Pass this to all your patriot peeps🇺🇸 ATTENTION PATRIOTS!!! The President sent out a notice!!

No description available.

He plans to address the American people at 9:00pm Eastern Time (7:00pm in Arizona) tonight. He asks that you tune in – to hear the EVIDENCE that the mainstream media has been hiding and not reporting!!!

He asks that we DON’T watch this address on the mainstream media on TV. (They often just cut off the President, or lie to the American people.)

You can see him speak online at Newsmax, OANN, America’s Voice News, or Right Side ‘s news stations are all on the side of the Left!! They have been acting like those in Communist Countries and blocking the info that the OTHER SIDE (the Republicans) put out. This is TONIGHT January 9th!

Image may contain: text that says 'The (National Guard) got the laptops when the dems left them behind. The dems and rino traitors were emailing the b tita We have the hard evidence. m and The Galactic Federation today at 16:15'

Dianne Marshall

These are emails for the Trump Campaign. This is Donald J. Trump Team.


  1. Rj says:

    Form my source to this source to that source to anyone who has a source back to my source. RSBN said this rumor has been going on for 3 days and it’s not true.

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    1. REY SKYEALKER says:

      He was supposed to speak on Newsmax at midnight Saturday Sunday and then he was supposed to speak last night he hasn’t been speaking at all except for one parlor he put out couple days ago… Other than that he is total dark and that’s usually what you do when you’re in the art of war so I wouldn’t expect to hear from him just yet… You might want to wait till let’s say well maybe Wednesday? By the way where is Nancy Pelosi she wasn’t at work today I think Gitmo called and wanted her to know her cell was ready.

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  2. Alicia says:

    Right Side Broadcasting tweeted that it was a spread of misinformation. And it was been occurring for the past 3 days! I love your blogs, and I pray that the President actually does come through for America

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  3. RSBN said that someone is spreading misinformation… that POTUS has no plans to address the nation tonight! Be sure before spreading misinformation. I am also under the impression that the Italy stuff is Fake… if it were true, TGP or Epoch Times would be running with it and they are mum on the topic!

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    1. You just told on yourself. You are the one here spreading disinformation. Newsmax announced Trump to appear at 9:00. Right now Italy is in a black out. Big things going down but i will not speculate. Serious stuff going down right now.


  4. John Smith says:

    Hmm, seems it’s not happening today, may be the source meant tomorrow, keep doing what you do Dianne, many of us appreciate.

    People need to realize some things aren’t set in stone and schedules can change.

    I just want to say something though, if what talk is and it actually comes forth, I am really wanting to see all of the corrupt hang (not actually see it), it is like this, if they are allowed to live, get ready to expect another coup to happen, if they don’t hang they will only be our teachers of tomorrow’s injustices.

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  5. Sher says:

    Don, tell your father, our greatest president American Patriots are still w/ him! I can’t believe this is happening in our great country. We’re going to miss him soooo much…


  6. I’m David Small, I witness the corruption in our Democratic criminal Justice System jailing our citizen of color on an unprecedented level for profit, Big business and everyone has their hands in the money pit which has been going on for decades, all over the USA, innocent or guilty they’re going to jail. And now the Dems are opening up the floodgates for millions of immigrants who are going to all go on welfare and then be incarcerated to make what already is a huge business, a mega cash producer of concentration camps for profit, and this is all part of the Democratic plan to ruin America and rape our coffers. I have proof of the corruption in the courts. These criminal judges , DAs AND DIRTY COPS , THAT ARE RIGGING THE CRIMINAL CASES TO INCARCERATE FOR PROFIT NEED TO GO TO JAIL. SO TO SEE OUR ELECTIONS RIGGED AND THE DIRTY DE.S THAT RUN OUR GOVT WAS NO LESS DISGUSTING BUT NOR A SURPRISE


  7. Brian says:

    The Marshall Report puts out an article telling some very worried Patriots their leader is going to address them tonight.
    It doesn’t happen.
    But rather than remove the article, The Marshall Report continues to enjoy the traffic to the site and sow disorientation.
    It’s not often the Q disinformation sites are this obvious. So thank you for making it easy.

    #杀手锏 (Shāshǒujiàn) #AssassinsMace


  8. Michael says:

    I think this is all bullshit trump won the election and the democrats are all devils in disguise they are trying to do one world order but god has differnt plan god please make this right let trump do his job for the next 4 years usa 😎😎😎😎😎


  9. paul Peters says:

    also on The Marshall Report was very short time an article telling PELOSI GOT ARRESTED TRYING TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. And Also that the militairy court is now investigating and hearing all the voterfraud evidence the prime court did not want to look into. Also this article disappeared within very short time!
    Was it just misinformation?
    Were they spilling the beans too early?


  10. Sandra J Thompson says:

    I wish President Trump would have taken over the air waves and talked to us last night. I am concerned for him and all of his family. I pray they all stay safe. But arrests need to begin. It was good to see Don Jr. video!


  11. Pauline says:

    President Trump!

    We are behind you one hundred percent!

    Stay safe!

    God Bless You and Your Family and the United States of America 🙏❤️🇺🇸


      1. Lee47 says:

        I’ve heard that he issued the Insurrection Act today. That he is not in DC, and the the military is in control now as a result of the Insurrection Act. I pray, for this country, that he has done this thing. I’m asking the Marshall Report to either verify that the Insurrection Act has been signed or not.


  12. I tried yesterday as well as today to watch it. Folks this is a taste of the end times when born again Believers will be striped of their rights and only the Beast and his followers will be allowed access to media or food. Get ready for it. It’s coming soon.


  13. Lois Lawrence says:

    I am from Australia and am in full support for President Donald Trump. I can only hope it is true he has signed the insurrection report but unfortunately there is so much misinformation going on out it is hard to believe as nothing seems to happening except on the Dems side.


  14. Neo says:

    Please tell me this is happening and I’m not going crazy!!??!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    1. tonyb112 says:

      if it was public knowledge what do u think the left would do? Maybe riot! We don’t need that now, wake up a few people at a time so at some point the majority know how corrupt DC has become. From my reading if all guilty in congress were locked up 50%+ would be in jail.


  15. Anita Azotea says:

    How will our voices be heard how will our values go on the great United States will fall under Biden it’s already happening now it’s only gonna get worse. President Donald J Trump will go down in history as the People’s President the only one that’s ever reached out to help us.


  16. Sammy Craig says:

    I have just joined TMR, have already seen several articles that appears to be Fake! Makes people wonder how legit other information is on TMR. If I want Fake, would have stayed where I was.


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