Yes there are liberals, there are progressives who are out to destroy America in order to hand her over to their new world order….it has been the UN’s goal since their formation.  Yes there is much evil in the world.  But, what is also true is – YES THERE ARE MORE AMERICANS FOR AMERICA THAN THOSE WHO ARE FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER AND EVIL!

It is world wide, and its’ fruits can be seen like a science fiction horror film being played out in real time across the earth. Innocents are being slain, tortured, and tormented with no human rights being given them- only a blind eye.  God’s people across the earth are waking up and standing up against this evil beastly structure.


The head of the beast is being lopped off.  It is screaming and screeching lies and blasphemous words.  It will not just sit down, nor will it forgo its’ evil plans.  Even in defeat it will continue to do evil until it has no breathe at all.

In the new Trump administration, America is already seeing the shining light peering through the clouds of darkness.  Each day, as more light trickles through, evil rears its’ ugly head a bit higher.  All of this is according to what must Biblically be revealed in order to usher in a new kingdom on earth.  The wheat and the tares have grown together just as the good Lord said they would.  The scriptures are never wrong.  Stay strong my fellow warriors for there is much to do and we are the generation that has been chosen for such a time as this.


Let it be known that God did not leave us without leadership to go forward…he gave us a ram with a great horn. His name is DONALD J. TRUMP.  Other rams are coming forward to fight with the ram with a great horn…an army of elect are rising and forming a wall against the pursuits of the evil ones.  Stay strong, and hold the line!



  1. Shela says:

    Praying that Donald Trump will be able to stand against the wiles of the enemy. We all must remember to pray for him daily, along with each other. These a grueling times, but as you say we are not left without a leader along with The Holy Spirit! God has made a way!
    Dianne, do you have any idea what the interest is in Anartica? Why are the elite going there? Something didn’t set right in my spirit when Buzz Alred went there, was brought out sick and died. Why did John Kerry go there on Of all days Election Day? Why did Donald Trump say out of the blue he was a Flat Earther? Am I missing something?

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      1. Trump said he has been all over the world in the air and it was flat. He knows the history of GPS and the navigation never allows for curvature of the earth. That is a lie they tell us along with the big bang, evolution, we came from a blob and evolved and went to the moon – not just once but several times. Today they tell us we can’t get past the van allen belts which are not that far above the earth. So….you tell me who is right and who is wrong? The truth is Byrd did do operation fish bowl…..called that by various reasons….one big reason is they discovered a shield over the area and their planes crashed into the invisible shield. Operation high jump was to break through the shield (or was that first?) There was a third mission…forget the name of it…but it meant blowing things up and on that mission they nuked the heck out of it with no avail. The treaty between the nations to no go there will be up for review in 2040. Wonder why it is up for review then? Seems to equal about the same number of years scientists tell us it would take to clean up radiation from nukes??? The truth is north is above the North pole, the center of the earth and there is no south pole at all. Antarctica is not a continent. Antarctica surrounds the entire circle of the earth and it is an ice wall. Another truth is anywhere on the earth – 60 degrees below the equator will put you heading for the ice walls. No one is allowed to privately travel beyond 60 degrees or you will be stopped, arrested or whatever they do to trespassers. The new world order merchants know this full well. The UN has the real geography of the earth as their logo. The olive branches are the ice walls on it. The admiral Byrd also spoke of traveling inside the earth – hollow earth. I believe this to be factual and true. For it is written not to make images of anything on the earth, above the earth, in the earth or under the earth. If the earth were a globe…it would be hard to find what’s under it? Byrd, I suspect, had assistance in his death. All good people who are trying to blow the whistle end up this way. So much on this hidden subject. Do your own research, pray and come up with your own conclusions. I believe the earth is a disk, a circle and the ancients who recorded time from the sun and moon rising and setting in their portals are accurate. For they still use the same method today. Orthodox Jews follow the same method as stated in the book of Enoch. Of which the sun and the moon lye beneath the firmament. Which is under the protective shield or dome. The one US and Russia could not penetrate with nukes. So….we are protected and no one is going anywhere nor are aliens entering in. Fallen angels and demonic spirits are who we battle. Just my opinion.


  2. Shela says:

    Thank you Grams,
    I read over the article, plan to read again. I just wanted to say I have heard of operation High Jump, and operation Paper Clip. Also I have read articles about aliens in Anartica. I dismissed it as tomfoolery.
    In fact just last night I was telling my husband that I had read a silly article about the next attack on the people from the Establishment Elite will be an alien attack. The article said the Elite are in a panic to regain the control over the people. The people of the U.S know they are being lied too. They no longer trust or believe the Establishment. In fact polls show the people of the U.S trust Putin more than Obama. We no longer listen to the propaganda News MSM. In an effort to regain control there will be a alien attack. The people will then run to the old Establishment Elite for help. Article went on to say the attacks will be done with Black Ops.
    The missing children over the years are in Anartica. Their minds have been reprogrammed to do the handlers bidding.

    I have to say I don’t know where the article is at now. I was just surfing Googles Anartica seeing if I could find out what the interest was there. Just reading at random. I found the article funny and was sharing with my husband. He replied now your getting all Star Wars stuff. My reply was this entire election cycle has been out of this world crazy if you ask me! If you had told me Eight years ago all this would happen, the lying MSM, the false flags, protesting fair elections, disrespect police ect. I never would have believed it!
    Thanks again for your reply. Blessings In Christ Jesus. Shela

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  3. Shela says:

    Dianne Thank You!
    All I can say is WOW!
    How can the Globalist know the earth is circled in a wall of non-penetrating ice and not get on their faces and Praise God! What more would it take?
    My first thoughts were that’s what Enoch was talking about in The Book Of Enoch. He had been to the end of the earth!
    Why the big secret? Greed? Everyone wants the resources without sharing? WHAT?
    I guess our Space Program money went to explore Antarctic b/c we sure didn’t go to the moon!
    So if aliens start arriving we all know “False Flag” 😂

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  4. Nora Bernabe says:


    Covered by the BLOOD OF JESUS HIS SON And Surrounded By YAHWEH NISSI The LORD Our Banner and HIS Angelic Hosts”… you are safe and victorious wherever you are. And I am confident of this, that HE WHO BEGAN A GOOD WORK in you will continue to Perfect it until the Day of CHRIST JESUS. “GREATER IS HE WHO IS in you, than he who is in the world” The GOD of PEACE Will Soon crush Satan under your feet. The GRACE of our LORD JESUS CHRIST Be with you. Philippians 1:6; 1 John 4:4; Romans 16:20.

    “Because he loves ME,” Says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges MY NAME. He will call on ME, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him MY SALVATION.”For the LORD our GOD is the ONE Who Goes with you to Fight for you Against your enemies to Give you VICTORY. So do not fear, for I AM with you;do not be dismayed, for I AM your GOD. I WILL strengthen you and help you; I WILL uphold you with MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND. And they overcame him by the BLOOD of the LAMB, and by the WORD of their testimony; “It’s not by might nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT Says the LORD Almighty” Psalm 91:14-16; Deuteronomy 20:4; Isaiah 41:10; Zechariah 4:6.


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    1. I am sure there are many ideas on the reasons why, but what I have been shown as I searched this and wondered the same thing myself is to discredit God, God’s word, and God’s existence. Even back in times before Christ there were philosophers who tried to present the earth as a sphere or globe. They believed in the sky Gods and the tales behind them, (which I believe to be the fallen angels) such as Zeus, Poseidon, etc. The Hebrew teachings of one God creator of everything did not fit their religions. There Gods soared through the heavens, and as we recall Hermies would ascend to the Gods as a messenger. The planets were homes to their gods. Venus- home of Diana the queen of heaven, Etc. God called all of this Baal worship. It all stemmed from Nimrod the self claimed god of the earth and his queen Semiramis which was from the old fallen angel worship that angered God before the flood. The Baal worship is still alive and well today and has transcended through the ages for those who desire to bring Lucifer back out into the light. (This exists it is what it is).
      These cult members are illuminated ones…i.e. today we know them by Illuminati. Satan has always tried to recreate earth in his own image in his own way and he has succeeded in doing so – only in the minds of what people believe. His deceptive methods of getting into your thoughts and changing reality. (there is so much on this but this is the nut shell reference point). In the 1840’s Darwin pushed his theory of evolutiion which took God the creator out of creation of man. The illuminati loved this and pushed it. So many other things took place, but they pushed controversy of global earth versus flat earth too. Fast forward to after WWII the UN gathered all the nations under one umbrella for peace and their concept was then and still is a new world order. (The UN is driven by the great merchants of the earth). Most all of these are Luciferian or Illuminati….those at the top all are. They answer to the fallen and deny God. Also after WWII NASA was formed to study the sky. (Now we know they were trying to figure out what to do about the dome discovered in Antarctica). By 1959 the concept of a global earth was set and the powers that be decided that a globe must be in every classroom. That same year the nations signed the Antarctica treaty making Antarctica off limits for any ownership. It was ratified in 1960. Kids were demanded to taught the earth is a globe and it is spinning etc. Science continued on or shall I say satan? Next the theory of the Big Bang came about to explain evolution, the planets, stars, and earth’s creation to fit into the mold of Darwin. Much controversy was met about the big bang since it was introduced. Today it is taught as a fact and not as a theory, even though it is still a theory. NASA started sending people into space and spending mega bucks on the space program. Or so we all thought that was where the money was going. They lied to us about going to the moon, etc. Where did the money go? I say into Tesla’s patented research and figuring out how to control the earth with electromagnetic fields, sun, etc. As well as trying to figure out how to get through the dome which protects earth and holds the waters above and below. No one can leave earth. So why are they pretending the earth is a globe? To keep up the farce and to continue to control the masses. They want you and I to believe that aliens are out there, aliens came here and they will return. They want us to fear when this happens ….so they will come to the rescue and control the earth. Or maybe in their sick manner act as aliens controlling us themselves? They want us to think asteroids could destroy us, and that dinosaurs were destroyed by asteroids when all the evidence shows dinosaurs drowned in water as all the bones are found in sediment which is formed from water. Flood anyone? I say yes they were killed off in the flood. There may be a few survivors somewhere? Who knows? Anyway, the point is to deceive man kind and to force their will to rule the world. Depopulation is important to them for the real land masses of earth are not as large as the global map show. They fear in their greed that too many people will take away from what they want their earth dominion of rulership to be. Another satanic idea for God said be fruitful and multiply. It is all satanic in nature and those who do these evil acts are the minion puppets of Lucifer himself. Others are just greedy tares of the wicked one. So….try and understand evil? It is opposite of God. So I hope this helps you understand why they lie to us about everything. They are out to be gods themselves as the likes of the offspring of the fallen before the flood. It is written that they will not succeed. Amen.


      1. The global theory has many more benefits for the deceivers. CERN is looking for a way to teleport into the future and a way to break through the barriers holding the fallen in prisons. They literally want to bring Lucifer into this dimension. Out into the light. I bet a lot of NASA money goes to this evil cause, that and development of what they called space based weaponry – which in reality is electromagnetic and frequency weaponry that comes from the Zeus thunder bolts from Tesla. HAARP, weather and tectonic plate manipulation, causing monster storms, draughts, and earthquakes. Weapons that can disintegrate large cities in seconds. They are mad in their designs of evil. Mad.


  5. Shela says:

    I have wondered that also. Why the big lie. As grade school children we all got a round desk globe for Christmas. What was the reason to make us believe in1950-1960’s we were in a race with Russia to go to the moon?? Many questions??

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  6. Shela says:

    In last nights World News they showed where Antarctic is being evacuated due to the huge crack in the ground that is spreading. What are the Scientific studying there?
    Is there no Christian in that entire bunch of people? God is NOT going to allow them to break through the fragments, shield, dome. I just feel it’s not gonna happen.

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    1. Sounds more like they are getting ready to exclaim that aliens from below have surfaced and they are threatening the world. UFO time a coming. But, when you know the truth that the space program has devoted its time to developing earth based space craft for this grand finali you will not be deceived.


  7. Shela says:

    Wonder if this is the big deception of the last days the Bible speaks about? That even the Elect (Children of God) would be fooled if it were possible.
    Maybe I shouldn’t laugh about aliens. We know it will be man-made or demonic. I don’t believe there are aliens.
    Thanks Dianne! You have really helped me understand. I have been doing my homework also. I must confess, There is so much false out there that I’m thankful the Lord has sent us a teacher. He says in scripture that he will send us teachers after our on hearts.
    Thanks again,

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  8. Shela says:

    Do you believe the chatter about underground military bases? Underground City’s? Could that be where all these weapons are built and stored? There must be secret plans and secret operations taking place somewhere? I even read someplace of beings created in test tubes that are neither male nor female that are used for the evil peoples bidding.
    Is that all Science fiction I wonder….

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    1. I do – they are. They have evil plans to destroy and hide. God will slide them into hell itself from their bunkers. I have thought that is where they will go when they shoot off their man made asteroids acting like they have come from space. They are evil people with multiple evil scenarios. The Lord said when he returns it will be at a time when if he doesn’t return then, no one would be saved. I don’t have the exact quote. But the meaning was he will return and stop their evil plans to destroy all of us on the surface of the earth that they are seeking to destroy. I am sure they plan to take their elect and hide that is probably a promise the minions are given. Just like congress and senate didn’t have to take Obama care. One of those agreements.


  9. Shela says:

    I read somewhere in the last couple of weeks that the Astronaut that went to Anartacia Buzz Aldrin tweeted out a warning to the world before he died. Can’t remember where I was reading at on internet and with so much false information and fake news out there I just dismissed it.

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  10. As we all know, Donald J. Trump gets age on His Inauguration of 70 Years, 7 Months & 7 Days from the date of his birth (14 June 1946). But one more thing has been miraculously added that, “He has Sworn in 70 Minutes after the time of his birth.”

    Time of Birth: 10 54 AM (ET)
    Time of Sworn-in: 12:04 Noon (ET)

    What could we tell this other than a “Miracle” !!!


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