concern me are those that can see through her.  Those do gooders that are ready to die for the cause of true liberty.  Ready to play the martyr.

       Do you know what gives a martyr the strength to fight for a cause O’Hellian?  The strength to die for one?”

     O’Hellian decides to take a guess and cautiously answers, “Because they have a world leader they’re willing to die for?”

     “No!” roared the Dragon, “that’s what we do!  Martyrs take a stand for all the things that can’t be seen.  They take a stand for true liberty.  True liberty is dangerous stuff for us.  It has within it the strength of things not seen.  The strength of faith, the strength of hope, the strength of love, the strength of charity, the strength of duty, the strength of purpose, the strength of loyalty, the strength of conviction, the strength of courage, and the strength of true freedom from bondage.  The strength of legions of angels to come to their aid.  Powerful stuff.  These are not in my world.

     These things come into fruition when folks shod their feet with the Word of God.  And when they do that O’Hellian, Michael and his legions of angels make them even stronger.  It’s a scary thing for us because all it takes is one.  Just one of them do gooders willing to stand up and be tested as silver and tried like gold.  Just one little folk can inspire thousands upon thousands to join in the fight for things not seen.

     That’s why we have to keep them busy, and keep them seeing my stuff, my way!  Keep them seeing my world as the only world.  My kingdom is the only one folks can physically see right now and it’s our job to keep them believing this is all there is.  Believing that what you see is what you get.   Not the things unseen.  We got to keep them in line, going along.  Make them believe in my concept of eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!

     Most of today’s do gooders have gotten lukewarm.  They like being lukewarm, they think they’ve been blessed.  They think that being politically correct is what the Guy on the Throne wants them to be.  They don’t realize that politics is part of my world.  Politics meaning social conniving for personal gain.  I love my democracy.  And the modern day Pharisees have their hands all wrapped around it.  All wrapped around my world. Ha!

     My great ideas, efforts, and whispers, added with time, has eaten away at the very core of the church and the beauty of America.  Little by little I got Americans to leave their Christian republic roots in exchange for a form of democracy.  My democracy.  My democracy can only work for partial good if the one leading hold Christian values and morals.  But the way I got it all set up now, I got ways to keep them from getting much done against what I have put together.  What the Dragon hath put together let no do gooder put asunder, now that’s my motto!

     My democracy for all the unrighteous holds the lawmaking power.  And the righteous have to live by it.  It’s a beautiful system.  It forms my Babylon the great.  My laws that go against the Guy on the Throne.  I entered into this country through the wide path of the left, and then I crossed over to the narrow path on the right.  The path to freedom.  Freedom  of religion.  I proclaimed democracy as my stronghold.  I whispered and laws were made to condone all manner of sin.  I whispered some more and laws were made to restrain righteous freedoms.  Righteous freedoms that were so very necessary to uphold Christian morals and values. Ha!  Now my democracy has a voice.  A voice that allows unrighteous and immoral values to be heard, and legally override the truth in the words of the republic constitution instilled by the prayers of the founding fathers and blessed by the Guy on the Throne.

     Ushering in the true decline of America’s morals and values.  Creating a diseased and sickly division among we the people that eats away at her core like a cancer.  But, O’Hellian, one thing concerns me.  True Christians are discovering their historic roots and the events that make the formation of the original republic necessary.  This country is holding itself together with a thin thread of republic Christian morals and values.  It is now on a fast falling moral decline.  That’s where I want it, and I got to snap that one last thin thread fast.  Ya know why O’Hellian?”

      O’Hellian shrugs his shoulders and pretends to think in an effort to hide his attention deficit moment.  He answers, “Why?” 

     “Because the movement of do gooders has come to a head.  Do gooders, the ones with the true Holy Spirit are taking a stand.  This is waking up a lot of folks in the lukewarm level.  Folks are taking a stand.  They are becoming either hot or cold.  The hot ones are taking a stand for true liberty.  They are putting on their armor that the Guy on the Throne gave’em.  That armor ya can’t see.  They’re taking a stand to fight the things unseen.  That means us O’Hellian!  Their time is ripe for rebuking and warring against my things.  The things both physically and not physically seen.  It’s a new reality for them.  A new awakening. 

     They actually see this stuff that others can’t see and they have a passion for their cause.  This is the stuff the martyrs had.  This is the stuff I always try to avoid.  My specialty is temptation with things they can see, touch and feel!  Things they can lust after and wish they had.  Things they desire.  Desire so bad they can taste it..  Desire so bad they do all kinds of lawless stuff to get it.  I take away their liberty unseen, and give them my liberty they can see.  My goddess in the harbor, my goddess on their coins, their flags and their buildings.  My money, my stuff, and more money  and more stuff.  Power, wealth, little folks to rule over.  Ya got to have my money, my mark to get stuff in my world.  No body can buy or sell without it.  That’s what I always say and I say it loud and clear to every generation!  Hey, I’m fair. 

     Folks like what they can see.  They hold on to physical liberties.   Most can’t understand the liberty of thought. Nor the power behind the things unseen.  They only get it when they can see it.  Like when they  physically get locked in jail.  Now they understand that.  They see they just lost their physical liberty loud and clear. Ha!  But, as long as they aren’t behind bars, then they don’t see me stealing their liberty.  Their true liberty.  They’re too busy doing stuff.  Buying stuff I advertise, and stressing out working around the clock to get it.  They believe in what they see.  If they saw it on TV on the liberal news it makes it true.  If they read it in the newspaper then it’s true.  If they see it in the flesh, then that makes it so. Ha!

     You see O’Hellian, true liberty is something I can never take away.  I can only make them doubt that it ever existed.  That’s why I rewrite text books and lure people away from true knowledge.  It’s like in the days of the founding fathers, every home had a Bible and every home had a copy of the Foxe Book of Martyrs along side it.  Today, you can ask folks on the street if they even know what that Foxe book is, and they will tell ya they never heard of it.  It’s lost in time.  It’s a dangerous piece of work for us.  It is full of the history and testimonials from the apostles to the early Christians who believed in the things unseen.  Full of the testimonials of  folks that were martyred at the same time the colonies were being settled. Folks who denied my liberty in the flesh for the liberty unseen.  This liberty from the guy on the throne.  The liberty of thought.  That no matter how much trial or torture they had unseen strength from angels to stand firm, knowing they were going home when it was all over. 

     I hate that kind of courage, that type of conviction and passion.  I got rid of that book, and some do gooder updated it and brought it back into print.  They list the millions of martyrs  that died in the last 100 years of my reign.  Dang it.  I try, but I just can’t touch true liberty.  I can water it down and I do.  Just like I do with the Guy on the Throne’s book, his Bible.  I’m not allowed to change the meanings in the book, but I’ve been successful at changing the folks ability to understand it.  Ha!

     I did this the same way I did the republic constitution.  I started out by allowing the usage of  words to have descriptions instead of the usage of words having prescriptions.  The idea is that when words keep getting misused from it’s original intent or translation, it can take on a new meaning and then the system accepts that new meaning.  This suits the wants and needs of a new generation.  This eventually leads to the disappearance of vast volumes of knowledge and wisdom.  Ya see O’Hellian, the meanings of words determine how folks interpret something.  When the meaning of the work gets watered down, changed over and over, then folks see a whole different meaning.  Like one Bible quote originally said “Be of good courage” which the prescription for use meant to be brave and have fearlessness.  Well, over time in some Bible versions, I had it replaced with “Be of good cheer”.  Which at one time could apply, like when an army was heading into battle, the people would cheer them on for encouragement to be brave and to win.  But, today’s description of cheer is to have joy and animation, and to salute with applause.  Well, you tell me O’Hellian, it certainly can change the intent of the Word today, can’t it. Ha!  You see how it works O’Hellian, I have changed man’s thinking, man’s knowledge.  That’s why man is forever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. 

     They learn what I want them to learn.  The stuff I whisper.   My liberties.  Change what things mean in folks minds and ya change the message.  That’s how I work it O’Hellian.  Then ya add new thought directions and then ya got them good.  Ha!

Chapter  Fourteen                    

An American Advocate

     “Oh how I remember that dang Noah Webster, O’Hellian.  Why his life and upbringing were the typical American dream model, designed by the Guy on the Throne up above.  He was born to an average family and had two brothers and two sisters.  His dad farmed and worked hard as a weaver and his mom worked hard at home. They were just your average colonial family back then.  They grew their own food and made their own clothing.  They were entrepreneurial and independent.  As were about 85% of all folks in the colonies.  Fact is O’Hellian, folks back then had a better debt to equity ratio than folks today. Ha!  They were of the mindset that you buy it when you can pay for.  Sickening little do gooders.

     His folks worked and saved and sent Noah to the only college in the state, Yale.  These type of do gooder families just drive me crazy.  They are the ideal role model for the Guy on the Throne.  The role model that made America great with her glorious roots.  The roots I’ve been yanking at since they were planted.

     Let’s see now, while he was a Yale my revolutionary war broke out and times got really tough.  By the time he graduated his folks didn’t have enough money to send him to law school like he wanted.  I remember how that made my day O’Hellian.  But dang it, instead of getting all sad, that guy went to work teaching school and he loved it!  Then later he saved enough of his own money to study law.  Every time I tried to get to him, Michael was sent to stop me.

     What I hated most about him was his support for the beliefs of the founding fathers.  And his support for their ideas of who was best suited to hold a public servants office.  They actually believed that if a man couldn’t manage his own household and financial affairs in an orderly and profitable way, they couldn’t be trusted to handle the affairs and finances of the country.  They thought that only a man that held no economic interests and sought no economic advantage could serve well.  That O’Hellian, is just the opposite of my principals and philosophies!  So ya can see where this guy Noah really got under my skin.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, he kept reminding folks that the constitution was based on Christian values.  He kept stressing that the Bible was the source of republican government, and the Guy on the Throne’s redeeming grace for mankind through his Son  Jesus Christ.

     This guy Webster wrote all kinds of stuff that irritated me.  I remember when he introduced civics into the school system in 1794.  His work gave an overview of the principles of the American constitutional form of government.  He had the nerve to define America as a representative republic.  He dared to bring out the problems with my democracy.  Can you believe that O’Hellian?  Criticizing my democracy!  He brought out both sides, laying all the cards on the table, and the students always chose the republic as the better form of government.  That’s why I had to raise my democracy to the ranks of a god and make it my image.  Plant the seed to the future and spread it throughout the world.  I had to revive it.  Revive my Rome, and revive it fast!”

Chapter Fifteen

Stealing The Minds Of We The People

     “It was time to call out several legions of minions to help me whisper in many ears.  The Guy on the Throne had blessed a country that wasn’t interested in my democracy.   And I needed a big plan.  That’s when I whispered in the ear of my new progeny, Horace Mann.  He turned out to be my biggest advocate for changing the way people think.  And it’s still working beautifully today!

           Horace Mann my good old father of education.  My education.  He’s the guy that teamed up in 1852 with my Massachusetts Governor Edward Everett to redo the school systems.  They both worked hard to get my Prussian (German based communist) educational system in place.  My precious Prussian system, a system without Biblically based virtue, morals and values.  Now that took some doing.  He went up against Boston schoolmasters and religious sectarians who denounced it forthright.  I knew it would be hard for him to sell it to the folks who ran the schools here.  They were just to bogged down in that old Noah Webster’s concept of teaching morals and values through Biblical teachings.  

     O’Hellian nods, but with no expression.

     We had to whisper and whisper fast!  I had to work on getting rid of any type of reference for America’s history and true philosophy of government.  I had to get the school system and its’ text books changed so that folks would be blind to the truth of the federal representative republic.  The truth of the constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the we the people for the people.  My democracy wasn’t going to take a back seat any longer.  This is when we all went to work overtime on Horace Mann, and his partners in Prussian crime.

     The Prussian system in a nutshell was a communistic way of teaching that appeared to be superior, but, in reality; it actually bred confusion and ignorance. Whole sentences were to be memorized instead of whole words.  Words were to be sounded out in sounds instead of learning letters of the alphabet – today’s hooked on phonics!  This resulted in kids knowing how to read through sounds but not knowing how to understand what they just read.  It was one of my most brilliant plans of thought suppression ever devised.  Memorize and categorize, that was the key.  Don’t think.  Only know what was programmed into your little brain through memorization.  Only remember what you were taught to memorize.  Never mind common sense, the kids were taught to ignore it.  It wasn’t something to be memorized.   Keep them busy all day memorizing, and busy all evening memorizing homework and you never have to worry.  Don’t give’em time to apply it, that’s my motto, keep’em so busy they can’t think.  That gets them everytime.  That’s my motto.

     It all started when Prussia lost the battle of Jena to Napoleon.  I whispered and my great Prussian thinkers decided that they lost because they spent more time thinking for themselves instead of following orders.  They had no idea that no matter what they tried to do, that my guy Napoleon was going to win.  It was my war and I decide who wins and who loses in my wars with my folks.  I just love playing head games with folks who think they have stuff all figured out. Ha!  It’s one of my favorite past times.  It was then that I whispered to my Prussian guy Johann Gottlieb Fichte.  Now he’s my kind of thinking philosopher.  He was a transcendental idealist and had no problem selling my ideas to thinking minds in Germany.  My ideas that showed that the government was a necessary instrument of social and moral progress.  So much for Webster’s concepts that Biblical studies were the necessity.  And so much for Thomas Paine’s warning, when he said, “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.” Ha!

     Let me think here, I believe it was John Locke’s view that “children were a blank slate”, and lessons from Rousseau on how to “write on that slate”  combined with Fichte’s “duties of the state”, that allowed Prussia to form a three tiered educational system.  I had been working on all of them, and never dreamed they’d combine it all into one perfect package considered “scientific”.  You see O’Hellian, by using the basic philosophy of the “duties of the state”, combined with the view that kids were a blank slate, and lessons on “how to write on the slate”, Prussia had established a three tiered educational system that would be the foundation for my master future plans for democracy in the rest of the world.  By 1819 they had the whole thing in place.  This system decided for each kid what was to be learned, what was to be thought about, how long to think about it, and when the kid was to think of something else.  It was a beautifully mastered system of thought control!  It later was polished up by the German elite and became what they now refer to as mind control.

     They had divided the educational system into three groups.  The elite top 1/2% of society were considered the most important class and were taught to think.  The next level of society that contained 5.5% was the second most important group.  They had them sent to what they called realschulen where they were taught to partially think.  The rest of the 94% went to  what they called volkschulen, where they were taught to be in harmony.  Harmony defined as being obedient, freedom from the stress of thinking, in the box, learning to follow orders,  little robots, children that should be seen and not heard, do as I say and not as I do. 

     And ya know what O’Hellian,  it’s funny just to think that today when a kid shows the signs of a real thinker, full of ideas and restless energy chomping at the bit to do new things to challenge his fast thinking phases, they call that kid dysfunctional due to an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Ha!  I love it.  They put the kid on drugs, slow him down, put him back in a box, and caution the parents not to get the kid excited about anything.   Blame it on sugar.  It isn’t good for him, he may just start thinking again. Ha! I had to come up with the drug idea, due to the twentieth century home educational system of television, learning toys, video games, and  internet learning.  Not to mention those do gooder parents who take the time to teach all kinds of creative and intellectual stuff to their kids and encourage self thinking ideas. 

     This whole Prussian communist concept was designed to keep the young kid from getting a head start on reading because a kid that can read becomes knowledgeable and independent from the system of instruction.   Reading is knowledge and the ability to find out almost anything.  It’s a real threat to any social class structure.  You see O’Hellian, in order to have a class that is superior, you have to have a class that is insuperior.   It’s the same concept with the drugs.  I designed it to keep the largest social class in line from childhood on.  Get them started when they’re young on prescriptions and when they are older, voila,  they shall not depart from the way you have taught them.  And with my world it starts in my educational system. Ha! 

     You see, my state school system isn’t set up to handle a whole school house full of thinkers.  So we keep them behind, with the concept of no child left behind, and give special teacher time to those that didn’t learn anything for the first six years, and the other amount of teacher time to what they now term “gifted” kids.   The result of this is, ya got the teachers suggesting to about 70% of the parents that their child should see either a child psychologist to get behavioral modification drugs, or pay for private tutoring.  Why O’Hellian?  Because the kids just aren’t learning what they should be learning, or they are viewed as a problem in the classroom for constantly disrupting both the teacher and their fellow classmates with their restless energy and endless questions.  This interrupts the teacher’s (state controlled) time schedule for those with special needs or the gifted.  And the beauty of this O’Hellian, the teachers and the parents don’t have a clue!  Why?  Cause they are by products of the same system.  What do the parents do?  Harmonize!  They do just what the 94% are supposed to do, they do what they are told.  And the teachers?  They do what they are taught.  Tell the parents x y z.  And sound it out so it sounds pretty.

     Keep the kids from learning abc’s and reading for the first six years of their life and you have restless energy that gets redirected and classified as a problem or a disorder.  Oh how I love my Horace Mann.

     Mann is the man O’Hellian.  I whispered and he performed.  His work helped me to demoralize the field of lexicography.  He attacked Webster’s ideas of teaching morals and values through teaching Biblical studies in school.  This grew until “slang” won its place in that do gooder Webster’s dictionary.  Why I bet he’s rolling over in his grave right now just knowing that contemporary usage and pornographic terminology are now a standard of reference in my state run schools!  But I also have to thank Governor Edward Everett of Massachusetts, together they got the Prussian system in their schools.  It wasn’t long after that and I whispered and the governor of New York put it in 12 of his schools.  It kept spreading to different states.  And then after the civil war,  Horace Mann’s sister in law, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody saw to it that the system was also taught in the southern states.  By 1900 most of the compulsory school laws designed to implement this system were passed.  My united world community and liberal social action, commonly called today,  progressive democracy was born with no going back.  Ha! 

     And to think, O’Hellian by 1900 all the PhD’s in the United States were trained in the Prussian system.  I had most all of them in my box harmonizing beautifully.  In fact, it was at the turn of the 19th century that I whispered and they started replicating the medicinal qualities of natural herbs and plants into drug form.  Pills! Vaccines!  Side affects! Experimentation!  More Money!  The rest is history.  Ha! 

     With this system, anything that breeds independence is out!  This is the system with the concept that the state is the father of the kids.  The system that takes a village.  Ha!

     My next plans are designed to strike sectarian schools, private schools, and home schooling.  I’ve already been whispering.  They will no longer be allowed.  Zip, nodda, gone!  I’m taking it all to the next level. My new communistic, socialistic, transcendental government bondage program. Just think O’Hellian, I will integrate longer school hours, and more complex material that is not intended to be comprehended, only memorized.  I will begin to build a generation of robotic harmonized citizens that will comply with my 94% concepts.  When 7 to 12 year old kids become worn down by long hours and extra home work.  The timing will be perfect for my national song to their government combo.  I’ll combine the anthem with wake me up exercise pep rallies.   The kids will chant their leaders name because it will be easy to memorize.  I’ll hold these combo pep rallies 4 times a day, in lieu of sports.  They will obtain an automatic allegiance to the system.  Hey, what can I say, it’s no secret that the only way to control a large mass of people is to get them dummied down.  Win them over, position yourself as an awe inspiring being, become their god.  Then  ration out fairly the equality for all.  They’ll all be hungry, unless they learn to live in harmony.  

     The good thing O’Hellian is that it will only take about two generations and no one will know the difference.  Why this system has already affected the church.  Most folks today only know how to memorize.”  Dragon curls his nose and mocks, ” Jesus loves me, this I know “…”,  John 3:16,  For God so loved “―”.  Ha! If ya asked them what it means, they couldn’t tell ya.  Know one knows how to think any more.  The good thing for us is, if ya can’t think, ya can be easily manipulated to do anything.  Do you know why O’Hellian?”

     O’Hellian sits there, gesturing as he nervously tries to think real hard.  “Auh, because, a, I don’t a…..why boss?”

     “Because you can’t feel passion.  You lose your emotional reasoning.  Your spirit dies inside.  Ha!  You become blinded.  And if everyone around ya is blinded too, wham!  They all just repeat what someone taught’em and they won’t allow anyone to say anything except what they memorized.  It’s real scary for them O’Hellian.  Think about it.  If ya can’t think and all your truths are just stored in your data brain.  It’s as though somebody comes along and steals your hard drive.  You don’t have anything left.  If it’s your only cause, your only truth.  Your only hope. Don’t stress them with having to think about new information they have to have harmony

     I swear O’hellian, if ya put two thinkers in a room with a memorizer to brainstorm ideas it’s a disaster.  Why your real lucky if you can let ten minutes go by before the memorizer is crying for the other two to slow down cause he’s on overload. 

     If ya ever disagree with a memorizer he gets mad.  The in your face kind of mad.  They keep repeating the same words over and over and just get louder and louder.  They repeat what they’ve been programmed to say and they don’t ever listen to the other person.  They just keep shouting the same mute point.  Then they stand up and flail their arms all over like they’re going to get ya if ya don’t tell them they’re right.  They point in your face, shout the same words over and over, get louder and louder.  Then they work into a rage while throwing in a few profanities, or off color remarks that have nothing to do with the original argument.

     All of this is the result of my wonderful Prussian communist school system of mind memorization.  Why one of my favorite forms of entertainment is watching angry memorizing atheists attack memorizing Christians.  Each making their memorizing points and neither knowing how or why they came to their conclusions.  It’s always because someone else said “…”.

Chapter Sixteen

Divide And Conquer

      “You see O’Hellian, as long as Christians think that they’re different – that they are the good guys and the Jews are the bad guys…we got’em.  A lot of Sunday Christians think they are a different religion than the Jews.  Most of them don’t even know that the New Covenant is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant.  It’s all Hebrew.  The gentiles have been grafted in.  It’s our job to keep them thinking that there are two separate things going on here.  Keep them blind like the old Pharisees.  Let them think they are privileged, superior.  Let them think the Jews are lost and God aint trying to find them.

     Let them judge, judge, judge!  Let ‘em teach their man made doctrines and feel good about themselves!  Oh, and by the way O’Hellian, whispering your idea of dispensationalism was great.  A real pivoting point to my master plan.  Some of the best junk ever written came from you and I whispering into folks like Darby’s’s ear!  That got’em all arguing to this day!  Great work on that one.

     Yes indeed, John Nelson Darby, he started out as a lawyer and became a curate for the Church of England which was a breakaway group from the established church.  They had no guidelines, and that’s what I like.  It was so easy to connect him with my Plymouth Brethren leaders, (the guys going around teaching false rediscovered truths).  Ha!  It didn’t take long and Darby had all of the Guy on the Throne’s work departmentalized so that nothing worked together any more toward restoration and salvation.  He had God’s plan chopped up and unfolding into periods of time that he called dispensations. In these little chunks of time, man was so called tested in respect to his obedience. 

     Why, he even pulled one week out of the book of Daniel’s 70 weeks of years and threw that into the future, it’s still floating out there.  Ha!  And the beauty of that one O’Hellian is – that was the week  of the ministry of Christ, His death, resurrection and the ministry of the apostles before they went to the gentiles. Ha!

     No one can prove it, it was never taught by the first disciples, apostles, or Christ.  It teaches two separate peoples of God (not one), it takes away Abraham’s blessings, and it denies Jews access to any salvation until after a secret rapture occurs.  Ha!  I love this dogma and all of its’ inconsistencies.  And Darby created mass followers through marketing, bulling and mind control.  All of my favorite methods. 

     O’Hellian smiles and nods.

     “That allowed me to create a lot of final wedges between Christians and Christians, and Christians and Jews.  It was a brilliant piece for separating the Hebrew religion from their Messiah!  And it broke off the Christians from the truth in the scriptures.  I love it when man writes his own doctrine and then has the guts to defend it.  Almost as good as when they plaster their names all over the front of God’s Holy Bible, filling the inside with their opinions and call it theirs, copyright it and forbid anybody to reprint any part of it without permission!  Ha!  I love it when they become wiser than Daniel and decide to interpret and rewrite the scriptures to suit themselves!

     TV evangelicals are my favorite!  That’s my “A” list!  I love the way you broke it down for me O’Hellian, let’s see, you had the modern day Pharisees group, the hypocrite group, the lukewarm group, the rapture nuts, the dispensationalist believers, prosperity preachers and the preachers of twisted doctrines that simply take things out of context for their own gain.  Oh and you had the doctrine of men and the sun cult turned Christian, Christians turned sun cult, and then there’s those that claim that everything related to God comes from aliens.  Ha!! 

     Then you listed my favorite of all – the self-proclaimed prophets and prophetesses!  Why there’s so many of the evangelical “A” list that we don’t have to worry about those that preach the truth.  For the most part these blind shepherds have already ruined  Christianity’s reputation.

     They are all serving us well, but, there is a group that’s coming out of the congregation of the evangelical “A” list that concerns me.  That’s those do gooders that are being guided  by the Holy Spirit.  The ones that are searching the scriptures for themselves.  I can’t believe they are actually doing it.  My minions are falling behind on these guys! 

     We need to throw more self doubt at them.  More science, more evolution, more money, more material things need waved in their paths.  More put-downs from my modern day Pharisees, more condemnation on these guys that don’t have a degree in theology!  O’Hellian you need to get the TV evangelical list and find the top modern day Pharisees and let them step up to publicly condemn this small group as nothing more than those rewriting their own doctrine!  Reduce them to less than a remnant!”

     “Um, ahh please excuse me master, “ O’Hellian sheepishly interrupted, “It is stated that when they point out the truth through the Holy Spirit, we , aahh, err, cannot talk over Him.  It’s never been done.  It is not allowed ya know.  Actually it isn’t possible.  So, my question is – what if the A list actually start to hear and listen?  What do we do then?”   

     “O’Hellian!!!!!” raged the Dragon, “Deep down everybody seeks my kingdom!  Haven’t I proven that?  Look at the greed and the lust for the stuff I offer’em!  We can’t worry about a 10% margin here.  We need to focus on the rest and get them to crush the 10%!”  calming down a bit, the Dragon speaks more softly, “O’Hellian, you are right in the fact that we can not speak against the Holy Spirit.  So it will be your task to find a way to get around this.  We learned through our hero, Nero that this type of do gooder with the Holy Sprit will martyr for God’s cause.  So rule that out, we have to think beyond the box here.

     Perhaps something along the lines of getting a message written by someone from my liberal list that condemns the actions of the do gooders.  Some kind of new age concept of all religion traveling to the light garbage that gets things stirred up. Or maybe some intellectual piece that makes do gooders look like they are being prejudice against half of the American society.  It can be pulled apart and claimed radical thinking by my liberal media.  Something that can be twisted around to make the Holy Word look like it is nothing more than a Tyrannical  Dogma that is unconstitutional for today’s society.  Make  religion look like it should be banned from practice.  Present a convincing case that it mind washes kids into being intolerant  of  the human  rights  of others  and breeds racisms. Point out that it condemns all other religious freedom, which is unconstitutional. Then we have all Christianity denounced publicly through my liberal media.  This will lead to congress passing an act against any and all, public or private, display of only one religious  view.  God will be reduced to nothing more than an ancient concept. A myth of man that created strife and Jihads throughout the ages.  It’s time to worship democracy in its place.

     After all America’s own leader has said this is no longer a Christian nation.  It is a Muslim nation, a Hindu nation, a Buddhist nation and a nation of non-believers.  Remember O’Hellian,  he stated that the sermon on the mount were the most radical words ever spoken and that the Bible had no place in the world today.  Ha!”

Chapter  Seventeen                 

New World Disorder

     Religion today is just that – religion.  O’Hellian, we have everything at stake here.  In 1844, I brought forth the telegraph.  Man said, “What hath God wrought?”  I said, “What hath the Dragon wrought!  That was my grand stage introduction.  I am the ultimate prince of the power of the air.  From this little beginning, my kingdom grew and grew into the world wide web producing more corporate greed, identity theft, world domineering lusts, world wars, strife, pornography, and voila – electronic filing – my united global world!  A global beast!

      Along with this we have created a new type of world dis-order on the home fronts.  The old spare the rod and spoil the child, freedom of expression, protest and kill all who speak out against what someone else wants.  I love freedom.  Brother against brother, free love and venereal disease, poverty and oppression.  Homo-sexuality and aids.  Free love and aids.  Free love and abortion!  Bring’em together under false peace and bite’em in the back through democracy!

     Many teens rebelled against their parents, for they were given no responsibilities and were not taught to have respect for authority.  Many were overindulged and coddled.  The social norm was to let children have freedom of expression.  This led to self discovery – girls with girls, boys with boys – girls transgendering into boys and boys transgendering into girls! Liberty was granted them to the point that they could tattoo, pierce and disgrace their appearance.  Some defiled themselves to the point their own parents couldn’t look upon them.  All in the name of love O’Hellian, the name of love.  They loved their children to DEATH.

     Drugs led to more drugs, more suicides, more fights, more unwanted babies, more abortions, more emotional trauma, more self and moral destruction.  No self discipline, no self respect, no future generation for the Lord!  This generation belongs to me!  The goal was simply to keep them alive ‘til the age of accountability and wham – we got‘em! 

     My goal O’Hellian for this final age of youth is that of ultimate destruction!  Keep the rich parents climbing corporate ladders, and the poor working two jobs!  Keep the kids on their own with their cell phones, text messaging to anyone that’s out there, give them a chip and you know where they are!  Middle America growing up with just a shell of family structure – everybody’s doing it so it seems the norm, Ha!  Microwave meals replace the family dinner, thus, no need for mom.  Latch key kids, on their own!  The new family unit is “my space”, “face book”,  video games, TV – Google earth – hello is anybody out there?  I love it O’Hellian!

     My goal for this final age of youth is that of ultimate destruction!  Keep the parents concerning themselves with politics and material things of this world.  Keep those with money ignoring poverty and all the things that remind them that they should repent.  Help them ignore all that reminds’em that they have fallen short of any responsibility.  Keep them running from their conscious so they have no time for the Holy Spirit.  Let them send money to ease their conscious.  After all, they can make that easier than they can take the time to actually help widows, poor and orphans. 

     Let them bless and invest in TV Pharisees that tell them that God intends for them to seek their own life and be blessed with the riches of this world!  Reinforce that they deserve the finer things!  All they need is a positive attitude and gratefulness, for after all, this is their reward for having religion and attending church (as long as they remember to tithe that is) Ha! Prosperity preachers have the answers to all that you lack – just send them your first fruits, and all will be multiplied.  That’s the message of the day!  Luke warm, pressed down, and running over.  Self

proclaimed prophets and prophetesses endorse the message – send your money and a preacher will pray for you or over your letter (as long as you sent them the donation).  Holy oil and trinkets made in China are sent all over the world in return for money!  Money that Pharisees tell others not to covet!  

     Send it!  Send it!! Send it!!

     Stop living and get ready to be raptured while those poor smucks who can’t tithe or offer first fruits, because they’re to poor to do it, are left behind for horrible tribulation!  O’Hellian – what do these people think tribulation is?  Can they not see my master plans of starvation taking place around the world?  The killings, the wars, the shortages, the homeless, the world has more sick people dying outside the hospitals than within!  I still have people being tortured, martyred, blown up, without water, food, clothes, homes!  Devastating fires, tsunamis,  hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, volcanoes erupting and they can’t see it?  Ha! And they worry about global warming!  Their planet is burning alright but not in the way they think.  Keep God in a box and let my idols shine and this is what ya got!

     Meanwhile the  evangelical “A” list is busy investing in stocks, gold markets, political futures, retirement,  winter  homes,  big cars,  lavish lifestyles, jets, oh and they do take some of the money and put it toward their satellite time slots.  They’ve been blessed for they saw the light! 

     Then the do-gooders come along, the ones with the Holy Spirit.  The ones committed to searching the scriptures for themselves, warning the rest of the world that prophecy is being fulfilled.  A watch man for the believers and non believers, a cry in the wilderness for the lost righteousness, the lost Eden, the lost Adam and Eve.  A cry for the right to life, both in this world and eternal.  The warning that with lawlessness comes a lawless leader.  A false messiah, a false prophet crying change, bringing a false hope. 

     But, don’t worry O’Hellian, 90% of them won’t listen, they want my stuff, and my leaders.  They only put their faith in what they can see and they only see what they want to see. 

Chapter  Eighteen                      

The Final New Deal

     Remember O’Hellian, I told ya about how I whispered for F.D.R. to steal the gold and all that.  Ya know, the new deal stuff.  Well, a few days ago, I whispered and had my guys plant the final deal.  Ha! If we did all that damage with millions and small billions, just wait and see what happens with the trillions I had my guys loan to the American Taxpayers out there!  I’m so glad the people don’t understand the mark of my banking system.  Gold, silver, my currency, my interest on the big almighty coupon of my system. 

     Take it anyway ya want, take it through master card, visa, debit card, discover, undiscover, checks, money orders, cashiers checks, charge on charge on it’s all about spending something ya don’t have and having to pay it back with interest!  And the people would have it so, cause they don’t got a clue.  Oh my mark, my money, the image of my democracy.  And the joy of the games I can play with it along the way are endless.  And play I do.  I built the tallest building in the worst of times, marking the beginning of my “New Deal”, and I destroyed the tallest building, the world trade center, in the best of times ushering in my “Final Deal” Ha!  This event triggered one of my biggest money makers ever – the war on terror.  This terror thing has no limits, no boundaries and no end.  It is designed to go on and on and on.   It has the power to turn into anything I want it to be, any form of Jihad (Holy War). 

     The truth is, it’s been going on since my beginnings!  The first Holy War was when I was still upstairs, I convinced a third of my peers to rebel with me against the guy on the throne.  It worked, but that dang Michael over powered us and the guy on the throne cast us down here.  I’ve been continuing that war ever since.  Why, O’Hellian, every war I’ve caused on earth, with every soul, has been based on my concept of divide and conquer.  And folks haven’t figured it out yet, they just think history repeats itself, Ha! 

     Power, pride and greed always comes before my war, and the dang do gooders are always left trying to defend themselves; be it a marriage, a relationship, a business, a religion, a government, a nation or a kingdom!

     My final deal is my trillion dollar package that will bring about the worse financial catastrophe for Americans ever!  Their coupon dollar will be worthless.  The interest on these trillions will force my  banks to raise interest rates on EVERYTHING, causing more foreclosures, repossessions, loss of businesses, loss of jobs, bankruptcies, a grand depression.  This in turn will cause the citizens to be dependent on Government assistance.  This governmental dependence will lead to communism, but I’ll have them call it socialism.   My Federal Reserves will be forced to call in moneys.  People won’t have it.  There won’t be enough of anything to go around.  This will finalize my social class distinction into the top 5% that have and the 95% that have not.  People will be desperate for food, housing, employment, and I will be able to recruit the best, most physically fit into my civil army.  They will be mind washed into loyalty beyond compare.  The rest will work doing whatever I need.  Ha!

     This will lead to government rationing.  It will be a downward spiral. This will lead to government destruction.    The only way out will be for America to convince all nations to band together to save the world from devastation.  This will actually create my global dominance that will lead to global dictatorship creating horrible devastation to all souls.  A devastation that is beyond the imagination of any one.   

      Every soul with a dependency on my socialist (communist) world dominance of ultimate tyranny!  I’ll decide how many babies get born and who can have’em.  I‘ll decide who and how many old people can live!  I’ll decide who gets health care and who doesn’t.  I’ll decide which people are just a burden in my world, and where to put them!  Perhaps I’ll stick’em all in Israel, make the whole place one big catch all for every broken down, dying, diseased Adam and Eve.  I can see it now, each soul’s will and spirit broken down into nothing.  A world of enslaved zombies, with a select few that I will grant privileges too, as long as they serve me well. This is what I’ve been trying to achieve ever since the tower of Babel!   Ahhh, I can smell it in the air.

     But, Hey O’Hellian, it’s not like God’s leaders didn’t see it coming.  It’s that the ones I put in office refused to see.  Why old Abe Lincoln was even on to me.  That’s why I had to whisper to old John Wilkes Booth to get rid of him.   On November 21, 1864 he wrote a letter to Colonel William F. Elkins.

He Wrote:

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.  As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.  I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war.”

                              Abraham Lincoln                                                                                                           

     So you can see O’Hellian, I had to stop him.  He was gonna interfere with all of the groundwork I was laying out for my ultimate global plans.” 

Chapter  Nineteen                   

The Grand Finale

      “Funny thing, it’s always up to the people.  They always have the choice.  Follow a God Serving Leader or a world serving leader.  And discern between the whispers. Ha.

     The world is ripe for change. With this trillion dollar package, the bubble is about to burst so we got to work fast before the one up above intervenes.  He always warned them that if they followed my world and my stuff it would lead to their own destruction.  The final battle, the supper of the great God – Armageddon.  But of that day and hour nobody knows but him.  O’Hellian, I still got time for one last go around.  Let’s make it a good one!  My quota is not yet met!”

     Suddenly, the Dragon jumps to his feet, his squinty eyes scanning intensely into the harbor, piercing like a dart upon his goddess of liberty.  He listens as the rumble of a distant thundering grows louder and stronger.  The majestic tower on which he stands shakes like a fig tree, as balls of fire bellow from below and all around.  “O’Hellian!” he shouts, “ Behold our lady!”  As he points to the isle that holds her, they witness a spectacle so unbelievable as they watch her crack, piece by piece, splitting away as she sinks into the harbor.  “Behold!” he shouts as he turns his eyes to Manhattan’s skyline watching her shake and burn, the ground opening up to swallow her.  Shrieks of terror hover over the thundering roar while sirens rage in the background.

     The Dragon shrinks back and draws listless as he silently watches the fall of Babylon the great.    Then, however softly beneath his breath, a whisper is heard……“He just intervened.”


God’s Promises To A Nation Called

By His Name

     “If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments and perform them, then I will give you rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.  Your threshing shall last till the time of vintage, and the vintage shall last till the time of sowing; you shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely.

      I will give peace in the land, and you shall lie down, and none will make you afraid; I will rid the land of evil beasts and the sword will not go through your land. 

     You will chase your enemies and they shall fall by the sword before you.  Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you.  For I will look on you favorably and make you fruitful, multiply you and confirm My covenant with you. 

     You shall eat the old harvest and clear out the old because of the new.  I will set my tabernacle among you, and My soul shall not abhor you.  I will walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people.”  

 Leviticus 26:3-12  NKJB  

     “But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, I will also do this to you:

     I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart.  And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it.  I will set my face against you and you will be defeated by your enemies. 

     Those who hate you shall reign over you, and you shall flee when no one pursues you.

     And after this, if you do not obey Me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.  I will break the pride of your power. 

     I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze.  And your strength shall be spent in vain; for your land shall not yield its produce, nor shall the trees of the land yield their fruit.” 

Leviticus 26:14-20  NKJB

     The question is, what will turn this great nation around?  Trillions of dollars more?  We’ve already spent over 10 trillion.  

     Is it faith in a man or a government?  That hasn’t worked so far, it’s only added to the problem. 

     Is it allowing individual freedoms that go against God’s judgment?  History and the present show us the downfall of such thinking.

These three choices can be summed up as love of money, faith in man and the world, and freedom to be as Sodom and Gomorra. 

     What does the Bible and history of the world tell us about these choices?  

      Or is the answer a repentive heart, returning to our Lord and the Great God that established this great nation?    What does the Bible and history tell us about this choice?

     May each soul choose wisely.    

If you want to read of the first followers of the way of the Lord, you will enjoy the series of “The Spear of Destiny”. You can find them at: Amazon.com : The Spear of Destiny by Dianne Marshall                                                                         

Thank you,

Dianne Marshall

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25 thoughts on “BURNING WHISPERS

  1. Sherry Thompson says:

    Hi, Dianne—

    I love reading your emails! Thank you for sending them. They are very informative and eye-opening.

    However, grammar-wise, I wanted to point out the difference between it’s and its to you.

    It’s is the same as “it is”. Its is possessive; no apostrophe is needed. You wouldn’t write, for example, “it’s progression” because that would actually read, “it is progression” when the apostrophe is removed. You would write “its progression”, instead.

    I would love to be your editor, if you are looking for one!

    From your fan,



    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be great to use your services for my books. The blog right now is full of errors, I know, for I am writing quickly, giving it a check…and sometimes as you know, microsoft thinks a word is right when it is not, and sometimes I don’t catch it. Also at times I am writing directly onto the site and not prewriting before…as information is timely and the goal now is to get the word out rather than spend a day or so writing and correcting. When things slow, I would love to use your services. Let us keep in touch. Thank you so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shelley Childs says:

    from our local church Bible-prophecy scholar:
    The Decline Of America, And The Rise Of Israel, The New Superpower
    Zechariah 12:6
    By August Rosado

    Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu has released a statement on the status of America as a waning world superpower and a message of hope for Israel to fill the void. The values ​​of justice in America have been replaced with those of political correctness. The family values have been replaced with those ​​of hedonism. Rabbi Eliyahu sees the developments unfolding as an opportunity for Israel to step up and take America’s place as the world superpower.

    Bible prophecy calls for Israel to one day be the head of the nations and not the tail of the nations as she is now. In Zechariah 12:6 he says in that day God will make Judah an hearth, or oven, a fire among the wood, a torch of fire in a sheaf. They will devour their enemies. The Jewish prophet Jeremiah brings this out in 3:17, “At that time they shall call Jerusalem the throne of the LORD; and all the nations shall be gathered unto it, to the name of the LORD, to Jerusalem: neither shall they walk any more after the imagination of their evil heart.”

    Where is America at this time? There is no specific reference to the USA in Bible prophecy. How strange there is no specific reference to the, for now, the only Superpower on earth. Either America is destroyed due to her sin of pride and arrogance, Or weakened at the Rapture to point of becoming a third-string quarterback on the world stage, and run to the European Union, the Revived Roman Empire for protection. A superpower will arise in the tribulation, the revived Roman Empire led by the Antichrist. That superpower will be destroyed by the coming of Jesus the Messiah, (Dan 2:35).

    Jesus will establish His Kingdom and Throne in Jerusalem, Israel. His Kingdom will overthrow the corrupt kingdoms of this world, (Rev 11:15). Before that, the Rapture must first take place. It could even be today!



    1. Shelley: Your comments are delusional and scary. Your line of thinking is why we are in this mess now. You are either a Christian or a Zionist but you cannot be both. It looks like you have already picked your master.


      1. Shelley Childs says:

        Ah yes, as I understand it, ‘Q’ favors Dominion Theology, meaning that the world will just get better and better until it’s perfect, and then Jesus will return. To agree to that you have to believe that the book of Revelation is merely symbolic language concerning the Roman Empire and not describing Daniel’s 70th Week which is the time of Jacob’s [Israel’s] Troubles, making its inclusion in the cannon of Scripture completely pointless.


      2. I am not a Q promoter or adhere to Dominion Theology, so where does that leave you now? In the NEW TESTAMENT, it reads ANYONE who promotes two gospels is DAMNED, even the angels. You promote tow gospels.


      3. Shelley Childs says:

        Eternal salvation is available to anyone who recognizes that they are a sinner, repents, and trusts Jesus Christ as savior.


      4. Shelley Childs says:

        Over 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel (38:1-6) foretold of a day when a coalition of nations would gather together to invade the nation of Israel. Known as Gog and his hordes, this coalition will attack at a time when Israel is recovering from a recent war and residing in a relatively peaceful state.

        Notice that this attack occurs ‘after the return of her people from many lands’, an indication that this attack will be directed toward the modern state of Israel (whose people have been re-gathered in just such a way), and is not a reference to a past war or a war in the distant future.

        Gomer = Turkey


  3. John Lofton says:

    WOW, what a blessing. I wasn’t expecting a copy of the book but thank you so much and keep up the awesome work. Your time is not in vain.




    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kim says:

    I would really appreciate your opinion information from “Q”. I am one of those people who has not invested a lot of time into alternative news and it would be helpful to know if this source, or those promoting this source, are reliable. Thanks so much!


  5. What a real suprise ! thank you so very much for giving your blog readers the opportunity to read one of your works same here. Praise Yah and may He bless you always with the abundance of His Shalom & love. Bracha

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Dianne , I see you wrote Burning Whispers , in 2007 , I am amazed , your writings are so relevant to was has gone on in the past and to this day in time , of the recent election ,and going forward. I can’t wait till this book comes out in print , so I can get several copies and pass them out to friends and family. Thank You

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. What I put up quickly here, was the manuscript before editing. Some changes and additions along with editing are made in the book. My publisher which was a Christian Book Publisher was closed down three years ago and all of my books were frozen on the sites they were at. All Copyrights are mine, but i had to go through getting new ISBN numbers, bar codes, and rewriting in format as the big five book stores are part of the great merchants of the earth club. They don’t publish books that tell on them. My book Spear of Destiny and Spear of Destiny II I have released and they are available to order at any book store, or on Amazon.com. To me, those are most important of all, because it shows historic timelines, real events, put together in a might have been story to show the actual events of the followers of the way at the time of Christ and what they went through to keep the faith and get the word of God to the nations. If they had not been successful and given their all, we would be Godless. God always preserves his word and there were many dark times in history. If you love history and loved the film the Passion, you will love the Spear of Destiny and Spear of Destiny II. At the time I wrote those, I wrote them as the dragon telling his story… as at the time, everything I said in it was over the peoples heads. It was ahead of its’ time. So was the follow up Manifesting the Wrath. But today it is all playing out. So is Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men – Is Marxism Growing in America. At the time people thought I was overboard and crazy. Today they are living the ramifications of every word of warning based on real time events, and actual presidents at the time they were in office. True. I am in the process of getting those ready to print also. I have a site, “The Spear of Destiny” word press Dianne Marshall, you can read about that there.


  7. Beth H says:

    About to finish Burning Whispers and was with you until the criticism of phonics??? Also would dispute your preterist views, but everyone interprets scripture and prophecy according to how they are taught. Please explain how phonics is evil.


    1. I understand we all perceive differently. In reference to, “Words were to be sounded out in sounds instead of learning letters of the alphabet – today’s hooked on phonics! This resulted in kids knowing how to read through sounds but not knowing how to understand what they just read.” The actual proof is in comprehension tests as well as critical thinking. Memorizing interferes with critical thought. When everyone is instructed to say things the same way, write the same way, follow the same rules, the brain is trained to follow the rules, and not critically think. It begins with phonics and ends with memorizing. it is sound versus letters. How do you phonic one syllable words such as the word “leave”? Learning one word as a whole word’shape does not help the student learn other words. The best way is to understand how each letter is pronounced. Phonics was first introduced in 1879. Compare the written work and use of the English language of those who could read and write prior to 1879 to the written work and use of English language of the average graduate today. Most only had an 8th grade education and made good use of writing and comprehension of what they read. The problem with phonics is as it progressed and different methods were applied, kids could read, but teachers had students who could not comprehend what they read. Phonics evolved itself into ‘Common Core’ which has now been found to make comprehension even more difficult. (A lot took place inbetween, I am just showing its progression led to Common Core.) If phonics worked the best, why is it that today’s early student has such a hard time learning how to read? Maybe going back to learning how to sound out letters would be better? And learning how to write cursive? Just an opinion based on observation.


  8. ♦️ WHO are the people that are called by God’s name, Jehovah?

    🔺< Jesus told the Jewish leaders: “The kingdom of God will be taken from you and be given to a nation producing its fruits.” (Mt 21:43)

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    Isaiah 43:10,11 “Ye are my witnesses, saith Jehovah, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. 11 I, even I, am Jehovah; and beside me there is no saviour.”
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    — There’s Only One Group Known Worldwide…

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    — Why is this work necessary?
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    (The Following video answers those questions by providing a close-up look at our international activities.)



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