Written by John Miranda | Edited by Dan Lyman

We are faced with a monster whose presence in the public domain is truly unprecedented: a Satanic pedophile syndicate is operating in our nation’s capital.

Though the term #PizzaGate may detract from the gravity of this issue, it certainly is the most serious and evil situation with which our society has been confronted.

The name was given due to the pedophile syndicate being centered within two pizza restaurants, Besta Pizza and Comet Pizza, on Connecticut Avenue in Washington D.C. ‘Pizza’ itself is used as a codeword among pedophiles, according to the FBI. Hence, we have the hashtag that has gone viral now – #PizzaGate.

DC PizzaGate: A Primer

The first blatant evidence of this syndicate was revealed in the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, that were released by WikiLeaks. This led to extensive research being done by citizens on Twitter, led by Mike Cernovich and Brittany & Nicole Pettibone, and then to additional information being disclosed upon Reddit and 4Chan boards. YouTube videos were to follow, some of the most prominent being put forth by former Huffington Post journalist David Seaman.

The overwhelming amount of evidence that has come to light is quite simply unprecedented. The Podesta emails alone divulge child trafficking, rape, and allude to torture, as well. These are Podesta’s own words using the pedophile code that the FBI has verified to be legitimate.


A closer examination of the owners of the two pizza restaurants that the investigation has focused upon, shows us that one restaurant is owned by James Achilles Alefantis and the other by Clinton Department of Justice appointee, Andrew Kline. Alefantis has posted photos on Twitter and Instagram that clearly show he is a very disturbed individual with connections to the Podesta Brothers, Hillary Clinton, and even President Obama.

Andrew Kline is actually employed by the Department of Justice as the head of their child trafficking unit. Considering that the emblem being used in the logo for his restaurant, Besta Pizza, is a known to the FBI as a symbol for pedophilia, it is clear that his own unit should be investigating his damn restaurant.

We also have the additional connection to Marina Abramovic and her #SpiritCooking in the Podesta emails. The blatant Satanic symbolism that is a part of everything this woman is involved in, a blind man could see.

Aside from the information drawn from Wikileaks, numerous reports have also come from the 680,000 emails on the Weiner / Abedin home computer that was seized by the NYPD. While FBI Director Comey dismissed these emails, men with solid reputations, such as Doug Hagmann, have laid their credibility on the line to divulge that the emails indeed contain evidence of both child trafficking and sexual abuse.

Then we have Podesta brothers’ sickening taste in art – as well as the fact that police sketches of the four remaining persons of interest in the 2007 kidnapping of three-year-old Madeleine McCann match those of people whom are suspected to be part of this D.C.-based syndicate. In total, the amount of evidence already out in the public domain is overwhelming and screams for an investigation to be commenced immediately.



While many people have asked when the FBI or our Department of Justice will act upon this evidence, we all need to face reality. Both institutions have been compromised by their leaders’ connections to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. Loretta Lynch and James Comey acting upon this blatant evidence is less likely to occur than the New York Giants asking me to be their starting quarterback next Sunday.

This brings us to the incoming administration of President-elect Donald John Trump, and our need of a few good men…

In order to successfully take down all members of this pedophile syndicate who are connected deeply to our government, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will need the full cooperation of both the CIA and NSA and all of the intelligence they have on this plague in our nation’s capital. So it will indeed fall upon new CIA Director Mike Pompeo and new NSA Director General Flynn to present everything they have to A.G. Sessions. Nothing can be held back.

The arrest of the Podesta Brothers and those connected to these two pizza restaurants is clearly only the tip the iceberg. Every government official and private citizen involved in this demonic operation need to face justice for their crimes against children.

One of the most beautiful moments of this year’s presidential campaign was Mini-Trump coming forth to the stage at the rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA.


Contrast that to what John & Tony Podesta and others have done to children of the same age, and one honestly wants to punch a wall, throw-up, and cry – all at the same time.

While many criticize Alex Jones for his occasional emotional outbursts, his reaction to learning of the evil for which this syndicate is responsible, I fully share. His willingness to shine a light upon the Podesta emails should also be saluted.

This should not be viewed through the perspective of Trump vs. Clinton. This cannot be marginalized to Republican vs. Democrat. There will be Republicans implicated in this investigation, as well.

This is a battle between Good and Evil – literally Heaven versus Hell, here on earth. That fact cannot be denied.

Our country truly needs a few good men… and those good men truly need our prayers.

Written by John Miranda, U.S. Navy veteran


9 thoughts on “A FEW GOOD MEN

  1. Cindi says:

    Thank you so much for this post Dianne!! I have been so disturbed by by this story that nobody seems to want to talk about! This is beyond awful!! When crimes are being committed against the innocent, people need to speak up! Bless you for your voice Dianne! I truley mean that!

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  2. It is a human issue, not only American but a global one. It is like mankind’s going towards the lowest of the low. Man becoming animal, nay, worse than that! If it is not controlled even through an iron hand, then God Himself will control through His own ways like sending doom of the worst order. The nation of Prophet LOT was blatantly accustomed to such unnatural crime. God sent angels disguised as attractive youngsters to destroy these folks. These folks came to grab away even the angels taking them as boys for sodomy (!) and then God’s Anger came down and destroyed the entire community through volcanic eruptions. None was saved except the Prophet and his few companions. Face Book should also be closely monitored for the publicity of such crime and involved people taken to task.

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  3. I learned of this a while ago and was, literally, too sick to sleep and had to continuously talk myself out of upchucking while the thoughts of this action by our leaders burned into my memory.

    The more we learn, the more aware/adept I have become at hearing the facets of this and grow more angry every day that the sleeping America has stayed aside, sleeping, while more children disappear while they complain, yawn and go back to sleep.

    Anyone who can look at a child with these thoughts is more than just “sick”. They are evil and were placed here to destroy. Get ready for it America. You are going to be aghast with your own stupidity in allowing these to be in positions of power so that so many of your babies can be snatched away and tortured.

    Are you waiting for the “trusted” media to tell you what is really going on? Oh, and where are they? Still licking their wounds because the election didn’t go the way it was supposed to so they would stay above ground, right?

    Buckle yourselves down mothers, because the truth about the past few decades is going to reveal a WHOLE LOT OF NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!

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  4. LKZ says:

    Praying for 100% exposure of this.

    Not something to be swept under the rug – it is the continued destruction of innocents.


    Thanks for posting, Dianne.

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    1. Agreed. No matter how distasteful, no matter how evilly done, it has to come out, each person named, tried, convicted and removed. That comes with having a proper legal system and we do not. They are involved as well and so are our schools.

      Correct the courts and in the meantime find the links so that we’ll be ready when the time comes. Some of those most in the forefront now need to be fully exposed.

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  5. Shela says:

    Everyone I agree this needs 100% exposure! Everyone involved exposed! No race, no party, NO exemption! Doesn’t matter if your Obama, the Queen, the Pope, Hillary Clinton or a door man! This is the worse thing I have ever heard of talking place on such a huge scale in our Nation and these people involved apparently think it’s ok to do?
    I have spent many hours praying for these poor children. Nobody with any human care or decency would ever do this to a child!
    We must face it….
    Anyone who would do these despicable things to children are demon possessed animals! They are no longer human beings. They have been taken over by demonic spirits.
    Pure Evil…
    Please everyone join me in prayer! That is our only weapon against wickedness in high places. Pray the Word Of God! That is our sword.

    Dianne thank you for your posts. This needs exposure to the public! Please continue to bring this to the forefront as often as the Lord speaks to you to write. You know they are doing things like election recounts to distract people from this topic. We must not be distracted. Every time I think of those children mistreated and afraid crying for help and the adults in the room are doing despicable to them it makes me violently sick!
    Let’s all join together and seek the Lord for His help!

    What has become of our leaders? What has become of our Nation? Lord only You can end this! We ask You to destroy this demonic ring! We ask in Your son Jesus Name. Amen


  6. tj says:



    a terrible consequence of our refusal to fully submit to the authority & word of GOD … been going on for thousands of years …

    ‘generously’ allowing evildoers to exist. to pollute. to prosper even …

    evil …

    just like their father … the evil one …

    they steal the innocence of virtually every child … brainwashing them with their evil lies … for years … & years …

    global warming a problem? … really? …

    how about the coming e t e r n a l warming …

    evil … hell-bound – GOD rejectors – given over to reprobate minds.

    jesus did not come to abolish the law … but to fulfill it.

    sincere christians …. stand up, speak up, rise up.

    if not now …….. when?

    Vaya con Dios



  7. Dianne, I have been looking into this too. Have you checked into the relative of Sigmond Freud, and that he was a convicted pedophile that had a villa just minutes away from where Maddie was kidnapped. And the Podestas were renting it at the time. Also, There is a widely circulated photo of a little girl at Comet Ping Pong, her hands taped to a table. Look at her face. It is a younger version of Maddie. Her parents probably brought her there. Also, her parents visited the Freud residence a week after the kidnapping. There is a video here. http://wp.me/p7kZHT-he


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