ATTACKING KIDS!  I am appalled at the left wing twitters, and liar media on their evil attempt to get to Trump by creating all sorts of evil ideas about his son.  I will not be sharing any more of this left wing evil demonic garbage.  They have all reached a new low…or perhaps better stated they have all exposed just how soulless and rotten they are.

The same evil minions that raked Sarah Palin’s kids through the coals, even attacking her son who had down syndrome…without any remorse whatsoever regarding making fun of a handicapped person.  Meryl Streep never came out on his defense now did she?  Nor in support of the woman Sarah?

So sick of the liars and deceivers who use any evil tactic to make their ignorant liar pointless accusations by tearing apart innocent people who only deserve praise.  I guess that is the key here….God fearing people are the enemy.  Those who obey the law and try to do good things and live by morals and values are the true enemy of the left.

If ever a good versus evil scenario were ever to be evident….it has fully manifested itself now.  But, as Paul said, “Fear not in well doing for in due time we shall all reap if we faint not.”:

Onward and block their crap.  Sad, that they are so busy doing evil that they don’t take a look at their own selves….pity the fools who are in league to do these evil deeds for they know not what they do, nor the consequences of their doing it.



  1. Cats4Trump says:

    They are complete hypocrites. The leftists claim to be so offended by Donald Trump, yet they themselves are so offensive in their language and actions, most of the time you can’t even quote them in polite company. They truly have no shame.

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  2. The day is coming soon, it is called “Pizzagate”, this has been made known, “internationally” I challenge every woman on the planet to help save these children from these souless monsters. Moms, Grandmas, Aunts… this cannot get swept under the rug this time. Like the franklin scandal, politicians, hollywood, your going down. Why aren’t these fools protesting today standing for this?

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  3. tj says:



    shows the pure depravity of these ‘people.’

    most are: evil, God denying, Jesus rejecting, haters – w/ 1 foot in eternal torment.

    yes their future is bleak … but their attacking the innocent is totally unacceptable & should be dealt with swiftly & severely.

    repent … or … eternal torment.

    your choice.

    Vaya con Dios

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  4. Libertyvibe says:

    Dianne.. these people exploit, abuse, traffic, enslave, torture, rape, chop up, and eat little children for pleasure. They are monsters. Demons from hell. I am not surprised that they go after a child. Of course, this doesn’t make it ok. Just imagine what they would do if they could actually get their hands on him? The sooner we are honest about who it is we are dealing with, the better equipped we will be to do what we need to do to protect ourselves and our children from them.

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    1. You are right. It is the same as looking at radical Islamist Terrorists and saying we must be welcoming and tolerant when all they want to do is kill you in the name of Allah. While at the same time there are peace filled Muslims who are just as abhorred at Radical Islam as patriots are. That is how it is among the democrats at this very time in history. The enemy is real and very evil. We can’t change that, but we can make changes to protect the innocent. President Trump is the man leading the charge.

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