With Obama and his globalist puppet masters, and all his left behind regime still in the Pentagon and White House, he is hell bent on his Muslim Brotherhood goals to topple Assad and give Syria over to the brotherhood….they will stop at nothing to finish their evil deed.

The problem is this – the evil attacks on innocent people are performed by the same ones that won an Oscar for their short film documenting their so called humanitarian acts of removing the bodies after the same group have killed, maimed, and destroyed.  When killing they go by their name Al Qaeda.  Then they put on a hat and call themselves the white helmets.

The entire gas attack is a false flag planted by the west for the purpose of distracting the American people from the congressional hearings of the FBI, CIA, Pizza Gate/ Potesta child sex trafficking and all the domestic progress coming to the forefront at home. Not to mention the obvious – that is finally topple one more sovereign nation.

Once again the fake news propaganda machines are screeching their scripts and demanding that the evil Assad be toppled.  The same Assad that was optimistic in February after meeting with Trump that he could help end the rebel terrorist attacks.

Well there should also be a few more Oscars given out.  Presenting one for the best fake media, and a bunch for the best political liars, and we can’t forget we need a bunch for the worst hellish puppet masters for their starting roles in playing the doctor evil’s behind the scenes, all hell bent on destroying humanity and getting away with it.

The swamp is deep and it is black.  Ugly things are crawling in it.  Will Trump drain it in time?  Or will the swamp monsters get away with a few more evil deeds in our faces?



  1. deon rodden says:

    I don’t know that much Assad but I do know that Christians were well protected by him before the war, they felt safe under him That speaks volumes to me about him in deed. I know it is Russia who manipulates and controls the scenes in Syria today more than he does. he has become a puppet slave under Putin now. I think i kind of like this guy as he has fought hard to keep Syria alive but I think to no real avail. ISIS is a ruse as players on a chess board and is an excuse for Russians and other nations to be there in Syria Kind of miraculous Assad is still in power today (well sort of) if you ask me. SYRIA IS NO MORE AS A NATION. All are players in a chess match there now. NWO taking over completely.

    On Wed, Apr 5, 2017 at 9:09 PM, THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > Dianne Marshall posted: “With Obama and his globalist puppet masters, and > all his left behind regime still in the Pentagon and White House, he is > hell bent on his Muslim Brotherhood goals to topple Assad and give Syria > over to the brotherhood….they will stop at nothing to finis” >


  2. filia.aurea says:

    Dianne, I pray to God that President Trump knows President Assad is not responsible for yet another staged massacre. The people depicted were kidnapped by AlQaeda/MB/White helmets(night shift) from a nearby village a couple of weeks ago.. President Assad and his wife are pro-nationalists. He is the most civilized and amenable Leader in the Middle East. For five years, he has watched his people die, their homes destroyed, beautiful and historic cities turn into rubble and an intense global propaganda onslaught. Christian nuns were hugging him and his wife after the siege was lifted in time for Christmas. Syrians celebrated Christmas in the streets for the first time in years. We saw them with out own eyes.
    If President Trump believes the words that he and Secretary Tillerson uttered in the last two days, then I fear the swamp monsters are about through dragging him into their stinking swamp.The consequences are too horrific to speculate. McMasters is a disaster, who has already convinced POTUS to remove Bannon from National Security Briefings. Susan Rice is the least of our worries

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  3. LibertyVibe says:

    So I was having one of those rare and treasured conversations with our Lord the other day, and I would like to share a part of it with you Dianne:
    Me: Why is Trump allowing so many bad people surround him?
    Jesus: Because Judas had a seat at the table.
    Me: Why does Judas get a seat at the table?
    Jesus: Because he has a legal right to that seat. My church put him there. Pence is a perfect example of this. Pence is just like the rest of them. He is the “Christian” from Central Casting that much of my church cried out for. Many in my church rejected the man I sent for them (Trump). I gave them what they wanted. Pence is what they wanted. They would not have voted for Trump if I had not given them their “Central Casting” candidate. Know this: The degree of Judases at Trump’s table is an accurate reflection of my church. When my church repents, the Judases will decrease. Trump has to deal w/ these people, because I have to deal with these people. My people don’t want righteousness. When Trump gets dealt a poor hand, My people accuse HIM of doing a poor job, just like they accuse Me… when it is their own doing. Trump has no friend. Even My people, who are angered by the unrighteousness in their land (and rightly so), they blame him, when it is them who do not see the true battle that is going on around them. Do not tear down my servant Trump. But raise him up in prayer. The battle at hand is hard, and very lonely.

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    1. This is what I have seen too. The Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts and we know in part and must hold to our faith in full. All things are coming to the front. I have despised the evangelical false shepherds that have flocked their hands all over Trump in their vanity. They are full of dead men’s bones making their converts a flock of confusion for 501 c3 cash. The scripture where Peter made a deal with the temple that Jesus could teach and not pay the tax is a perfect example of these false shepherds. Jesus asked Peter, who pays the tax? The citizens or the strangers? Peter answered the strangers and Jesus said to Peter – “Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.” Pay the tax and speak what is true. Do not cease from truth to gain and avoid paying the tax. In so doing you are owned by the same who allow you to be so called free? Some are of good intention but their words are void of true interpretation. Evangelical Christian TV leaders have become mega dens of thieves, living in luxury in exchange for the souls of lost sheep, taking even the last mite from the widow.

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