27 thoughts on “He Did It His Way…

      1. I was told President Trump was signed into office last night. He signed the insurrection act and this is not a drill. Prepare for a black out. He is fine and in control. All hell is breaking loose in nations and arrests are being made. Trolls are out there and communications will go down. Prepare for supplies up to the 19th or longer. To each his own whether to believe this or not. I believe it.


  1. Tonykapp says:

    While this is positive and is in true Trump style, I don’t understand what this means in the effort against those who are trying to take over our nation? Hopefully it means a severe blow or blows have been made against the deep state and their allies and capabilities. I believe the House and Senate will formally remove the president on Monday. Mitch is pretending that he is preparing things for Schumer, but they are trying to remove the president’s ability to exercise any lawful actions now. They want to stop the president quickly because they realize he isn’t going to roll over and play dead and this would cut him off and remove any reason for those in the government/military to work with him. He has got to stop them now!


  2. We sends love from Norway. We have the same problem with all political parties and MSM as you have in USA. They are mafia criminals from the top to the lowest level.
    And the Nobel Peace price as testamented from mr. Nobel went into the hands of these criminals. We the Norwegian awake people apply for assistance to clean the Nobel House to become into the hands of the people instead of these criminals. We love you.

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    1. That is what I heard too, especially after the seals were able to grab Pelosi’s laptop with all of her information on it, and a dozen or so more too. The military has evidently been following many people in government and their criminal activities for awhile, and since Italy’s satellite Leonardo was involved in changing votes from Trump to Biden in the election, Trump can do that now according to the executive order he made in September 2018.


  3. Cheryl says:

    God is in control and President Trump is following orders. This is not just a war in the political arena. It is a war Good against evil. God bless America. We are going to see God’s power in the coming days, weeks and months. Pray and be prepared.

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  4. gina marino says:

    Thank you sir for all you have done for America and us! I hope this is not good bye. You will be deeply missed. You have been one of the greatest presidents of all times! Sir your battle has been rough and hard. And we never heard you complain. You kept us under a blanket of protection. May God bless you and watch over you and your family for all time! Your personal sacrifice has been the most selfless act any man could have done for his country. You have made your mother, father ancestors and Lord proud. God of the most high be with you. If this is goodbye.. we love you. If this is hello.. we love you..we deeply thank you.

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  5. Nelson says:

    El debe ser el presidente para todo.lo que se llama AMÉRICA, una vez que ordene toda la casa que llame a elecciones para cada País que la compone.
    Dios bendiga a Donald TRUMP y Q

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  6. Lorna says:

    He will go down in history as one of our greatest President’s ever. What he has accomplished in four years in remarkable!!! He will continued to make America Great whether in or out of office!! Thank you Mr President!!!!!!!

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  7. Tonykapp says:

    It appears that Pence with the backing of the deep state is considering invoking the 25th Amendment. While he doesn’t have the backing of all cabinet members, or law behind him, that has NOT stopped the deep state before. Why hasn’t the president invoked his EO on foreign interference or the Insurrection Act by now? The enemy is moving to cut off these options and may even fabricate something to justify their actions. Like the attack on the capitol. Only this one will be enough to ensure the president loses most of his remaining support.

    I also listened to Robert David Steel and his message indicates there is a deal on the table for the deep state (I assume key members). If this is true, this is a delaying tactic by them to strip the authority away from the president.


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