In an audio recording exclusively obtained by the National Pulse reveals Hunter Biden discussing his business involvement with a “Spy Chief of China” and how his business partner Devon Archer named him and his father, Joe Biden as witnesses in a Southern District of New York Criminal Case.

He appears to reference the former Secretary of Home Affairs in Hong Kong, Patrick Ho as the “Spy Chief of China” and mentions the disappearance of his wealthy business partner, Ye Jianming of CEFC China Energy.

The question is, who is the richest man in the world worth 353 Billion dollars? It has to be someone in China. So what is China doing? Hunter said China had a goal of building the worlds largest port. So, we find that China has 7 of the world’s top 10 ports by cargo, container throughput. So where do they want to build the world’s largest port. That is the question. And how were the Bidens going to help them with this venture? It’s not Hunter’s skills. We just listened in the video to how much respect these people have for him. It is zero. I suspect Hunter was so sloppy they had to break ties with him. It was a public mess. Looks like if Joe isn’t President, they don’t need or want him either. Especially now that he is under the microscope and not looking so ELECT of anything.

Things are being exposed and the investigation is now underway. It gives the appearance that at the time of the call, the China Spy Chief was done with the duo. Perhaps they have new pawns on the horizon? Or perhaps they had everything they needed. Who knows what it could be. Maybe China took out the “Spy Chief”? What this means for the Bidens is serious and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any “ELECT TRANSITION” at least not the transition he cheated for. It smells like a network of Biden 30 pieces of silver hands are on deck for a big dirty laundering! Somebody’s going to come clean, like it or not.

It’s as though they really believed that if the news didn’t report it they would get away with it? And they would have had President Trump not cleaned out the alphabet agencies with his own “Super Duper Deluxe Model Washer”! Now it’s time for the Big Guy to be put through the wringer of their old Maytag!

Now who else will shake out in the linen basket?

There are more Documents relating to Hunter Biden’s cashing in on the use of his father’s name to enrich himself and family members including Joe. The media was silent on the topic and social media fact checked any word about it as untrue. Meanwhile, there was something written about Biden relatives and their deals with China by the New York Post published the week before the election. That joint news suppression effort by fake news and Silicon Valley social media gurus left it to a few news agencies to report on like NewsMax, and Fox News. Which meant that most Americans were clueless to the magnitude of the crimes both Hunter and Joe Biden was accused of being involved in. Read full article here:Hunter Biden tried to cash in on behalf of family with Chinese firm: emails (

Now that the investigation is underway it will be interesting to see just how deep Joe Biden was involved and just how crooked he was and is.

Dianne Marshall


    1. breann says:

      I don’t understand how if this is true why is nothing happening? I pray it is true and we have a 2nd trump term and and the traitors get locked away for good, I’m just getting delirious from not knowing what’s true or not. 😥

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  1. Henry Acres says:

    Until we see them all with cuff’s on and a gallows being erected, it’s all talk. Gossip sucks!! We need as the Who sang so well, ACTION!!

    Follow the money, money is the guilty party, and they’re everywhere. News, Politics, Government, Law & Order, Corps. The list is endless. I know the man in the White House is no angel. He’s been on all sides of the spectrum, and I’m not at all downgrading Donald J. Trump, I’m just following the money. Money corrupts..!

    If you are anyone else in the bottom tree of civilization had done a spilled sample of what we read about, we would be hangin’ from the big oak tree and rotting away in the dry wind.


    A tad off topic, but if I were to roll out vaccines, I would start at the top, Scientists, Lab Workers, All Billionaires and Millionaires, and then work it down from there. Afterall, The Meek shall inherit the Earth.

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