D.C. is fenced off and  the President is never going back to the White House. But not for reasons you may be thinking.

Fear not, there will be a new capitol built and an end to income taxes paid to the tax collectors of the Corporation that is now in the hands of a new administration. They went to all the trouble to steal a corporation whose assets are in the process of being seized.  Most did not see this coming for they did not even know their nation was a Corporation. But, it is indeed but now, no more are the states subject to it. Please read on to understand  the nature of the battle we are in.

Meet the thieves in the light of day. So proudly they claim what is not theirs to take…or is it?

In 1871 a sedious act was performed by the Government.  A coup was made to rewrite the constitution and put WE THE PEOPLE in all capitals, under a new corporate contract transferring the United States of America into the new Corporation of the United States of America which transferred  the power of We The People and the constitution over to the new corporation. When they did that, it placed the citizens in the United States as property of the Corporation which was centered in Washington D.C..  This action made Washington D.C.  a FOREIGN ENTITY on American soil of sovereign states. It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C. was transferred into a city-state, and this corporate entity then ruled over the people. Citizens rights were taken from them in this process. No one realized this.

When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican, they did so via the Bank of London. At that time, they transferred all the property in D.C. Columbia over to the Corporate entity of D.C. a foreign corporation. (See BACK STORY below in this article).

The forming of this corporation in D.C.  is of major importance to understand, for when President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 on Election Interference/Fraud for entities both foreign and domestic, it outlined how assetts would be seized.  The President and the people knew and had the proof that a coup transpired out of the Corporation of the United States of America along with other foreign nations and was ignored by the Corporation in D.C.. They continued with their illegal steal, and the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign  country  known as THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.   It appears that President Trump’s executive order was actually directed at the Washington D.C. corporate swamp/cabal all along.  D.C. is now walled in and filled with military guard.

President Donald J. Trump has moved out permanently for he cannot be president over a Sovereign Nation in a Foreign land, which is what the White House and Capitol are.  President Trump was voted in by We The People. Not the Corporation.

After  Donald J. Trump exits the White House, D.C. will be locked down because it will not be possible for a foreign ruler to rule over a sovereign country, therefore, the foreign ruler must be locked out. In this case, that would be this new  administration.

Amid personal turmoil, libel lawyer Lin Wood goes on the attack for Trump

Now you see what is meant by Lin Wood’s shouts that we are in the second revolution.

We are literally watching the reclaiming of the United States of America. What this means for We The People is many things. One of them is no more IRS. Watch and see how this plays out. It is a genius move.  God is in charge of this nation and is now leading his elect to restore this great nation called by his name.


The City of London (that is the square mile within Greater London) is not technically part of Greater London or England, just as Vatican City is not part of Rome or Italy. Likewise, Washington DC is not part of the United States that it controls. These three entities have one goal and that is to do away with the old world order of sovereign nations and usher in a new global world order under one government rule under the iron fist of the cabal.

These sovereign, corporate entities have their own laws and their own identities.They also have their own flags. Seen below is the flag of Washington DC. Note the three stars, representing the trinity of these three city-states, also known as the Empire of the City. (There is also high esoteric significance to the number 3.)

The government of the United States, Canada and Britain are all subsidiaries of the crown, as is the Federal Reserve in the U.S.. The ruling Monarch in England is also subordinate to the Crown. The global financial and legal system is controlled from the City of London by the Crown.

The square mile making up the center of Greater London is the global seat of power, at least at the visible level.

Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871, which officially established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the City of London.

Corporations are run by presidents, which is why we call the person perceived to hold the highest seat of power in the land “the president.”

The fact is the president is nothing more than a figurehead for the central bankers and transnational corporations (both of which themselves are controlled by High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry) that really control this country and ultimately call the shots.

Washington DC operates under a system of Roman Law and outside of the limitations established by the U.S. Constitution.The Unholy Trinity of Globalist Control: The Vatican, The City of London & Washington D.C. – (

Washington D.C. Flag

Vatican Flag

The Papal States are the territories on the East Coast of the former United States under the sovereign direct rule of the pope, from the fall of the United States around the turn of the twentieth century to the present. The Papal States are one of the regional powers of the Chesapeake Bay, controlling the city of Washington, as well as much of the surrounding area. Several towns, baronies, and other holdings outside Washington are also held by the pope, creating an intricate network of holdings which pay tribute directly to the pope.

The Papal States were born out of the former United States, viewed by the modern world as an ancient empire and continent spawning government. Following a violent coup in Washington, the Papal States were established by Chester Hale Fitzgerald, built on the beliefs of a new religion, which would later become Unionism. The Pope claims however that his power originates from the American Empire, which supposedly granted the first pope complete power over the empire via the Donation of Lincoln, a forged American imperial decree. The document has since been used in support of claims of political authority by the papacy.  Know your history…read more here:

Flag of the City of London

So how are these three cities ultimately connected? We must first go back to the Knights Templar and their initial 200-year reign of power. You see this in the flag of the City of London. Read about the flags of all Foreign entities here:

In Conclusion: The Corporation called Washington D.C. is now a foreign entity on American soil of sovereign states. It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C. was transferred into a city state and this corporate entity.  It is now under seige for interferring with the elections of We The People of the United States along with the Vatican and the other foreign nations who interfered, such as Germany, Italy, China, et al.  They are now an enemy of the state and their assets shall be seized. Our miltary has already been taking down the giant as we have witnessed while all eyes were set on the voter fraud.

The word is in a shake down….

Italian Government has resigned:

Poland Government has resigned:

Russian Government resigned except Putin:

300 Italian politicians and police charged along with Italian mafia:

The entire Kuwait Government has resigned:

Dutch government of the Netherlands resigns:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down:

Malaysian Government steps down:

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild died at 57:

Estonian Prime ministers fired:

Obamagate documents  declassed – fully loaded with incriminating facts:

25,000+ National Guard and Military in DC and 10 state capitols guarded and locked down:

Washington DC in lockdown and panic:

Who is this attending the inauguration at the Corporation of the United States of No States?
And look at Gaga inside the Apotheosis (raising to the ranks of a God) Capitol Dome. Do you really believe the founding fathers would have authorized the Greek and Roman gods to be painted on the dome of the rotunda? Do you believe they would have Artemis’s goddess of freedom on its’ dome? Do you think George Washington would have wanted a statue of him posing as Baphomet in the capitol dome raising him to the ranks of a god? ALL ANSWERS ARE NO!

The entire corporate capitol grounds have been laid out by secret societies in the shape of a pentagram that honors the god they follow, that of Baal sacrifices of children. Sad, but so very true. All that is hidden shall be revealed.


So be patient and remember what Trump has said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

And for those who think this is a bunch of bull crap, to you I quote the famous line from the epic film, Gone With The Wind….. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

Why don’t the naysayers google…..and see the corporations new website! It takes you to it.

May God speed be with each one of you as this storm blows through, and may each be kept safe in Father God’s mighty hands as he performs his work, a marvelous work!

Dianne Marshall

1,950 thoughts on “TRUMP ODE TO THE CORPORATION!

  1. AP says:

    I’ll make it real simple for you Dianne: wherever you see the obelisk, there you will find the infestation of globalists/satanists. And the three biggest obelisks are in the City of London, the Vatican and Washington DC. The trifecta of finances, religion and military respectively, influencing the entire world.

    There are also other smaller obelisks scattered around the world.

    If you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole, research what an obelisk stands for. They love symbolism.

    In summary: watch the obelisk.


  2. Eugene Gardner says:

    y’all are coping so hard huh. Must feel terrible to be lied to over and over and have your magical dates pass and nothing happens. It is what it is. Move on. I mean seriously there’s more to life than the president. Go to your church and talk to god. Not everyone is against you. There’s good and bad people in every single place. Respect thy neighbor. I truly wish the best for y’all. Greetings from Texas.


  3. RAQUEL LAMAS says:

    Thankyou for all this Amazing information
    Jesus is king and sitting in his throne waiting for all his children in U.S.A
    To repent humble and pray then he will hear us and heal our land we are getting there the evil will be destroyed in Jesus mighty Powerful name I thank all the warriors and President Trump may Truth prevail because only truth will set us free.


  4. Brad says:

    I have seen many discussions concerning the United States Inc. versus the United States of America. For this scenario to play itself out it looks to me like we would need one of two things, either command of the military, and I personally think that the military, a lot of them, will be hard-pressed to turn their weapons on their fellow citizens who think the same way they do. The other way it could play out is divine intervention, like when God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to escape the Egyptian‘s. God bless the United States of America may we continue to be pleasing in God’s sight. Reference II Chronicles 7:14


  5. Deyki G says:

    Dianne, thanks to you for putting this so eloquently! My discussions of this subject with friends and colleagues has been spirited but hushed, lest we bee seen as lunatics (which some said anyway). It lifts me heart to have this come to the forefront now as the people of our planet are rising up against the yoke of tyrannical powers all around us. Light really does vanquish Darkness!! And finally, God bless President Trump his family and others close to him who saw this injustice and put themselves in harm’s way and suffered personal attacks to shine a light on this injustice and deliver our nation from it!


    1. Brie says:

      A M E N !
      H A L L E L U Y A !

      OH……AND, For the ones that are not holding onto blind Faith……..

      According to Freedom News TV
      : TROOPS :

      I am so glad..those that are up there right now, that made laws back in the early 90’s really turned my beautiful family upside-down into a chaotic life that I was never prepared for!
      I was not world savy at all ! I AM an Illinois State Trooper’s Daughter! I had NO IDEA what was happening to me and my family (4 youngins at the time) Could not comprehend how to put us all back together again because of their intentional-undermining-evil-greedy-socialistic-and-communistic-political-terrorists with sadistic-sexual-molestations of innocent people …
      (males and females of all ages of citizens of the US of A, as well as, other countries too)

      by hideous people that really portray that they are upstanding law-abiding entities that commit crimes from one end of the spectrum to the other
      My family is in constant turmoil!!!!!!
      Yet, I have been belittled, and bullied by the CORRUPT COURTS IN THIS COUNTRY



      Liked by 1 person

  6. Kathryn. Carnevale says:

    I pray. Our president trump. Will. Come. Back he. Is. The. Greatest president. We. Ever. Had. Biden-Harris. Will. Never. Be my. President. They. Will only. Destroy Us. And. Pray. We. Never. Become. A. Socialism. Country


  7. ExMislTech says:

    This feels like more Q-anon hopium, thou the Empire of the City States part is real. There is a film out there discussing this by that very name. “Ring of Power – Empire of the City” This article leaves out the part where it talks about the obelisks in the 3 city states and how the catholic religion was hijacked. The people with trillions offshore of monopoly money have hoaxed the world a long time, this is all just a global duper’s delight party for the satanists.


  8. says:

    Things that make you go 🤔🤔🤔🤔 … until something actually happens to some of these career politicians who are crooked. All this is mystical. Proof is in the pudding. And I haven’t seen any pudding. Seen alot of great ideas.


  9. M.L. Long says:

    Yes!!!! I knew this was not over! There is no way I am living in a country where we are not free and our lives are in perpetual danger daily! God is in control! Revival is coming!!! Thank You President Trump for standing firm amongst the persecution we all witness being thrown your way and ours!!!! Together we are strong! United we stand! With Endurance we Fight the Good Fight for Freedom Once More!!!!


  10. Dorthy Salinas says:

    The previous true Patriots of the true USA are waiting at the shores of the Red Sea and starting the walk across dry land…. as they walked they saw the walls of water HELD BACK BY THE HAND OF GOD! DO IS HE DOING NOW! Bless you for your info and site as a beloved daughter of our ALMIGHTY GOD, betrothed Bride of Christ Jesus and impowered by THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE EXECUTOR OF GOD ‘S SPOKEN WORDS!
    God bless you!


  11. eastwoodherin says:

    Critical information for our future. The synagogue of satan has been exposed. We will need Devine Intervention to cut off the head of the snake!


  12. louise eckenrod says:

    Im 73 yrs young. I have fought for America all my life. I just wish I could still believe 1 person in this screwed up world. How can I now believe you. I fought for Trump I hate Communism. I love America. My time here is almost over but what about my grandchildren. And my children. Who and what do I believe. I just want answers not just peoples mouths moving. TRUTH IS ALL I NEED. PLEASE TELL ME.


  13. Robert says:

    Crazy! So who controls the pentagon and all the nuclear codes and the military? This mess is out of control. Just heal and move on. Stop giving people false hope. Evil will reign on Earth. If it were not so, why would there be a heaven? Cmon!


  14. Some of your corroborating evidence comes from the “AltHistory” wiki and is just a fanciful re-imagining of false history. From their own website…

    “Alternate History imagines what would happen if history had gone differently. We are a community for creating and discussing a wide range of alternate timelines: large and small, ancient and recent, realistic and fanciful. If you’d like to add to our growing multiverse, the following pages will help you get started.”

    Your whole argument about the “Papal States of America” is backed up by pure fiction.

    Additionally your “World is in a Shakedown” links come from sites owned by “Arena Holdings” which is an African corporation of dubious provenance.

    So, while this article is fun to think about, it’s an editorial, “Dukes of Hazzard” with it’s wildly unverifiable claims of nonsense


  15. William C. Leary Jr. says:

    To realize, and see, and hear with our own eyes and senses, the Pope is evil by his own display of wrongs,The bishops he appointed to lead a diocese into ruin is not a mistake!
    Pray for America using the Rosary each day! It has all been made apparent in Revelations in the Bible!


  16. Carol Johns says:

    This must be true, I’ve been hearing and reading everything leading up to this…..I’m not doubting anymore. I know how much junk they have on these guys. They are all murders and thieves. The press isn’t even a press. Trump did something about it. That’s why he became President. Do you think he came to Washington for a good time. He knew he had to break this and found the way to do it. I had a few doubts but in my heart I knew Trump would come through. He’s so smart, so genuine and caring. The people who came against him were all in power and convinced even Christians to side with them, only because they were Christians with grudges. They will be ashamed as well they should. We have people with no patience today, not even reading what’s going on. I heard today in Oregon, there are riots by Antifa in revenge to the democrats! We need to get these things settle and get our country back. Thank you Mr. President for caring for us and your own family. The Trumps did not look sad as they left maybe a little but I’m sure Ivanka had a reason. I don’t think the military has left, they were still there last night. I’m sure they will stay until this is over.


  17. Jeff says:

    The Bank of London ceased trading in 1866. So for them to have then brokered a deal in 1871 would have been impossible. Well, unless they invented time-travel; I expect you would believe that too.


  18. James says:

    God Bless President Trump for his courageous efforts to remove this historical stain on our country. To take this further, we the people will also be called NESARA along with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (no corp anymore with the dissolving)…the currency which was changed in 1971 from the Gold Standard to the FEDERAL RESERVE (corrupt as Satan) by the Rothchilds will return to the Gold Standard once Trump returns…The world will join this vs. THE GLOBAL RESET (evil and corrupt) and be known as GESARA (GLOBAL). No prophesies here…Sorry but I don’t as a Christian try to interpret REVELATION, we are human not near the mind power of God….Leave that to HIM. Please.


  19. Jean says:

    AP, you are correct! Obelisk, Church Steeples, Christmas Trees, (scripture says, Do not bring into your home) it’s an Abomination! Washington Monument Etc. etc…


  20. Steven Grace says:

    I voted for President Trump in both elections
    I’ve heard of this before but did not inquire. We need President Trump. I trust this and will be patient. God speed.!!!


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