I kept quiet as the Bernie(s) got screwed and left in shock and awe after Hillary frauded their primary election and stole it from the Bern.  I held my tongue then because…well it was just so dang wrong of the evil Soros driven global progressives to do such a thing in broad daylight and I didn’t want to rub salt in the wound as they were crying in the arena.

I watched as many looked to Jill Stein as some sort of oasis in their sand swept desert.  I wanted to shout out – hey she is a communist! The  Green party is a communist party people! But, I refrained at the time.  But now- after the actual election run that was also full of Hillary globalist election fraud – and my guy Trump won the presidency in spite of all those evil cheating acts…I will not sit back while the Jill- ill- Stein is now being a complete Soro’s paid ass…..I have to speak up.

First of all the Green Party she represents is communist.  Jill is not your friend if you love America.  She is a needle in your arm if you are a druggie and a vexation if you want to be free of all the toxic ilk that is killing America.  The woman who had two cents to run her campaign did not just get millions of dollars to do a recount when she got almost no votes in this election.  She was obviusly paid by Soros and cares not about anything but her own self.  She sold her soul to the devil twice. Once when she joined the communist green party and again when she let Soros pay her to try and create an election vote recount.  Neither are going in her favor….but what it is doing is waking up the Bernie millennials who licked their wounds on her tainted platform.

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Jill Stein is a complete farce.  Shame on the Bernie voters for running to Jill’s basement full of Pizza Gate goodies.  You got screwed by Hillary and ran to Hillary the second who is- Jill Stein the global green thing.

green red2

Now…wake up and figure out what the heck is going on.  You were given another chance.  If you blow this one…you are done for.  It is time to quit crying and start looking at common sense and a land to live in that is prosperous.  If you can’t stomach that then move to Mexico.




  1. Pretty scary when you realize that Bernie is an admitted socialist, this green thing is communist and Hillary is Marxist.

    If you’re dealing with a 4 on 4, that makes 3/4 of the United States shooting for communism/socialism/Marxism of some sort and only 1/4 for FREEDOM.

    Didn’t work out that way this time babies. In spite of all of that and the horrendous lying through the whole election by the media …. freedom lives. It lives in Donald J. Trump and the Americans who want to see America back in charge of itself, not being run by lethal snakes who force that everything you do is given up, either for them or the nations that will eat you.


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  2. Shela says:

    Some YouTubes have been posted stating the recounts are not about trying to catch voter fraud. They are about covering up Hillary’s already committed voter fraud.
    🎄 The videos Talk about once Donald Trump gets into office it’s a sure bet he will investigate. He is well aware of his rally turn outs. He has stated from the beginning, “The Election Is Rigged” These recounts are about covering up that there was fraud. They just underestimated and didn’t steal enough. Now they got to cover up the attempt so they can steal in 2020.
    My guess is it will be impossible to totally drain the swamp. Your gonna still have a few bottom dwellers hid in the green slimy murkiness pretending to be on board the #TrumpTrain. They will arise in 2020 to steal again, unless the plot is exposed.
    The only hope I see of a complete drainage & clean up is for #PizzaGate to blow wide open. The evil swamp dweller are ALL most likely involved. This would explain our Republican Congress always voting Obama & Democtatic way on issues the last 8 yrs. I am beginning to see a few #PizzaGate tweets on Twitter but they don’t seem to stay up long. If Twitter were flooded with #PizzaGate tweets it might overwhelm those taking tweets down.
    A Huge Factor to #PizzaGate not getting viral attention is fear. Bad things happen to those that cross certain people.
    🎄There are also YouTube videos posted saying Wikileaks has been compromised. Telling the people not to donate any money. It has been taken over. Those were my thoughts also WHEN Tweeter went down around the 16th of Oct. The tweets that were promised by Julian that would take Hillary out of the election were never dropped. Everything that has been tweeted out since has been things we already knew or just News that is posted on Alt-Media sites.

    There is still hope the E-mails found on Weiner & Huma’s computer that the NYPD got will be exposed by NYPD. That is the #PizzaGate bombshell! There computer!
    Whatever Jillary & Hillary are up to with this voter recounts the American People already know it’s a crooked plot of some kind.
    Father God, we ask you to expose ALL the crooked & perverted people that have any part in #PizzaGate From the highest to the lowest on the ladder. Father help these helpless children. Open the prison doors of this sick perverted bondage they live in. We ask in Your Son Jesus . Amen

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  3. Shela says:

    Dianne or anyone that might know the answer to my question.
    Are these voter recounts going to make a difference one way or the other? Or is the Democrats just butt-hurts crying.? The reason I ask is who can be certain after 3 weeks there is still any integrity left in the votes cast. There are reported fraud in Nevada but since it was a Democratic win no one cares.
    I personally am tired of this crying foul by the very ones who are on cameras cheating.
    I have noticed also that every cabinet office that is filled the person is racist, bigot, or works for Russia. Which makes a person wonder if the Democrats were under some illusion that they would remain in power forever. I can’t remember an election ever with such hate being spewed from Democrats mouths.
    Obama has some legacy to be proud of. A legacy of Division and Hate. And don’t think for a minute he’s not proud. Mission accomplished!


    1. I believe they are going to show more dead and illegals are for Hillary and Trump won by much more! But really I think the entire thing is a side show and will end up in the trash. Trump is our president!!


  4. tj says:


    most are bankster / globalist tools – selling a socialist ILLUSION … with a communist reality.

    the ‘elite’ are so sick – their obsession is not the WRETCHED excess they have … but the few shekels anyone else has.

    since GOD & Henry Ford created the usa middle class – they’ve been OBSESSED with destroying it.

    ‘Middle Class – bah humbug.’

    try 5% elites & ruling class / 95% peasants & serfs.

    sick, Sick, SICK.

    greed is an insidious sickness – warned of clearly by GOD himself … ‘easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle … than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.’

    the ONLY alternative destination …

    e t e r n a l damnation / torment . . . no escape & that’s a long time.


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