Why is it the medical field looks at cancer and heart disease as the most life threatening diseases when the number one cause of death in America today is due to prescription drugs?  Prescribed by the medical field itself!

Why is it the Food and Drug Administration gives Americans guidelines for healthy eating, complete with a food pyramid, while at the same time allows Genetically Modified Foods  that have been banned from many nations as unsafe and deadly to their citizens with little or no nutritional value? Actually tests have shown it is toxic to most human systems and cause and or contribute to a myriad of physical disorders. And why does the FDA allow our chicken to be shipped to China for processing and then returned to be sold on US soil?  Why is that?

Why is it that the government is concerned with our health at the so called flu season?  Like sickness had a season?  Why do they push their flu vaccines?  Vaccines that contain germs for the flu and other toxic things that have nothing to do with fighting off germs…but a lot to do with weakening the bodies immune system and causing the flu they want you to avoid?  How many have questioned as to why we need things like mercury and other toxic strands in these flu shots?

Why do our children need vaccines at birth when it is common medical knowledge that a baby will develop antibodies for millions of disorders from birth to 30 days old?  By the time they are 6 months old the baby should have developed antibodies naturally to cover millions of germs and bacteria that can and do cause bodily harm.  Why is it that our medical field does not tell us this but instead tells us we need to vaccinate for this and that?  Even when it causes illness to the child?  There are some vaccines that are needed, but there are also questions to ask as to why things that are extremely toxic are needed in a vaccine for a baby whose own body will do the marvelous work of building its’ own immune system.  Something is not right here. Especially since vaccines are causing severe reactions, long term sickness, autism, paralysis, physical tremors, ticks and shakes as well as death.

Why are we allowing vaccines that paralyze and kill our babies and young?

Has anyone ever pondered these things or ever asked why they are doing it?  Is anyone else tired of being lied to and forced to accept the lies in order to be compliant with the system?

What can I say?  Pizza anyone?  The evil powers that be seem to do what ever they please….so whether it is health gate or pizza gate. WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE?


With Trump as president – it will…trust me it will!

It is time to awake and call out all the evil that has been dished out as normal. It is not normal, it has never been normal and it never will be normal.  It has  been and is evil acts that must be called out and stopped!






  1. Cindi says:

    I agree with you 100% Dianne! Anytime the FDA comes out with a new warning for we the people..I automatically assume the opposite of what they prescribe! Liars! They are nothing but con men. Slight of the hand artistes that are looking to push another lie with an ‘it’s good for you coating!’ Sick of it! I for one can’t wait for President Donald Trump to roll up his sleeves on day one and Drain the Lying Stinking Swamp!!

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  2. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    There are many facets to being healthy. One of them is the food we eat, and people are eating GMO’s, especially in processed foods, that cause all kinds of health problems. Many countries have already banned them, but we haven’t. WHY??

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  3. Very informative writing Dianne.

    Might be a good time to gather all of the articles on “Pizzagate” that are possible at the moment so that the uninformed can get smacked in the face with a slice of it. Each day produces more evidence and at some point they will need to be stunned with the reality of what we have allowed because we refuse to believe the obvious.

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  4. Athena Roesler says:

    Can someone explain where there is any information about how prescription drugs are the number one cause of death in America? There are so many fallacies in this post but I just can’t get past that first one.

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  5. tj says:



    no kidding.

    dumbed down by the ‘educational’ system … & poisoned to death by the ‘food,’ water, air … etc …

    & 1 hand in heaven …. thank GOD ….


    Vaya con Dios

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