Pence, wife Karen, surgeon general get COVID-19 vaccines

Now that the V.P., his wife and the Surgeon General have taken the vaccine we are all supposed to go and take it too? Right? Wrong. Your body, your choice is still the way it must be. Let the blind lead the blind but leave those with eyes to see alone. With all the evil we are watching, one thing is true – it is hard to trust anything the government is pushing with Fauci, Birx, CDC and Gates involved. Even though…we are told the same pharma that works for these guys made it under President Trumps Warp Speed oversight. And the masks…the masks that don’t work according to all people who tell the truth about them. In our face we see the charade continue to play out because??? Why? Because it is part of the game or what? They do not prevent the virus and they do cause sickness so why are our leaders playing this game?

Well, I’m watching all the things that the Presidents men have done to him from the Supreme Court, the congress, the RINOs, the CIA, the FBI, the DOD, the Pentagon, the NSA, the Governors, State legislatures, oh do I have to remind you of FAKE news? That being said… do what you choose. I for one choose to stay away from untested vaccines until Robert Kennedy Jr. says it is okay and takes one. And even in that, only if the plague is real and then…I’ll still go the route of build the immune system and therapies rather than a vax. From what I’ve read, heard, and seen, these never Trumpers sworn word is as good as Pelosi’s. I still remember the Ryan emails. That has not gone away.

The facts are still the facts.

#1. The vax won’t stop you from getting Covid.

#2. The vax doesn’t mean you won’t have to follow unconstitutional mandates.

#3. The vax gives you the disease.

#4. The vax has side affects and one of those is possible death.

#5. Herd immunity is most effective – building your body’s immune system is key to health.

I’ll stop there. That should be enough. But now that these people have taken the vaccine – you are supposed to run out and stand in line hoping to be able to get yours before they run out.


Now, I trust President Trump and support him. But, I do not trust Fauci, Birx, the Surgeon General, nor any of the Big Pharma’s. Especially when there is no responsibility on their part if you have a crippling side affect or death. That is just your problem for taking the vaccine. I will listen to my own gut feeling and second that with information from the real virologists like Dr. Sheri Tenpenny. But, Good Luck America – get well. Get well WORLD. We love you all!

Dianne Marshall


    1. Victorious says:

      They will only give placebos to high visibility influential individuals so that the sheeple will follow along! If he thought that he and his wife were getting the real thing, then he is a bigger fool than I thought. He is a career politician and I do not trust any career politician. He is doing a good job as Vice-president, but I would never vote for him for President. I am a Trump supporter, who believes that we should form our own MAGA PARTY. I do not support the Uni-politicians Party.

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  1. Jean says:

    Dianne! I am with You!! I don’t trust this at all! Just because Pence took it doesn’t mean it’s safe.
    It’s probably Saline!?!? “We’re the Government and we’re here to help” NOT!!!! Smile

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  2. Brian Johnston says:

    Hi Dianne

    Why is Pence saying the vaccine is safe when he can’t know? How do we know there is a vaccine in the vial? Why is pence wearing a mask? Pence is either an idiot or a conspirator?

    I for one do not trust Pence.

    Pence is I believe a Christian. Generally no problem there. I suspect he is one of those happy clapping born again pentecostal types. There is a problem there. Many of these types believe in ‘The Rapture’. It is not Biblical and it ‘aint gonna happen’. Pence is mad.

    I support President Trump and I understand he is up against a powerful enemy. I get all that and some. There are however a couple of odd moves that the President has made which I have difficulty trying to figure.

    With respect Dianne, do you understand the enemy?

    Back in the 80’s – if I remember correctly – The Queen of England said to the effect. “There are very powerful and dark forces at work in the world”. The Queen would know , She moves in high places, I expect She has seen and heard things.

    Regards Brian Johnston New Zealand

    On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 3:18 AM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Now that the V.P., his wife and the Surgeon > General have taken the vaccine we are all supposed to go and take it too? > Right? Wrong. Your body, your choice is still the way it must be. Let the > blind lead the blind but leave those with eyes to see alon” >

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    1. The enemy is the Pilgrim Society which includes the Queen and all the elite bloodlines of the earth. And all the societies that have stemmed out of it and before it. Yes it is very powerful, but they do not make up the 7 billion of God’s humanity. They only have the gold and power to rule it but that time is almost up. Things are about to change.


  3. Let’s use logic. It would be MUCH easier to simply give VP Pence and his wife, Karen, a shot of saline solution or other harmless liquid, then to track down look-a-like people who will need an expensive makeover, perhaps even surgery, to look more like their counterparts. Then they must keep silent for the rest of their lives. All this on the world’s stage, so to speak…to push a vaccine.

    Nah. Nope. No way. A simple saline shot, maybe. Body-doubles to take the actual shot, no. A project like that would cost MILLIONS? Whereas, a harmless, matching saline shot…under a buck ($1.00) each and there’s no person to makeover, train, silence, or even blackmail.

    Such a ridiculous assertion will lose people to this website.


    1. The double was directed at the doubles who have been in the office for some time now. The real Karen and Pence showed up for the movie….they are the ones that look much older. Pence has been removed since July 4, 2019. We have been watching his double.


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