If propaganda media is true, and if Facebook posts are real, the Trump ordeal all reminds me so much of Moses in the wilderness. For Moses led them out of Egypt, and no sooner got them out and went into the mountain to talk to God and the people grew impatient and decided that because Mose’s was taking so long ( 40 days) that they would take the matter back into their own hands and make a golden calf and worship in the manner of Egypt which they knew. The result was bad. Very bad. This is what is happening right now. And as God used the misguided people in the wilderness, as a barometer to sift the wheat from the shaft then…so is he now. For he forbid any of the misguided to even enter the promised land. Zilch, cut off….not going!

I am sorry for all those who will jump the movement and go in the manner of the fallen of the Hebrew freed from Egypt because they desire and demand instant gratification. This never works well with those who do such. Read your Bible.




  1. I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking about Moses (being a human being), getting REALLY frustrated with God’s people. Striking the Rock, and all. Poor Mo. It is so hard to deal with idiots. I really feel like we need to pray that the Lord helps Trump to keep his heart tender, and not let him become embittered towards God’s people (even though they might deserve it). We should pray that Trump will be able to see the people like God sees them, with the heart of a father.

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    1. Absolutely. On Farcebook….yes I said farce – book…I took the post down for so many were stating that I was blaspheming comparing Trump to Moses…and they had lost the entire point that this was not about Moses but about a stiff necked people. And since we look at Moses, he was anointed even after murdering a man!!!! What part of God’s ways are not man’s ways do sheep not get? I will keep moving forward and let the dead bury the dead!!

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