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It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, nor your shape, size or fitness level, ASTRO-DURANCE principals work the same on all body types! It is what Astro Durance calls a ‘bio predictable workout system’ designed to compliment the way our body works.

ASTRO-DURANCE BUNGEE SYSTEMS is a low impact, motion based, resistance training program that allows the user the needed buoyancy to perform exercises they might not be able to perform without assistance. ASTRO-DURANCE is safe and fun for all ages, sizes, and for most all types of physical limitations.

Over- weight individuals who could never exercise without pain, or long enough to increase their cardio and speed up their metabolism, found that they too were revving up their cardio in minutes!


People with arthritis and physical restrictions have been amazed at how easy it is to perform exercise movements that were impossible for them before they tried ©Astro-Durance Motion Based Training that defies gravity!

Astro-Durance is a revolutionary concept that can justifiably be called the future of fitness! User results have changed the entire way we view exercise. Cardio revved in seconds, along with EXTREME FAT BURN has left many FITNESS INDUSTRY professionals in the U.S.A. scratching their heads.

Because Astro-Durance Bungee training is anti-gravity and motion based, it is the ultimate in low impact exercise, with the added benefit of increased blood and lymphatic flow.


For example: Something as simple as jumping (a traditional gravity based exercise) gives the body an impact ratio of 5 times the body weight on the joints each time their feet hit the ground. This is called high impact training. Over time, this type of high impact training can be a major factor in harming joints, and/or causing injuries. Astro-Durance Bungee Training allows you to jump using your muscle groups and land without the body weight impact. ASTRO-DURANCE is an excellent plyometric (jump) training – and a low impact, anti-gravity based exercise.

By using both horizontal and vertical moves, the body gets a complete muscle workout and uses core muscles that basic gravity based training does not allow. Horizontal resistance training improves body flexibility and is excellent for developing all muscle groups without the strain felt by traditional gym workouts.

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ASTRO-DURANCE RESISTANCE TRAINING allows all ages to do jumps, hops, jump squats or one-leg hops with ease and low impact. Clients can exercise all the same muscle groups traditional gym goers exercise when jumping up and onto a box or bench, or over cones, without high body /joint impact and without the failure to achieve the goal.



zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzUntitled-2MOTION BASED EXERCISE – THE FUTURE OF FITNESS!




    1. The neat thing of how this works is there is no pressure on your bladder. You are not having the same bio interferences that you have when you are dealing with gravity pull without the bungee. The bungee makes you weightless, and you don’t have the pull from the pouncing down on the feet like you do without it. Patty has many clients with bladder control issues and they are doing great without problems they normally have with gravity based exercise. It truly is something very different.

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