What You Are Worth To The High Tech Globalists Who Censor You!

What they might as well tell you is BUY OUR STUFF AND SHUT THE HECK UP!

You are worth $733 to Amazon,

 $621 to Alibaba,  

$474 to Ebay,  

$182 to Google,

$158 To Facebook!

$81 Bucks To Twitter, To Yahoo you are worth $70 to Yahoo, and at a close second you are worth $69 to LinkedIn.

You are tied with Groupon and Zynga at a worth of $28 and lastly of the biggies- you are worth $25 to Yelp!

Now guess who owns these big tech companies? Go down the rabbit hole and find the major stock holders in these companies are the same ones who control the High Tech Cyber Space (my term for it) and the ones who are investing in global RESET of the USA.

But fear not, they have to have a few left to have fun playing with, if not…they will either die of boredom or begin devouring one another for excitement.https://www.finder.com/tech-companies-to-invest-in

These high tech companies have your data, personal info, ID’s, etc. and censor you, feed you propaganda, steal your intellectual property and make money doing it. Isn’t it time you get something back for your participation in the High Tech Gaming Business?  And I’m not talking video arcade here, I am talking online banking, online social media, and online sales.

Did you ever imagine how much would you (as a user) are actually worth to some of these companies whose products you use on a regular basis? How much does Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn value you in dollar terms, whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, small business owner or a blue collar worker? You pay out the nose and more whether you understand it or not.

High Tech gives nothing for free. There is a price to be paid somewhere along the line and rightfully so. But at what point does the line end between an honest dollar earned for a great idea and theft via manipulation of capitalism and monopoly on all market shares by great merchants who own the majority of the stocks? The same who control the information flow and use your private info to think of ways to manipulate your buying and basic needs creating think tanks funded by globalists to figure out dooms day scenarios to control your emotions, buying, selling and very survival attitudes. On top of that we have propaganda accompanied by censoring and fact checking. This is not free marketing. It is global control.

These statistics were compiled by a cost information website by calculating the number of active users and dividing that number by the company’s market capitalization – the number of shares multiplied by the price of each share.


  • GOOGLE – In 2019, The web giant, Google had a market cap of $364 billion and 2 billion active users. But Google generates 90% of their revenue from advertising. Each Google user is worth $182.
  • FACEBOOK – The social network giant, Facebook has a market cap of $227 billion and 1.4 billion users—which makes you worth a whopping $158.
  • TWITTER – The FACT CHECKING/CENSORING blue birdie Twitter has a market cap of $24 billion with a user base of 302 million. Your value, $81.
  • LINKEDIN – The small but influential tech with a market cap of $24 billion and 364 million users, every job aspirant and professional is worth $69 to LinkedIn.
  • YAHOO – an online news site with an online gaming platform, search engine, email service (etc.) has a market cap of $42 billion with 600 million users who are worth $70.
  • AMAZON – An e-Commerce company with a market cap at $198 billion, but it’s active user count is only 270 million. So what makes their actual user wort high at $733? Sooner or later if you buy on line, you will buy from them in their octopus of online sales from big chains who use their services, including Walmart, CVS, Target, etc. Covid lockdowns have given their online sales a mega boost!
  • EBAY –  The buy-sell bidding auction monolith with a market cap of $71 billion with 152 million users. Sellers give eBay cuts of their payments as a huge source of income for this e-commerce giant. Making users worth $474.
  • ALIBABA – CHINA in the game at this Chinese e-commerce company. The next time you buy in bulk to get great savings think twice. Alibaba has a market cap of $217 billion with 350 million users. each user is worth $621.
  • YELP – Their online business directory makes most of their money selling ads to businesses with a market cap of $3 billion with 142 million users valued at $25 bucks a piece.
  • Groupon – An online business directory make most of their money by selling ads to businesses. Their market cap is $3 billion with 142 million users. You are valued at $25 each.
  • ZYNGA – A social gaming company with a market cap of $2.7 billion (lowest the list), and a shrinking user base of 100 million — which gives a user’s value of $28.

President Trump knows all of this and more. We are just waking up and learning just how much we are controlled by the ones who own the toys and have their meetings in the Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Think Tanks, Council on Foreign Relations, and all the little thinkers who make up the Club of Rome, and of course the great and powerful Central Bankers who cash in on all of the Global stuff. The monster is huge, the biggest giants since the days of Noah and the only way out of the swamp is to bring the maddness to a halt.

The saddest thing in all of this is that everything being used for evil could be used for good. It could be used to assist all humanity. But, under the greedy control of those who desire to rule the world and control the money to buy thieves to steal patents from good citizens, and pour money into institutions to disect, and create everything from a virus to a mind controlled nano chip to direct energy weapons (DEW) that will disintegrate a city in seconds and burn the trees in the forests inside out… what on earth do you think they will do to you if they had free opportunity to teach you how to behave in their new global order?

Pray for America, pray for the blind and deaf who still don’t see or hear what is taking place, and pray for our President Trump and all the brave Attorneys such as Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis and others. Pray for all the brave patriots working hard behind the scenes to help bring the giants down so peace and freedom is protected in the United States of America and thereby a beacon of hope for the World.

Dianne Marshall

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