Vladimir Putin

“The Rothschild Cabal have infiltrated your government, your media, your banking institutions. They are no longer content with committing atrocities in the middle east. They are now doing it on their own soil to complete their plan for a one world government, one world army, complete with a world central bank.” Vladimir Putin

President Putin has been warning the world of the corrupt new world order cabal for years. In spite of media black outs of any good the Russian president does, all is replaced with dumps of evil propaganda about evil Russia, in the same manner they have dumped loads of lies and smear upon the Donald when running for office. In spite of all their evil media spirit cooking President Trump won by a landslide and became the most popular man of the people.

Why attack these two men? Because they are not for a one world government order, they both love their country and have drive and desire to protect their people. They are both for international fair trade deals and sovereignty of nations. They both are against open borders and both had the cabal slam them with propaganda during their election processes.

PUTIN Cassidy-Trump-Putin
The world watched the Donald as the cabal threw their arsenal at the US election. Yet all the smear, the fixed polls, election fraud, voter fraud, and down right corruption did not stop the will of the people to have him elected. They only accomplished the feat of skewing the popular vote numbers to prevent an accurate tally that would have shown he won by a landslide!
President Trump’s supporters know who they are and the same have a mighty power when they boycott something. If they were so few in numbers that could never happen now could it?

In the same fashion as President Putin, the people in the world have grown a fondness for President Trump and applaud his attempts to warn the world of the cabal’s evil diabolical plans.

trump 920x920
I believe that together the new alliances in the world between the U.S., Russia, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and all the Asian nations will usher in a most remarkable landscape for nation sovereignty…and a complete maelstrom take down for the Cabal.
Last July Putin said, “As European nations mourn their dead and prepare for the next wave of “imminent” terror attacks, the New World Order is in the final stages of their “70 year master plan for Europe“, and the process will only speed up from here.
“’The New World Order’s plan to fill western nations with radical Islamic immigrants, against the will of the people of these countries, and then “unleash hell on earth” by poking them has been achieved.”

putin 1021132632
At the Kremlin, to a group taking a tour, President Putin said, “The New World Order put hornet nests in your countries, and now they are poking them.”
Putin, like President Trump, believes that open border policies forced on nations by the globalist United Nations must be rejected if there is to be any chance of national sovereignty and safety for citizens in their home lands.

So watch and wait as the storm hits land and hopefully rides itself out.
It is now very evident that the biggest fear of the Cabal is to have a Russia President Putin and USA President Trump alliance. For obvious reasons, which do not include the “unleashed hell on earth” plans for all humanity.

For years President Putin has been hitting the New World Order where it hurts, exposing them and their games in KGB style, outgunning, outflanking and out-maneuvering the cabal on the world chess board. And then came Trump….another master Chess player who turned their house of cards inside out. “Exposing their evil, calling them out at every turn.

Trump had and still has them running scared, which is why they continue to be ratcheted up in “red alert” propaganda mode.
What wild card do the cabal have left? Perhaps, since their hands are tied with the new alliances they will have to thwart their next world war and go straight into crashing the world economy. History always repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun…..so watch and guard against the next stock market crash and run on the banks – after all nation banks are freezing the cabal’s monetary assets and the Rothschild’s do not like all their green notes of air being held out of the game. They just may pull another 1905 run on the banks and market crash to call in all their notes and try and collect on world assets that they think they own. It worked then to usher in the Federal Reserve Act. Know this, the Cabal has been working overtime for a long while to revamp the world monetary system with great cunning and deceit. Now, with nowhere to go but down, a loose cannon Cabal will definitely look at their one last weapon. Will they be able to use it? If they do … will there be a world- wide Iceland rattling of pots and pans?

Always follow the money.


Meanwhile, there has been a helicopter and plane collision at the Rothschild estate in Buckinghamshire this afternoon.  The wreckage from the aircraft is believed to have fallen from the sky following reports from locals who said they heard a loud bang after midday. Some are speculating that Jacob Rothschild died in the crash.  Main stream media has been silent on the issue for the good part of the day.  Not sure when or if they will talk about this….therefore this is real and not a planned event.  So stay tuned.  Click to read about Rothschild crash here.

Grab the popcorn….and if you have a nest egg – make sure all your assets are paid off in full and put whatever is left into something solid.


  1. I am going to leave some food for thought here ma’am; there are parts of the puzzle that were contributed by the right wing, but just as with the left and even the center, there are some highly fundamental flaws in your portrayal, and the two men you are holding up as heroes here are wearing them as T-shirts.
    You have found this very good quote from Putin about the New World Order and the Rothschilds and whatnot. He’s reviling the US for having allowed the Rothschild kudzu to grow thick and strong, which indeed it has. That’s true. Well said, Mr. Putin, and duly noted. It’s a real problem.
    In Russia the Rothschilds do not have to use kudzu. They own the whole tree.
    The man you are really talking about using such a description as you’ve honored Putin with has been dead for quite some time, the Czar Alexander I of Russia. Were it not for the Czar Alexander, we would never have had an America at all. His family paid the bill for our country to exist, so, you can see I’m not anti-Russia. I’m not even anti-Putin, anymore, what would be the point? Why be for or against a scarecrow?
    Rothschild has all but owned deed to Russia for a hundred and four years. They killed the czar and his family to get it. The royal family’s execution was the continuation of a policy started by Nathan Meyer Rothschild. He meant to take ultimate revenge on the Romanovs for the balking of his One World Government scheme by Czar Alexander I in 1815, God bless his dear good name. A pro-nationalist Putin burning with desire to right historical wrongs could never have taken power in such circumstances.
    You mentioned the very-alive Lord Jacob up there; man, that is a dude who chills my blood. He is the baddest of all the Rothschilds ever, by most metrics, even badder than Nathan Meyer himself. He has his son Nat working hand in glove with Oleg Deripaska, Paul Manafort’s Russian-Jewish oligarch financier and he was Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s partner. When Khodorkovsky went down, Jake got erverything he wanted, e.g. voting rights of preeminence on the Yukos board, and of a sudden whisk!- away goes Putin’s Chechnyan troubles, Basaev gets killed with a car bomb, etc. If you begin to read up on this, you will soon know what I mean. The “cabal” is just the cover story they used to get the drop on controlling the conspiracy narratives around 9/11, Loose Change and whatnot. They pulled it off without a hitch, too. Few people even noticed.
    You may or may not know that both Marx and Lenin were Rothschild creations, and that Communism is nothing more than the system Nathan Meyer envisioned a One World Government looking like. He tried for it in 1815 and was stopped by the good Czar just as he had been stopped from ordering the American Revolution destroyed; this is why Nathan Meyer ordered the rest of his family never to rest until they had destroyed the Romanov dynasty and killed its living persons, which they did a year after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.
    The Rothschilds have successfully denied the Czar’s heirs access to a single penny of the Romanov fortune, still locked away in their banks, using their influence and the courts to keep it tied up. Ask yourself how long such a situation would stand if Russia had a truly independent leader. Putin would never have made it as far as he has if he weren’t ultimately one of them.
    In the last analysis, Putin was chosen for his loyalty to Anatoly Sobchek, close Yeltsin associate and mayor of St. Petersburg, and the longevity of his reign is the surest sign imaginable that he has kept it up. I recommend you in closing to the footage about of the day Putin took office.
    He won’t want to talk about a man named Semion Mogilevich, the world’s most powerful mobster and Russia’s true manager. He won’t want to relive how Mogilevich patted him as he walked him around the room, showing him where to sign his presidential papers. He definitely won’t be giving any speeches on that man’s Ukrainian-Jewish heritage or ranting as he has above, waving lists about what the Rothschild cabal owns in Russia, and the reason why is the same as it is for Donald Trump – because the first thing on that list would be his name. #FarLeftIsAltRight.
    Mind you, this does not make things like Hillary Clinton’s equally large entanglement with them obsolete, which most people would think; rather it just goes to show the extent to which we have all become their racehorses. Trump, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Putin, not a one of them is an exception. You do not get anywhere near the reins of power in any country we trade with if you aren’t under their thumb. 2016 was nothing but a trip to Michael Vick’s house, in that regard. Blessings.


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