The symptoms sure match radiation sickness, and the protective gear to fight it seems to match that of those in Japan during their nuclear disaster? Dr.’s Fauci and Birx sure aren’t dressing up outside like this.

Wuhan bio workers dressed in what looks like radiation suits? Something deadly serious going on.
Japan workers in their radiation suits working at nuclear reactor site.

We were last to get it perhaps because President Trump did not allow China to bring their Huawei, alleged stolen 5-G technology from US Military, into the USA. Meanwhile,  Italy, Spain, UK, Princess Cruise Ships and a few others rolled out Huawei 5-G along with Wuhan in a celebratory fashion that led to a pandemic of COVID-19. Still, there are many using 5-G technology here or at least they have 5-G phones and we were the last to get it? In the mist of all the pandemic, I heard the President was working on 5-G protection before it is to be officially rolled out in the US. With conflicting pieces of hearsay, I found there are companies selling radiation protective devices called micro-processors to PROTECT BIOLOGICAL OBJECTS (like humans) FROM THE NEGATIVE INFLUENCE OF TECHNOGENIC ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION!

radiation blackbirds

If technology companies are agreeing that cell phones and computer devices cause radiation sickness it only makes sense to ask the next question –  What’s really going on with the BIRDS DROPPING DEAD AND PEOPLE WITH ACUTE RESPERATORY FAILURE?

radiation Birds-Falling-From-Sky-Bleeding-Australia
Birds drop from the sky bleeding internally from 5-G tests. What is it doing to us?

So now they have found the virus (that won’t be named) attacks the blood and robs it of oxygen. That is what they are saying. Let’s take a look at it from a biological standpoint and a healthy dose of critical thinking and a dash of common sense.

Warning: This is for those that need to know the science, you have the option to scroll past this.

Rheological analysis (rheology) is the study of the flow of any material under the influence of a supplied flow of force or stress.

In the case of rheology and the flow of blood, biologists look at the bulk of blood cells called erythrocytes which play the leading part in changes in the flow properties of blood. This includes using parameters (a set of facts that establishes or limits how something can or must happen ) for rheology the most important parameters are:

Viscosity – the property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semifluid. i.e. the quality or state of being viscous (= thick and sticky and not flowing easily).

Aggregation – the process of combining things or amounts into a single group. How these aggregations affect things, such as a dose of aspirin inhibits the normal aggregation of platelets.

Erythrocytes – a red blood cell that (in humans) is typically a biconcave disc without a nucleus. Erythrocytes contain the pigment hemoglobin, which imparts the red color to blood, and transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues.

The bulk of blood cells are erythrocytes, therefore they play the leading part in changes in the properties of blood. Rheology parameters used to analyze the most important properties of blood are viscosity, aggregation and erythrocytes deformability (ED).

One of a cell’s vital parameters is its reconfiguration in response to outside impact on the cell membrane caused by both external and internal environment. ED can be said to reflect, to a degree, viability of erythrocytes circulating in blood flow.

Which lead us to Electromagnetic frequencies which are outside forces that absorb oxygen from its surroundings and this action affects humans by taking oxygen from the lungs, and the blood that transports oxygen throughout the entire body. Thereby it can affect the blood viscosity , aggregation, and erythrocytes thereby impacting the physical health of humans, animals, birds, plants, and all living cellular organisms that need oxygen to thrive.

radiation 01

Hundreds and even thousands of birds falling from the sky all at once is not normal, and their tiny bodies bleeding from the inside from busted blood vessels and lack of oxygen is not a paranormal event. It is directly related to electromagnetic frequency surges. Their little bodies cannot survive under EMF pulses. Neither can humans, sea life, bees, bugs and plants. As we have seen from other man made disasters involving atomic and nuclear forces that emit radiation. The fall out just doesn’t go away after the fallout cloud disappears. It remains. For the same reason it remains in your bodies unless you mitigate with alternative therapies such as those used in Chernobyl with algae, brown seaweeds, spirulina and miso soup, learned therapies from Japan. Read about how they did that here: Nuclear Meltdown and Radiation Exposure in Japan

radiation thequint_2018-12_6dbe82bd-885c-4b2d-b979-380df3bd947c_Insta_5G

“Ionizing radiation happens when the atomic nucleus of an unstable atom decays and starts releasing ionizing particles. When these particles come into contact with organic material, such as human tissue, they will damage them if levels are high enough, in a short period of time. This can lead to burns, problems with the blood, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular and central nervous system, cancer, and sometimes death.”                         Full story here: Medical News Today

Radiation has been said to be accumulative in the body as its’ nano particle size that the body cannot eliminate through the pathways of elimination for the body reabsorbs it via these processes. But, there are ways to rid the body of radiation via putting a food source into the body that will engulf these nano particles in the intestinal tract thereby the body can eliminate them via the food source which has engulfed them inside themselves. Substances like brown algae, blue/green algae (spirulina), and ground flax seed just to name a few.  These are foods and having them as well as many others in your diet daily may be a proactive step of ongoing protection and overall good health.

radiation SulfurRichFoods

It would do us well to look at radiation sickness studies and note the comparisons to radiation sickness and electromagnetic frequencies. Especially long term affects over time with low EMF’s and short and long term affects with high doses of EMF’s such as 4G and 5G. We now live in an electromagnetic field bubble and no one is free from the damage this causes human and all life forms.

Excerpts from Medical News Today, on Radiation Sickness, written by Yvette Brazier:

Symptoms: Radiation sickness can be acute, happening soon after exposure, or chronic, where symptoms appear over time or after some time, possibly years later.

The signs and symptoms of acute radiation poisoning are:
• vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea
• loss of appetite
• malaise, or feeling unwell
• headache
• rapid heartbeat

Symptoms depend on the dose, and whether it is a single dose or repeated.
A dose of as low as 30 rads can lead to:
loss of white blood cells
• nausea and vomiting
• headaches

A dose of 300 rads dose may result in:
• temporary hair loss
• damage to nerve cells
• damage to the cells that line the digestive tract

Symptoms of severe radiation poisoning will normally go through four stages.
Prodomal stage: Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, lasting from a few minutes to several days
Latent stage: Symptoms seem to disappear, and the person appears to recover
Overt stage: Depending on the type of exposure, this can involve problems with the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, hematopoietic, and central nervous system (CNS)
Recovery or death: There may be a slow recovery, or the poisoning will be fatal.

Different doses, different effects
The risk of illness depends on the dose. Very low doses of radiation are all around us all the time, and they do not have any effect. It also depends on the area of the body that is exposed.

If the whole body is exposed to, say, 1,000 rads within a short time, this could be fatal. However, far higher doses can be applied to a small area of the body with less risk.

After a mild dose, the person may experience symptoms for just a few hours or days. However, a repeated or even a single, relatively low dose that produces few or no visible symptoms around the time of exposure may cause problems later on.

A person who is exposed to 3,000 rads will experience nausea and vomiting, and they may experience confusion and a loss of consciousness within a few hours. Tremors and convulsions will occur 5 to 6 hours after exposure. Within 3 days, there will be coma and death.


People who experience repeated doses, or who appear to recover, may have long-term effects.
These include:
*a loss of white blood cells, making it harder for the body to fight infection              *reduction in platelets, increasing the risk of internal or external bleeding
*fertility problems, including loss of menstruation and reduced libido
*changes in kidney function, which can lead to anemia, high blood pressure, and other    problems within a few months
*There may also be skin redness, cataracts, and heart problems.
*Localized exposure may lead to changes in the skin, loss of hair, and possibly skin cancer.

Most people are exposed to an average of around 0.62 rads, or 620 Gray each year. Half of this comes from radon in the air, from the Earth, and from cosmic rays. The other half comes from medical, commercial, and industrial sources. Spread over a year, this is not significant in terms of health.

Some activities that can expose people to sources of radiation include:
* watching television
* flying in an airplane
* passing through a security scanner
* using a microwave, computer, or cell phone
* Wi-fi

Read full article here

radiation t8awet
These towers emit electromagnetic frequencies that harm living cells and surge during peak hours. Invisible enemy.

The hard truth is, even if you don’t watch TV, fly on a plane, go through a security scanner, use a microwave, computer or cell phone, you cannot get away from the electromagnetic frequencies in the air waves being emitted by Gwen towers, cell towers, smart meters, and the surges these power lines throw out. We are all walking around in electromagnetic fields.

And so, what do we do? We certainly don’t add Huawei 5G from Wuhan like Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and the Princess Cruise Ships did with Wuhan and their 5-G roll out last fall that seemed to have triggered a pandemic that experts are calling COVID-19 .


The real fact no one can deny is the COVID-19 symptoms sure match radiation sickness. We were last to get it perhaps because President Trump did not allow China to bring their Huawei , alleged stolen technology from US Military, into the USA. Yet, there are many using 5-G technology here. Thankfully, the President is working on 5-G protection before it is rolled out bigly in the US. In the meantime, there are companies selling radiation protective devices called micro-processors to PROTECT BIOLOGICAL OBJECTS FROM THE NEGATIVE INFLUENCE OF TECHNOGENIC ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION! Here are a few, CLICK TO VIEW THEIR WEBSITES: 


Blushield Cube Active EMF Protection


Then there are also alternative methods….such as  ORGONITE

I strongly suggest if we are going to be proactive during flu season, that is now a year long pandemic, that we best get some type of bio micro-defense to protect ourselves and our family.   Electromagnetic fields only complicate the health issues and many believe are the real culprit behind many of them. Meanwhile, wash your hands and see if the C.D.C. science experts has performed any testing on 5-G electromagnetic frequencies and how it affects the human body. If they say it doesn’t…that will be a huge red flag.  But WHO knows, they just may know a bio-processor technology company that offers social distancing protective measures to follow against these power towers. Maybe they have a mask? Body suits? Home coverings? Who knows?

Instead of researching vaccines, I believe it’s time to fund research on How to verify the effect on a person’s physiological condition after interacting with electromagnetic radiation of one type or another. But I’m sure President Trump is already doing that.

Dianne Marshall



  1. steve6f8eh says:

    The thing that makes SOME versions of 5G so deadly (they are all bad for you, as are all cell technologies) is that they are broadcasting in the higher frequency range near or at 60 GHz. This affects oxygen; it energizes it so it cannot be absorbed as readily. You have noticed that the symptoms they are talking about are like elevation sickness….makes sense, right? There is a different 5G which is being proposed as well, which is between 1 and 2 GHz. This is closer to 2 and 3G! The great thing is they need less power and less cell towers to cover an area. In some cases you might need to boost it in to your basement….who cares? Give me less exposure at a lower frequency, if you are going to do it at all.

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  2. Johnathan Jhonson says:

    Oh my god you absolute antivaxx soccer moms, first of all there is no such thing as a radiation suit, its called a HAZMAT, it is used not just to protect from radiation, but also from any other bio-hazard, such as diseases, as well as toxic waste and radiation. Also, someone said in the comments (steve6f8eh) that 5G broadcasts at a high frequency, and energizes oxygen or something, and makes it so that we can’t absorb the oxygen. Well, if that were true, we would all be dead. There is a 5G tower where I live, and I don’t have COVID-19, I’m breathing fine. Stop coming up with stupid theories, the World Health Organisation definitely knows better than you dumb college dropouts trying to act smart, I trust science, not some idiot anti-vaxx soccer moms coming up with absurd ideas. i’m no scientist, I’m no doctor, but, most likely, neither are you


    1. C Clapp says:

      Jonathan Johnson if only you were correct. Some people have an open mind and can see the facts in front of their faces. Thank God you are not a Dr you would be another closed mind egotistical problem in our healthcare system. Point blank. All of the things you repeated were not false nor half truths. And good luck trusting the WHO see how that ends up working out for ya


    2. flashlight joe says:

      @Johnathan Jhonson says

      ” I trust science, ”

      No, you are trusting people who do not have your interests at heart.

      Read chapter 6 of Mein Kampf (12 pages) to learn the techniques and power of this spiritual weapon called war propaganda.

      You are being manipulated and controlled by propaganda. Everywhere you turn there is COVID, COVID, COVID and DEATH, DEATH, DEATH being blasted into your mind.

      Did you not see the war propaganda of 1991 leading to the bombing of Iraq? Or the propaganda leading to the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001? Or the propaganda leading to the invasion of Iraq in 2003?

      Your mind is being prepared for what is to come.


    3. scowi3 says:

      5G is a targeted weapon. It uses beam-forming technology to hit a specific person with amplitudes of radiation far higher than the background level via constructive interference. One 5G mast can have as many as 100+ millimetre microwave transmitters on them which can all be synchronised to hit one person with enough radiation to do bodily harm. This paper shows the biological effect of millimeter microwaves:

      As the paper shows, this radiation destroys red blood cells and causes a reduction in tissue respiration, which explains the hypoxia that doctors have been seeing. The victims then have cell-free heme in their blood stream which does oxidative damage throughout the body. Some of this heme gets deposited around the lungs and shows up as ground-glass opacities on chest x-rays which is commonly mistaken for pneumonia (this condition is called pulmonary hemosiderosis). In Mar-May last year many people were put on ventilators under the false believe that they had a lung condition when they really had a blood condition. Oxygen therapy just exacerbates the oxidative damage and was a death sentence to the vast majority. The low oxygen saturations these patients have is a protective measure their bodies take to limit the damage.

      The correct treatment is zinc & ascorbic acid. Zinc is important for the production of red blood cells and many “covid” symptoms are actually symptoms of zinc deficiency that result from the body’s zinc being reserved for that purpose leaving little for organs that also need it. The olfactory bulb, the hippocampus and the retina all require zinc, hence the loss of taste/smell, the brain-fog and the light sensitivity that people have experienced.

      No “virus” can do this.

      Btw, to avoid being targeted, it would be a good idea to keep your cell phone and wifi (& bluetooth) usage to a minimum, as using these devices allows your location to be triangulated. In my country, most of the street lights have been replaced with LED ones that have microwave receivers on them for this very purpose.

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    4. Rena-Murray says:

      Talking with a friend in Health Care (respiratory therapist), he said at the beginning of Covid, that patients were dying at a rapid rate. He also said that the ventilators weren’t helping and that the oxygen was depleting from the red blood cells; the lungs were getting hard and unable to inflate. When he first mentioned this to me, I immediately thought of radiation sickness. I’m not a health care provider but I read a lot. This grabbed my attention! I’m not an anti-vax but there is no way I’m taking this vaccine. You need to look up the international Common Law Court, they have convicted Pizer of crimes against humanity because of the toxic vaccines. You don’t have to be an expert to feel that something is really wrong here. It’s our gut or sixth sense if you will. I’ve always trusted mine, and I’ve never been wrong. NEVER!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. trying says:

    why seek out a rational discussion only to repeat what has been said to you buy the main stream media? All one has to do to hear your cowardice opinion is turn on any media source available, so shut up and stick your head back in the sand.


  4. Bruce Katz says:

    Good thinking, google galactic cosmic radiation. After all, the most potent radiation comes at us from outer space, and during solar minimum, it’s significantly worse. 5G and other manmade sources are probably not strong enough to cause a huge problem. Our universe is electric and electromagnetic, and cosmic radiation is at or above space-age highs. Congrats again on your discovery, you are spot on! Feel free to email me if you would like to communicate further.


  5. Ismael A. Ponce says:

    I just wanted to thank you for putting this up to be read ,I told my family and friends . About radiation sickness . Before i found this site . And I felt like none listen. I am a ham radio operator so i know about radio frequencies and what radiation can do if out is too high


  6. Paul Jury says:

    While I generally agree with this article, I do agree with Jonhathon Johnson that the suits are Hazmat suits, not radiation suits. The dead bird photos are potentially fake. The first one appears to be copy/clone/paste. Take a look at the bottom right hand corner between the workers feet, 5 birds all laying in EXACTLY the same position, orientation and size, just like the one in the far right hand corner. How likely? The same applies to other patches of birds, the cloning/pasting is obvious. The second picture of Flamingos, well to me they look plastic, the four in the right hand foreground all the same! Again how likely? Please either remove these photos and replace them with genuine ones or re-caption them to say they are merely representational. There are videos out there of flocks of birds dying, use a still from one of them. Using such fakes photo does absolutely no good for the argument and will have, this otherwise good article tossed in the mental bin of any wavering souls out there and could potentially be used as fodder to show what flaky trippers these anti people are.




    1. God bless you Julie! It’s a rough time, but in the end God’s people win!!! Keep your eyes on the miracles for if it looked like it was all easy does it…there would be no miracle to behold!!! The sea is ready to part!!


  8. Bruce Katz says:

    So none of you have googled “galactic cosmic radiation” and “solar minimum and maximum”. It’s about time you completed your assignment. Most radiation is getting through earth’s magnetosphere and hitting our planet like never before. Blame 5G if you want–but we are getting far more radiation from our Sun and the rest of the Universe. Whether it’s Zeka or Covid, the same principles apply…


  9. I did Bruce!
    “The Zika virus outbreak in 2015 posed a serious public health threat because of its association with conge- nital abnormalities. Research on the environmental factors underlying this outbreak epidemiology may pro- vide useful insights into its occurrence. This study suggests that the localized lowering of the earth’s magnetic field intensity and a sudden increase of cosmic rays recorded in Mexico in 2015 were causally associated with the resurgence of the Zika virus outbreak in the Americas. Potential mechanisms by which a weakened magnetic field and enhanced cosmic ray activity may influence this outbreak in humans are dis- cussed here. Current and future surveillance efforts should be supported to construct a comprehensive early warning system involving monitoring of the earth’s magnetic field, solar activity and cosmic ray intensity for predicting or detecting future Zika virus outbreaks as early as possible.”
    Although there are some crazy comments here, and even crazier fake photos to illustrate a point, the argument is sound and what Bruce says also upholds it. Due to the weakened magnetic field, or field disruptions in general, humanity becomes susceptible to disease/illnesses and potentially DNA distructive forces that no mask or gel can stop, much less a vaccine that is ‘experimental;… I genuinely fear for our collective futures… the lies in this Coronavirus/Covid-19 Sars (2) Pandemic is that it came from an animal in the far east and is controllable to an extent that we must ALL give up our freedoms in order to be protected from this invisible killer… which also is quite selective I might add!


  10. Jane Wakeham says:

    I’m in the UK and have the symptoms of radiation poisoning since end Feb/beg March 2020. Ulcers in my throat, lungs and and oesophagus. Sudden hair loss, swollen tongue and lips, painful gums, teeth removal, night sweats and headaches. Also polycythaemia (thickened blood) caused by hypoxia. ENT, GPs, dentists and Oral Surgery all agree it looks like radiation poisoning but refuse to do further investigation to see if it is or confirm. I live rurally, am fit, active, slim, never smoked and eat healthily. I’m trying to detox, have tried many allopathic and homeopathic remedies but no respite.
    I know several people that started similar symptoms around the same time. 3 of them have had heart attacks while wearing facemasks. One has died.
    Clearly the medical industry are seeing many people like this but are blocking us from further investigation.


  11. Marquis says:

    Strangely enough, there seems to be a connection between broadcast radio going globally live during the time of the Spanish Flu. Before that, no radio frequencies were exposed to humans on a large scale.


  12. COVID-19 Vaxx + 5G is the murder of billions by the Mystery Babylonian Masonic Jesuit Fauci created synthetic tripartite viral bioweapon monkey virus SARS COV2. The bioweapons spike protein contains the deadly sequences of HIV/ XMRV/ SARS. The weaponization (gain of function) of this man-made bio toxin began in the early 2000s. It has been injected into vulnerable populations via polio, MMR and Flu vaccines for at least two decades. The COVID  vaccine is simply the injection of the disease causing spike protein in a synthetic virus.

    DO Not let them Vaxx your Children

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