Most have seen or heard of the video where the young nurse took the new Covid vaccine and passed out during her interview 17 minutes after her injection. It is not clear if this was from the approved vaccine by President Trump or another vaccine approved for trial. There are many vaccines now available and being used in other countries. Over the next few days friends were trying to contact her on social media and no one has received or heard a response. Rumors began of all sorts of things, but the entire fiasco was fueled by the silence. One would think that with the release of the new vaccine and the numbers of people who are already leary of taking it that they would have her say something by now.

One person said that there was finally a post that said, she is doing fine. But on the 12-21-2020 her Facebook post was removed.

More information on the vaccine: COVID vaccine updates: FDA authorizes Pfizer vaccine; Trump tweets ( Death is a side affect, and anyone who takes the vaccine has agreed to whatever the side affects are, but, no one is believing that the worst side affect is even a possibility. All it takes is ONE to die from a vaccine that has a 99.9% recovery rate to blow the entire event into focus. How many deaths before they call it bio warfare or shout enough is enough? Remember the black plague killed over 50 million people due to the vaccine, not the illness.

I pray she is alive and well and all of this is just speculation based on bad optics of unanswered social media. God bless Tiffany Dover and her family.

Dianne Marshall

12 thoughts on “IS TIFFANY DOVER ALIVE?

  1. I pray she is ok! There have been reports of maybe 3-5 people across the globe, who’ve had severe allergic reactions to the vaccine. A few had epi pens handy also. Never know how people will respond to vaccines! HOWEVER, if she did pass away…THE DEMONCRATS will again BLAME HER DEATH ON TRUMP TOO! He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t!


  2. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Here is Something to Consider: If This Poor Nurse Has Died, They Will Not Allow The Mainstream Media to Announce That News! It Goes Against Everything They And The Drug Companies Have Been Singing & Dancing About All Year! Is This a Method of Depopulation by The Globalists? I Heard Bill Gates Talking About Depopulating The World, And He Ordered The Vaccines To Be Made!


  3. Michael BoryAlis says:

    Let Fake News interview Tiffany and remove all doubt. Maybe they are looking for a body-double to train to act and sound like Tiffany. Tiffany!!! Tiffany!!, where are you?!?!?!


  4. John Smith says:

    Obviously from the post she has a husband and two children, if some bs comes into play, something will come out, it definitely will not be hidden long. I hope that she is okay.


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