So much coming down and so much in the works. People are getting a bit impatient with President Trump for not indicting Swamp Creatures fast enough.  Never mind the executive orders that either get rid of or crack down on things in the swamp waters like drug busts (like 18 tons of cocaine), no TTP, VA Administrative fraud, Common Core, wasteful bureaus, overhauling BLM and granting national park land and reserves back to the states, building up our military, removing the US from the Paris Treaty on Climate Change (big fraud), cracking down on human trafficking (arresting over 900), investigating Pedo Gate, cracking down on and arresting MS13 gang members, stopped funding on sanctuary cities….oh heck…just read them all yourself click on this link: PRESIDENT TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDERS  And while you are on that site, check out all of the Presidential Actions and Proclamations.


Then there was the amazing international trip where he made America proud and made  billions in arms sales to Saudi by selling them equipment and arms to fight their own war against ISIS instead of sending US troops to defend them. He nicely put Merkel and Macron in their place on Climate Change, and scolded those nations who were not paying their agreed 2% GDP to NATO while at the same time smiling while he made note that he didn’t ask how much the new NATO building cost them.


So while you are waiting for your favorite Swamp Invasion to be performed, please remember some things work better when the Swamp Creature sweats from watching fake news fail them. That is when they freak out and usually end up telling on themselves or others.  As in the case of Comey.



Remember, each time an over confident Obama/Hillary Swamp Creature gives a testimony to nail Trump….they tell on themselves and reveal damaging evidence that can and will be used against them.  And don’t forget all the people getting caught leaking, and those being fired for their Swamp Activity, then there’s the Kathy Griffin chapter, and the New York Trump Assassination Play, followed by the Virginia Republican assassination attempts with Senator Scalise, hospitalized still in critical condition with hundreds of bullet fragments in his pelvis and doctors  say they don’t intend to try to remove them all or it may not go well.  And the two DC Officers shot apprehending the murderer.  So….a lot is taking place.

And then there’s Weiner… Clinton, Obama, Fake News, More death threats, riots and idiot liberals in the house and senate calling for murdering of more republicans.  And don’t forget 11 year old Baron getting bullied by fake news, celebrities and other haters.

Oh…but it’s just business as usual right?  Not.  It is historically a White House level of treasonous activity so bizarre it appears to have all the bells and whistles of a Hollywood Sci-Fi rated R.   And some dare to chime in with Julian Assange that  Trump isn’t holding true to his campaign promises of indicting Hillary? So he tweets. He is just being impatient, as are all those whom are also waiting for that day.

Let me end with this last note:  “Good grief….wake up and be thankful President Trump hasn’t resigned and ran away to Scotland by now!”




  1. frances quinn says:

    i agree with dianne, fifty years of creating this big beautiful deep swamp of corruption and criminality that i am sure even Trump did not realize how bad it was. it is going to take time to clean up this damaage and the people awho expected it to be done overnight are so unrealistic. he is going as fast as he can. the people need to help him as obstruction to his agenda is in every part of corrupted government from the IRS to the FBI to the CIA and the courts. Vote for all conservative republicans running either in special elections, congress, governorships…get rid of rinos like mccain and ryan who hinder draining the swamp because they are part of it. vote in Ohio for Josh Mandel and more important in Georgia this week for Karen Handel. Do not let a liberal take that seat. Do your part.

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  2. Great job of putting it all together Dianne. The fake news is doing its job….the left has taken its eye off the ball directing that the country watch the shiny object over here….someday they’ll wake up and find a smaller federal government, one that you barely even notice exists—-the way it should be.

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  3. I am in the group of those who cherish our dear President and VP with out any doubt. The first thing when my eyes open in the morning is to check and see if they are okay to. Naturally, being a member of the human element, mistakes can be expected, that is okay. That is part of the learning curve for a new government and officers, but we learn and go on. Dianne, thanks for this excellent and informative review of our President in such short time in office, and folks, always remember, he came to us with arms opened and love to put our country back in the hands of We The People. Those that are unhappy are more than welcome to leave and go else where the world is big for all.

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