🔴 LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks in Alamo, TX at the 450th Mile of New Border Wall 1/12/21 – YouTube

Many executive orders have been written from day one in Trump’s presidency. Many are now in affect. This went into effect today….although written in November Executive Order 13959 – Wikipedia


Dianne Marshall


  1. Silent Patriot says:

    Little worried…watched on YouTube first on that fox channel and right in the middle they cut to the FBI, so I had to quick switch to news max who thankfully kept broadcasting it. But didn’t the speech it almost sounds like he wasn’t planning on being president. He kept saying about the next admin not undoing what he did so not sure now.


  2. Derick Gary says:

    So much for him bring anything to light…that seemed like a devastating blow when he is talking about how he hopes the next group in charge dont screw up what he has accomplished…I think its over? We need to stop with the false accusation if we don’t have real proof!!!


  3. GeorgianaWashington says:

    Well that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I mean I appreciate all he’s done with securing our border etc but what about the traitors and communists? It’s very disheartening to feel as though they are getting away with it yet again.


  4. Heather says:

    So I am very seriously hoping this speech was just part of a very clever Operational Deception (OPDEC) to lull the democrats into a false sense of security because otherwise none of it made sense. Anyone?

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    1. Coldeadhands says:

      Whatever we know…his enemies know.
      “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


  5. arcticprodigy says:

    Hope he stays safe and secure, coming out into the open may prove dangerous for him, if I signed off on arrests and military tribunals coming, I would fear retaliation if those bad actors facing a hanging was still free.

    But I only have one question though, it happens to be about the insurrection act, their was much news about it being signed away when the national defense funding was over ridden when it was voted in after Trumps veto, if that is true how could the rumors of him signing the insurrection act be true for Saturday night?


  6. Susana Rogers says:

    He seems fine, but you can tell he’s tired. Why Lindsey Graham was there? really pissed me off. I’m still have hope and Praying.


  7. Jannene says:

    So my concern was the remark he made about the wall saying i hope the next Administration doesn’t take down the wall and then he
    mentioned the Biden Administration, he hasn’t conceded but those statements concern me.


  8. LGM1970 says:

    He is not using the insurrection act and he never was, unfortunately, it was all false reporting. Sounds like he has resigned to losing by cheating. He looks tired and he and his family were probably threatened.


    1. Hal C. Whitley says:

      That concerns me also. This is the first time he’s referred to the Biden administration. It was very depressing to hear, but I hold out hope this is all part of a charade to buy more time. God bless our dumbed down nation🙏🇺🇸


    2. EurUs says:

      My 5cent – This really was a bummer… but… I think it was meant to be – Trump has shown to be a real clever 4d chessplayer and therefore this is only an act… remember… he has never consented Bidens fraud victory – only in indirect terms like the “next administration ” . Trump play the nerves and everyone knows that something is happening – amplified with the sound of silence…. (and ongoing bummer-speeches)
      I can not find one reason for Trump to let this one go…. even if Biden was to be Pres. he would loose bigtime in the aftermath – Tump has all to win and everything to loose if he just leaves – besides – it is just not his style – he just have to make the decision and he do it in his own time…
      One of this days – The Fat Lady Is Going To Sing…


  9. Silver dagger says:

    Keep in mind people are waiting for the so called executive order to be signed – it’s already been signed the execution of it is dependent upon conditions – of which involve the treasurer , the Secretary of State , and the director of intelligence – those have been met and the order has been signed for along time – now the authority with the order is being executed


  10. Randal Adams says:

    why do I have the feeling that one year in to the Harris presidency there will still be stories and comments about how something big is about to happen and that Trump has them right where he wants them. We’ve been had. America is gone.


  11. Kevin says:

    I believe that the whole operation that is being spoken of here has to remain covert. If indeed what we are hearing is truth then we will see it happen very soon. I’m praying that it will.


  12. Kim says:

    We can have hope and pray for this but we need to be real. Watching that, convinces me that there’s a lot of untrue chatter that people are hoping to find something that’s not there. I have heard from retired FBI he hasn’t signed any act. Potus seems very reserved or depressed. I do still wonder why he asked patriots to go to DC and heard nothing new and then told to go home. I Think it’s time to be realistic and let your mind prepare for Biden getting sworn in.
    Still have faith and prayer but be realistic. The thought of this kills me. We are very close to retirement and Biden will wipe out our retirement in the stock market. It’s so frightening.
    I’m a Christian and have faith God will never leave me but I do fear the unknowns of this regiment. Americans have been raped by the politicians. So much for “ We the people”.
    Praying for a true Trumps card.

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    1. I hear you sister. I see our President looking pretty down. (If it were me I would have been that way since day one.) He has been fearless! Didn’t care who got upset. He did things I never expected like with Israel. He put justices as he promised in the Supreme Court like he promised. He brought home more Americans who were imprisoned in other countries than others have. He has done a lot for this nation, and for what? I am sad for him and his family. I am afraid for myself and my mom. I fear being in the streets soon. I know God has this.


  13. Eye in the sky says:

    Unfortunately Trump is part of the system, he NEVER looked into the Clinton crime syndicate, which includes, Bush, Obamas, and Bidens, etc (as he promised). He never stood up to big tech, he’s pro federal reserve. How much proof do you need? He has strong zionist ties, hence the reason he pardoned these individuals , his ties are deep in the zio cabal, which is another faction of the controlling overlords, ask yourself why America gives so much money to Isreal? One man won’t lead us out of this predicament, the realization that the two party dualopoly is one in the same and consolidating as a free people, will. The importance of self initiative and agency will destroy the mainstream fake dichotomy. If voting mattered it would be illegal. God bless all that value freedom.


  14. I will miss President Trump! I am a woman in my 50’s and he has accomplished more than anyone I have seen. Sure, he has ruffled some feathers but look at what they have done to him . Before he even took office. He has done everything he could to keep his promises to the people. He did more in his first week than many do in 6 month’s. I thank God Almighty for putting this man who was tireless, and fearless at the head of our country.

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  15. Our President made a great speech! It may not have been the speech we had hoped to hear but remember, he is playing high stakes poker and if he shows us his cards, he also shows them to his opponent also. He put up a few couple minute clips on YouTube. The first, which has since been removed he said he did not have to worry about the 25th amendment but the Biden administration would. Take heart, fellow patriots, that the President is a extremely intelligent and law abiding man, he will do everything he can and I don’t believe, for even one second, that he will ever give up! But I caution don’t look to President Trump as your saving light, keep your eyes on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


    1. tonyb112 says:

      I watched a video by a Patriot in AZ. They may soon have a full forensic audit of machines and mail-in ballots.When fraud is proved Trump will get AZ, other states may follow OR SCOTUS can hear AZ proof and declare election VOID! Then Trump announces NESARA. All elected must resign and new elections within 120 days. All corrupt dealt with. Just my opinion…


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