Trump, being a man of diplomacy, did the farewell walk with the Usurping family that was known as the Obamas.  No one knows for sure where they actually came from or what their true past was….one thing is certain…their reign is over!


The long walk …..  finally the day is here to send them a packing!


Do you think we have heard the last of these two?


President Trump, First Lady Melania, Vice President Pence and the Second Lady Karen. Stand on the steps awaiting the executive one to lift off and up and far, far away.


There they go…finally.




  1. Robert Pilchman says:

    Did Obama pardon Hillary??? What would happen (such as to Obama’s judicial appointments) if it would be proven in court that Obama was not born in the USA ???

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    1. Robert Pilchman says:

      “Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favour, regardless of money, wealth, fame, power, or identity; blind justice and impartiality.” —



    1. Trump is wise and knows the backdoor schemes of deceitful merchants who plan evil through man’s ability to buy into their deceitful lies. Thank God we have such a wise, God fearing man as president Trump.


    2. tj says:


      george …

      ‘climate change’ is a hoax perpetuated by greedy charlatans, & the deceived – to export / steal American jobs.

      the 3rd world beneficiaries of this hoax run far dirtier operations than were here …

      the ‘warming’ that should be of greatest concern … is the e t e r n a l one facing the rejectors of jesus – the christ.

      if anyone is interested in avoiding e t e r n a l torment … the answers are found in the New Covenent (new testament).

      ‘seek & ye shall find’ is one of the many awesome PROMISES that can be found & claimed therein.


      Vaya con Dios


  2. Cats4Trump says:

    Thank you for posting. The moment many of us have been waiting for. He left us weaker as a nation and trillions of dollars in debt, divided us like never before, betrayed our friends and helped our enemies. So goodbye, Obama. You won’t be missed.

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  3. Wendy Baughman says:

    Thank you God and POTUS Trump for finally giving our Beautiful America a second breath Wonder if now the truth will come out that Obama’s Silly Boy and Michael will come out of the closet and admit they are Butt Buddies and a Tranny Maybe MSM will have someone else to pick on they are very good at that it would be REFRESHING to finally know the truth since we have been lied to for 8 years why else would BHO release a Tranny from GIMO ???

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  4. First of all George, the term “once he is elected” concerning Trump is as disturbing as President Trump was sworn into office yesterday at 12:00 eastern time, so please update your calendar of events. Second of all concerning the so called climate change, there is no real science to prove that carbon dioxide breathed out from mankind do anything but balance the echo system. i.e. Plants produce oxygen, we breathe it in and exhale carbon dioxide, plants breathe in our carbon emissions and make more oxygen. In addition, plants produce carbon emissions also. The climate change and carbon emissions is a hoax. Basic science 101. Read up on it here: Yesterday, President Trump had all of the Climate Change propaganda removed from the White House Website. The UN Paris Agreement was also considered a failing document by many nationals. Especially those who understand the real motive behind climate change theory was to put another strangle hold on nation economies, and control. The climate has always had changes and seasons of draught and immense rain. What really concerns most who can reason, is not climate change, but man made weather and the destruction weather modification toys do to the earth. Now – that is the thing that should be stopped and a meeting in Paris to discuss weather modification and tectonic plate tampering (man made earth quakes) is what should be on the agenda to discuss and outlaw. Not man, nor plants and their exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The entire group of globalist new world order pushers are mad.


  5. It is obvious that man has created a HAARP soup in our atmosphere. One that is now out of control. Any warming, or nature out of balance is from misguided humans out to control the world. What is needed is for people to wake up and see the real danger is space based weaponry and the evil elite’s toys. There needs to be a patent pulling of all their weather modification and earth quake technology, and their man made asteroids and laser beams that can wipe out a city in minutes. Here in lies the real nuts and bolts of what is taking place in this flat out liar world.


  6. First of all…you have bought into the lie that the earth is orbiting. Once you understand it is a circle and the land of Antarctica is actually a land mass that surrounds the circle with huge ice caps all else will open up to you that you need to know. It is called weather modification and tectonic plate shifting with man made toys from Tesla technology. What Tesla meant for good, greedy men have used for evil. Man has never gone to the moon, nor past the firmament that encloses it. Perhaps all man’s interference trying to blast through it (like the nuke blasting done by operation High Jump and its final follow up mission) which involved a team up with Russia, has a lot to do with things not right in Antarctica? Trump said we would “Unlock the mysterious of space”….time will tell what he reveals. I know he was mocked by CNN for saying the earth was flat. He knows it is a circle…and he is very wise to man’s propaganda.


  7. Your words are interesting and hold little to no real fact. It sure sounds like you are only reading main stream propaganda. It is so riddled with accusations that hold no real facts that it is a labor to even attempt to show the facts that go against every railing comment. I did a post on part of the comments you made, as it was too good to just throw it into a post here. You might want to read it. It is titled, “The left has gone mad, thank God we have President Trump!”


    1. Wendy Baughman says:

      I agree Libertyvibe with all of their vacations ( Obama’s ) how many other X Presidents got the royal treatment send off, Why another Air Force 1 trip to California to go golfing enough already. The curtains in the Oval Office were so dirty and ugly no wonder Trump had them removed, he is a very clean person the WH will now get a real cleaning, so many maid at our expense hired by the Obama’s and filthy. Have you ever noticed the fireplace behind Trump and Barry how dirty it is in the oval office picture, disgusting just saw a new on of it and it shines just like our America will.


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