QUESTION: Since Governor Jerry Brown declared the State of California a SANCTUARY STATE…..and sanctuary cities are no longer eligible for Federal funding…..technically, the SANCTUARY STATE OF CALIFORNIA is not eligible for any federal assistance.

Can the good people of California recall Brown before he destroys the entire state?


Excerpts from:

Jerry Brown Betrays Americans, Makes California ‘Sanctuary’ State

Gov. Jerry Brown continued his streak of anti-Americanism by signing the so-called “Trust Act,” turning California into a “sanctuary” state.

The law bans state officials from transferring illegal immigrants to federal authorities for deportation if in the estimate of those state officials the aliens haven’t committed “serious” offenses.


Considering that California is already a “medical” marijuana state, it’s a no-brainer that drug offenses won’t rate the “serious” label, guaranteeing that drug dealers and Mexican cartels will have the run of the state for years to come.

It also guarantees that illegal immigrants will continue to flood the state so long as they think there is opportunity to game the system and make money.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and former Homeland Security Secretary and current University of California President Janet Napolitano are among the Democrats who leaned on Gov. Moonbeam to sign the “Trust Act.” Read full article here




  1. Barbara says:

    Time for Brown to either leave ordinary something to help all California not just him and his Fellow Democratic Party that’s what’s wrong with most politicians the are paid to care for all not just some people we are now in dyer straights stop this insanity

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  2. Robert Dow says:

    Well Gov. Jerry Brown, You wanted it your way so now pay the price for your “STUPIDITY”. Maybe your Liberal and Progressive friends in Hollywood can bail you out. Sounds like we need a travel ban on California, just saying.

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    1. Michael speak for yourself, there are more than 4.5 million resident that do not believe as you do…we want law and order and current laws enforced. We want to be part of the union. Moonbean IS NOT, I repeat, NOT!!!! what America truly stands for…what is wrong with you???.

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  3. If they haven’t already, the people of California will begin to realize what a stupid place their governor has put them in. They are already broke as a state and with the loss of any federal money it will be compounded. Will he or any in his leadership group do anything? They will probably keep raising taxes on the subjects and lose many more honest people in the process.

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  4. Larry Timmons says:

    Undo this Sanctuary Shit and get a life Brown…..If you appreciate help from President Trump, you better undo our Beautiful State from being a sanctuary State. I am a native Californian and have always been proud to say so until this crap has happened. So now I feel ashamed to so so. Most Californian’s are against it according to the Poll so that should mean something. My partner’s family use to knowyou and your family and still they always say “If it’s Brown, FLUSH IT..!!” I use to think that was mean and now I agree. Please do something right for once..??

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  5. Constitutional patriot says:

    Maybe Brown can ask Mexicos president to pay for it because Trump isn’t his president.
    Hopefully Trump can hire qualified companies to repair the bridge instead of giving him a blank check.
    They will not stop until they drag the citizens into third world status financially where SPANISH will be the states language. What a legacy losing a state to a foreign invasion to enrich themselves. Business leaving left and right leaving nothing but lesser paying service jobs with rising living costs due to immigration overcrowding population and taxes.
    Now there’s a petition to exclude Calif and build a wall across it but other states.

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  6. Personal Shopper says:

    Please, fight for CA!

    Governor Jerry Brown has been destroying California for decades! He should have lost all elections for decades. Obviously, there is some deep seated fraud and illegality going on in CA, or this clown would have been out of there a long time ago. There are some great people and Conservatives in CA, but they are constantly overwhelmed and out voted by the liberals, many of whom migrate there from other states, as well as Mexico.
    California and the west coast of the USA is fabulously beautiful. We should fight for CA and never allow the liberals and the illegals to take it away from us.
    *I lived in San Diego County for 21 years in the 70s, 80s, and 90s! I ❤ CA!

    Thank you,
    Beth Carey

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