Historic Movement Shall Prevail! Deplorables Unite!


There is a movement across the earth and it is growing – patriots against the globalists!  It is a wonder of contempt to all who belong to the globalist agenda and a beacon of light to all who desire freedom and sovereignty of nations!

History is rising up with a momentum of triumph to the people!  Rejoice for the movement is great and it can not be turned back!

Fake news can not hold back the floodgates of truth!  I stand with Trump and with all the leaders who stand for freedom!  The shout to “come out of her my people- lest ye share in their plagues” is great to hear and marvelous to behold the vision!

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God bless all the voice of his people who have cried out and now are blessed with leadership to restore the vintage that has been laid low through lawlessness!  May Le Pen stand strong to restore France to the people who seek a nation of laws for the people and a world united for freedom!


3 thoughts on “Historic Movement Shall Prevail! Deplorables Unite!

  1. Jean says:

    Bravo, Dianne !!! Viva Le Pen and President Trump! Our Father is in control! Blessed be HIS HOLY NAME! BARUCH HA BA BASHEM YAHUAH! Blessed is HE WHO comes in The Name of YAHUAH !

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  2. tj says:

    populism vs selfish elitism.

    wack-a-doo nut cases with 1 foot in hell …

    still upset … understandably – when one thinks about it …

    turn …. don’t burn.

    vaya con dios

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  3. Abdul Basit Khakwany says:

    Donald Trump may be a good person but he must know what is appealing him is real truth, not falsehood. Now-a-days falsehood is looking truth and truth looking falsehood. BEWARE!!!

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