Rep. Marjorie Greene Filing To Impeach Biden on Jan. 21, 2021!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is ready to prepare the paper work to impeach Biden and present it in congress come January 21, 2021. Representative Greene is a newly sworn in freshman representative from Georgia.

“I would like to announce on behalf of the American people, we have to make sure our leaders are held accountable, we cannot have a President of the United States who is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, foreign Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies, so on January 21, I will be filing articles of impeachment on Joe Biden,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On the campaign trail Greene swore to uphold the constitution and hold those who don’t uphold it accountable. It looks like she is off to a good start doing what she said she would do. Pray for her protection as she has entered the swamp at a very dangerous time. It took a big set of something to step out and do what she is planning.

Majorie is a political outsider and a wife and mother who loves her kids and ran for congress with a bold campaign that called out those that were against the 2nd amendment and promoted to expand rights for gun owners. She boldly spoke out against the radical Marxist movement and was labeled a conspiracy theorist for calling them all out. Her motivation to enter politics was to stand up for the Constitutional rights of “We The People”. God bless her endeavors and keep her safe.

Marjorie Taylor Green: QAnon congresswoman mocked for wearing mask saying  'censored' while speaking to the nation on live TV | The Independent

Greene voiced her concerns over the “Biden Ukraine Scandal” and pointed out how Vice President Biden-when dealing with Ukraine in the Obama administration, threatened to withhold a loan to Ukraine if prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was not replaced. 

The U.S. threatened to withhold roughly $1 billion in loan guarantees if Shokin was not replaced as prosecutor general, a message Joe Biden delivered to officials in Kyiv while serving as vice president and recounted during a 2018 Council on Foreign Relations conference.

Taylor Greene shared a clip from the 2018 Foreign Relations conference on Wednesday showing the Quid Pro Joe, in his own words bragging about his actions with Ukraine and stated that Americans will not tolerate this. 

It will take political outsiders like Majorie Greene to return America back to the nation that the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Dianne Marshall

55 thoughts on “Rep. Marjorie Greene Filing To Impeach Biden on Jan. 21, 2021!

  1. Tom Darnell says:

    At least somebody’s doing something. Haven’t seen anything of substance from any Republican or President other than her so far. Is she the only one with a set? I thought there was supposed to be some action on play at this point. He’s missing his window!

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  2. Hi and good morning Dianne, as fellow editor and blogger I know the pressure of time and juggling material in publishing items. You may want to tighten up some bits and typos? Can’t quote specifics as this post is off-screen on this phone

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  3. Summer Jones says:

    Thanks so much for having the strength and courage to fight all these articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. As you said, on the Greg Kelly show tonight, he is a criminal of the highest kind or should I say the lowest. How this man got to be the President of the United States is anathema.

    Thank you for standing strong and we are backing you and praying for you!

    Summer Jones

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  4. arcticprodigy says:

    Poor girl, she is basically saying please cancel me because her plea looks good on paper for us and our masses but she could stay in and help build the party but this stunt is putting a bullseye on her head, me me me, and she will be canceled soon enough.


    1. Dottie says:

      I think she is challenging the cowards on the right..that can’t stand up for those that voted for them..I applaud her..She will be loved by the people and that is what matters..If R’s would unite like the left we would have won..Most of the R’s are just..cowards..

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  5. arcticprodigy says:

    This is a party with an ongoing agenda since 1871 you think they are going to listen to the people, you think a little noise is going to bother their plan, if Trump couldn’t do it what says it for a representative?


  6. arcticprodigy says:

    It is man that needs to act, since oppression is and will be the new norm, if people don’t like well they will need to stand up or that will be the future, it’s a take over and it sucks, but the only person that could have helped most likely won’t be on the ticket in 2024,this is his last stand, if it doesn’t happen it will most likely be over…


  7. arcticprodigy says:

    Yes they are saying Trump incited chaos, but what I am seeing it will need to take chaos in order to take back control, We the People need to understand that doing nothing and it looks by trying legally isn’t going to work because that is what Trump did, legally doesn’t cut it, then it is a civil war congress need so they understand that We the People are the ones in charge, you see they were scared shitless on just a few people in a crowd that was just there to stand up, but guess what, if their was a huge mob of actual Patriots there for blood and there to take back congress to the We the People, it would be a take over for sure, but that plan isn’t even thought of yet….or is it? I am not the one but I feel it may be coming, a stolen election, and a president that didn’t do his job that should have, it’s inevitable, it’s coming, how could you not see it, I see it and I am not the brightest cookie out there. I love Trump, why? He is the only president that has done the most of what he promised Americans, I hate Trump, why? We can’t say for sure but if he fails us on his last day, the suffering will make everyone hate him, all you dems are just waiting for a so called hand out of $2,000 or free education, I bet you one thing, it will only be handed out if you sign over your soul and what you believe in. It will take us all to unite and fight to get anything back because it’s pretty much gone, it won’t be tomorrow or the next day, but years later you are going to look back and say…..hey,things were good years ago and why is it sh*t now? Hmm…’s going to happen and it’s going to sneak up on us if we aren’t watching but it’s coming…….and only takes one person in charge that still has power to do so, and we hope that it is in his plans as we speak, if not, we have lost, we will lose our voice(we already lost it if you haven’t been paying attention) It will need hardcore Patriots to do the hard work, we are nothing more than a working lazy community that are working hard just to make ends meet (thanks to the bullshit of paying for pork and not putting the money back in USA and this is our tax payer dollars) who is our enemy, it’s congress (congress is the house and senate the produce legislation which will reside us and our money, and they are always taking a nice raise while you never get a raise at your job).

    Yep I am tired of the games and the bs, if nothing is done, then something needs to be done.


    1. hocuspocus13 says:

      The authorities are finally coming forward FBI NYPD etc to state they have the intell that shows the attack on the Capitol on January 6 was planned weeks before

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    2. Howy Getner Dunn says:

      There’s a time and a place for a knetic revovlution,
      But its a bit too early for that,don’t give up on Trump.
      Cause ” It isn’t over til it’s over”and it , if it ends will
      Be over 1/21/21 the wheel of justice turn slowly,
      But they always turn.

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  8. arcticprodigy says:

    Thank you Dianne, you have given us a voice where not too many places have, we love Trump, we believe in him we have all the hope in the world right now, but my only thing now is the feeling it going to turn into shite if all else fells, I hope you have another outlet to make us spew our steam of the bullshit that is about to come, Trump will no longer be your go to for information, how will you keep us mesmerized?

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  9. arcticprodigy says:

    NESARA, I ONLY heard of that through here, NESARA /GESARA should be done and every pres should do regardless when they leave or go for another term, it is to bring our voice back to us.

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  10. arcticprodigy says:

    I want to contact the Whitehouse but Trump is or isn’t getting our messages so it is poop. He can do, he has all the power, but has he? Will he? It hard to say, and I am a sucker and hope he will, if not that leaves us with us because the only person that could have done it didn’t and it was a fail then we must do it it, easy way failed so it must be the hard way.


  11. arcticprodigy says:

    All legal ways have failed, Trump has tried. That means we need a new strategy it’s time, honestly I never incited anything I just want justice, peace be with you or do you think peace will be what will end things? I go with peace not to incite anything but to go with something must be done or nothing will happen.


  12. j g says:

    Unfortunately, Rep. Marjorie Greene’s plan is playing into the hands of the left as Kamala is who they really want in the presidential driver’s seat. By attempting to impeach Biden like this is currently an emotional choice and not a well thought out logical approach.


  13. arcticprodigy says:

    I am hoping nobody watches it, the inauguration if arrested I will see it on a news channel, if not, I will not have to look at bs. We are at times we must overcome, it’s hard and we must work harder
    Trump has did us one favor, we now know our enemy, we must work harder to do what needs to be done.


  14. arcticprodigy says:

    Hmm, do the USA appear to belong to the the UK? UN? It is hard to say but looking at everything, we aren’t in control that’s for sure, and it needs to change, they made us believe we were in control and now we want proof, we need take control to find out who really is in control……kicker….we have to be the ones in control.


      1. Tim Patterson says:

        Hold on a few more days with faith and hope. Why drop out of the race now?
        Trump is not a “business as usual” kind of leader, and the God of Jacob is a miracle-working God.

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    1. Howy Getner Dunn says:

      I like her, thats a person who took an oath.
      And actually takes the commitment seriously!
      2 weeks in congress and already
      “Ringing the Bullsit Buzzer” shes my hero.
      Somebody needs to make that girl a cape
      And put a big red S on it.
      Dems better figure it out,
      We the people , “we can smell what your stepping in!”
      They must still be watching CNN.

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    2. Remember they are on the floor making final remarks to impeach Trump. She is compounding it with a counter impeachment. But…I think she is bringing attention to the government take over by making headlines of the impeachment.


    1. I have heard they are all under arrest. The entire war is a behind the scenes secret war. Think about it…Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, Court Judges, Mayors, Governors, Senate, Congress, et al are all infiltrated. There are good guys for constitution against globalists. Those in the battle all know and see the lawlessness and why is their such lawlessness? Because the war is domestic. We are watching smoke and mirrors. Both sides have doubles…both sides are fighting…this is all pulling out who is on which side. Battles are being played out. Fake news uncensored. Truth censored. So look at who they are censoring. Listen carefully as some is disinformation. Why aren’t they celebrating their win? No one looks happy. Why? Because they haven’t won anything yet. They know they are now President of a corporation that no longer exists. They are in panic mode.


  15. hocuspocus13 says:

    Keep an eye out on John Solomon

    He requested with FOIA the internal docs from DC Police for January 6 attack on the Capitol

    DC Police rejected his FOIA

    Saying to release would be “personally embarrassing”

    It was also mentioned by Solomon that Nancy Pelosi & Mitch McConnell possibly had knowledge and/or involvement with AntiFa with the attack on the Capitol

    Solomon vowed to get those Docs from DC Police

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    First of all Biden is Impeached it will leave the door wide open for Harris to become president is Biden stepped down. She is the evil in disguise. I originally was worried about Hillary.

    He carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness; and I saw a
    woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of
    blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

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  17. Isn’t this the plan by Dem’s? The person acting as Biden is not fit for office. They want Kamala as president. With fake news they can keep the fact that she is not eligible to be even VP from the general public, like they did with Obama’s birth certificate. So if “Biden” is impeached, Kamala isn’t eligible, then it goes to NP! It’s a bad plan all around.

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  18. Richard says:

    Wonderful women with courage ! Old Testament women of courage would be proud !

    Someone in US keep digging for truth on our PM – he is as corrupt as Biden – we have news censorship worse than yours !

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  19. Jay says:

    Do you really believe President Trump will surrender the United States Government to a bunch of corrupt politicians that rigged the election?
    We are not anymore talking about evidences. We are talking about the proof that were exposed during the last weeks.
    Don´t you think Democrats and corrupt republicans attacking the presidency and the man Donald Trump wants to destroy him to hide their crimes?
    Now we know Antifas and leftists and, maybe, some Republicans planned what happened in Congress. And even with this information, Susan Pelosi and other advanced an ridiculous and illegal impeachment. This fact means a lot of things. Theu are trully scare and are in “all in” mode.
    America cannot, under any circumstance, to be left in the hands of these corrupts, traitors an lefitsts.
    I believe Trump will expose those traitors, he will be the president in the next 4 years.

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  20. arcticprodigy says:

    Let us put it this way, Nancy has declared presidency, she is the totalitarian in charge, once Biden has a moral sense or morality of what is good that Nancy doesn’t recommend, then Biden is nutz let’s take the 25th and get rid of him…..hmm,then Kamala is in charge, well she can run things for 8 years no problem but if some how she has a penis or something against the democrats which she might have just for morality, Nancy pops the 25th and then Nancy is our Satan president and we all must obay in her big bear cave. Oh you don’t know, she is our maddam tranny granny speaker of the house, that is I think the correct bullshit way of announcing her since she announced her gender bullshit way of speaking.


  21. ApopkaFlash says:

    Watch the latest video on SGTReport. Communist purge coming, China is going down! God, Trump and Patriots are still in charge, and we are about to win bigly!😁


  22. arcticprodigy says:

    Yes Nancy is really our new president, she is the one taking charge now, and it appears people are taking her commands and doing her bidding so why do we need a bullshit inauguration? It’s all show, she is our new master, don’t believe me? Let’s just see I honestly think it will be quick for Biden to lose it, but Kamala will take some time because she ain’t nutz but she will be if she doesn’t obay our real president (Nancy Pelosi) let us not forget she is in charge and remember she is in the house for her last tour….. Hmm maybe it is her last house presence before she becomes madam president?

    We all must keep a clear head, I feel there are going to be many suicides (maybe my own) because somebody who shouldn’t be named didn’t do the right thing. I am holding out for hope but it will indefinitely be drained if something doesn’t happen at that moment.

    Honestly, Nancy is our President, I am still pondering why she has been re-elected every time? People are not stupid and I am sure she is the last person they want in but she somehow gets elected every time. Wow, takes fraud to become a low leader and somehow she rises up to become a head of a house and then with the most minimalist votes become our next president? I hope Trump does something because this is what we are looking at.


  23. Robert says:

    Everyone seems to jump from one false hope to the next. World countries go bankrupt, while a few hundred people on the planet seem to be gaining record profits. Those lesser minions who lie, cheat, steal, and sold out their countries for some illusory power all have one boss… Satan. Welcome to the New World Order, prepare your souls and accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ while there is still time. This is your one and only hope.

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  24. Howy Getner Dunn says:

    I like her, thats a person who took an oath.
    And actually takes the commitment seriously!
    2 weeks in congress and already
    “Ringing the Bullsit Buzzer” shes my hero.
    Somebody needs to make that girl a cape
    And put a big red S on it.
    Dems better figure it out,
    We the people , “we can smell what your stepping in!”


  25. William Weaver says:

    You are my Hero,
    Someone with balls , you know what I mean! Please stand your ground and MAGA will have your back 75 million or more of us.


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