FBI Director James Comey, U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan take their seats to testify in a House Appropriations hearing on "World Wide Threats" on Capitol Hill in Washington

What a web of deceit and a giant plunger handed to Trump in the swamp being drained!

Clapper now sunk in the mire of his own making.  Comey is in deep crap water….so thick he will be lucky to keep his nostrils above the muck before his own real trial.  If he doesn’t have an accident like a tornado hitting his house while sleeping that is.

Former real estate billionaire Tim Blixseth tells Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo that Dennis Montgomery claims that he “hacked into all of America” for John Brennan and James Clapper.

Below Tim Blixseth ….shuss…. secret confession???



The data harvesting was allegedly accomplished using ‘THE HAMMER’ – a computer system designed and built by Montgomery.  Listen to the audio – listen to the audio exposing the mess



What a mess….now Trump has the charge.  He will clean it up.




  1. Texas Deplorable says:

    Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA) is a WHITE HAT … i.e.: a GOOD GUY ! the rest are ALL TRAITORS ! The NSA was hacked, by black hats… they sent the malware all around the world ! Our government is in the midst of an internal Civil war… and the White Hats, GOOD GUYS are winnin’

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  2. How do you feel now Diane about your decision to support this crazy. I mean nuts. He thinks he can run this country and help the Russians at the same time. Who are you to support such a sinister man. You should be ashamed of your self. He is going down, so far down, that he will be in an insane asylum. He will go down as the worst mistake in American history, and you are buying it. You will go down with hime, you witch!


    1. I stand by Trump and will unto the end. Of which I will welcome the day you rue the day you mocked God, me, Christians, and all you have and will continue to mock. Sadly….you do so. Unless you repent then I will be as Jonah, waiting on the hillside and watching nothing happen to you for you repented. And actually, I have too much else to do than to go sit on a hillside and watch to see what happens to someone as low on my list as you. So, you will not even get the audience of this one. You are totally on your own.


  3. LibertyVibe says:

    Dianne…when you have time, could you read this? I think you will enjoy it. Also, there is a link at the bottom that shows how YouTube is censoring Comey’s testimony (the one where he says NO ONE) interfered with Flynn’s investigation.

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  4. Facts are facts. The majority of the nation is behind Trump. The ones who think and want righteousness are with him. In the day that the evil ones do the unthinkable….a war so great will break out and the evil doers will be brought to their knees….no relenting will even be in the picture. It will be what it is…the Bible calls it the Day of the Lord. It is coming….very quickly.


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