With the stroke of his pen, President Trump can write an executive order to end the censorship being slapped on Americans via social media. That and being armed with the Miller Act Notice that was sent to his office!


Leader Technologies and Founder Michael McKibben filed a MILLER ACT NOTICE to the U.S. Executive, President Donald Trump. President Trump is asked to compensate Leader for the theft of their inventions by the Deep State shadow government. Leader’s social networking invention was stolen by Clinton’s spy master James P. Chandler in 2000 in order to hijack the Internet. Deep State lawyer notes actually called it a “coup.”


Above – page one of the Miller Act Notice to President Trump. What a gift to Trump – he can fix this with his pen and executive authority. Imagine having all the tech boards bank accounts frozen until this mess is fixed? (Just wishing). What is at stake is our freedom of information and speech. It appears that the evil swamp dwellers have inched their way into stealing our freedoms via social media and technology.
Watch full video below for details from Michael McKibben –

The following information is from Michael McKibbens:
The timeline below reveals disturbing long-time collusion of Leader’s former patent attorney, James P. Chandler, with the White House ever since Bill Clinton’s presidency, right through George Bush and Barack Obama. It also shows his collusion with rogue intelligence operatives in the NSA, CIA, FBI and with IBM, among others. Perhaps this is why former executives from these agencies are speaking out against President Trump right now? They are attempting to hide this collusion?


READ ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE: Michael McKibbens Sues Deep State.
What will President Trump do? This will be one of the biggest exposures of fraud and one of the biggest swamp cleanups ever imagined. Pray for President Trump to take down the tyrannical ring of evil that is taking away our freedom of speech and want to enslave us all.


Russian collusion—Yes! Proven for Hillary, Bill, Podesta, Google, Intel and cisco – shall we call this one Cybergate?

See the facts: Story from American’s For Innovation:
McKibben said, “It is too easy for Americans to simply yell ‘The Russians!’ because relatively few Americans go there, much less fly to the Crimea, for example, and verify the stories. So, it is safe to make up lies and never get caught. By the way, I have actually been to the Crimea. I have met families who lost their loved ones in Stalin’s mass starvation of up to 10 million Ukrainian Christian farmers (as much as 25% of the population) who were resisting Communism in 1932-33 (Holodomor).”
McKibben continued, “several PROVABLE RUSSIAN FACTS are that Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a Renaissance Capital speech in Moscow on Jun. 29, 2010, according to Hillary Clinton 2010 financial disclosure. Another proven fact from the Massachusetts Secretary of State corporate filings is that John Podesta was a director of Joule Unlimited in Boston when Putin’s company Rusnano invested $35 million.” See below:

Real Clinton, Podesta, Deep State Russian Collusion


Fig. 7 – Hillary Clinton’s 2010 Financial Disclosure, page 8, item 3, discloses Bill’s $500,000 Renaissance Capital speech in Moscow- Click here to see PDF of Clinton Financials. 


Fig. 8 – Joule Unlimited. (Dec. 31, 2011). Annual Report for Joule Unlimited Technologies Inc., John Podesta, Director. Fed. EIN 000960688. Secretary for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Click to see page two of this document.
Those engagements clearly broke U.S. law and showed the Russians that American values are equally as corrupt as theirs. It is utterly immoral that Obama, Clinton and their Deep State cohorts allowed this to go on with no accountabilty or consequence.”
McKibben believes that the shadow government elitists who stole his social networking inventions are projecting their sins onto Donald Trump as a smoke screen. He says, “it’s a red herring, in my opinion.”
“America was called by God to set a higher ethical example for the world. We desperately need to get back to our roots.”


“Do I blame the Russian government for trying to engage Clinton and Podesta? No. Everyone has known for decades that is what they do. But, to demonize the whole country of Russia is absolutely ridiculous. I know scores of honest, ethical Russians. I watched some of my Russian friends serve prison terms in the U.S.S.R. for standing up for truth and against the lies in their communist society.
“Do I blame Clinton and Podesta for cutting secret deals with the Russians while she was Secretary of State in order to enrich The Clinton Foundation and their globalist agenda? Yes—absolutely!” Michael McKibbens

Donald-Trump-wnd copy

President Trump will do the right thing. He has all the goods on the deep state villains. Let him know we want to end the evil forces who control our freedom on the internet.


  1. Our Spirit says:

    Thanks for your updates on Michael McKibben and Leader Technology theft. Anytime you have articles like these, we like to post them to Truth News Headlines. You might be interested in these articles as you continue your research:

    Also how this theft played into the election rigging:

    We have also posted a playlist which holds all of our audios with Michael.


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  2. We can only hope that Trump does the right thing. He seems to have the countries best interest at heart. If they let him live long enough he will make a great “turn around” for us. They have been pretty verbal about taking him out.


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