Regardless, the Lord is present and riding the winds of time.  Trump is listening and riding the waves of the Lord.  Amen!

“Oh God, I must tell you I’m sorry, won’t you hear me in my time of need? I no longer want this burden…won’t you listen to my plea? Oh God, I long to be free.  And I know what I must do. Look at me, I’m down on my knees.  And I surrender, all to you.

“I was a thorn that brought him shame, that drew his blood and caused him pain. I was the nail that cut like a knife, that scarred his hands and took his life. And after all was said and done, he brought me in, he called me son.  Because risen from death was victory, that thorny crown became a crown of glory.  Oh God, how much you have loved me to have given all of you for me……… “


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