1. K Patriot says:

    So, all of the lawbreakers are going unpunished I see. The election was bogus and nothing is going to be done. There isn’t going to be any unity between Patriots and those who stole the country from us.

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    1. K Patriot, Trump knows they were ANTIFA that raided the capitol. He knows some got suckered into going inside. Today he also knows ANTIFA are outside the capitol building today in the face of the guards cursing them and rioting. They will be dealt with. He is telling his people to stay safe, stay at home and do not partake in the evil rioting. He knows notices have went out urging patriots to protest…he is telling them not to fall into that trap.

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      1. enzo says:

        I didn’t know you were very infiltrated (in all levels)!
        Indeed the Capitol´s invasion was too dangerous, it could happen to be WORST.
        Few of the invaders were just naive (they were in anger with the actual situation) and followed by their emotion (Who can understand this? now they use that to harass people). Not only antifa, but many others included foreigners who hate America were there inflamating and using the anger of the American. As i could see, very smart people: swindlers, deceivers, tricksters of the high level. how to overcome this kind of people?
        I almost feel all the stabs Mr. Trump received during the last 4 years. of course, he knew this long long before.
        i remember something happened in Olimpics Games/Brazil https://youtu.be/c8QSaI8ambI Brazilians chantin LIARS. and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Z_MFe7rOE
        I was there when this happen, these people are just despicable and hipocrite, they have mental illness, the corruption is out of control and in all levels, criminality, drugs, and so many awful things and they called you a LIAR? the Fake news enjoyed this theater. The Americans were just naive. The same brazilian madness is there also, in their darkeness they celebrate what happened to you, of course, they are very smart in no showing you.
        God bless Donal J. Trump and America!


    2. Gary Nemeth says:

      Trump, (after 4 yrs.) speaks like a typical gutless
      republican. Surrounded by traitors, cowards and
      political whores, Trump stands with the anti-patriots.
      Like a rat who flips to save his own rear-end.



    1. Darinda says:

      If something is not done before January 20, there will be war.I can only pray something(a miracle) if you will. Americans will not take these Communist tactics anymore.

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  2. Susana Rogers says:

    Trump message today has a double meaning. Is telling us to stay safe and home. Ummm must be a reason for that. He knows what the Left is trying to do. He never mentions the Impeachment sham. He looks good and calm.

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    1. I am JONAH says:

      There are poster and advertisements instructing people to go to these capital cities armed. These ads are like orange poster but no sponsors. Over the last, bit of time POTUS has issued a number of proclamations creating powers and maneuvering assets and getting ready to show the world that you can’t stop what is coming. Global financial distress based on the illusion of an economy that has finally reached its limits according Global financial experts. America is the only thing stopping what is coming. Lover your neighbor treat all well.


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    MI Judge orders Dem Sec of State to release all communication w/ Dominion FB Apple Amazon Google on 2020 Election Data
    Freshman Rep (R) Marjorie Taylor Greene has drawn up Articles of Impeachment against Biden dated January 21/2021

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    1. tonyb112 says:

      AZ had a court date today. Maybe tomorrow they will begin forensic audits of machines and mail-in ballots. If fraud is found it will flip AZ. If SCOTUS get involved they might rule election null void bc of fraud.


  4. arcticprodigy says:

    If nothing happens let us be too arise up an take our voice back, cancel out our congress we need to tell them we aren’t paying for pork. We want our America back, and you don’t decide.

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  5. Robert says:

    Didn’t take long for Trump to turn into a politician. Plain and simple, Trump failed to act after he had the proof that the election was stolen. It was the single largest failure in this country’s history. He allowed the theft to take place. He claims to care about “law and order” yet federal and state laws were violated to the tune of allowing an unelected person to take over the executive branch of our government. I liked Trump all the way up to the point of the election, but when he failed us so miserably in the most crucial moment of our country I lost any and all respect I had for him. He’s basically telling us law and order, except for when it’s the global elite commiting the crime. It’s a slap in the face to all those who died in world wars defending this country. Trump is not the person we all thought he was, his actions were the exact opposite of supporting and defending the constitution. He’s basically Pence 2.0.

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      1. I am JONAH says:

        Keep the faith, God has sent us a great warrior. unbreakable, unstoppable, not sure about Elijah but I wouldn’t rule it out. Cyrus on the other hand. Israel will honor his name for a 1-000 years at least. Just as they do Cyrus the Great. God always has a plan and usually doesn’t emerge until all seems lost


      1. Grant says:

        Trump’s plan is to hand the keys over to Biden leave for Florida play golf and use the $200 + million in donations to fight his pending court cases. Would love the opposite to play out but its not going too.


    1. I am JONAH says:

      He didn’t fail you. He won the election. Even if he hadn’t the man has given up a life of luxury to make this country better for our kids. He,his wife, and his family have put with a bunch of Bullshit for 4 years.
      He did not failed you he fought for you; honor that. His presidency should be a similitude of the days of Christ. If you read the gospels you see what Jesus went through. Trump is not Jesus, relax! But the pattern of the entire establishment, hell bent on destroying someone at all costs, should not be missed when observing the ascension and persecution of this President. But God has his hand on this President and nothing will harm him unless God allows it. Keep the faith, go somewhere and pray.


  6. Stephen Drew says:

    It’s a shame that our president will not use the insurrection act or/and foreign interference executive order. If the tables were turned around, the left if they were him will use every power and resources to defeat their opponents including the insurrection act. Yet our president does nothing to save our republic. He talks about the wall, about big techs , and his accomplishments (which by the way Biden will just reverse once he assumes power). It seems to me that he is more worried about his legacy rather the people he will leave behind; those who supported him will be persecuted, jailed or slaughtered by the Left. Events in the last few days has already showed that and they’re not even in power. A hero will risk limb, life, reputation, family for the sake of greater good and that he is not. He is no FDR who retaliated against the Imperial Japanese by taking the war in the enemy’s territory. He is no Abraham Lincoln who who risks all for the sake of the republic and paid ultimately with his life. Yes, our president will always be remembered at least in the conservative circles as the person who had the means and power to right the wrongs, had the means to save the republic but didn’t. Ironically, a month ago, he demanded from the legislature courage to save the republic. Then he questioned the courage of the Supreme court. Alas, Mr. President where is your courage? Sadly our president has abandoned us. We placed our trust in him. We expected him to fight for the republic at all costs. Yet for whatever reason he won’t. Instead he has left us in the lion’s den. Foreign powers, lawlessness, deceit, fraud, illegality have triumphed over the republic in the absence of courage and resolve. What we need is courage that still burns in the likes of Flynn, Powell, Lin Wood and other patriots. We need to take this movement to next level, choose leaders that will fight for the republic! We need to build, recruit and fight and let them know we will not fade away!


    1. Valerie Wold says:

      Don’t jump to conclusions. Trust that Trump has a plan.
      He is a fighter. He does not show his poker hand. He will serve 2 consecutive terms!

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      1. Jannene says:

        I agree Valerie Wold sometimes you have to let the people see just how evil
        Congress and the Judicial System are i’m sure there is some kind of plan in place
        our President is a calculator he isn’t going to just rollover.
        And now we know who not to Vote for in 2 yrs and in the Future.
        Be patient with Gods Plan.


      2. I agree with Valerie and Jannene….Trump is a brilliant man. He did not get to where he is without always looking over his shoulder. He has played these assholes from day one ( even when it didn’t look like it)….,He has a plan, all great men do… Have faith, HOLD THE LINE… WWG1WGA


    2. He can do nothing without the support of the military. I’ve not seen a man in my lifetime endure so much wrath for his country than Trump.He doesn’t have the courts. nor the military. What do you want him to do, fall on the sword or call us to the streets against our globalist military?
      GOD is allowing results you don’t like but to turn your back on someone that tried to make the world a better place for you and I is vetting your frustrations at the wrong person IMO.


      1. I disagree Buddy, Trump does have the military. My greatest hope, is that the fence THEY erected, to keep Patriotic Americans out, turns out to be the cage that locks them in when the hammer comes down. Trump is by no means a stupid man. He never bought into the political pontification’s and gesturing. He is a brilliant business man who knows how to cover ALL the bases. Trump said he would not be at biden’s inauguration,but called 15,000 men to protect him? I don’t think so…… He Loves his Country and he LOVES us. We need to support him with everything we have…lets all just chill out, grab some popcorn,sit back and let the suspense build until the 20th…. Great men never disappoint…


  7. James Millar says:

    !st Amendment DEAD . 2nd Amendment NEXT . Compromised SCOTUS . NO Appeals . Like Freisler’s Court in WW2 Germany . NAZI PLAYBOOK being Followed . Weimar Republic, Warsaw Ghetto , and MORE . Trump EARNED My vote in 2 Elections . FULL SUPPORT .If He MUST leave Office, the Torch MUST be carried by the Patriots . May the Lord be with “US.”

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  8. These prophecies are what we are now seeing transpire…and many have come to pass…watch until the end…and your answers are there. So far all he has said before he died has come to pass. I believe the ending will be as he has said, just like the beginning and middle has been.


  9. Jim says:

    Thank you for the work you put into your site and bringing President Trumps messages to us. It’s becoming more and more difficult to seek out reliable information.

    All Patriots and constitutional supporters, stay home and stay safe. No good can come from attending any rallies or protests now, especially, with the left looking to quiet us and strip us of our rights. We all what a couple bad actors can accomplish and how quick the left, and the media, spin it back on us.

    For those who have lost faith, realize if nothing is done by Jan 20th Biden will be sworn in. Even that wouldn’t be the end, only the beginning. If Italy-Gate is true, and with a little research it seems to be, this election is criminal. All the presidents court cases have been civil cases, and that’s why our military refuses to get involved. If our Generals refuse to act on criminal charges, wouldn’t they themselves be committing treason?


  10. JB says:

    President Trump made a chess move today. He warned the MSM at the Alamo that their censorship was posing a danger to the country. Today he said that anyone committing violence is not his supporter and will be dealt with in the harshest manner. The MSM/big tech will not show the President’s call for peace. Antifa/BLM are planning false flags so someone might get violent and the MSM will be responsible.

    I love this site.

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  11. P. Brading says:

    The Kim Clement prophesy video posted above is excellent. I watched it days ago and it really encouraged me. God is in control and He is hearing our prayers! God bless America!

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  12. arcticprodigy says:

    I don’t look into prophecy, I believe prophecy a foolish way of thinking, but my friend says that old blind lady who foretells the future says that Trump was the last republican leader, the party is over and that China was going to be kings of the world.

    Like I said I don’t believe in prophecy, but if Trump fails us, and if the democratic regime blame and cancel out Republicans, it looks more and more true.

    This is our last stand and remember we had our time and it had only one voice to stand up against this, if that voice fails us, it’s us or nothing, I am hoping we are brainwashed and the new democratic party takes over and we realize then we were brainwashed, but if it all looks like it is all smoke and mirrors and full of bullshit, we must and will rise to take this over, we cannot have this, I honestly not looking into groups or should I say mobs, but I was recently introduced to the “Q” movement through media, don’t know it personally but “Q” may be our only hope for a future. Definitely not Qanon, please don’t get “Q” confuse with Qanon they are completely different.


  13. Henry Acres says:

    One of the first things we were told in boot-camp, was we did have a ‘need to know’, but just what that need was, was upon us to find out. I don’t believe for one minute the one’s trying to ruin this country are blind enough to see what is happening, so it is my thought that they just don’t have the ‘need to know’, and neither do we right now. We will all see the truth one day or another, weather we like it or not, is not really in our playbook. Just my opinion.

    I have been suckered numerous times in the voting booth, (Bush x2), but I have to admit, this is getting both scary and at times comical in a fun kind of way seeing the game of chess being played. I do believe the Military has OUR better interest. They are taught to protect, not to surrender.

    Oh, and btw, if you want to see a disgrace of our military uniforms, namely the United States Marine Corp., click below..

    Finally, I found this yesterday, while cruising around the world of the good, the bad and the ugly internet. I am not a history buff, but it is interesting…any thoughts…I always wondered about the yellow border on the US flag.



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