STRIPPED OF SANCTUARY CITY FUNDING, ICE deporting illegals, massive rain and mud slides, fires from drought, and now DAM BROKE! But fear not the San Francisco Marsh Mouse is thriving and the smelt survived the destruction of the delta farm land that used to feed the USA and a major part of the world all thanks to the wacked out environmentalists and the UN Wildlands Project Agenda 21, carefully implemented by past administrations of the Federal Bureau and Land Management.


As rioters torched Berkley in protest of Milo’s free speech, while screeching in defense of their own, those arrested for rioting never got to spend their George Soros cash, unless they spent it to post bond?   In the end…Berkley was defunded and the liberal snowflakes melted in the flames…..whinning they can’t take anymore!

Good grief!   But then, to the bewilderment of those at the Oroville Dam crater, they just can’t seem to figure this one out?  Crater?  How did this happen?   Take a look at it in the “SKY 7” video below.  Connect a few dots here….and let’s see if any Soro’s cash thugs will whine about this?

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it funny that shortly after this massive flooding the ground looks so dry, and the standing water just doesn’t seem to be there?  Only in the crater hole?  Why is this…or what could cause this…or when was this footage taken?  Where was it taken?  Why does it all look so dry and why does the crater look so targeted?

Now to the dismay of of those who are sincere about what exactly took place…you may have to do your own investigative reporting….after all….the govenor is in need of cash.  What will he do with emergency funding?  How many Cali victims will receive the Federal funding?   Will they connect any dots here?  I’m sure many are connecting as I write.  Smells a lot like Katrina to me.  But, it’s just that dam smell that lingers in the air after these type of events, especially when you are no longer sleeping.

Take a look at that dam photo again….since when does water have an explosive cloud in it?


Look especially to the right side of the so-called eruption due to massive rains….and check out the corrosion in the concrete that just happened to be in one centralized location that is now a crater? It was reported that the dam was in need of repairs for 13 years.  Nothing was done.  Where have we heard this same report before?


Oh….but, what do I know?  Just asking a few questions….as we all should.






  1. lynnhorn@twc.com says:

    Diane, God has taken the problem in hand, the earth is going back to the way it should have been during our Ancestors time. God knows how to handle out of control people by slapping them back into reality. Great Article, and I have missed you Little one.

    Lynn Horn

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  2. Rusty says:

    1: The photo of the explosion is of the demolition of the old antlers bride. Interstate 5@ Lakehead, ca
    2: the Crater video was from today 2-13-2017. It highlights the poor water holding properties of those useless mounds of dirt.
    3: YES! This should have been predicted.
    4: The video and crater is from the emergency overflow eroding towards the main structure of the dam.
    5: The primary spillway had the cracks found years ago that never was fixed. They considered them to be ” minor”. Lol
    They still haven’t admitted fault.


  3. Thank you for pointing out that, while not directly, that the purpose of government is to secure primary needs – peace, security and yes, water. Jerry Brown and Democrats believe that the purpose of government is to shape social thinking – so while they are marching to convince the populace that there is a third gender, the infrastructure that provides necessary services goes down the drain to the great peril of its citizens. At the risk of being logical, Oroville provides drinking water for 23MM people….who have been under drought restrictions. I’m reasonably sure that if the restrictions were lifted temporarily and people were permitted to fill their pools and take a 5 minute shower, the water level in the damn would be reduced significantly – and more quickly than trying to use the spillway….but then I’m sure the people the water is supplied to wouldn’t like to pay the fines for using too much water.


  4. Liberals and progressives of California: most of the rest of the country are happy that you will segregate and continue with your sanctuary cities and illegal Mexican aliens. We want you to be happy


  5. Robert Pilchman says:

    At approximately 1:15:40* of https://youtu.be/be4-srnD5Lk (“Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer” [February 14, 2017]) Spicer seemed to dodge providing clear elucidation of other issues [that were part of the erosion of trust] that led to President Trump asking for Flynn’s resignation. (* – at approximately 45:30 Spicer began to speak) (Note: In the opening statement, Spicer used the expression “and a series of other questionable instances” (at approximately 46:22 of https://youtu.be/be4-srnD5Lk) and subsequently (at approximately 1:11:58 of https://youtu.be/be4-srnD5Lk) Spicer used the expression “a whole host of other issues”.)

    At approximately 1:09:19* of https://youtu.be/be4-srnD5Lk (“Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer” [February 14, 2017]): “… The thing that is important to note is the Vice President and myself – in fact I think the first time I brought this issue up was I think January 13th The Department of Justice didn’t notify the White House or the White House Counsel at that time in the transition phase until 13 days later. So I think it’s important to understand something very very important. This idea of why did it take so long. I think the first question should be – where was the Department of Justice in this? They were aware of this. We were making statements based on what General Flynn was telling us starting on January 13th The Vice President went out on the 15th – Right. They didn’t notify the White House Counsel ‘s Office until January 26th. At that time there was an immediate – the President was immediately informed of that and then asked the White House Counsel to conduct a very very thorough review …” (* – at approximately 45:30 Spicer began to speak)

    This is yet another example, of President Trump being UNDERMINED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE !!! However, it’s all apparently working out for the best; the Almighty seems to be helping Trump. May the Almighty please continue to bless and protect President Donald Trump. In any event, President Trump should cut DOJ’s budget to the point of laying off as many of Obama’s hires as possible and Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to kick butt!


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