2,506 felons voted. 66,248 underage registered. 2,423 voted w/out registration. 1,043 address a Post-Office. 4,926 registered late. 10,315 dead people. 395 cast ballots in another state. 15,700 filed national change of address. 40,279 moved. 100+ affidavits.

According to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood filings, China bought DOMINION on October 8 2020 for $400 million before the Election! It is also now known that Mark Zuckerberg, gave $400 million to election officials and judges according to ex Attorney General, Phillip Kline! What is the connection with $400 million dollars?

Does it have anything to do with Swiss Banks Cyber hack?

Tick Tock….all will be exposed. What we do know is Cyber Command was on it before the elections. Read more here: U.S. Cyber Command Expands Operations to Hunt Hackers From Russia, Iran and China – The New York Times (

Stay awake and keep alert. Pray unceasing. Nothing is as it appears.

Dianne Marshall


    1. The Secretary of State in Georgia is too proud to admit that they cheated and now is hurting the entire Country. The Governor should order him to do it or can his ass! Give him an offer he cannot refuse somehow.

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  1. Sandy says:

    There are many more states that have HUGE RED Votes that were not counted….I saw a tweet from someone that was a screen shot that showed 433 electoral votes for DJT…But then the dominion and other machines stopped and recalabrated and took away from DJT and gave to sniffy hair touchy feely little children creepy joe…We the People of America are not stupid like the globalists think…We have to stand up for our freedom as a Constitutional Republic that many many died to keep free…..

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