It’s hard to tell how many of the razor thin votes are legitimate and how many are not? Are their any dead people voting this time and how many will get switched over to another candidate? It’s just what happens to ones thinking after they have been frauded and lied to and now are doing it all over with the same set of circumstances. Who wouldn’t be skeptical. Especially when we see the turn out of support for the Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue and it is razor thin between their opposing running candidates Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. It is hoping the double turn out of support will offset the machines. Sorry folks, but it is the same thing and they are having the same type of problems and Stacey Abrams didn’t go anywhere, she is the Bilderberg pick to do what she is best at and as she said, that is making sure the VOTE gets out. She didn’t have to explain that one – they all knew exactly what she meant.

So grab another bag of popcorn as we wait for the results and or the surprises. President Trump is anxious to hear the outcome along with Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Tired of popcorn…how about chocolate brownies or ice cream?

Dianne Marshall


  1. This will only be resolved when a forensic audit of the election is performed by honest, reputable parties. since the 11/3 election was fraudulent, that will need to be rectified first, then this 1/5 fraudulent election will be legally addressed, if necessary. good to see new DOJ attorney for N Georgia who comes from South Georgia and hand picked by Trump! SOS and his crew are corrupt criminals at the end of their rope. 2021 will not be a good year for them.


  2. Michael Nemeth says:

    Razor thin my ass!! Dominion machines screwing America again!! They want us to belive that if it’s close then it must of been fair! Like this election validates the Biden win!
    The FBI must be thinking, whew we can finally get rid of this guy and let communism prevail!


  3. John Smith says:

    From the little I have seen, it looked like the republican candidates where in the lead last night until around 11:00pm-11:30pm when a spike for democratic candidates hit and it is a spike that looks awfully similar to the one that happened on November 3rd….is that a coincidence or is that another case of fraud?

    Okay it’s in my opinion fraud, same thing happening again with the Dominion voting machines going down.

    I believe and hope that the only reason Trump isn’t playing his Trump Cards is because he must go through the legal democratic process of proving fraud, but with judges not willing to even look at it or dismiss them regardless, it’s obviously a coup against our president.

    Hopefully when his legal processes in court finishes up and realize it’s time to take charge that he will actually do so.

    One Trump Card I like is his EO of NESARA.
    It will bring our We The People’s voice back to where it belongs.


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