To clear the air of the anti – Soros paid pollution….President Donald J. Trump is a president to all citizens of the United States of America and not of illegal persons who have snuck into the nation illegally.  He is a president of all citizens, including those of color, absent of color, those of gender specifics, or lack of gender or change of gender.  He has many friends, associates, and employees who are legal and illegal immigrants and many who have sex preference’s other than his own.  What he does have that many are angry about is a love for the United States of, its’ citizens, and law enforcement.


In the case of immigration, imagine being a foreigner who went through the proper channels to obtain a proper visa and are undergoing what is needed to become a USA citizen legally.  It is expensive.  I know of one personally who is legally going through the process and has already spent $30,000.   Imagine their opinion of those who came here and came illegally and were allowed all types of assistance and welfare benefits?

This problem is not because we did not have laws, nor because we did not have the means to enforce laws on the books…the problem was created by a failed system that allows agencies to figuratively rape people who want to become citizens legally.  I suspect this is a result of a long thought out, slow boiling, and implemented plot to create the situation we now are facing. None of this was President Trump’s fault, but the clearing up of it will be President Trump’s glory.

trump neito 3

Think about it. In order to make a society frustrated about the process of becoming a citizen to the point of erasing  border boundaries as in Mexico and Canada….one must think of a plot to undermine the process and make it as intolerable as illegal border crossing.  If you make the cost of and process of becoming a citizen so big of a hurdle that few could afford to do it…. then you have successfully stopped and or slowed down considerably – legal immigration.  You also create a reason to protest the entire process.  Which at this moment, as it stands, is not representative of the best interest of the majority.  Meanwhile, Trump is merely looking at the current laws on the books, with the intention to enforce them, and make them easier for those wanting to become an America Citizen to do so.  The bigger argument should be – “WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH TO BECOME A LEGAL CITIZEN PROPERLY!





  1. This is one of those moments (after the Ninth Circuit decided to flip a decision by Trump to enact a law brought in by Obama) …. WHEN WE WANT TO START HURTING PEOPLE.

    I’ve worked in law as a paralegal for 45 years and though it does not make me a judge, it does make me able to understand the law and find the sources. What Robart has done is aim his loaded AK47 at the American public and I demand that he be removed from bench and prosecuted with anything possible. LOCK AND BLINKIN’ LOAD PEOPLE! Before he, and his negligent actions, cause more American deaths!

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  2. caLM DOOWNN… Trump has the Supreme Court, and We The People, have the Highest Court!
    Stay strong.. we stand together with our true heart – Freedom Warrior President. Remember, the same one who sent Trump, is the same one who remains in command of America. He has not brought us this far, to abandon us now. Keep praying, and living right. We are perfectly loved. 🙂

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  3. Lucrecia Martinez says:

    Diane I’m one of those that came legal and went to the process to became a proud U.S. Citizen. It was almost 4 years and $11,000.00 later cause we hired an attorney and a lot of paper work, fingerprints twice, taking pictures, two interviews, going back and forth to Fort Lauderdale, etc.. It made me SO mad to see all this illegals aliens trying to get advantage of all of us that pay taxes, adjust our lifes to the American Traditions, speak English and adjusting to the Country that has laws to follow and you have to respect, plus we’re trying to make a living with our hard work.

    I also, I’m agree with Neil Brian Goldberg comment. God is with us and all this mess is part to clear the Swamp, for messy that it looks all is for the good.


  4. It’s so difficult to remain pragmatic, but we must. Liberals are loosing their minds and are overcome with emotion and hate. The fact of the matter is that this whole “immigration” issue is a ruse. The left tested many “issues” to attack, and did, but this one stuck…because it’s their voter base….and as Hillary said in a speech before a small room of elites…..”who is going to drive your car?” Now if you’re concerned about the cost to become a citizen – ask attorneys.

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  5. Lotacats says:

    It makes me sad to know dems were using Mexicans and blacks for the purpose of a voter bloc and we let it go on for so long. The black community is finally “getting it”. Being bs’ed and used like this is a shocker…and embarrassing as hell. Now it’s the refugee voting bloc. They don’t feel sorry for these folks or love them….just vote for these pathetic lib/progressives for some freebies handouts while they pretend to give a damn and calling all others bigots and racist because we want immigrants to come in thru the front door. Do you really want to put these connivers and law breakers running our country? If you came here looking for freedom you’ll not get it by voting for those who want power and control. Votes thru circumventing the laws of that country…..


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