War has been declared and you shall know them by their works is Biblical. Who is pushing a vaccine paid for by government money with no oversight on side affects that cause sickness (as all vaccines induce a disease) and lists a host of bad things including death?

Are we to believe that some of the so called – most important officials in government actually volunteered to take a potentially lethal and unproven vaccine for a virus that has a 99.9 percent (or somewhere in there) survival rate? Of which the vaccine is 90% effective (or so they say) if they don’t get paralysis, HIV, muscle atrophy, headaches, extreme vomiting, muscle pain, and or death as some have already died.

Four cases of Bell’s palsy—a facial paralysis that is often temporary—were observed among volunteers over two months in the Pfizer/BioNTech trial. And McConnell and Pence felt safe to take it? Something doesn’t sound right here. What we know about COVID-19 vaccines and side effects (

Other works by McConnell are his congratulations to fake elect Biden and encouraging the Senate to move on.

“Our country has, officially, a president-elect and a vice-president elect,” McConnell said in a speech on the Senate floor. “I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. The president-elect is no stranger to the Senate. He’s devoted himself to public service for many years.” He also congratulated Senator Kamala Harris on her victory as vice president-elect. McConnell congratulates Biden on victory, acknowledging him as president-elect – CBS News

Other works are his China money makers and his Pilgrim Society connections doing the bidding for two of America’s most obvious globalist one world order enemies.

The president he wanted unlimited war power for was not President Trump, it was President Obama! Just to set the facts straight here. Mitch McConnell Moves to Grant the President Unlimited War Powers with No Expiration Date | Liberty Blitzkrieg

So here we go…good old RINO in action. Who is MIKE PENCE? WHO IS HE REALLY?

Are the emails between Pence and Ryan a fact or a fluke? You can decide…TRAITORS: PENCE-RYAN COUP ATTEMPT EXPOSED ( Nothing is as it seems and treason is dripping off the walls of every government building. It is pooling in puddles and the traitors are stepping in them as expected.

Pence Ryan….oh my goodness. Nothing here to see – just move along.

Most all have kept silent on this issue out of loyalty for President Trump and some odd type of respect for the VP…and mostly because none of this was ever known let alone shown due to fake news and the RINO filled republican party and of course the dems and the Pilgrims who control the situations.

You have to admit it does seem “kind of familiar.”

As the coup fell apart in real time, the principles (Pence and Ryan) were forced to call it off:

And go with a disturbing “plan b”

The website is still live–Chase has moved it and kept the password.


Password: ChaseIsOnTheCase Read more here: RULE No. 9 and The Mike Pence Envelope – Q (

Mike Pence plotted coup against Trump after p**** gate | Daily Mail Online

Remember it was rumored that Flynn was Trump’s pick for VP and then…things made a few interesting turns. **PENCE-RYAN 2016 EMAILS AND THE CLEVELAND DEAL** – American Digital News

Another interesting article about evil in the Whitehouse and it’s not Trump! Bob Woodward: General James Mattis Plotted Overthrow of U.S. Government… – The Last RefugeThe Last Refuge (

It’s time to look at all things and even in our own house!

Somebody said it and now somebody needs to say it again…or at least look under the rocks. If it is all a lie, than I will be the happiest of all to know it. If it is true…then we the people need to know.

Pray that all things are exposed and that truth prevail.

Remember this is all a big fat show. It’s up to each to discern what is real and what is disinformation. The jury is still out on all of it.

Dianne Marshall


  1. John Smith says:

    Wow, so much deception in our government, I believe Assange and Snowden should be pardoned on the condition that they seek out our corruption so we can get rid of it, I know they have did much disturbances in our country, but actually selling out to communism is not, matter of fact they are patriots themselves and they felt it was their duty to expose of the corruption.
    Also being on a contentious plan to work to expose corruption….pretty much what they where doing anyway, this would be a mutual position for Trumps next moves.



    In a nutshell, POTUS Trump had big enough balls to piss off China but not big enough balls to stop China from raping us – first COVID and then the fraudulent election. He also had two two Attorney Generals (both Sessions and Barr) who apparently did NOTHING to stop the domestic enemies. Will POTUS Trump (while he still has the chance) order the military to wipe China off the face of the earth?


  3. John Smith says:

    All of this corruption, it is ashamed, even from individuals we deemed trusted, I am in no way a psychopath, but I feel like I have a duty to all Americans, when martial law comes, I want to be executioner for all of these treasonous bastards and bitches, Pelosi would be my hearts desire, so corrupted, all I would want for doing the deed would be her expensive refrigerator and frozen ice cream, people should not be elected into government with intent to screw the We The People over who elected them, they are there to do a job but getting extra pay to live their life in luxury on the backs of working people needs to stop…even worse, to get paid extra money to sell out America to the Chinese Communist Party, well that is way overboard and that’s where I am at, I want to be the executioner for just a tiny bit of pay for doing the deeds, but really my enjoyment is knowing I am getting rid of the garbage that suppressed our Americans for decades and to prove a point, America is from we the people and you don’t have a right to go behind our backs to fuck us over.

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  4. Helen Edwards Alexander says:

    I have not trusted Pence, since he and Paul Ryan were emailing each other right before the 2016 election. I think Friday when VP Pence, and 2nd lady supposedly took the vaccine that was a farce. I don’t trust Nikki Haley either. All globalist, I think they are very capricious.

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  5. Mike Nemeth says:

    That spineless, halogram, empty shell of a person has never fought a day in his life!!!!! Every time I see him speak in front of a camera with that blank empty look in his eyes and his mouth moving like a fucking ventriloquist doll with the swamps hand up his ass, it makes me want to VOMIT everything I ‘ve EVER ATE in my life!!! Who keeps voting for these fkrs!!!!


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