We Aren’t Crazy – They Lie!


ARE YOU TIRED OF THE OLIGARCHS CONTROLLING THE WEATHER TO PUSH THEIR AGENDA?  Everything the swamp puppets have legislated for big industry over the past century is now forming a big arrow and it is aimed right at their United Nations driven – New World Order Sustainable Development for the 21st century agenda!  This is where the real “Climate Change” is and where the useless eaters meet their grim reaper!  The question is….will you continue to allow it or do you want to live?  It is now that simple.


For decades the oligarchs paid puppets to make bearers of the truth look crazy.  Conspiracy theorist with tin foil hats. While ever since they got their hands on Tesla’s patents they have been trying to develop the ultimate weather toys.  And today they have the literal death star that can send laser beams to disintegrate anything anywhere on the earth.Read the entire 784 page government weather modification program here.

agenda 1 dia-children-world-homepage

Those who questioned President Trump making the Space Program part of the military may never understand that by so doing, he is positioning his military to intercede in weather toys and other types of spaced based weaponry.  Will President Trump bring transparency to these programs and end the weather wars?  The culling of the world?  Will he be able to end the evil plans of the oligarchs?  Time is ticking away. It is all very, very real. Read about the DARPA Death Star Program


As long as you look the other way or allow fake news and swamp politicos to feed you lies designed to control you…. and kill you, they will continue to do it and to them, it is needed and you are collateral damage.  That is simply their plan.  Not President Trump’s.  He is out to stop this evil game.  The Death Star is too much power for any person in office, and upon the earth. Pray that President Trump can get it out of the evil   hands of the Oligarchs who have secretly developed it. May God be with us all.

weather 11-450x454

weather modification

weather 113-450x412

weather 215-450x129

Facts are funny things…they eventually always present themselves.  Sooner or later.

weather 417-450x226

weather 518

weather 620-450x434

weather 719-450x394

weather 801-450x318


weather 921-450x454

Important admissions- all can be found and more in the pdf link above.


Stand by Trump and be informed.  We aren’t crazy they are just good liars!



6 thoughts on “We Aren’t Crazy – They Lie!

  1. tj says:

    Lying is their stock & trade – just like their ‘father of lies.’

    – ‘moon landing’ = could 50 years ago but can’t today … L o L.

    – ‘space station’ = fake fraud.

    – ‘globe earth’ = another illogical fraud – ALL ‘pics’ fake, the ‘ theory of gravity’ … L o L.

    So many lies, so many liars.

    Selling out to the evil one can pay well … in the short term … L o L …

    eternity is RACING toward us all …

    choose: God (father, son, holy spirit) & his glorious home, heaven … or … evil & the eternal punishment of hell / lake of fire & brimstone.

    choose wisely ….

    Vaya con Dios

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tj says:

    the ?hero? mcNasty spin machine is in full motion …

    or, when an unrepentant tool of evil, becomes an alleged hero:

    – ?hero? mcNasty:
    – the ‘Songbird of Hanoi,’
    – the Ringleader of the ‘Keading 5’ (lead to the killing off of the people’s S&L’s – further empowering big wall street banksters);
    – gung-ho supporter of anything pro-nwo & anti-usa citizen (deregulate fed insured banks, bail out crooked banks, export USA families jobs & import cheaper labor + runaway immigration – to push down usa families wages, etc)

    – the major barry o – repuke sycophant

    – a President Trump / usa – hateful nemesis.




    got your ‘reward’ now, eh johnny …

    L O L

    be like johnny, & go where he is now (ouch),


    Vaya con Dios



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