Afghan poppy farmers extract raw opium from poppy heads in fields in Zhera disrict west of Kandahar

Commander In Chief Donald Trump is bombing the heck out of the CIA’S Opium Labs – thwarting all the cartel dollars and taking over the corrupt C.I.A.  For those of you out there who had been saying things like “Psyop – If that Marine Troops were at CIA in Langley why didn’t we know about it?  Where are the pictures?”  Good grief!  President Trump said many times on the campaign trail and in televised debates (several of them) that when he is President he will take care of the problems and, “You won’t know what I’m going to do.  That’s stupid to tell the enemy on this day at this time…we are going to fly over and bomb you.”  He said when he was president he would take care of the problems and you will hear about it after it happens.  I will protect America.


Today, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court formally requested authorization to investigate the U.S. military and CIA for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan.  I love the way President Trump does things in a HUGE WAY!  He knows how to drain a swamp.  While evil gives him the finger and spits on his shoes….Trump tweets, and they laugh.  Meanwhile he goes for the Achilles heel and brings their corruption out to world courts!  Our military follows the orders of the Commander in Chief and the military strategists he aligns himself with. The past administrations have been emboldened with their sinister deceits and corruption beyond belief.   They never believed in their wildest dreams that one man could organize a strategy that could expose all their evil crimes against humanity.  The corruption of past administrations is now on world display and they are all facing indictments for their crimes.  The Bush’s, the Clintons, The Obama’s, et al are coming down in the most epic, historic display shock and awe possible thanks to President Trump, a man of his word!  Read the details here:  ICC prosecutor seeks probe into war crimes allegations against U.S. military, CIA in Afghanistan



The Drug Enforcement Administration estimates there are 400 to 500 opium laboratories across Afghanistan, and about 10 of them have been bombed so far.  Since the war on drugs and terror began in the onset of the Bush Administration, nothing has been done to end the Opium Trade and little to end international drug running.  Why is that?

It is no secret that people in powerful places make a fortune off of the Opium trade and opium labs have never been strategically sought to take down. The U.S. government has pursued various anti-drug strategies during its 16-year war in Afghanistan, but it has done little to stop the ongoing opium poppy cultivation and drug trafficking since the Taliban’s fall in 2001.

Interesting that while the Taliban was still in power before the Bush invasions,  they banned poppy growing as un-Islamic and staged bonfires of confiscated opium and heroin.  Once Bush started his war on terror – that all ended.
Until now,  U.S. efforts to stop Opium production have not directly involved the military. During the early post-Taliban years, the Pentagon focused exclusively on pursuing al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents and  avoided efforts toward curbing the drug trade. In some cases, it was because of U.S. alliances with warlords and regional strongmen who were involved in drugs.  Rumors (you can just imagine) are plenty as to other reasons nothing was done.

CIA 1060x600-f61b3d187c53d84326d661a8a601d7fc

As reported by Global Research:
“Immediately following the October 2001 invasion, opium markets were restored…By early 2002, the opium price (in dollars/kg) was almost 10 times higher than in 2000. In 2001, under the Taliban opiate production stood at 185 tons, increasing  to 3400 tons in 2002 under the US sponsored puppet regime of President Hamid Karzai.”
After more than twelve years of military occupation, Afghanistan’s opium trade isn’t just sustaining, it’s thriving more than ever before. According to a recent report from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, 2013 saw opium production surge to record highs:

The Opium harvest in 2014 resulted in 5,500 metric tons of opium, 49 percent higher than 2013 and more than the combined output of the rest of the world.”
Today,  90% of the world’s heroin comes from the war ridden country of Afghanistan. That’s a lot of opium – and a lot of money being made. So, who is cashing in?

Thundering 3/4 Builds Rapport on Patrols

The average American will outright call you a liar if you told them that the CIA is overseeing the trade of illegal drugs.  However, history shows that the CIA has been infiltrated and it has done much crazier things like conducting false flag operations and assassinating a seated president.  That has been vindicated in the recent release of the sealed documents.  It’s time to face the facts that the elite and banksters make huge profits during war times.  Every piece of steel, gear, ammo…everything that gets blown up has to be replaced, repaired, or rebuilt…..and the corporate war hounds and banksters are always there to get the lions share off of their war profiteering.

The CIA has a long history of turning  a blind eye to drug trafficking.  They didn’t try at all to end it….they more or less managed it.  As William Blum reported a few years back in Rogue State:

The CIA flew the drugs all over Southeast Asia, to sites where the opium was processed into heroin, and to trans-shipment points on the route to Western customers.”

Former Representative Ron Paul often elaborated on the CIA’s notorious corruption. Once when speaking to a group of students about the Iran-Contra deals he said,

“Drug trafficking is a gold mine for people who want to raise money in the underground government in order to finance projects that they can’t get legitimately. It is very clear that the CIA has been very much involved with drug dealings. We saw on television (during Iran Contra) They were hauling down weapons and drugs back.”

Mainstream publications still regard the Iran-Contra CIA drug trafficking scandal as a ‘conspiracy theory.’  In fact they cover almost every illegal thing past administrations and three letter organizations NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. have done as a conspiracy theory.

In the globalized world of rule-for-profit, one can’t ignore the role multinational corporations play in US foreign policy decisions.  Today it is in your face!  Oil companies, private military contractors, and big pharma, are just a few that have made a killing off the occupation! Their lobbyists spend over 250 million dollars annually to Congress, to insure they get their opium latex to manufacture drugs for this pill happy nation.  And there is a killing to be made by them with cartels who push it out into our streets.  As far as the political elite funneling the tainted funds, the recent HSBC bank scandal exposed how trillions of dollars in black market sales are brazenly being laundered offshore.
Multinational corporations are in it for the long haul, despite how low public support is for the war. I’m sure the Clinton Foundation has there red hands all over this avenue of income just like all the rest.


A strategic pact was signed by Obama that allowed for US troop presence to remain in Afghanistan until 2024. Do you wonder why?  With the CIA keeping an eye on 500 Opium Labs and never shutting down a one….well, you know the answer.  Follow the money.

So anyone that wants to think that the CIA would never allow all this needs to wake up and understand that they have.  The next question we need to ask, and I am certain that President Trump has the answer to already, is “Who is the CIA doing this for, with, and why?”


For the corrupt cabal who have streamlined their operations and even used the CIA to do their own hit jobs, I’m sure they have had a few private fireside chats with a brandy in hand as they snidely remark,  “Relax, Trump can’t do a damn thing about it.”

Well, that’s not what they are saying tonight. That’s for sure!

Read – Trump Bombs Opium Labs



  1. Now I know why Trump was doing the whole LaWhatshisname Ball controversy. He LOVES distracting the media and the liberals when he’s doing something crucially important, and this is vitally important. He’s erasing the Bush Crime Family’s cancerous legacy.

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    1. All I can say is: Not Russia Russia ,Russia! Thank God for President Donald Trump. He smells the Rats and their right here and they are getting nervous and mean and Trump knows it! The rat trap will soon SNAP👺👺


  2. Ri-chard says:

    Now to stop the chem-trails from poisoning the soil, water, air and our children.
    Then comes the real Rule of Law implemented with the foundations of God’s Laws and Natural Laws of doing no harm to another and all of the Creators creations.

    Man made laws will never work towards freedom, the will only enslave the people who obey them.

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    1. Victoria says:

      The Bush family Cartel for one. The Bush family is part of the NWO cabal ues it really exist. The Rothchilds, The Sauds and Soros run the world and they are evil. Prescott Bush the father of George HW Bush came from Germany and real name was George Scherf. They do it for power, control and money.


      1. Richard Einstein says:

        I am sure that Hitlery Rotten Clinton has her greasy paws in there too.
        They all need to rounded up for speedy Nuremberg style trials and immediate executions.
        No delays and no appeals, just hang em all and let Satan sort em out!

        Of course we must give them the proper burials with the respect they have earned. Grind their stinking carcasses up with the rest of the garbage using a Caterpillar landfill compactor at the nearest public landfill.

        After hanging them we could just leave them hanging nude for a few days. This would give vultures and birds of prey a little time to fatten before hauling them nearest landfill to be ground into the soil with the rest of the garbage to feed the worms. We do need to consider the level of disrespect they so well deserve.

        I was thinking that hanging is too fast and painless for these cockroaches of humanity. These thieving, murdering, pedophile raping scumbags deserve only slow, painful and torturous deaths. Maybe we should send them to Camp Gitmo for the torture procedures they approved and used on those who were blamed for 9/11. We all know that Israel and Israeli dual citizens inside our government were the ones who staged the 9/11 attacks. 9/11 was blamed on Arab Muslims to use as an excuse to wage endless war on Israel’s neighbors to steal their land and resources, killing off the inhabitants, driving the survivors into the White European nations. They planned this third world invastion to kill off White Europeans who are the only force capable of stopping their plans for a worldwide zionist dictatorship.

        Its time for them to pay the price for what they have done and they need to pay dearly. These scumbags and their families must be removed from the gene pool forever! This evil is contained within their DNA, so their entire families must be exterminated from the face of this planet to prevent their ugly nasty filthy evil ways from resurfacing generations from now.

        The Rothschild Mafia alone has amassed over $700 trillion through fraud, deception, theft and counterfeiting. Every penny of their assets must also be confiscated to be returned to those who were robbed by these cockroaches of humanity. Hidden or suppressed technology must be released for all to use in order to make life easier for everybody. There are free energy sources that can be used to improve our lives and prevent enslavement by other ruthless scumbags in the future.

        With free energy for all, there would never be reason for war unless certain low IQ groups decided to continue their thieving, violent, raping, murdering ways to steal the labor and production of more intelligent groups. Because of their out of control breeding habits and inability to become productive, we may be forced to exterminate this sub-human group from the gene pool. We cannot risk allowing uncontrolled breeding of a mentally retarded group to overpopulate this planet with worthless, violent, low IQ scumbags. We must allow the natural law for survival of the fittest to run its course. Who knows, maybe they could just stop their violence, stealing and their invasion of more intelligent societies looking for a handout and a free ride. If they could just stay in Africa where they belong, I believe they could be left alone and eventually kill themselves off. They have proven beyond any doubt they cannot live peacefully within a modern advanced society. We cannot be expected to allow this group of moronic violent scum to live among us, there is no reason for it. This actually isn’t about skin color, its about a group of violent scum who will never become peaceful or productive as their violent tendencies and extremely low intelligence are programmed within their DNA. We can give them the advanced hidden technology that will free intelligent groups, but they just simply don’t have the ability to put it to use because their average IQ is 63. You can’t fix stupid and this is something that libtards simply need to accept and live with it.


      2. Ri-chard says:

        Following the Do No Harm laws of the Creator and Natural laws – how about shipping them all to Easter Island where they can eat their own to survive until there are no more.


  3. my friend Maryann Pores was the first to investigate and report on Mena Arkansas…Jones Transfer…and the Washington Connection….she was in the IA of the IRS…Ordered to stand down…she didn’t…she paid…DRAIN THE SWAMP….


  4. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    This is Iran/Contra all over again….don’t you just love the way they explain WHY we have never shut down the poppy fields, or WHY we have never prosecuted anyone for trafficking…………OH, and BTW, where is all that money going………….you know, the profits from the poppy production, the Taliban didn’t take it all….WE KNOW THAT!…….SO EXACTLY WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?………..did it perhaps find it’s way to Al Gore’s house, or Maxine Waters, or Not so sharp’s house, …….oh I have it figured out……that money from the poppy production went into that Congressional Slush Fund For Sexual Deviants……that is where that money went…to pay for all their legal fees(should be called “illegal” fees). The money was put into our gov’t, and then diced up…..and somewhere along the line……our congressmen/women… some funds…now you can take that to the bank…..along with all the elites….you see, if you just step back and look at the big picture, you will figure this thing out………..99% of DC is on the elites payroll…….HRC wasn’t worried about criminal charges…you heard her say “at this point, what difference does it make”, if your life hung in the balance – would you be talking like that …….no, NOT unless I knew the fix was it………………you people don’t get it………………………..the fix was already in!……just like with the poppy production…………….a duplicate of Iran/Contra, only richer and bigger and longer lasting……..wonder if old ollie got his cut………we sure know GHWB got his………and sure that ‘o’ got his…………….the rest of us, GOT LEFT OUT!………….#DRAINTHESWAMP……..#MAGA……we need out country back! We need law and order in DC……….

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    1. Ri-chard says:

      You must also consider Washington DC is a District of it’s own, and not a part of the United States of America.
      Let the foreigners have it to rule themselves and keep their Federal Reserve monopoly money.. Trump can create a new treasury currency (Not Notes) with many different tangibles other than gold alone.


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