The propaganda news is oblivious…the globalists are scratching their heads and the devil is angry.

Trump has built a NATO of Middle east nations right in front of the noses of the UN and globalists.  Who needs to jump through the hoops and rules of NATO when the President of the US A implements a unity that allows 50 plus middle  east nations to ally with them, along with all other nations who will support USA in the fight against terrorism.  Trump just went rogue and by passed the UN and their NATO!! 

I am sure Putin is waiting in the wings to assist  this alliance to rid the world of terrorist, for he has long awaited and pushed for a multi- polar approach to international foreign policy. The days of the uni-polar, US empire dominated world are coming to a close.  Trump has no desire to topple nations and shove  progressive socialized democracy down their throats.


It appears President Trump is tired of the US bearing the cost of such a uni-polar policy and has rattled the cage of the globalist agenda once more.   Helping Saudi to have what they need to fight to protect their own borders and build missile defense systems is a giant leap toward a multi-polar union.  It fights terrorism and creates jobs for both nations, and strengthens alliances.     

In  past talks, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, has stated that Putin has long  for-seen the fact that the world is transitioning to a new, polycentric architecture in world politics, and should ideally be based on the interaction of the leading centers of power in the interests of the collective solutions to global problems.  


President Trump’s steps toward uniting with the leading centers of power in the middle east to combat terrorism to solve a global problem is the perfect example of Putin’s multi-polar foreign policy.  Not sure what name Trump is giving it, but it really doesn’t matter as long as it is effective in stopping terrorism and building strong alliances between nations so all can prosper.  I am sure President Putin is smiling and will soon be invited on board.   


Meanwhile, rest assured, Putin is watching all things and smiling like the Cheshire Cat.




  1. Dianne…what is your take on POTUS last stop to Belgium, and his visit to the King and Queen? I understand who they are.I also clearly see the overall religious significance of this tour. I am guessing you do too. In light of that, if we are to look at the King and Queen of Belgium through a spiritual lens (and what they represent), YIKES!

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    1. Sorry, I just saw this message. There was no grand reception but there was a slight protest at Trump’s arrival which was downplayed as it not being a royal invitation but a NATO pre-stop. I found that odd, but not really. It was par for the course. This, I think, was equally as significant as his visit to the Pope. No one knows for sure what was said in his private discussions with Filip, but, the royal family is a deep root and mastermind of the agendas. I am sure if not openly, innuendo’s were dropped privately, If you recall, that visit was not highly publicized as other parts of his trip. He spent a small window of time with King Filip and most of his time with Prime Minister Charles Michel. More curious was Melania being escorted by Queen Mathilde. Whom was reported as informing her about “Child Focus”, the centre for missing children. When you know the background….it becomes very curious. He had a private meeting with Charles Michel and Macron….and we know how the Macron relationship fizzled. Looks to me like the Belgium puppets Merkel and Macron did not successfully complete their assignments to please the puppet masters. How frustrating for the king and Prime Minister. Tick tock. I want to know more of how Melania perceived “Child Focus” nothing has been reported that I know of.


  2. jmuniz1 says:

    i love Trump he will defeat the globalist on both isles who call themselves call themselves democrat and republican. The fact that the Republican establishment hates him when they gave Obama everything makes me like even more.

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