For those who did not understand the art of the deal, nor the wiles of Trump….Trump never trusted Ryan…he called the slithering snake out with a smile and as the snaky Ryan hissed and smiled thinking he was the serpent in the garden and all set to successfully deceive, Trump let the serpent tease and torment, seducing no one but other snakes! 
Trump grabbed the slithering Ryan by the back of the neck. All that is left is a slimy snake hissing because its’ fangs are hung over a bucket to catch its’ venom. Ryan is headed to a Chinese market to be chopped up as someone’s lunch.
Wisconsin needs to recall and repel Ryan!  Congress needs to oust the jerk out of his position and they will!
Watch and see….watch and see.


  1. Cindi says:

    That’s my prayer Dianne! Get rid of him along with McCain, Graham, Rubio and the rest of the anti trump rinos! It’s way past time to Drain The Swamp!!

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    1. Joann says:

      Lyin’Ted is another not to be trusted. Cruz loves to take credit for others good works and knowingly accuses others for the evil things that he actually does. Believe me, his brown nosing right now is just an act.

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  2. Susan Sapp says:

    The devil whispered to the soldier: “You can not withstand the storm”.

    The soldier whispered back: “I am the storm”.

    Beautiful day, yesterday. Nice to know the storm is in such quiet, terrifying space. The dems blew themselves up painting their faces with hate and none of the rest of us were really sure what happened …

    Until that smile and wink last night from Donald J. Trump. He doesn’t need to say a thing.

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  3. We have all watched Trump in progress. We know what he looks like when he is angered at injustice. He never looks – like “Oh well, I tried guys.” Trust me, when he said “We really learned a lot of how votes go with this”, he was not talking about a congressional procedure method. Not at all. He was talking of the snake heads and all he learned from their slithering processes, and his swamp draining process. He said there were two ways to do this, let it implode or repeal and replace it. He spoke of his three step process, then nonchalantly sighed, “Oh well.” That was the sign that his plan was not foiled and he had just begun. Two ways……so now what way shall he take? He isn’t done. Not at all. However, Ryan is. Ryan can kiss his speaker seat good by. Trump would never take the awful mess of healthcare lightly. He isn’t wired that way. He would have been huffing and gruffing. He is using Ryan like a court jester. The people are livid at Ryan, and that chapter has just been opened. Ryan and all the republicans that went the way of liberal minded bloats shall suffer greatly at the hands of their constituents. Round two is on the way. Trump has the cards….he knows how to play them. Either way, Trump is in the game and the pot just got bigger!

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    1. When Trump spoke calmly of the hardship this year will bring to all the people and their health care, that was not a defeated Trump. When he spoke of examples of the mess in several states and the plight of the people…that was salt in the swamp feeders wounds. The way he spoke of how bad it will be for Americans….now that was a master negotiator introducing the swamp demons and what they have done. He almost yawned. The swamp demons foolishly used their same old tactics and Trump knew they would. So…..watch. See how it all unfolds. Trump does not yawn at defeat. He never has. Remember Trump pulled the bill to make sure it could be presented again. It really was an awful bill. Now it can be changed the right way.


  4. Shela says:

    I sat in awe watching President Trump working. He was in his element as the Health Bill was debated. He had his plan. He worked the players till it came out his way. Let it fail all by itself. Democrats own it!
    Ryan I never liked nor trusted from day one. President Trump will terminate him when he has finished with him. He see’s what we see. That sly smarmy I know something you don’t know smile.
    There is one thing that bothers me and I’m praying about it…..
    The way the 66 floor of Trump Towers is decorated. And Pres.Trumps freemasonry handshake and handsigns he uses often.

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  5. filia.aurea says:

    There is no doubt that Speaker Ryan has his own agenda, is not We The People’s agenda. Who will stand for us and the President’s agenda? Act now Representatives, or we will vote each and every one of you out.

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  6. terry bement says:

    I believe Ryan was trying to set up president Trump. the bill is not GOOD enough to replace Obamacare, and I think Ryan knew it was bad and tried to pass it off to Trump to make him look bad. I NEVER trusted Ryan, and have heard Koch brothers back him, so NOT my kind of speaker.

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