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Well meaning and well trained sheep for years have shouted, “You can’t believe what’s on the internet”….then they used the internet shills like Snopes to prove what they do not want to hear is indeed not worthy of hearing. All the while they have no clue they are being led to the slaughter. The ones that have mocked the real rabbit hole investigators and tried to pull them down and stomped on them with their fat boots – should be on their knees kissing the tips of their toes for not stopping because they shouted stupid barbs at them all! ONWARD ALL YOU TRUTH SEEKERS!

That being said – it is time to join those who are exposing the TRUTH!  Get on board and as FEMA used to tells us – “WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS – REPORT IT!”

Report it to who needs to hear it – and that is the people!  Share what you see, what you hear, your thoughts on it and your ideas of what it sounds like to you!  Do not be afraid of being called crazy, tin foil hat, or any of the politically correct belittling  words. Those do not exist anymore in this war.  This is a war between truth and lies- good versus evil!


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March forward, share your truth… strong, learn from others and press forward together!  There is no stupid question, and no stupid interpretation….by bringing forth your thoughts others gain discernment, others gain insight, and your own thoughts become clarified. When you learn more information (for most truth is all hidden tightly) bring it out – show where now you have found it….change what was not right before and go forward sounding the shofar!

You see, truth has been hidden for ions….the ones with power love to control the masses by making them sound stupid…as though God did not give all the power to reason and any reasoning that is not of their will is counted as stupid and unauthoritative.

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Just like in the days of Socrates and Plato where there was a club, a rank and file for any and all opinion.  If it did not come from one of them or their equals in prestige….it was counted as unworthy, unsubstantiated and sheer idiocy from a no body.  Do not allow that mind control any more!

That in and of itself is how the ruling Cabal views YOU, keeps YOU down and controls YOU!  DO NOT ALLOW IT ANY LONGER!  Seek the truth, then speak your truth and let it be so.

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Do not allow the same cabal families that stole the knowledge of Tesla with desires to rule the world, and called him a fool, only to take his patents and use them to create the axis of evil with space based technology to fool us into believing that they could not control the weather, create such weapons that can destroy an entire city with the pulse of a laser, and  enslave the world to own all humanity. The same cabal that stole the knowledge of Tesla, that he intended to give to mankind for free – was used to create the new Atlantis contrived secret weaponry that the same cabal families desire to use to destroy us all today.

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Yes, Tesla did believe in God.  He knew the earth was a realm, one designed by a creator of which he called God..

Now fast forward to this day, the only man that rose up to stand in the way of this most evil diabolical plan to enslave the entire world was Donald John Trump, who ran for President of the United States of America and won by the will of the people who were awake.

trumpf95c15804a099190526452fa78162329  There was another on the world scene who had been warning Americans of the evil acts perpetrated upon them for years, but his words for the most part landed upon deaf ears thanks to a media that lied to snuff out any truth the man said. That man was President Putin of Russia who had been publically exposing the cabal and their evil acts for years to the entire world.  But, alas, this nation was subject to chastisement for its’ sins and praise God his people repented before the Hillary got her manner of way.

LORD we-need-to-keep-the-word-of-christs-endurance-1024x688

We are now at the final crossroads of good versus evil, and I for one am doing all I can to exclaim what needs to be exclaimed!  It does not matter how many dots you can connect, it does not matter how much history you know, what matters is what you are willing to do this very day to help save the United States of America and stop the evil workings of the Cabal.  The part we play is small…yet it is huge.  That part is to seek the truth then shout it out as loud as we can.  Do that….and you do the best thing you can do in a time such as this.  For the Lord has said, “Vengeance  is mine”….and at another time he has said, “Expose their evil acts and lift their skirts up over their heads so all can see their shame.”

The truth shall set you and all of us free.



  1. tj says:

    looks like the reign of terror perpetuated under barry was a new & rapid low.

    with a return to the only living God, & His Holy, righteous, & living word – maybe the bounce we’re now experiencing can continue – vs being the ‘dead cat’ type.

    the devil’s fate is sealed. our short life here gives us the opportunity to chose our destination – return God’s love & enjoy His eternal company & kingdom.

    reject the precious blood His Son Jesus paid for our sins – & the eternal torment the devil & his followers will soon be experiencing – will be one’s fate as well.

    sorry, no parties or kingdom of hell.

    only – eternal torment – & no exit opportunity.

    nothing anyone could ‘obtain’ in this short life … is WORTH that … n o t h i n g.

    repent now …

    chose jesus – & enjoy the abundant, eternal life …. opportunity.

    your choice: choose wisely ….

    Vaya con Dios


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