Is Obama acting like a disgruntled postal worker….?

Scary – Obama is looking very much like a disgruntled worker in the work place….don’t under estimate crazy here.  His wild eyes, stupid actions of lashing out at world leaders – and I mean among them Russia which is a great big super power! obamaimage0121

Be it a disgruntled postal worker, or some Islamic ‘Allah is good’ crazy killing nut in Ft. Hood……we now have the loon in the White House that is crazier than all of them!

Trump needs to have both eyes wide open.  God bless our secret service!




5 thoughts on “Is Obama acting like a disgruntled postal worker….?

  1. Cindi says:

    Obama does have a empty soul look in his eyes and he certainly acts like a monster! He sits back for months while oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico putting marine life at risk. He stands by and does nothing while 4 heros in Benghazi are slowly murdered..people in the Middle East are being slaughtered in unspeakable ways while he vacations on the taxpayers dime..he allows horses, bald eagles and other precious animals to be slaughtered..and murdering unborn babies seems to be his most important agenda! And this is probably the tip of the iceberg. Is obama just nuts, possessed, or just a bad seed, who knows. Maybe all of these. Thank goodness for secret service and Holy Angels!

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  2. tj says:


    who is that masked (mad) man, anyway?


    poster child for a Fake News ‘life’ / narrative. (sealed his own records – history … jan 2008)!

    one of the best cons ever – since the Garden of Eden …

    SHAME on the mainstream ‘media’ for their part as tools / propagandists …

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  3. Derek Payne says:

    Dumbest article I ever read, Russia helped influence an election …. The presidential election can’t let that slide no matter who can’t let other countries feel that they call slip one passed us or influence us in anyway..
    I don’t know how you got a job seriously…


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