Sidney Powell Says Make This Tweet of Hers Go Viral!

The transportation of Federal mail in a privately-owned vehicle is against the law. FB and Twitter are censoring this photo. Make it go Viral!!!!


Enough of the censoring…it is time to go around the old way of doing things and think of new methods. Trying this one. Just so EVERYONE KNOWS, AT THIS TIME – I GET NO MONEY FOR CLICKS, DO NO ADS – AND HAVE NO HANDS OUT OR DONATION PAGES, LINKS, ETC.

I’ve already had things go viral and this is not about me trying to make my blog go viral…it is answering SIDNEY’S request. Spread the page and have everyone copy and paste to others. Thank you Patriots.

Dianne Marshall

41 thoughts on “Sidney Powell Says Make This Tweet of Hers Go Viral!

  1. MC says:

    i love your stuff and have been following your blog closely….but there could be flaws with this. I would like to private message you about this being a retired manager for USPS

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    1. If there is…then Sidney went to great lengths to do so. As she tweeted this out on Parler and said make it go viral. She has spoken of the bags in the trucks in pressors. She has evidence and isn’t one to be sloppy. I trust she has more to back up the photo other than a cell shot. Just saying. I am sure there are things you know about USPS, I don’t know the laws or rules.

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    2. brandyrose2020 says:

      Agreed…fake to incite backlash from Republicans. This is not posted on Sydney’s page but a fanclub page. This could be a vehicle picking up mail for a company or delivering mass advertising to the post office. There is no factual evidence i can see. How do you know there are ballots in there or anything that cannot be carried by a personal vehicle. You can see nothing. We got mail bins like this during our recall efforts. There is nothing to show anything illegal is going on. Just a picture and a fan saying to spread it. It is not Sydney saying to share this. Nothing but disinformation without any facts. How can Marshall Report as a media source print such crap.


  2. Sidney put this out on Parler because Twitter is censoring her message to the people. I am trying a blog approach to send the message. Twitter doesn’t see it as it does a tweet, therefore more people will see the message even if they only see the photo. This may get censored…but so far it’s working. Thanks to all who are sharing!

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      This is not photoshopped and it’s not a government vehicle. It was taken in NW Phoenix on Election Day at 1029am . It is real .
      Taken by someone who witnessed this event.

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  3. John Smith says:

    But how do we know it’s a personal vehicle, I believe you would have a government license plate to offer proof, this not 100% proof of fraud or anything illegal, government uses all makes and models of vehicles, I hope Sidney has more evidence than just this one picture. We need a good picture with a regular license plate to show 100% proof fraud was captured.
    Just saying.


    1. littlebuddie says:

      That’s my thought as well. The Biden sticker could be Photoshopped. I don’t believe much of what I see on the internet any more.


      1. Elizabeth says:

        It’s not photoshopped. It’s real taken Election Day 1029am NE Phoenix. I think if we had non corrupt FBI the day this was turned in cameras from NWPhoenix Would have been examined. Part of the corruption includes the FBI

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    2. Ishta Wensjka says:

      Hey moron- NO government vehicle would ever have a Biden sticker on it and NO ballots would be open carried in the back of a pick up where they can blow out. Get a brain.

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  4. Zman says:

    Apparently no one been to the country. We’re most mail is delivered by private vehicles! My mail used to be delivered my a lady and her dog 🐕 in a big red 4×4 pickup truck! And in other cars when she wasn’t working!


  5. stephen clowar says:

    That picture is fraud in real time. U can’t have Biden stickers on a Postal Service vehicle. That’s against the law. So you don’t need to see a license plate. And even if you could the plate could have been pho ry or stolen. If the fraudsters are stealing an election you don’t think they’ll steal a plate?


  6. cnytz says:

    Our mail carrier is the lowest bidder for the independent contractor job in our rural area. He drives his own vehicle with his NM license plate. I have talked to his local boss on numerous occasions and to the head USPS office once about the very poor delivery service we have. During those conversations, his vehicle has been mentioned with no reference to its being illegal. I cannot imagine why Sidney Powell stated thusly.


    1. I’m sure they know more about that photo then we do. General Flynn also commented for digital soldiers to pass it on. So, they know more about it than we do or neither one of them would care to push it out there. That’s my take on it. They are still pushing it and other versions of it on Parler…so somethings up. May be a whistle blower actually got the license plate and they checked it out. Who knows? But it is something. She said it was from Arizona.


  7. I live on a rural route — “Highway Contract” — my mail is delivered and picked up by a private carrier on a contract. The vehicle I have seen is a privately owned hard-top station wagon, the load is covered, the doors are locked, and the wind is not blowing the letters away.

    Of course it’s illegal to transport mail as an unsecured load in the open bed of a pickup truck. That’s a ten-year felony for every letter that flies out in the wind.


  8. Maria Longton says:

    I have no doubt that this election and the voting reports are unfairly reported. I worked the polls for several elections to help the nation, and I saw much opportunity and incidences of fraud. How naive to think that everyone is honest when the liberals are simplify following Communist standards


  9. FYI it is not illegal to deliver mail in a personal vehicle. Many routes in the United States make use of Rural Letter carriers-they deliver mail out of their own vehicle. It has been that way for at least the last 20+ years.

    I, personally delivered mail out of my dodge caravan.


  10. mannamade says:

    Great work thank you so much, just found you a few weeks ago. I’ve been posting your blog on Facebook, spreading the word. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU IN THIS FIGHT, hold your heads erect because our deliverance is near. WE JUST NEED TO SHOW UP TO THE FIGHT AND MAKE A BUNCH OF NOISE AND GOD WILL DO THE REST!

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  11. […] The transportation of Federal mail in a privately-owned vehicle is against the law. FB and Twitter are censoring this photo. Make it go Viral!!!! Enough of the censoring…it is time to go around the old way of doing things and think of new methods. Trying this one. Just so EVERYONE KNOWS, AT THIS TIME -… — Read on […]


  12. David Gray says:

    WE THE PEOPLE Know that the Election was rigged, and FRAUD was used to inflate the Biden count. OUR ELECTION HAS BEEN HACKED!
    NOW is the time to resist and show our strength.
    Starting December 1st through the 14th please start.
    1) On Interstate Highways Drive 45 mph to support our 45th President.
    2) At 4:50 PM EST shut your Electric Power off for 10 minutes back on at 5:00 o’clock. Adjust for local time change.
    3) 12:00 Noon Stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance in public.
    4) Truckers to Strike Friday thru Monday.
    5) Saturdays show up to local protests.
    6) Protest local Fake New locations
    WE The PEOPLE will Rally… More to Come!


  13. BDS says:

    If the vehicle is “contracted” by the USPS they are required to use a magnetic or other placard identifying it as a postal vehicle.

    They do use private carriers but identification is an absolute requirement.


  14. temackel says:

    The red tags on the postal trays are indicative of red Tag 57 for political campaign mail, not election ballots. Election ballot trays will have a lime green Tag 191. No one would every tag ballot red tags. Campaigns prepare the mail and are allowed to transport the mail like any other company to deposit and pay for campaign “junk” mail.


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