Pass this to all your patriot peeps🇺🇸 ATTENTION PATRIOTS!!! The President sent out a notice!!

No description available.

He plans to address the American people at 9:00pm Eastern Time (7:00pm in Arizona) tonight. He asks that you tune in – to hear the EVIDENCE that the mainstream media has been hiding and not reporting!!!

He asks that we DON’T watch this address on the mainstream media on TV. (They often just cut off the President, or lie to the American people.)

You can see him speak online at Newsmax, OANN, America’s Voice News, or Right Side ‘s news stations are all on the side of the Left!! They have been acting like those in Communist Countries and blocking the info that the OTHER SIDE (the Republicans) put out. This is TONIGHT January 9th!

Image may contain: text that says 'The (National Guard) got the laptops when the dems left them behind. The dems and rino traitors were emailing the b tita We have the hard evidence. m and The Galactic Federation today at 16:15'

Dianne Marshall

These are emails for the Trump Campaign. This is Donald J. Trump Team.


  1. Grant says:

    Pelosi arrested at the border,, what border. I would put my house on Pelosi still being in DC she is determined to impeach Trump on Monday she’s not going anywhere. As much as I would love it to be true. I believe there’s plenty of evidence but I believe its too late for Trump he has both parties and Big Tech and the MSM and what seems like all the 3 letter agencies against him. In my beliefs the military should have made comments of their findings regarding the election fraud a month ago, If they had then it could have swayed the narrative in Trumps favour. Where is Radcliff’s report he withheld the report WHY??????

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    1. Cindy Singleton says:

      Because this is the biggest sting operation in history! You let them commit their crimes to have all the evidence. This is also major exposure. You can’t always tell the people you have to show them!!

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      1. Monica Palmer says:

        The senate lies. Ask Marsha Blackburn. She said she’d stand up for Trump all the way to the end. She wrote #HoldTheLine. I think she meant #HoldMySpine 😡

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  2. ATTENTION ALL READERS: IN RESPONSE TO THE POST: STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES – ARRESTS IN PROGRESS – PELOSI STOPPED AT THE BORDER UNDER ARREST! I am not sure if these were trolls or real patriots but due to the fact that I had a lot of people saying the information i was told about pelosi under arrest at border was fake news, and knowing that real fake news is the real liar, and knowing that all things are smoke and mirrors…I took it down for the moment. I do believe we need to stock up as Lin Wood has stated that and after President Trump speaks this evening…if indeed she has been arrested…I will put it back up. I do not want to perpetuate false narratives and only want to reveal the truth. Since truth has been taken from us…but for the record the source was named on the post. And one had said that was not the real Monkey guy…I suspended the post for now. Thank you.

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    1. F.Y.I. According to Underground Patriot, Newsmax was scheduled to have Pres, Trump appear and it did not happen. They showed a Reagan documentary in its’ place. In a war things don’t always go the way as planned. We are at war.


  3. tonyb112 says:

    I read her brother was also arrested. After she had her and others computers stolen the 6th and depending what was on it, reading she was caught at the border trying to flee is not surprising. I just hope it is fact.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    There’s a lot of chatter out there that more information and pictures from Hunter Biden’s laptop was just released

    Dan Bongino said it was disgusting ( Parler )


  5. Andy says:

    Not seeing any alerts that President Trump is speaking tonight at nine on any of the recommended stations…is it confirmed that he is speaking?


      1. VKeeper says:

        I saw that too…. was beginning to think I was nuts. 😳 I think something happened and they aren’t giving him airtime on TV. Could be wrong. Open clip in replies… it is from Don Jr about how to stay in touch.

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      1. Beth says:

        My daughter had sent me that exact same notice about 3 days ago and I watched and waited on the computer to see it–nothing.


  6. Jeremy says:

    Well, this is just another post that has no truth to it. I really hate these posts. It gets Trump supporters ready, and then nothing.


    1. THawk1701 says:

      My comments are getting deleted, too. These people are just as bad as the left. I’ll bet warning my networks about them. Shame. :/


    1. F.Y.I. According to Underground Patriot, Newsmax was scheduled to have Pres, Trump appear and it did not happen. They showed a Reagan documentary in its’ place. Underground Patriot also said I-Phones aren’t doing updates for emergency broadcasts. Total black out. But go to and add your name to the mailing list for information. They even stopped the Presidents email.


  7. Steven Bidelman says:

    Rudy was talking to Bannon this am, wouldn’t reveal their hand. It probably refers to wha’ts in the link. If this link still works, it’s from Friday night. If this is true, there is some serious sh*t going to happen.

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