Take A Knee? Heck They Took The Legs!

Twitter is buzzing now with a video that shows the victim George Floyd, getting taken away in an ambulance by the alleged police, and once on the gurney, he has no legs. But, his pants are folded up properly as not to just dangle.


We are all very sorry for the death of Floyd. It was terrible what they did to him. Not only did the horrible officer suffocate him by placing his knee on his neck, it appears they stole his legs! That is totally wrong to do!

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There are so many (now obvious) inconsistent facts concerning this death that it is no longer believable.




You can’t make this stuff up, but, I sure wish it was fake. We all know this death was real because the news said so and we had all the peaceful protests. Not only in America, but in several other nations as well.



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So now the cities in America and other nations smolder, and the cry to defund the police rings out in all the lands.

However, it is not clear if the other victims, those in Paris, Madrid, Rotterday and Zwolle kept their legs or just took a knee to the neck?

George’s twin is still with us and he has been speaking out more. Thank the lucky stars we still have his voice.Image

floyd 102301091_2970677986302346_1271194995257888960_n

Now move along, there is nothing more here to see.

Dianne Marshall

5 thoughts on “Take A Knee? Heck They Took The Legs!

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Anyone else thinking, “False Flag”? Why? To distract attention from the DS players who are being indicted, arrested, and testifying in front of Congress. To preserve what little is left of Obama’s (Soreto’s) legacy… to further the Communist agenda to take over the country by inciting another race war and to burn our cities and neighborhoods down…

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  2. Jafar says:

    Where did his hair go. Did they hold him down and shave his head. When they took him from the site they never checked any vital signs. Is that because he was already dead, who pronounced him dead at the scene. If he was dead, why the hell are they removing a body from a crime scene? They never get it 💯 % correct in their false flags. They don’t care because they got the results they wanted and they are never prosecuted.


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